Got a Suggestion For Us? Let Us Know And Win A Prize

BestPickers is proud to announce that we are running a competition for all our readers. We will give prices to two persons, and those are the people giving us the best tips for our site and brand. BestPickers is a site with writers who have been trained in internet research, and these writers will publish buying guides for all sorts of products. They will combine aggregate ratings from multiple sites, read through customer reviews and come up with their final list of the best products in that given category.

Are you an expert in design? Give us tips on our design and how we can improve it. An SEO guru, perhaps? Let us know something we missed or can improve. Everything counts and if there’s an action you can do, rather than giving us just a suggestion, that counts as a suggestion as well and you will be eligible to win the competition.

  1. Winner will get a prize of $150. This will be the person with the best suggestion for us
  2. Person with the second best suggestion will get $75.

You may give us multiple suggestions as well. If you hold the position as the best and second best tip, you will win both prizes.

Please contact us here with your best tip(s).

The competition will run through until September 1, 2017. Good luck!