Best Wireless Charging Pad

Thankfully, the tech-wizards who made these best wireless charging pads knew our daily pain of tugging at tangled wires and fishing for fallen cables. Don’t you just hate it when your micro-USB gets loose with age – or just stop charging entirely? Plus, when they do work, they never seem to fit the slot first time. Well, those problems are now history thanks to wireless charging. It doesn’t matter if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7, Microsoft Lumia, Google Nexus, or even an iPhone with a wireless charge kit, you can find the best wireless charging pad below for any device that supports cable-less charging – which most modern phones do.

Best Wireless Charging Pad – Comparison Table

Since every big device manufacturer has adopted the ‘QI standard’ (the latest QI adopter being Apple), we’ve restricted our picks to Qi-based chargers. And we’ve based our expert picks on a combination of charge speed, build quality, and how it looks. After that, you’ll find detailed reviews of each product.

Well, here are the best wirless charging pads of 2018.

Device NameWeightExtra Features
Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand167gTilted design
QiStone+135g4000 mAh battery
Ikea Riggad Lamp820gAdjustable lamp with stand, extra USB port for charging +1 device
Tylt Vu161gTilted design
Choetech T51390gCharges through thick cases
Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-90093gRange of colors
Ikea Nordmarke Wireless Charging Pad800gCharge 3 devices
WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition180gMade from bamboo
Tylt Vu wireless charging car mount264gQuick release
Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad80g4800 mAh internal battery

Let us now move on over to the wirelss charging pad reviews.


Samsung Fast Charging Wireless Stand – Best Samsung Wireless Charging Pad

Mobile tech innovators Samsung are the great problem solvers of today’s first world problems, and these cable-cutting wireless Samsung chargers are one of the most popular choices on the market. As one of the first big players in cable-less charging, both of Samsung’s popular S6 and S7 can be effortlessly charged with this wireless Samsung charger – which also supports their proprietary Fast Charge. Fast Charge will fill your compatible devices up 1.4x quicker than standard wireless chargers. So, for owners of the S6 and S7, this galaxy wireless charger is a no-brainer. The key benefit here is being able to comfortably use your phone while it charges, and you can orient your phone both horizontally and vertically with no difference in charge speed. It doesn’t come with an AC wall adaptor, but you’ll have the one included with your phone anyway.

  • Official charger
  • Angled for use while charging
  • Fast-Charge support
  • Premium price
  • Bright LED’s
  • No AC wall adaptor included

QiStone+ Charge Pad - Best Portable Wireless Charge Pad

You’re about to leave the house, but your phone – sat comfortably atop the unique QiStone+ charger pad – isn’t yet at 100%. Now, with other cell phone charging pads you’d just have to make do; but not with the QiStone+. This pebble-looking wireless charging station can be picked up and taken with you to carry on charging. The 4,000 mAh li-ion battery that allows this isn’t big by today’s standards, with many (non-wireless) portable chargers offering up to 25,000 mAh, but the QiStone+ will give your power-hungry smartphone a complete charge from 0% to 100% without any cables to get tangled up in your pocket. Plus, not only can the QiStone+ charge your devices wirelessly, but it can be charged wirelessly too. Rechargeable portable cell phone chargers are few and far between, with the majority of cell phone charging pads still dipping their toe into this new technology. QiStone+, on the other hand, leaps straight into a game with an extra level of convenience only found in one other product on this list.

  • Internal 4,000 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Handy additional USB 2.0 port
  • Not just charges wirelessly, but can BE charged wirelessly
  • Battery is relatively small
  • Premium priceDesign isn’t for everyone

Ikea Riggad Lamp – Best Wirelessly Charging Furniture

Interior decoration hasn’t really caught up modern smartphone needs – until now. Desk-space is normally quite precious and a cluttered bedside table is an eyesore; but not with the Ikea Riggad Lamp which saves space and does away with cables. It’s, obviously, a lamp with an integrated wireless charge page – or is that a wireless charge pad with integrated lamp? Either way, it’s a stylish bit of kit that looks at home in, well, any home. If the price doesn’t turn you off then you’re in for a far more ergonomic routine. There’s only 1 color option – a wood effect base with white stand and lamp, but these neutral colors will blend with almost any interior décor. A common complaint is that it can make your cell phone quite warm, but maybe that’s a bonus on cold mornings?

  • Is also a really nice lamp
  • Handy additional USB 2.0 port
  • Extremely stylish
  • Not portable1 color option
  • Luxury price

TYLT VU – Best Budget Angled Wireless Charging Pad

TYLT is aptly named because they’re one of the first companies to have realised that you might want to look at your phone while it’s charging. For that reason, they literally tilted wireless charging on its side and adopted a name that fit. Samsung and others quickly followed suit, including a lot of others who have copied this exact design without quite living up to TLYT’s standards.

The TYLT VU is an angled wireless charging dock that tilts at an angle for your comfort. It’s one of the cheapest options on this list and keeps on dropping in price, which, coupled with its perfect desk-sizer and shape, makes the TYLT VU this ideal for someone looking to buy a few of them for around the home. Plus the various colour options means you could outfit your entire home for an affordable price. A single LED under the lip of the stand shows you that it’s charging without being too bright for bedtime. So, all in all, the TLYT is ideal for your bedside table and desk.

  • Angled for use while charging
  • Horizontal or portrait phone orientation
  • Multiple color options
  • Chunky adaptor
  • Not as compact as other alternatives
  • Completely plastic

Choetech T513 – Best Wireless Charge Pad for Thicker Phone Cases

Wireless phone charging pads normally have quite a short range, which is just a physical limitation of the technology and modern phone thickness. Adding a case, which most of us do, to our phones increases that distance which can either reduce or prevent charging. The Choeteth T513 is the best wireless charger for thicker cases because, by using 3 coils, instead of 1, it can not only charge your phone even if it’s placed down at an odd angle – but it can also charge through some of the thicker cases available out there.

It’s unfortunate that 3 coils doesn’t also mean you can charge multiple phones, but it’s hard to complain; especially when the price is one of the lowest on the list. If you’re one for thicker cases then this compact cell phone battery charger pad is ideal. It’s also incredibly slim at 10mm thick, perfectly pocket-sized.

  • Charges through thicker phone cases
  • Very affordable
  • Compact and very slim
  • Placing phablets can take practice
  • 3 coils, but still only charges 1 phone
  • LED is very bright

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate DT-900 – Best Nokia Lumia Wireless Phone Charger Pad

It’s no surprise that the best Nokia Lumia wireless phone charger was made by Nokia themselves, but many content that this is actually the best wireless charger there is. It looks almost like an Apple charging pad with a design that echoes the same forms as the iPhone. It’s minimalist, compact, and is available in 5 different colors including white and black. The LED charge indicator is also noticeable but not intrusive when the lights are off.

There’s not a whole lot to say about the DT-900, which is a good thing. It has a price expected of an official Nokia wireless charger, but what you get is a sturdy, slim, wireless charge unit that ticks all the boxes a universal cell phone charging pad is supposed to tick. Does it have an internal battery? No. Is it angled? No. Does it do what exactly what it says on the box? Yes, and it does it well. The only real downside is the proprietary cable that comes with it, rather than the standard micro-usb cable which can be replaced easy. So try not to lose it.

  • Nokia’s official charging pad
  • Stylish design
  • Compact and very slim
  • Premium price for what it is
  • Lacks extra features found in this price range
  • Doesn’t use standard charge cable

IKEA NORDMÄRKE Triple Wireless Charging Pad – Best Wireless Charger for Multiple Devices, Families

The Nordmärke is IKEA’s other popular wireless charge station, and while this one isn’t a lamp, it has the ability to charge up 4 devices. Yes, four. With the extra port at the front you could charge a fourth phone or tablet while three other cell phones charge away. It’s ideal for when the grandparents visit and haven’t yet switched to phones with Qi built in. But enough about cables, let’s talk wireless charging.

IKEA is storming the market with its range of wirelessly charging furniture, and the Nordmärke is a strong option for families or just anyone with an abundance of gadgets. It’s perfect for the coffee table, and ideal for keeping everyone off their cell phones over dinner. The only downside is the price – which is a premium – but when you consider the individual price of buying a wireless charging pad for each member of your family, then it quickly becomes the economic option. It’s certainly an investment that will last.

  • 3 wireless charge pads
  • Additional USB port for 4th device
  • Stylish design in 2 finish options
  • Premium price
  • Not very portable
  • Largest on this list (but that’s kind of the point)

Fonesalesman WoodPuck Bamboo Edition - Best Looking Wireless Charger

Best looking? Sure, when it comes to aesthetics, everyone has a different opinion; but of all the wireless charge pads on this list none blend so naturally with modern life like the WoodPuck. The appeal is that it looks nothing like a wireless charger, which for many is ideal. Fonesalesman’s WoodPuck Bamboo Edition suits every room and almost every taste. Especially if you’re a fan of the natural.

Love nature? Are you environmentally friendly or at least trying to be? Then embrace the WoodPuck which is made from everyone’s favorite sustainable material – bamboo! For a great price you get a gorgeous looking bit of kit that wirelessly charges your phone, helps the environment, and adds some understated style to your home.

Just make sure no one mistakes it for a drinks coaster (unless it’s… a wirelessly… charged… mug?). And speaking of accidents, bamboo is naturally impact resistant and the smooth shape with a circular design means it’s very child friendly. Plus, if the cat decides to knock it off the table, it’s likely to be fine.

  • Natural bamboo
  • Compact & space saving
  • Stylish design in 2 finish options
  • Not ideal for phablets
  • Might actually be mistaken for coaster
  • No LED’s, audio indication only

TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount - Best Wireless Charger Pad

Tylt’s triple coil technology makes a return, this time in the form of a dashboard mount for charging your cell phone in your car. So, rather than clipping your phone in to a normal phone mount and then having to fumble for the charge lead, you simply pop your phone into the holder and it starts charging straight away. Easy. Made even easier by the fact that having 3 coils inside means even thicker phone cases should be able to get their wireless juice too.

You’ll get the exact same charge as you would from your standard wireless phone charge pad. So, if you’re used to the benefits of wireless charging, then the TYLT VU wireless charging pad is the next gadget you need to add to your arsenal of convenience.

  • Includes car dashboard mount
  • Grips cell phone in place
  • Multiple color options
  • Might not hold larger phones
  • Suction cup can be tricky to mount

Yootech Qi Wireless Charging Pad - Best Customer Reviews

3,294 customers have given the Yootech Qi Wireless charge pad an average rating of 4 stars, of which most were 5 stars. It’s not hard to see why when you oggle the smooth triangle-shaped wireless charger, with a design that Yootech have somehow made so weird that it’s done a loop and become cool again. It blends nicely with any home decor and the triangular design is very ornamental as well as space saving. Your phone sits snugly and almost conceals the charge pad entirely for a tidier look.

One thing you can rely on is stastical averages, and the math adds up: the majority of a few thousand people were delighted with their Yootech Qi, so it’s extremely likely that you will too.

  • Stylish, subtle and compact design
  • Non-intrusive LED lights
  • Multiple color options
  • Might not charge through thicker cases

Best Wireless Charging Pad - Buyer's Guide

Wireless Charging Benefits

Wireless charging your cellphone or tablet might strike some as complicated or just a passing trend, but, in reality, wireless charging is incredibly convenient; because you just plug it into your wall like any other charger. Then, instead of hunting for the dangling end of a cable, you place your phone down on the pad without even thinking about it as you pass by. You’ll never wake up to a dead phone due to laziness again because the only effort involved is making sure you put your phone down in the right place.

It’s certainly not a passing trend at all, because it’s the next step in cable technology. The next step being: ditching cables for better alternatives, the removal of a plug as an awkward middleman and source of regular annoyance for all.

How Can I Tell If A Wireless Charging Pad Will Charge My Phone?

The most common ‘standard method’ of charging between wireless chargers is ‘Qi’ (chee) which is an unusually graceful and apt name from the tech industry that brought us the ‘Liquid Zest’ battery and the “G’zOne Ravine” phone. Other types of standard include Powermat and A4WP and a few others, but, while nothing is certain in wireless cellphone tech, Qi is quickly taking over. And what’s available on the market shows that.

So, it’s very likely that both your phone and the wireless charging pad you’re considering buying are both Qi. But, it’s important to double check because a Qi compatible phone won’t work on a Powermat charger, and vice versa.

How Well Does a Wireless Charging Pad Charge?

In the past, wireless charging was so slow that it just didn’t offer the convenience worth avoiding cables for; but now, transferring electricity through the air it has rapidly caught up in terms of speed – with many of the options you’ve seen today featuring Fast Charge.

They still haven’t quite caught up, but it’s unlikely you’re going to notice the extra time needed to hit 100% unless you’re a serial last-minute charge sort of person.

While most universal charging pads usually feature the same 5V & 1amp output, build quality is likely to affect this and so it’s still worth investing in a more expensive option to ensure reliable charging every time.

What about a Portable Wireless Charger with Battery?

Some of the chargers we reviewed today also feature an internal battery, combining the convenience of wireless charging with the benefits of a portable cellphone charger. Their charging speeds use the exact same technology as a standard wireless charger pad, so portable wireless chargers are fully capable of matching their non-battery alternatives in charge speed (but will still be slightly slower than using a standard cable). It’s always worth going with your manufacturer’s official wireless charger because

Well I’ve Heard They Charge REALLY Slow!
Actually, what you’ll find is that the same people complaining about extremely slow (or no) charging are the same people who have multiple resource-intensive apps open and leave their phone on full brightness. It’s comparable to trying to fill a leaky bucket but blaming the source of the water instead of the holes in the bottom of the bucket. Use a bit of common sense and you’ll have no problems with your wireless charger.


We’ve included the best products for different wireless charging needs to help you find a charger that doesn’t just suit your phone, but suits YOU. But, in our expert opinion, the best of the best is Yootech’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad! While you could easily put both Samsung’s and Nokia’s official chargers here in a tie, just for the sole reason that they provide adaptive Fast Charge, Yootech pulls ahead with a great combination of price, function, design, and overall customer feedback.

Ikea’s offerings were also strong contenders for their fresh approach to wireless charging and integrating it directly into furniture. The Riggad Lamp is a stroke of genius. But ultimately the price drives them both to a luxury level.

In fact, every one of the products we’ve reviewed today could have made the spot as Best of the Best. You really can’t go wrong with choosing any of the above, but we chose the Rotech Qi because, while it doesn’t support Fast Charge, it’s:

  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Well-built
  • Extremely well-reviewed
  • Offers the same wireless charge output as 90% of the market
  • Is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to dip their toe into wireless charging

So there you go. You’ve been provided with 10 excellent examples of the best wireless charging pads available on the market – and if you can’t decide between those, we’ve recommended Yootech’s Qi Wireless Charging Pad as our winning choice. You’ve now got no excuse to not treat yourself to a new level of convenience.