Best Warm Mist Humidifier

Since we can’t see air, not a lot of people pay so much attention to keeping it clean and breathable. If you have a newborn at home, recurrent allergies, or respiratory problems, you definitely have to start thinking about the humidity levels around you.

Humidity is how much water vapor or moisture is present in the air. It’s important to keep the humidity balanced because levels that are on either side of the extremes is not good for you. A highly humid area causes molds and dust mites, while low humidity can cause dry skin and cough.

There are different health risks involved if you don’t start cleaning the air quality that surrounds you. The solution? Humidifiers. These are great in improving air quality in our homes, workspaces, and other areas. Warm mist humidifiers are good at this because the heat kills the bacteria and germs in the air. These, however, tend to be pricier than cold humidifiers because of the boiling features, but why compromise your health, right?

To help you choose what warm mist humidifier to buy, we carefully outlined our top 5 best warm mist humidifier of 2018.

Best Warm Mist Humidifier- Comparison Table

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of each item, here is an overview of all humidifiers to give you an idea of their dimensions, water capacity, auto-off features, and noise levels.

ProductWater CapacityAuto-On/OffNoise Level
Avalon Premium5 liters (1.3 gallons)Auto Shut- OffZero noise technology
JZK4.06 ouncesAuto Shut- OffVery silent
Vicks3.8 liters (1 gallon)Auto Shut- OffSoft white noise.

Louder when it’s cleaning.
TaoTronics6 liters (1.6 gallon)Auto Shut- OffSoft white noise
Holmes6.4 liters (1.7 gallon)Auto Shut- OffSoft gurgling sound once in a while

Let’s get to the detailed reviews to help you pick out the best warm mist humidifier.


Avalon Premium – Best Warm Mist Humidifier for Homes

Warm mist humidifiers are great in giving you fresh breathable air for the good night’s rest you deserve. The Avalon Premium warm mist humidifier can give you that. The unit features a 12-hour timer and 5-liter water capacity that enables it to run all-night long. Also, since this humidifier is ultrasonic, it features zero noise technology. This means that you can sleep soundly without worrying about gurgling and mechanic noises.

The Avalon Premium is safe for kids because the unit is ETL-approved. It is also easy to operate because of its digital touchpad. Settings like the humidity levels and timers can be adjusted with a simple press of a button. The unit also comes with a remote control so you can customize even at a distance.

This warm mist humidifier has a wide coverage of up to 50 square meters because it features a double rotating mist outlet. Warm mist comes out of two rotating outlets on top of the unit and these rotate 360 degrees. You can customize the rotation direction of these outlets to ensure wide coverage in your bedrooms, and you can also set the steam levels. Refilling the Avalon Premium’s water tank is easy. It has a carry handle attached on the water tank and a refill inlet that is larger than other standard humidifiers.

One of the best features of the Avalon Premium is that it automatically reads the humidity levels in the room. You can set your desired humidity level, and once the room reaches that level, the Avalon Premium automatically turns off. This feature makes it energy-efficient and practical.

For maintenance purposes, the Avalon Premium has a built-in replaceable filter that ensures clean water and minimal mineral build-up. This prevents germs and bacteria from entering the unit and from causing bad odor in the water tank.

Overall, the Avalon Premium is a great warm mist humidifier for your home. Even its sleek and clean unit design helps it blend in to the different rooms in your home. It’s definitely a classic find that families can start investing on.

  • Ultrasonic: Zero noise technology
  • 12-hour timer
  • 5-liter tank that can last all night long
  • Easy digital touchpad
  • Customizable settings (e.g. humidity levels, steam levels, brightness of display, etc.)
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Up to 50 square meters coverage
  • Double rotating mist outlet for 360 degrees coverage
  • Built-in replaceable filter that prevents bacteria and bad odor
  • Sleek and clean unit design
  • Other units have program malfunctions that causes humidity reading issues

JZK – Most Portable Warm Mist Humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers are not just for your home. You can also use it for your office space or wherever you spend most of your time. Wouldn’t it be great if your warm mist humidifier was portable? Then you should consider the JZK. Its compact build that weighs only a couple of ounces makes it a good portable warm mist humidifier. It’s like bringing fresh air wherever you go. This is especially helpful for people with persistent allergies, very sensitive skin, and respiratory illnesses.

The best feature of the JZK warm mist humidifier is its versatility. You can plug it in by your nightstand via the provided AC/DC adaptor or by your office desk via the USB Cable. Since its build is small and compact, it doesn’t take too much space wherever you decide to use it.

Once plugged in, the JZK humidifier gives off a constant stream of water vapor. This helps in keeping the air in the room clean and fresh. The clean air it provides enhances your breathing. It can also relieve dry skin, cough, sinus problems, cracked lips, etc. The JZK doesn’t make too much gurgling or mechanic sounds. So this makes it ideal for use while sleeping or while working. Its lighting effects also makes it look cool and be used as a nightlight. Cleaning the JZK humidifier is fast and simple since it’s small. In fact, you can clean it in a few minutes since it holds only a few ounces of water.

The JZK warm mist humidifier comes in 5 different colors: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, and Yellow. You have to admit that these colors makes the JZK a pretty swell gadget to place at home or your desk. You even have the option to buy all the colors in one package for a discounted price. JZK gives you a lifetime guarantee so the company can replace the item or give you a refund if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase.

  • Compact build which makes it portable
  • Doesn’t take too much space
  • 2 options for plugging in: AC/DC and USB Cable
  • Constant stream of water vapor
  • Minimal sounds while plugged in
  • Fast and simple cleaning
  • Comes in 5 different colors
  • Discounted price when you purchase all colors package
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Direction of the mist can’t be adjusted

Vicks – Best Warm Mist Humidifier to Relieve Illnesses

Vicks is quite a popular brand for menthol relievers for cough and colds. The brand practically stands for relief and comfort which are also evident in their humidifier. The good thing about the Vicks humidifier is that it is a dual mist humidifier. This means that it can operate as both warm and cold mist humidifiers, depending on your preferences. Settings can be easily changed according to the size of the room and type of mist you prefer.

The Vicks humidifier has a gallon of water capacity which can last you of up to 24 hours of use. When used at night by your nightstand, the humidifier can double as a soft glowing nightlight. Because of this, you can place this at the bedside of your children. You can also set the timer for an automatic shut off to make it energy-efficient. At night, you don’t have to worry about the sounds from the unit. Admittedly, if you were to use the warm mist option, the unit makes small bubbling sounds of boiling water. But the sound is more of a calm white noise that can lullaby you to sleep. It’s not a loud and distracting noise that would keep you up all night.

To relieve cough and congestion, you can add Scent Pads, “Vicks VapoPad”, in order to add a soothing scent. The VapoPad comes in different scents: Menthol, Lavender, and Rosemary. These scents are extremely helpful for a more comfortable sleep at night. These scent pads are sold separately. For added relief, the humidifier also has a medicine cup compartment where you can add “Vicks Vaposteam.” This serves as a temporary relief to cough due to a dry or irritated throat.

The unit itself is solid and stable. It has a carrying handle which makes the unit easier to carry around. The translucent plastic of the water tank helps in keeping an eye on the water level. Users can easily see if the humidifier already needs to be thoroughly drained and refilled after every use.

  • Dual mist humidifier: both warm and cold mist
  • 1 gallon water capacity that can run up to 24 hours
  • Soft glow nightlight
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Small sounds of boiling water
  • Temporary relief from cough and congestion
  • Has scent pad slot for Vicks VapoPad: Menthol, Lavender or Rosemary
  • Has a medicine cup to be used for Vicks Vaposteam
  • Carrying handle for easy transport
  • Translucent tank for easy water level maintenance
  • Direction of the mist can’t be adjusted

TaoTronics – Best Warm Mist Humidifier for Prolonged Use

If you’re looking for a warm mist humidifier that you can use for a prolonged period of time, then you should take a look at TaoTronics. This warm mist humidifier has a good water capacity of 6 liters or 1.6 gallon. This is more than enough for an overnight use in your bedrooms. This is also great because the unit features a dual mist. This means you can choose from warm and cool mists which you can easily set using the LED display.

The TaoTronics warm mist humidifier has a touch sensitive full LED screen display which makes it easier to customize settings according to your preferences. These settings include: mist output, humidity level presets, and control lock. When at night, you don’t have to worry about mechanic noises from the unit because it is reviewed to be super quiet when operating. The TaoTronics warm mist humidifier is also energy-efficient. The unit is built with a timer and night mode. The unit also turns off once the water level is too low to operate.

The unit has a build-in water filter that you would have to regularly clean. The great thing about this filter is that you don’t have to replace it (unlike other humidifiers). This water filter keeps bacteria and bad odor from accumulating inside the unit. Overall, this filter keeps the unit clean and hygienic for use.

The TaoTronics warm mist humidifier is easy to clean. Its solid body makes it ideal for homes. The unit has a classic matte black finish which adds a contemporary and minimalistic look to your home.

  • 6 liters, 1.6 gallon water capacity
  • Warm and cool mist- all-year use
  • Touch sensitive full LED screen display
  • Customizable settings: mist output, humidity level presets, control lock, timer mode, night mode
  • Super quiet
  • Automatic shut-off when water level is too low
  • Built-in water filter: does not need to be changed, only cleaned
  • Easy to clean
  • Classic matte black finish for a more contemporary and minimalistic look
  • Problems with using essential oils dispenser

Holmes – Best Budget Warm Mist Humidifier 

A good warm mist humidifier for the home is one that is quick and easy to clean and maintain. The Holmes warm mist humidifier has a plastic but solid build that makes it ideal for homes. It can hold up to 6.4 liters or 1.7 gallon of water capacity which can last you a 24-hour run time or even up to 2 days. It’s also a dual mist humidifier, so it’s perfect for both warm and cool mists. The settings are simple and easy to understand. To have the unit running, all you have to choose from is low or high settings.

The Holmes humidifier is quick and easy to clean every after use. At the bottom portion of the unit, there is a plastic tray that collects the sediment from the filtered water. This ensures that the mist comes out fresh and bacteria-free. This tray is dishwasher safe so all you have to do is pop it in the dishwasher, and you are good to go. No replacement filter is needed for this unit.

Overall, the Holmes humidifier is an ultrasonic unit. This means that it emits a fine and lighter type of mist which can give a relieving breathing experience. Being an ultrasonic unit also ensures that the unit stays quiet and refreshing when it’s turned on.

  • Plastic but solid build
  • 6.4 liters or 1.7 gallon of water capacity
  • 24-hour run time
  • Dual mist humidifier: warm and cool
  • Simple and easy settings
  • Has a tray that collects sediment
  • Dishwasher tray safe
  • No replacement filter needed
  • Emits fine and lighter mist
  • Ultrasonic unit: quiet and refreshing operation
  • Some noise problems when changed to high setting

Best Warm Mist Humidifier - Buyer's Guide

A lot of humidifier brands are battling in the market to catch your attention. Most of them place one techy feature on top of the other as an effort to stand out. With so many choose from, how do you know which one is the best?

Here we will share with you qualities to keep in mind when buying a warm mist humidifier, a humidifier’s benefits, and helpful tips to keep your humidifier in top condition.

Qualities Keep In Mind When Buying a Warm Mist Humidifier

Water Capacity, Coverage Area

Warm mist humidifiers have water capacities that range from less than a liter to as much as 60 liters (16 gallons). Most dehumidifiers in the market are at 14 liters (4 gallons), which is already good for homes or more specifically for 2,000 square feet areas. The amount of water capacity you need depends on the area size and the humidity levels in that area. For example, areas like the basement are more humid, and so will need a higher water capacity to cover the entire area.

Drainage Options

There are two types of drainage options. Some humidifiers have a compartment that drains the water, while others have a hose that you can connect to a drain or a bucket. Humidifiers with compartments require more maintenance as you have to take out the water every after use. Humidifiers with a hose however are easier to maintain since gravity works for you to drain out the water by itself.

Additional Features

Warm mist humidifiers have additional features which are not necessary for basic operation but are also good to have for a more convenient use. These features are timers (automatic on and off which is good if you plan to sleep while the humidifier is on), LCD display (easier access to controls), humidity level indicator (to adjust humidity controls), and a remote control (for added accessibility).

Cold vs warm mist humidifier

Both cold and warm mist humidifiers are equally effective in improving air quality and keeping the humidity levels balanced. Warm mist humidifiers are ideal for smaller areas like bedrooms, while cold humidifiers are better suited for large areas. Warm mist humidifiers are also ideal to use during winter because it warms the air to avoid dry skin and chapped lips.

Some prefer warm mist humidifiers because the heat kills the germs and bacteria in the air. However, cautious parents choose cold humidifiers over warm ones to avoid their children from tipping the humidifier over and burning their hands. Cold humidifiers are more affordable but tend to be noisier.

Benefits of Warm Mist Humidifier

The main benefits of having a warm mist humidifier is that it adds moisture and it kills bacteria and mold in the air particles. An area with low levels of moisture can cause skin dryness, sore throat, and other respiratory problems.

Other benefits include relief for nose irritation, dry cough, chapped lips and bloody nose. Warm mist humidifiers are especially helpful for people with allergies, breathing problems and high sensitivity to dirt and bacteria.

Maintenance Tips for Warm Mist Humidifiers

To keep your warm mist humidifier in its best condition, always drain the water and clean the internal parts to prevent dirt, bacteria and germs build-up. Empty the water tank every after use and keep it dry until your next use.

It’s best to use distilled or purified water to prevent minerals from building up in the humidifier. Distilled and purified water have lower mineral contents than tap water so this prevents minute mineral particles from building up in the filters. Also, regularly clean air filters under running water. Otherwise, these can also be easily replaced.


Warm mist humidifiers are proven to help you breathe better and relieve dry cough and other respiratory-related illnesses. After a detailed review of each carefully selected unit for this category, the clear winner of the warm mist humidifier category is, the Avalon Premium.

The Avalon Premium takes the crown as the best warm mist humidifier of 2017. This is because of its outstanding qualities in zero noise technology, large water capacity, easy operation settings, and sleek unit design. It is quite a pricey unit compared to the others but it’s definitely worth the investment for a warm mist humidifier. Portability-wise the JZK has a huge advantage above the others but if you’re looking for a solid warm mist humidifier for your home, the Avalon Premium is definitely a good brand to consider.