Best Vacuum Under 100

Regardless of the type of house you live in, you will eventually have to face all the dust and dirt that have accumulated over time. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon to see scraps of food lying around the floor, especially if you children playing all the time. For dog lovers, they also have to face the reality of fur getting stuck anywhere and everywhere around the house. For all of these inconveniences, the vacuum cleaner exists to make things clean and orderly once again.

So, should you spend hundreds of dollars for a device that you’ll use regularly? Well, the thing is that quality does not often mean luxury. We believe that there are affordable sweepers that can do a swell job just like their most expensive variants. With that in mind, we came up with a list of the best vacuum under 100.

Best Vacuum Under $100 – Comparison Table 2018

In order to determine the best vacuum under 100, we checked out various stores and took notes from our friends and relatives. After all, a vacuum cleaner is pretty much a household product that has been thoroughly improved over the years. With a simple limitation of not being more than $100, we’ve finally come up with five worthy vacuum cleaners.

Product nameWeightType
BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L2.6 lbsCordless
BISSELL 9595A15 lbsCorded
Eye-Vac EVH-W11.6 lbsCorded
Vacmaster VBV121024.4 lbsCorded

As you can see, BLACK+DECKER has the upper hand with two cordless entries. However, it’s a different matter when it comes to the vacuum type as three corded sweepers are featured on our list of the best vacuum cleaners 2018. Check out our detailed reviews of each device below.


BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L – Lightweight and Energy Efficient

The Black & Decker Corporation has been around for more than a century, and they clearly haven’t stopped innovating to improve the lives of people around the world. BLACK+DECKER is a brand known for its ability to listen to what the customers need, and they’ve always made it a point to introduce something that will catch the attention of the industry. With the CHV1410L, BLACK+DECKER has clearly displayed its brilliance when it comes to manufacturing vacuum cleaner.

Design and Features

At only 2.6 pounds, the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L is the lightest vacuum cleaner we’ve ever held. We couldn’t imagine that it was possible for such a light and small device to be responsible for cleaning around the house. It has a blue and white design, which is somehow soothing to the eyes. Of course, BLACK+DECKER wanted this to be as hassle-free and tangle-free as possible, so they made it a cordless sweeper.

Instead of using an opaque dirt bowl, BLACK+DEKER ditched the bag and opted for a translucent dirt bowl. Aside from this, the company included an easily removable bowl and a washable filter. Still, the most interesting items they included were the multi-surface cleaning attachments. For a ridiculously light device, the CHV1410L sure had a lot to offer.

Since the CHV1410L is a cordless vacuum cleaner, it had to rely on a lithium-ion battery. Charging the battery can take four hours, but the wait is definitely worth it. The usage of lithium-ion means that suction power stays consistent and fade-free, which essentially means that you can always charge this sweeper immediately upon use even if it hasn’t lost most of its charge without fear of the battery reducing its capacity to hold a charge.

We also commend the fact that BLACK+DECKER developed the Smart Charge Technology to reduce the amount of energy spent for charging by half. In addition, this innovation promptly turns the sweeper off once the battery is charged. Ideally, a single charge can last for a full year and a half. If things do get awry, BLACK+DECKER has a 2-year labor and material warranty.


This device has a 15.2 AW suction power and has a maximum voltage amounting to 16. Of course, we expected these humble measurements. This BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner isn’t meant to compete in terms of powerful suction. Rather, it focused on being a light yet reliable sweeper. In other words, the CHV1410L is meant to be used for sudden cleanups and for reaching those tight areas. Whether you need to clean the carpet or the pieces of furniture, this BLACK+DECKER device should do the trick.

Speaking of reach, the rotating nozzle of this vacuum sweeper is pretty incredible. Its slim profile allows it to move around narrow corners to extend the reach of the CHV1410L. The only issue with the rotating nozzle is its fit. Putting the nozzle back is easy, but heavy bumps can cause it to fall off. Then again, this can be prevented by moving carefully. On the other hand, the crevice tool made it sure that hard-to-access areas would be within reach. Furthermore, we admired the design of the nozzle’s mouth. It was wide enough to collect sizable debris like hairballs. If we wanted to deal with our upholstery, we just had to use the flip-up brush. There was nothing to complain about the multi-surface cleaning attachments of BLACK+DECKER’s sweeper.

The device utilizes a cyclonic action that not only maintains the cleanliness of the filter but also keeps the power consistently strong. Basically, the CHV141OL keeps its suction power at a relatively high level by moving dirt and other substances away from the filter. And thanks to the translucent dirt bowl, it was very easy for us to see the type and amount of substances the sweeper gathered.

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L is an incredible and lightweight vacuum. The multi-surface cleaning attachments enable it to clean in a variety of ways while the Smart Charge Technology works with the lithium-ion battery to use energy efficiently. Most importantly, this vacuum under $100 is small and powerful enough to deal with small corners around the house.

  • ​Incredibly light at 2.6 pounds
  • ​Multi-surface cleaning attachments
  • ​Smart Charge Technology for energy efficiency
  • Cleans hard-to-access areas with ease
  • Rotating nozzle needs a better fit

Bissell 9595A – Sleek And Powerful Upright Vacuum

The next product we reviewed was a corded vacuum from BISSELL. When it comes to cleaning products, there aren’t that many brands that are as prominent as BISSELL, which has spent more than 140 years to create quality cleaning tools. With the 9595A CleanView with OnePass Technology Upright Vacuum, the company has once again set the standard in terms of vacuum design. However, will its performance hold up? Read on.

Design and Features

Weighing at 15.1 pounds, the BISSELL 9595A vacuum with OnePass – corded is pretty light for a corded cleaner. Moreover, the black color of the product complements its slim profile. It is a sizable vacuum cleaner, but its shape allows it to be stored with ease. As a corded type cleaner, the 9595A has a 25-foot power cord. This length is more than enough for us to reach around a relatively large room. The cord is pretty tough, and its material prevents it from getting immediately tangled.

By the way, don’t be surprised when you see that the vacuum is not in one piece upon delivery. Thankfully, setting up the BISSELL 9595A shouldn’t be that much of a hassle if you have a handy screwdriver and if you follow the user’s manual. Once we’ve set the vacuum cleaner up, we noticed that the power switch seems to be located in a rather unusual place. Instead of being placed right on the handle, the switch could be found in the middle of the side. It takes some getting used to, and it requires us to bend a bit. For quick cleaning activities, this won’t be a problem. However, doing a complete vacuuming of an entire house means having to constantly search for the switch instead of just quickly finding it on the handle.

As for the tank, BISSELL included the Easy Empty dirt tank. It looks quite big for such a cleaner, and this dirt tank can accommodate 2.2 liters of surface debris. Thanks to this capacity, you wouldn’t have to empty the tank several times with each cleaning activity. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll only empty the Easy Empty dirt tank once for each small room. On a related note, do remember that this is often touted as the best bagless canister vacuum cleaner. Thus, you have to pay extra attention upon emptying the canister. If you do not press the button first, all the dirt and substances will come out abruptly and lead to a mess.

Now, one of the things we liked the most about the 9595A vacuum cleaner is its Multi-Level Filtration. Vacuum cleaners are already meant to keep offices and houses clean, but this filtration system takes things further. Instead of just dealing with all of the accumulated dirt, the 9595A also reduces the overall amount of household allergens. It was clear to us that BISSELL was adamant in its goal to improve the capabilities of vacuum cleaners. And if there any issues that will require a vacuum cleaner repair, BISSELL has a 2-year limited warranty.


This BISSELL vacuum cleaner has three attachment tools, and we tested each one rigorously. But before we delve into these tools, we’d first like to commend the extension wand of the Bissell 959A vacuum. Reaching for debris in the bottom and higher parts of the house are common problems. With the extension wand, we reached ceilings and baseboards without hurting our backs. Still, this tool cannot do everything on its own, so it can be configured with three tools: dusting brush, TurboBrush tool, and crevice tool.

The dusting brush, as its name implies, has remarkably soft bristles for removing hair and dust that have been long trapped in curtains and upholstery. This could be the best vacuum for pet hair. Similarly, the TurboBrush tool takes care of all the debris and hair in the carpet. This works through small rotations that lift these substances away from the upholstery. For car owners, the TurbroBrush of the Bissell upright vacuum can also be utilized for cleaning the inside of the vehicle. Lastly, the crevice tool is meant to remove the dirt in hard-to-reach areas. From crannies in the bedroom the tight corners inside an automobile, the crevice tool performed well.

Of course, the highlight of the BISSELL 9595A is its OnePass Technology. Yes, it does have a strong suction power, but another thing that differentiates it from others is that it works well with a well-design brush. This design allows the vacuum cleaner to rotate downwards into the carpet. Basically, using the 959VA vacuum assured us that we can get rid of a lot of surface debris even on the initial pass. Together with the brush, the impressive 12 amp motor effortlessly dealt with dirt and other substances. Indeed, this vacuum will create substantial noise, but that’s only because it has a powerful motor.

Just like the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L, the BISSELL 9595A applies a cyclonic type of suction. Here, the brand refers to it as Cyclonic System, but it really isn’t any different from the reliably consistent suction of other cleaners with the same method. The Cyclonic System essentially keeps dirt away from debris to ensure clean filters. This cleaner is meant to deal with four surface types: carpet, low pile carpet, stairs, and upholstery. It’s likely the best vacuum cleaner for carpet. So far, the BISSELL 9595A hasn’t disappointed us with its multi-cyclonic cleaning system.

All in all, the BISSELL 9595A is likely the best upright bagless vacuum. Not only is it relatively lightweight and sleek with a sizable Easy Empty dirt tank but its attachment tools do a fine job of dealing with certain debris and surfaces. The power switch could’ve been placed in a more convenient area, but that’s a minor thing in exchange for stellar cyclonic and multi-level filtration systems.

  • ​Sleek and lightweight design
  • ​Convenient Easy Empty dirt tank
  • ​Hygienic multi-level filtration system
  • Powerful cyclonic cleaning system
  • Placement of power switch isn’t ideal

BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX – Impressive Lithium Technology

The third entry on this list is another one from BLACK+DECKER. Just like the CHV1410L, the BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX is a cordless type of vacuum cleaner. While these two products from the same brand do have their similarities, the inclusion of the BDH2000PL MAX is justified. We hoped that this cordless vacuum will provide something unique – and it did deliver.

Design and Features

The BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX weighs 3 pounds, making it nearly as light as the CHV1410L vacuum cleaner. It has a dark and modern design, which is quite the contrast to the blue appearance of the CHV1410L. Aside from that, we quickly noticed the wide mouth design of the vacuum cleaner. This should easily deal will relatively big debris.

Similar to the BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L, the BDH2000PL MAX ditches the bag for a translucent dirt bowl. This makes it more convenient when it comes to determining whether the bowl should be emptied or not. Not only does is this significantly bigger than the first Pivot Vac but it also contains a side door function, which is primarily for getting rid of dirt. Those of us who wanted to completely the bowl just have to remove it and place it in the sink for some thorough cleaning.

Now, some of us had previous issues with the brightness of the charging lights of previous BLACK+DECKER devices. Now, it seems that they’ve made a remedy by lowering the brightness of the lights. Instead of being too flashy, the light is now a calm blue that flashes whenever the BDH2000PL is still charging. Once completely charged, this slightly dim light goes away. When you do activate the vacuum cleaner, this blue light will turn back on. Speaking of charging, it only takes four hours max. Furthermore, the charging base is fantastic as it allows you to place the BDH2000PL MAX on a table or wall.

Likewise, this BLACK+DECKER vacuum cleaner thankfully utilizes Lithium Technology to maintain a strong suction power that doesn’t become weaker with each passing minute. Lithium-ion batteries are significantly better than nickel-cadmium types, which suffer from fading power. As for the total package, the BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX includes a PVF1 10 washable filter, a pre-filter, an on-board brush, an on-board crevice tool, and the aforementioned charging base.


We really had to hand it to BLACK+DECKER for doing their best to make the BDH2000PL powerful enough despite its size and type. This vacuum cleaner uses a 20V MAX Lithium Pivot that’s undoubtedly impressive in terms of suction power. What makes it even more remarkable is that it has a compact appearance for easy storage. In addition, this pivoting characteristic enabled us to reach hard-to-access areas including huge shelves and those below cupboards or between couch cushions. In a way, the BDH2000PL is an astounding combination of flexibility and power. While the Pivot Vac can go through narrow corners, it also has enough suction power to deal with relatively large surface debris.

Consequently, this Lithium Pivot has a crevice tool and a brush. The crevice tool deals with tight areas and corners while the brush is meant for upholstery. As expected, the BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX also goes for a cyclonic movement to maintain the suction power. In accordance with this cyclonic system, a 3-stage filtration system aims to stop clogging while developing the air exhaust. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the filter. It doesn’t have any problems with other surface debris, but the filter isn’t ideal for huge clumps of sand or dust. We were able to manually remove these, but it shouldn’t be the case.

In conclusion, the BLACK+DECKER BDH2000PL MAX has a lot going for it. The translucent dirt bowl is great and the Lithium Technology ensures maximum energy utilization. You may need to remove some debris stuck inside on your own, but the amazingly powerful and flexible 20V MAX Lithium Pivot more than compensate for this flaw.

  • Lithium Technology for improved suction power
  • Translucent dirt bowl with a side door function
  • ​Flexible 20V MAX Lithium Pivot
  • Crevice tool and brush for upholstery and tight spaces
  • Filter doesn’t work well with clumps of sand and dust

Eye-Vac EVH-W – Robotic Cleaning Companion

The fourth entry in our list of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners is perhaps the unique vacuum cleaner here. Instead of having to be held by the hand, the corded Eye-Vac EVH-W vacuum has grabbed the attention of household owners with its no-touch system. Could this be the future of cheap vacuum cleaners? Not exactly, but it does offer something totally different.

Design and Features

We seriously adored the design of the Eye-Vac EVH-W. It looks like it came from the future with its metallic shine and minimalist appearance. At just under 12 pounds, this product is also lighter than most corded vacuum cleaners. It wouldn’t be difficult finding a decent area to store the EVH-W.

Now, the most appealing thing about the EVH-W vacuum cleaner robot is its infrared technology. This is the feature that allows it to function without being touched by an individual. However, one thing to note is that this vacuum cleaner doesn’t work like the others at all. Instead of working on its own, the EVH-W is meant to assist your sweeping activities. Instead of using a dustpan, you can rely on this vacuum cleaner. Once the infrared sensors detect surface debris nearby, it automatically sucks them in. Thus, you no longer have to constantly bend your back just to sweep the dirt into the dustpan. Once the dirt is inside the bag-less canister, the EVH-W turns off to save power. You’ll also know when the canister is full once the indicator light turns red.

Still, the Eye-Vac EVH-W has dual settings: always on and manual. If you pick the first setting, the vacuum cleaner is automatically activated upon detecting debris. On the other hand, you’ll have to manually turn it on if you pick the second setting. If you do see any defects, Eye-Vac guarantees a one-year labor and parts warranty.


If you still like to do some sweeping but with a modern touch, the EyeVac EVH-W vacuum cleaner is a fantastic choice. Whether we dealt with dust or even mud this cleaner immediately took the substances in upon detection. However, there were occasions when the automatic sensor didn’t become activated. It’s not particularly annoying, but it’s a good reason why the manual setting exists in the first place.

Even if it doesn’t work like the usual cleaner, this vacuum also takes advantage of a cyclonic suction system for efficiency. For those of us who have pet cats lounging around the room all the time, we no longer had to worry about all the hair getting stuck. This might just be the best cheap vacuum for pet hair. Of course, it did take us some time before we got used to this rather hybrid cleaning method of sweeping debris toward a vacuum cleaner. In addition, the EVH-W does more than taking debris away as it contains a HEPA air filter. Thanks to this filter, you should worry less about having allergies caused by certain surface debris. Of course, do take note that the EyeVac EVH-W creates sufficient noise like any other vacuum cleaner. Likewise, the light indicators worked without any hitches.

Overall, the EVH-W vacuum cleaner is great. While it does offer enough suction power like any other standard vacuum, this EyeVac product differs itself by requiring users to still sweep around the house.

  • ​Unique, impressive design
  • ​Innovative infrared technology
  • ​Automatic and manual settings to choose from
  • HEPA air filter to stop allergies
  • Automatic sensor sometimes fails to work

Vacmaster VBV1210 – Heavy-Duty Affordable Cleaner

The final vacuum cleaner we have for review is the Vacmaster VBV1210. With such a name, the Vacmaster brand has always strived toward delivering the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the world. With the VBV1210, VacMaster has proven once again why they are the kings in the industry.

Design and Features

Even with just one look, it was obvious to use that the Vacmaster VBV1210 won’t attempt to be the sleek and lightweight vacuum cleaner. Instead, this cleaner exudes power and sheer performance. Despite the rather clunky appearance, setting everything up only took about 15 minutes in total. Some of us had initially had issues with the casters falling off, but they were solved by using the screws provided in the package.

First of all, this vacuum utilizes a 12-gallon polypropylene tank. The fact that this is made out of polypropylene means that the tank would be extremely durable and can readily last for years. If that wasn’t enough, it has a huge extra drain for quick emptying and an onboard accessory storage. These three features alone made us realize just how much the VBV1210 wants to be the most reliable vacuum cleaner out there for big households and other sizable locations.

Other than these features, the VBV1210 also boasts of a ridiculously long cord measuring 12 feet or 3.65 meters. As for the replacement filters, Vacmaster gladly provided three: VCFF, VCFS, and VFF51. Likewise, we saw a cartridge filter and even a reusable foam sleeve filter. Basically, Vacmaster has done what it can to assure that we have all we need to make the VBV1210 work. In fact, this vacuum has a staggering 11 accessories in order for this product to work both as a vacuum and a blower. Simply put, the VBV1210 can switch from your average wet or dry vacuum cleaner into a fantastic detachable blower. Its design allows it to switch from a vacuum to a blower with just the flick of a button. Of course, the Vacmaster VBV1210 is covered by a two-year warranty.


Thanks to the 12-gallon tank, we barely had any time wasted. The downtime was significantly reduced since the tank doesn’t get filled that easily. While the blower works at an impressive 210 MPH, we’re going to focus on the VBV1210 as a vacuum cleaner. Right off the bat, we loved the amazing suction power of this product. If we wanted it to perform a little bit quieter than even some of the cleaners we previously reviewed, all we had to do was to apply the muffler attachment.

Despite the fact that this weighs nearly 25 pounds, it still felt light to move around the house. Even when the floor gets wet, the VBV1210 readily absorbed the standing water – the floor was almost completely dry. The size of the hose allowed us to continue our cleaning activities without worrying about large debris getting stuck.

There is a lot to admire about the Vacmaster VBV1210. While it is incredibly heavy and might be too much for a small household and for meager cleaning applications, no one can deny the power of this vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the tough materials and the size of the hoses and the tank prove that the VBV1210 is a noteworthy cleaner in both homes and spacious work areas.

  • ​Durable 12-gallon polypropylene tank
  • ​11 accessories for added functions
  • ​Incredibly powerful as vacuum and blower
  • Easy setup and use
  • Heavy and too much for small-time cleaning


Now that we’ve comprehensively talked about all five of these vacuum cleaners, it’s time to pick the best vacuums. If you’re looking for an affordable cleaner that’s fitting for heavy-duty use, go for the Vacmaster VBV1210. It is quite heavy, but it will never disappoint as both a vacuum and a blower.

If you want the best vacuum under 100 for your household, we highly recommend the Bissell 9595A. It’s relatively lightweight for a corded type vacuum, and the dirt tank is easy to deal with. Lastly, its incredible cyclonic cleaning system and multi-level filtration system are hard to beat for the price of under $100.