Best Vacuum Under $200

There are two types of people: those people who know how important a good vacuum is, and those people who don’t do the vacuuming. Whichever group you personally fall into, your life will be made easier thanks to the following top list of some of the best vacuums today – as well as our pick of the best vacuum under $200.

Whether you’re a cleaner who needs a new heavy duty model, a first time homeowner purchasing a budget pick, or a busy parent who needs to keep a family home fresh on a regular basis, then you’ll be sure to benefit from our expert picks. We’ve chosen our vacuums on their price, all consisting of affordable vacuum cleaners under 200, yet quality is still our key concern when judging the best of the best – with points going to suction, size, design, features, and noise level.

Best Vacuum Under $200 – Top 10 Table

First let’s take a look at what’s available and the differences in both weight and bag type, the first 2 features in which you’ll be using to judge a vacuum by. Afterwards, we’ll look at everything else you should be considering in a detailed review of each product.

VacuumBag TypeWeight
Bissell Zing Bagged Canister VacuumBagged12.5 pounds
Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum CleanerBagless7 pounds
Bissell 9595A VacuumBagless12 pounds
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel Bagless16.5 pounds
Workshop Wet Dry VacBagged19 pounds
Shark Navigator Lift-Away ProfessionalBagless13.7 pounds
Electrolux ErgorapidoBagless5.5 pounds
Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum CleanerBagless5.8 pounds
Shark Rocket Ultra-LightBagless7.6 pounds
Eufy RoboVac 11Bagless6.66 pounds

So that’s what’s available for you under 200$. Not bad at all, with a couple of Dyson rivals in there and best-selling vacuums in their own right. You can see we’ve outlined the weight and bag type of the vacuums so that you can consider the effort of moving the vacuum up-stairs or if you store it anywhere that requires lifting. So, let’s take each of these one at a time and give a detail review, along with our final choice of best vacuum under 200$.


BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum - Best Canister Vacuum

Vacuums – they can be pretty expensive! For those of you who don’t need, or even want, to vacuum regularly and aren’t cleaning up after a family of people, you’re probably quite hesitant to splash out on the sort of prices vacuum manufacturers expect you to pay. Well, Bissel are actually an option for you budget-minded folks out there who are looking for an inexpensive way to clean up. The rock-bottom cost is offset by the bag prices, so if you’re going to be filling that bag up on the daily then it might not be so cost effective. However, if you are indeed more of a weekend cleaner then this is an absolute bargain. It’s also our pick for best canister vacuum since it’s hard to find a canister vacuum that performs this well at this price. The suction even outperforms some of the other choices on this list. It’s small yet packs a real punch.

  • Easy to manoeuver
  • Automatic cable recoil
  • Extremely cheap
  • No spinning carpet brush
  • Vacuum head is a little large
  • Not the cheapest bag prices

Bissell Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

The great thing about pets is their fur. The bad thing about pets is their fur. It’s super soft and amazing to snuggle up to, yet it has a way of getting everywhere, and it’s rather hard to get out. The difficulty is in the fact that the hairs get in between the fibres of the textiles your carpet and rugs are made from. Pet hair is nightmare fuel when unexpected guests do what unexpected guests do best and show up – unexpectedly. Nothing makes cat hair show up on a couch more obviously than the sound of guests arriving outside. So you’re sprinting to the vacuum before they’ve even reached the doorbell, and if you’re lucky you chose to buy the Bissel Pet Bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It’s designed especially with pet hair in mind, so it mops up any malting mog or dog’s fur with considerable ease thanks to an integrated Pet Hair Lifter and Rotating Brush that pulls every strand of pet hair from carpets and upholstery. While the stubborn hairs are being persuaded to remove themselves by the spinning bristles, all pet dander and micro particles are sucked away by the multi-cyclonic-powered suction. Plus, there’s a stretch hose and crevice tool for those difficult to reach areas – often the places dust and hair end up the most.

  • Pet hair lifter and rotating brush
  • Multi-cyclonic suction
  • Stretch hose and crevice tool
  • Short hose
  • Brush can (maybe unsurprisingly) clog up

Bissell 9595A Vacuum - Best Upright Vacuum

When you buy an upright vacuum you expect it to be everything a domestic goddess (or god) needs in a relatively compact package. You don’t quite want something suited to sucking rubble off of a warehouse floor, but you do want something powerful with plenty of helpful features. Many people also choose an upright vacuum cleaner because of the ease of storage. Moving and storing a canister vacuum can be a real hassle as you try to tuck away the hose or reattach the pesky tube because they always flail around when knocked loose. The Bissel 9595A is surprisingly light for an upright vacuum, yet it conceals a few fantastic features. First, the main suction is very powerful and boasts a One-Pass Cleaning promise which aims to clean up dirt on the first try. It achieves this superb suction through the multiple cyclones being produced in the main chamber which is also entirely bagless. Instead of bags you simply disconnect the lighter half of the hoover and carry that over to your bin; push a button and it all falls out into the trash. Then the filter is completely washable, though you won’t have to clean it every time you empty the bag – just when it needs it. Beyond all that there is the incredible TurboBrush tool. It isn’t just a tube that extends out of the vacuum like usual, the Bissel reveals a miniature vacuum, with its own spinning brushes, that extends out so you can clean the stairs properly rather than struggle with a bare plastic tube. Finally, there’s a rather unique feature whereby you can buy Febreeze filters which kills bad odours in your carpet and upholstery while you clean them, and then replaces them with nice fresh scents.

  • Powerful suction
  • Turbobrush extendible mini-vacuum
  • Washable filter and bagless design
  • Power cord is somewhat short
  • Strangely placed on/off switch

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel - Best Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet

The Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel is a great upright vacuum in its own right and it certainly goes toe-to-toe with Bissell’s Pet Bagless version. However, where this product shines is carpets. Carpets are magnets for dirt and hair and liquids, sucking them up and retaining all sorts of stains and odours. Many vacuums claim to clean carpets with ease, yet the T-Series actually follows through on that promise by providing you with an array of minor, yet must-have, features. The issue with cleaning carpets usually is that the hoover really needs to get close to the carpet. It needs to form at least a loose pressure seal on the section of carpet so that all the airflow can pull up every little bit of dust and dirt. How the T-Series helps with that is the 5 levels of height adjustment so you can properly clean any carpet, rug, or throw. On top of that you have the incredible pull out mini-hoover on flexible hose, with spinning brush, that lets you get close up with upholstery or to help put some elbow grease into scrubbing up those stains. Finally you have all the expected features such as extension wand and crevice tool.

  • 5 levels of height adjustment
  • Mini-carpet cleaning attatchment
  • 25 foot cord with auto-recoil
  • Canister could be a little easier to empty
  • Not actually as lightweight as they claim

Workshop Wet Dry Vac - Best Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever tried to suck up sawdust with a regular vacuum? If so, then you know what it’s like to break a vacuum. Those of you with a penchant for DIY projects, and especially the power tool-owners out there understand the sorts of stuff that collects during a proper home project. If you’re about to undertake a home renovation then this sort of vacuum is such a cheap investment to save yourself so many hours of cleaning up with a dustpan and brush. The difference is quite simply in that the entire Workshop Wet Dry Vac is reinforced in every way possible. You could hoover up the entire garden in the middle of a rainstorm if you wanted to, no problem. Downsides are a bulky size, lack of a slender hose to sneak under sofas, and other such attachments designed for fluffy carpets and soft cushions. This is a beast of a vacuum and it’s not sorry in the slightest that it’s also a beast to move around and store.

  • Incredibly strong
  • Includes a blowing port
  • Vacuums in both wet and dry conditions
  • Rather enourmous
  • Expensive bags and filters

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional - Best Professional Vacuum Cleaner

This 2-in-1 incredible piece of kit is our choice for best professional vacuum cleaner because it’s less a 2-in-1 and more an everything-in-one. It’s not as heavy duty as the Workshop (nothing is) so if your idea of ‘professional’ involves building sites then buy that, but for everything else the Shark Navigator is incredible. It’s a super popular vacuum with a removable canister that turns it into a really portable canister vacuum – portable as in you can carry it around like a Ghostbuster. Yet it’s also a slender upright hoover in its standard form for easy cleaning. It also has an extendible hose for those hard to reach areas, even in really tall rooms. In short, there’s barely a room in the world that the Shark Navigator can’t clean with absolute minimum effort. It’s bagless but uses filter kits which can be quite costly for the working professional cleaner, or something whose professional life demands regularly hoovering up debris. However, the performance of it more than makes up for the costs involved. You can also aquire a new belt very easily and changing it is a breeze, so it’s a very long lasting vacuum.

  • Two in one upright and handheld canister design
  • Easy to empty and bagless
  • Very long lasting and durable
  • Must turn suction down for high-pile carpets
  • Expensive filters

Electrolux Ergorapido - Best Vacuum for Small Homes

A small home is a tricky place to clean. Narrow or box rooms can quickly get cluttered with chair legs and table legs, and dining rooms in tiny homes tend to become a labyrinth of obstacles which makes vacuuming up dropped food an absolute nightmare. What you need is the Electrolux Ergorapido, our pick for best vacuum for small homes. It’s got a tiny footprint and an extremely slender form which makes it the size of a standard mop. It also comes apart to provide you with a handheld hoovering tool for hard to reach areas such as bookcases or fireplace tops. Best of all, it’s cordless! So no snaking a long cable through tight spaces.

  • Slender with a tiny footprint
  • Cordless and extremely lightweight
  • Choice of 2 attractive finishes
  • 30 minutes use per charge
  • Not the most heavy duty choice

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner - Best Cordless Vacuum

There’s already a few cordless vacuums on this list, yet the Eufy HomeVac provides a substantial 50 minutes on one charge with a really nicely sized bagless design. It even comes with its own wall-mount because you’re going to need to be able to store it near a power outlet. Thanks to a great amount of suction it’ll mean you can easily navigate a tight space in one go, and have it suck up everything on the first sweep.

  • 50 minute battery life
  • Wall mount included
  • Space saving size
  • Still needs to be charged
  • Not as much suction as a corded vacuum

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light - Best 2-in-1 Vacuum

Vacuuming often times involves lugging a large-barrelled machine around, struggling with it up the stairs, tugging at the tube to get it to reach across the sofa or to get the cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. Shark Rocket is a nice shape that is more a tiny-vacuum that extends than a normal vacuum that shrinks. It might not look like a ‘proper’ vacuum but it certainly is, and a very popular model at that.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Extremely small
  • Comes with a wall mount included
  • Not the most durable choice
  • Sometimes you do just want a big vacuum

Eufy RoboVac 11 - Best Robot Vacuum

So you’re at the end of this list and have had quite enough of reading about the best vacuum for this or the best vacuum for that. Yet you’re still aware that your floor isn’t going to clean itself. And that you’re looking to buy a tool to take as much effort out of the job as possible – right? It’s hard to imagine something that fulfils that problem more than an automatic robotic vacuum. It’s a bundle of sensors atop a powerfully computer controlled brush and suction combination.

  • No vacuuming neccessary
  • Anti-collision and drop-sensing sensors
  • Recharges automatically
  • Very little manual control
  • Will suck up dropped items and keep going

Best Vacuum Under $200 - Buyer's Guide

Unless you’re a fan of dust in your lungs, dirt caked into your carpet, pet hair collecting in the corners of your room, and all manner of filth building up, then you need a vacuum. And, if you’re not fond of struggling on your knees trying to suck up stubborn bits of fluff and knots of hair, then you need a good vacuum. You also need to consider things like weight and storage, because any vacuum is obviously going to be stored away more than it’s used, yet it has to be rather easy to manoeuvre around the house. Additional concerns are attachments, bag type, cord length, and automatic cord recoil. So let’s go through them.

Bag Type

There’s little difference in performance when it comes to whether or not your vacuum is bagless or not. It’s more a case of whether the design demands that a bag be used, such as if the hoover is a canister hoover that would be too heavy to lift and tip into the bin. Of course, many hoovers now have a design which allows you to unslot the dust-storage section and tip it away, so bagged hoovers are quickly dying out. There is one way you can save some money though, but only if you’re not going to be using your hoover a whole lot; for example if you have little carpet in your home and tend to brush, yet still need a hoover from time to time. In such a case, you can buy a bagged hoover which generally demand a far lower initial cost, because the manufacture’s make their money back through selling the bags. If you only need to change the bag once every couple of months then it might be the best budget option for you. Just watch out, if you end up hoovering on the daily then bags quickly add to big bucks, and you’d be better off just getting a better vacuum.

Size and Weight

Obviously size plays a big part of the decision because you have to pull the vacuum around your home, and you may not have tons of space to work with. Plus, even if it’s compact, if it weighs too much to lift comfortably then getting it up the stairs becomes a (possibly dangerous) hassle.

Filter Type

Washable filters are the most economic type of filter. Just rinse and they’re good to go. However, you may prefer a changeable filter for the convenience.

Coil Length

It might not seem the most important thing, but it’s extremely annoying to be close to finishing cleaning a large room, only to have the vacuum cord length preventing you from covering the last section. Then you have to hunt out a new spot to plug it in. Nightmare. So consider the coil length and the distance between your most convenient power outlets in your home.


Some vacuums do away with cords entirely, but they need to be charged. So the convenience of no cords, which is often a life saver, is often offset by having to leave it on charge for a while after use; which might not be that convenient if you just want to pack the vacuum away immediately after using it. Still, we’d say that cordless is definitely a huge help, especially in smaller homes.

Canister vs Upright Vacuums

An upright vacuum is your standard hoover that stands up on its own weight, with a thick base and a slender handle at the top. The whole upper section leans backwards and forwards as you push and pull the vacuum around. Canister vacuums are those vacuums which follow you around; where you are mainly concerned with aiming a long tube with a flat head, instead of pushing and pulling the entire hoover back and forth with each motion. It’s hard to say which is better, or to point out particular benefits of either design. It’s entirely down to personal preference, and in some homes upright would be more convenient to store, while in some homes canister would be more convenient. Canister vacuums do tend to use bags for often than not, however. So that’s something to consider.


As this list shows, you can easily buy the best vacuum under $200 without a single regret. Dyson may command enormous sums of cash, and in many cases it’s perfectly justified. However, part of that price is going towards funding their world-renowned research. Third party vacuums tend to reap the benefits of the premium vacuum manufactures research and bring their own, far more cost effective versions out later on. In short, you can happily own a fantastic vacuum for less than 200 dollars.


All of the choices on this list are great picks, especially when considering the below $200 aspect of them all, too. But, for out money, the clear winner is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional. It’s at the top of the budget, but it does so much for the price and is so expertly designed. The more budget-friendly offering of the BISSELL 9595A is a close second though. Yet the Shark Navigator includes:

  • A 2-in-1 design
  • Anti-allergen dust trap
  • Easy-empty bagless design
  • Lightweight design
  • Incredible suction

With very little to complain about other than the extra expense of the filters, it’s hard to argue that the Shark Navigator is the best vacuum under 200. That is, the best on a list of already amazing vacuums.