Best Umbrella

You wouldn’t know how important an umbrella is until there’s an unexpected downpour and you’re outside with nowhere else to go or when the sun got too scorching hot and you forgot your sunblock.

When outdoors, whether you love a picnic, a golf game, a stroll in the woods or you just love to walk outside, nothing pays more than being prepared. One nifty accessory to prepare against the unexpected whims of the weather is an umbrella. And not just any cheap umbrella you grab from the racks on your local department store. What you need is the best umbrella that’s durable enough to weather the wind and rain as well as block UV rays and protect your skin from sunburn and excessive heat.

The 12 Best Umbrellas – Table of Variations

With a myriad of options in the market including the ultra-popular Davek umbrella, Rei umbrella and Lewis n Clark compact umbrella, how do you choose which one to buy? After hours of research and searching, we have the answers. At a glance, here are brands that made it to our best umbrella 2017 list.

Product NameCanopy SizeClosed LengthOpening
Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella42 in.11.5 in.Auto Open
Procella Umbrella Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella62 in.38.7 in.Auto Open
Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Umbrella36 in.10.9 inAuto Open
Benkii 60 Mph Windproof Travel Umbrella45 in.12 in.Auto Open
EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella37 in.11 in.Auto Open
totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella52 in.37 in.Manual
GustBuster Metro Automatic Umbrella43 in.16 in.Auto Open
Kolumbo Windproof Travel Umbrella36 in.--Auto Open
LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella45 in.12 in.Auto Open
Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella42 in.12 in.Auto Open
Sun Tek UV Protection Vented Umbrella68 in.42.5 in.Manual
Plemo Folding Windproof Umbrella37 in.11.5 in.Auto Open

Now that you’ve had a quick overview of the best umbrellas you can buy, let’s go in-depth with some detailed full-sized, compact and travel umbrella reviews below.


Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella – Best Rated Umbrella

If it’s raining hard, chances are high that you also have to deal with strong gusts of wind. This unexpected weather won’t just ruin your outfit and your day but also your umbrella if you have the wrong one. But thanks to the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella, you have the best travel umbrella you can conveniently carry in your handbag everywhere you go.

Boasting quality workmanship with wind-defying 9-rib construction, it’s not a surprise that the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is a runaway bestseller not to mention one of the best rated umbrella too. While most portable umbrellas have 6 or 8 ribs, this Repel easy touch umbrella has 9 ribs to ensure better flexibility and stability in high winds. Only the end of the ribs will bend keeping you dry and your umbrella intact.

  • Quality workmanship
  • Wind-defying 9-rib construction
  • Auto open/close for convenience
  • Compact, super light and foldable
  • For single user only
  • Not the most comfy handle

Procella Umbrella Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella – Best Golf Umbrella

Love to golf but hate the scorching sun and the unexpected rain? You can still enjoy your game regardless of the weather when you have the Procella Umbrella Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella. Waterproof and windproof, there is no other umbrella best suited in the golf course than this full-size model.

There are a lot of things that we love about the Procella Umbrella Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella. For one, it has an extra-large double vented canopy that measures to a full 62 inches when opened. It can accommodate not just one but two people comfortably. Another plus is the quality construction featuring fiberglass shaft and ribs that are extremely versatile, flexible and durable. It’s also absolutely windproof. It’s been tested by skydivers and the umbrella has been proven to withstand up to 46mph of wind gusts.

  • Skydivers tested at 46mph
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Large double vented canopy
  • Non-slip rubberized grip
  • Not ideal for heavy rain
  • Not foldable

Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Umbrella – Best Windproof Umbrella

If it’s always windy where you live and you need a strong, flexible and durable wind resistant rain umbrella, don’t look elsewhere than the Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Umbrella. While there are plenty of portable and windproof umbrellas in the market like the Lewis n Clark umbrella or the Rei travel umbrella, we’d still prefer this model for a number of reasons.

One, the Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Umbrella offers windproof maximum durability rated for high winds. It won’t break or tear even under 60 mph winds making it one of the best if not the best windproof umbrella you can buy. Two, the model features a heavy canopy that’s mold and abrasion resistant as well as large enough to comfortably fit two adults. But what we really like best about this product is the long lasting reliability. For its price, you can guarantee up to 6,000 opens without any problems or hassles.

  • High windproof durability up to 60 mph
  • Single handed operation
  • Mold and abrasion resistant canopy
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • A bit bulky and heavy
  • Not that easy to close

Benkii 60 Mph Windproof Travel Umbrella – Most Sturdy Travel Umbrella

There are some umbrellas that are advertised to work up to 60 mph but not all of them actually hold up. If you’re looking for the best umbrella for wind with a bigger canopy than the Crown Coast 60 Mph Windproof Umbrella, we’ll gladly recommend the Benkii 60 Mph Windproof Travel Umbrella. Tried and tested, this umbrella will never leave you hanging when caught by the rain or windy situations. No more broken umbrellas when you have this handy in your handbag.

Like the previous mode we’ve listed, the Benkii Travel Umbrella can withstand winds to 60 mph. It may flip inside out once in a while but it will stay safe and usable even then. But what really sets it apart than other travel umbrellas is its generous 45-inch canopy that will ensure maximum coverage. Complete with auto open and close function, you’ll really never find a more convenient umbrella to carry with you everyday.

  • Can withstand winds up to 60 mph
  • Compact and quality workmanship
  • Durable and flexibly 10-rib construction
  • Convenient auto open/close function
  • Affordable price tag
  • Too large for some users
  • A bit bulky for handbags
  • Not the best locking mechanism

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella – Best Compact Umbrella for Extreme Weather

We’ve already listed two compact umbrellas that are windproof and portable. Another umbrella to add to your growing options is this EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella. It’s compact, portable and reliable even up to 55 mph of wind gusts. But what really sets it apart from other brands is the fact that this model features a double canopy construction making it even more durable and wind-resistant than conventional models. On one hand, it only has 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs as opposed to 10 ribs. Even then this is still better than most umbrellas with only 6 or 8 ribs.

Going back to the double canopy, the EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella is really one of a kind because the canopy is not just great for strong winds but also best for heavy rains. What the double canopy construction does is allow the wind to pass through the vents thereby lowering the chances of the canopy flipping out. The secondary canopy, on one hand, is there to effectively keep the water out. That means no leaking even during heavy rains.

  • Double canopy construction
  • High wind resistance up to 55 mph
  • Durable and tempered fiberglass construction
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Not that easy to close
  • Handle has a small grip

totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella – Trendiest Full-Sized Umbrella

Who says umbrellas are supposed to be only functional? With this totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella, you can enjoy maximum protection from the rain and sun while still being stylish.

Coming from a brand that offers a “totes of difference,” this full size model has all the intuitive and smart features every tote umbrella has. We especially like the 52-inch dome-shaped large canopy that boasts a contemporary and sleek see-through design. That means no obstruction whatsoever while you’re navigating through a busy street. It’s also perfectly enough for a one person coverage. Another plus is the easy-to-hold handles that’s super comfy to grip.

This totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella is available in a variety of stylish designs to match with your own personal style. But there are also a couple of downsides to keep in mind. The opening is manual and the umbrella is not foldable which means it’s a bit cumbersome to carry for everyday use.

  • Clear canopy for see-through visibility
  • Large canopy for maximum coverage
  • Comfortable and durable acrylic handle
  • Available in stylish and trendy designs
  • Not foldable
  • Too cumbersome for everyday use

GustBuster Metro Automatic Umbrella – Extra Sturdy Folding Umbrella

Other folding umbrellas may be cheaper but they may not be as durable and long lasting as this GustBuster Metro Automatic Umbrella. And if you know you’re going to use your umbrella on a daily basis, might as well invest in one that can withstand strong winds and heavy rains.


Featuring a double canopy design and wind-tested to 55 mph, this Gustbuster umbrella is award winning for a reason. It is guaranteed to keep you dry and protected no matter the weather. And what really sets it apart from most of the folding umbrellas in the market is its extra sturdy construction featuring a patented temper-hardened steel joint connectors and ribs. So even if you shell a few more dollars for this model, you can expect to get longer lasting use out of this portable umbrella.

  • Extra sturdy construction
  • Double canopy design
  • Wind tested to 55 mph
  • Convenient open and close release system
  • Expensive

Kolumbo Windproof Travel Umbrella – One-Hand Operation Umbrella

Try searching “windproof umbrella Amazon” on Google and one of the options that will pop out is this Kolumbo Windproof Travel Umbrella. A few things that makes it an excellent choice includes portability, wind-resistant frame systems, convenient one-hand operation and overall sturdy construction. It is also designed to conveniently fit on your handbag making it the best pocket umbrella for everyday use. The Kolumbo Windproof Travel Umbrella is also cheaper adding another plus point for this model.

  • Patent pending wind-resistant frame system
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • More affordable than other brands
  • Not as resilient as fiberglass construction

LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella – Quick Dry Travel Umbrella

Some travel umbrellas may be foldable, portable and sufficient in keeping you dry during the rainy season but not every product can offer something extra like this LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella. What sets it apart from other models is its 210T canopy with Teflon shield fabric protector, which makes the umbrella better in repelling water. It also makes it quick drying. If you’re constantly on the go and you want an umbrella that quickly dries, this compact windproof umbrella is what you need.

In addition, the LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella has a larger canopy than the usual compact umbrellas. It is also engineered for longer lasting durability. Made from premium materials featuring a 9-rib frame with hardened steel shaft and premium chain stitching, you’re sure to get the most out of your investment with this one.

  • Premium quality and workmanship
  • Compact with larger canopy size
  • Canopy dries quicker
  • Superior water repellency and UV protection
  • Quick auto open mechanism
  • Not that easy to close
  • Some parts may be prone to rusting

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella – Fail-Safe Flip Travel Umbrella

If you’re looking for a compact travel umbrella that wouldn’t break the budget, this Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella is worth a second look. Like most compact models, this option features a windproof design with 9 ribs that’s easily collapsible so it easily fits in your handbag. Open and close mechanism is also automatic for added convenience. But what really makes it a good choice is the fail-safe flip technology. This doesn’t mean that the umbrella won’t ever flip or invert. If the wind is really strong and if it does flip the umbrella, the technology will ensure that your umbrella won’t break. If it does break, you can count on the lifetime replacement guarantee that goes with this product.

  • Windproof design with 9 ribs
  • Fail-safe flip technology
  • Collapsible and ultra-portable
  • More affordable than other brands
  • Automatic open/close mechanism
  • Not the most durable
  • Stick may be too short

Sun Tek UV Protection Vented Umbrella – Largest Canopy Umbrella

Compact travel umbrellas are great for everyday use. You just keep it in your handbag and it comes handy day in and day out. Unfortunately, these umbrellas can only generally accommodate one person. If you’re looking for a model that can cover two people or more, we can swear by the Sun Tek UV Protection Vented Umbrella.

With extra-large canopy that opens up to 68 inches and ergonomic, this is a must-have for any household. The umbrella is wind and weather-resistant featuring fiberglass construction for longer lasting durability. In addition, the Sun Tek UV Protection Vented Umbrella also has a silver coating for a 55+ UPF protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays. It’s not just for the rainy season, it’s also perfect for the summer.

  • Extra-large canopy size
  • With 55+ UPF UV protection
  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Ergonomic handle with comfy grip
  • Not foldable
  • Bulky and cumbersome to carry

Plemo Folding Windproof Umbrella – Best Budget-Friendly Umbrella

At this point, you’ve probably already choice the best windproof umbrella you want to buy. But just in case you’re still looking for another option, here’s the Plemo Folding Windproof Umbrella to complete our list of the best umbrella 2018 Just like most compact umbrellas, this model features an easily collapsible design that folds into 11.5 inches for the perfect travel size. It also features auto open/close mechanism for convenience and an anti-slip rubberized grip completing the smart design. But what really convinced us to include this on our list is the price tag. In comparison with all the other umbrellas we tested and compared, the Plemo Folding Windproof Umbrella is the most budget-friendly we found online.

  • Auto open/close mechanism
  • Compact and portable
  • Strong windproof design
  • Anti-slip rubberized grip
  • Affordable price tag
  • Flimsier quality than the more expensive brands

Best Umbrella - Buyer's Guide

Umbrellas are available virtually everywhere. You can buy a budget umbrella or the popular Lewis n Clark umbrella from Target. There are also plenty of options on Amazon including Davek Solo and a myriad of other models as we’ve detailed above. How do you decide which umbrella to buy?

First of all, it’s important to remember that there is no one best umbrella in the world perfect for everybody. There are considerations you need to take into account like typical weather conditions where you live in order to find the right product. Second, you also have to look at a number of important factors, which we’ll discuss more below.

Types of Umbrellas

Whether you opt for a Davek Solo umberlla, Lewis and Clark umbrella, Senz windproof umbrella or Gustbuster metro umbrella, all these options fall under two general types of umbrellas:

Compact Umbrellas

Compact or folding umbrellas are becoming increasingly more popular than its full-sized counterpart because of portability. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly option, a compact travel umbrella is what you need. These umbrellas feature a support that collapsible and folds into a more compact size to easily fit on your handbag.

On the flip side, a compact wind resistant umbrella may not always be as durable as a full-sized model. Look for umbrellas that are made with fiberglass or nickel as opposed to aluminum as they’re usually more resistant to the elements.

Fixed-Shaft Umbrellas

Fixed-shaft or full-sized umbrellas feature a more traditional design that doesn’t fold up. These umbrellas generally have a stick or cane handle with larger canopy sizes than compact models. Because this type remains at full height, full sized umbrellas are bulkier and a hassle to carry around but they’re also more durable and longer lasting.

Key Features to Consider

Once you’ve decided which type of umbrella is best for your needs, the next step in shopping for the best umbrella is to prioritize important features such as:


Whether you’re choosing between the best umbrella for wind and the best rain umbrella, one key factor to consider is size. This includes umbrella length and canopy size. Full-size umbrellas are definitely longer with bigger canopy sizes which can accommodate more than one person. Compact umbrellas, on one hand, are shorter with smaller canopies ideal for a single user.


One feature that affects your umbrella’s durability against heavy downpour and strong wind is its frame. When it comes to umbrella frames, there are two common choices to choose from:

  • Fiberglass frames

If you’re looking for a strong wind resistant umbrella, look for models with fiberglass frames. Fiberglass are stronger and more resilient especially with windy situations. This type of umbrella frame is also lightweight, versatile and non-corrosive. Extremely durable, fiberglass frames are made to withstand flexing and blending especially during the rainy season.

  • Aluminum frames

Aluminum frames are another popular option and it comes in a few varieties. There are umbrellas with aluminum frames with fiberglass ribs that are heavy-duty yet lightweight. Other options feature heavy-duty aluminum frames with aluminum ribs which are high quality and heavy duty. Then there are models with aluminum frames with steel ribs that are the most economical but are not best suited for windy situations.


Umbrellas including the windproof patio umbrella either have an automatic or manual mechanism. If you want convenience, an automatic mechanism is what you need. This type is incredibly easy to use. With just a push of a button, the umbrella will open to its full canopy size. Another push of a button and the umbrella closes automatically. Umbrellas with manual mechanism, on one hand, also features a button which you need to press so you can manually open the umbrella to its full size.


When choosing which umbrella to buy, it’s important not to be a complete cheapskate. Inexpensive umbrellas may seem like a good buy initially but you’ll definitely change your mind if it doesn’t hold up when you needed it most. The best umbrella to buy should depend on your needs first and your budget second.

If you’re looking for a model you can conveniently carry on your everyday commute, the best pocket umbrella or the best travel umbrella is what you need just like the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating. If you’re looking for a highly resilient and durable umbrella that can accommodate up to two people or more, full-sized umbrellas like the Procella Umbrella Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella and the totes Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella are your best bet.