Best Throw Blanket

Blankets are a natural part of the home because everyone likes being warm, everyone wants a comfortable home, and everyone loves cuddling up to something soft. You can wrap them around your shoulders or lay them over furniture to transform the entire room. They’re as necessary as towels, except blankets warm your soul as well. But the options can be overwhelming even to someone who knows their Sherpa fleece from their herringbone cotton weave. So whether you’re throwing a gorgeous blanket over a boring sofa or adding an extra layer of comfort to your bed, here’s our expert selection of the best throw blankets. Chosen for their material, thickness, selection of colours, size, durability, and – of course – comfort.

Best Throw Rug Blankets 2018

Instead of struggling with an overwhelming amount of choices, simply pick the best throw blanket for your needs from the table below. You can pick your favorite material, see if it’s a size you want, and we’ve even included links to the best possible prices too.

Bedsure Reversible Fuzzy Microfibre Sherpa Throw BlanketMicrofiber polyester50”x60”, 60”x80”
Mika Home Reversible Bamboo fiber oversized throwBamboo50”x70”
HYSEAS Velvet Plush Throw Fleece BlanketMicrofiber velvet50” x 60”
DOZZZ Ultra Velvet Plush Lightweight Flannel ThrowPolyester78” x 58”
Northpoint Cashmere Plush Velvet ThrowVelvet50” x 60”, 90” x 90”
NTBAY 100% Cotton Cable Knit BlanketCotton51” x 67”, 90”x90”
Sofantex Premium Faux Fur ThrowsAcrylic (85%) Polyester (15%)50” x 60”
Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece BlanketPolyester90” x 108”
Utopia Bedding Soft Brush Fabric Polar Fleece Couch ThrowSynthetic wool90” x 66”, 90” x 108”, 108” x 90”
Cotton Craft Premium Cotton Thermal BlanketCotton60” x 90”, 90” x 90”, 102” x 90”

Now you’ve seen a summary of the best throw blankets you’ve got an idea of what’s available to you. But, if you’re still undecided, then let’s dive into a more detailed review of each blanket’s pros and cons.


Bedsure Reversible Fuzzy Microfiber Sherpa Throw Blanket - The Softest Blanket Material

Bed? Sure! Is how almost every conversation in the home should go, and, with Bedsure’s reversible fuzzy microfiber sherpa throw blanket, they will. We’re not kidding, either, Bedsure is a giant in the blanket industry, creating some of the best blankets in the world, and you can see why by just looking at that photo. When the mere picture of a blanket looks comfortable, you know it’s going to be comfortable in person. Available in both 50×60 inch and 60×80 inch sizes, you’ll wonder why every chair and bed in your home isn’t wrapped up snug in fuzzy microfibre throw blankets (after this article, you probably will).

The only real downside is that there are no larger versions, with plenty of competitors on this list offering king size versions. But some more positives are an extra fine high density yarn design which gives it hypoallergenic as well as lightweight. It’s certainly one of the softest blanket materials we’ve tried and a strong contender for our spot as the best throw blanket. It’s also reversible, with white on one side and your choice of 8 colors on the reverse. Plus, since you’ll use it a lot, it can be machine washed (on cold) thanks to shrink resistant fabric.

  • Extremely soft mirofibre material
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Limited size choices
  • Forced to have one side white
  • Apparently a magnet for cats and their claws

Mika Home Reversible Bamboo Fiber Oversized Throw - Best Bamboo Blanket

You don’t have to be a panda to love the wonder-material that is bamboo. Bamboo is so sustainable because it grows at an incredible speed; you can literally watch bamboo grow. We tell you this not just because it’s a cool fact, but because in today’s day and age a lot of people are concerned about the impact their purchases have on the environment. It’s a shame that the Mika Home bamboo blanket is still made from 25% polyester, which may put the most ardent eco warriors off this fantastic throw, but it’s 85% more eco-friendly than a 100% polyester blanket, and in our eyes that’s a huge plus. Other benefits include a nautical style print which is always in fashion, especially if you want to whisk it off your chair to take on holiday. There’s only 2 choice of prints, but both prints are great decorative additions to your home. Also, flip over the Mika, and you’ll find the pattern has now flipped colours. It’s perfect for flipping over to a less dusty side when unexpected guests arrive.

  • Environmentally friendly wonder material bamboo
  • Double sided inverted parrern
  • Nautical style print (depending on taste)
  • 25% polyester might put eco-warriors off
  • One size only with 2 limited color options
  • Nautical style print (depending on taste)

HYSEAS Velvet Plush Throw Fleece Blanket - Best Anti Pilling Blanket

Pilling is the bane of throw blankets. It builds up and eventually gets on everything as well as gumming up your washing machine or tumble dryer. Not that you should be tumble drying your blankets anyway, as line-drying is far more natural and better for your blanket (and the earth). But the HYSEAS Velvet plush throw, with its vibrant and silky colors, will resist pilling entirely. That’s fantastic for those who suffer from allergies or just hate bits of fluff everywhere. It also means that it will keep its sheen because the top layer isn’t wearing away over the years. And just less hoovering. Which is always great. Besides that, it’s the best bed blanket if your bed is already very warm. It’s not very warm on its own, and is quite thin. Those qualities make it great for breathing life back into a dull sofa.

  • Anti-pilling
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Vibrant silky sheen
  • Not very thick at all
  • Designed for style and comfort, not warmth
  • Single size choice

DOZZZ Ultra Velvet Plush Lightweight Flannel Throw

DOZZZ’s Ultra Velvet Plush is a lightweight flannel throw that is absolutely ideal for those with pets who like to chew and rip up the furniture. It features a tight weave and a hypoallergenic design with a 78″ x 58″ size – which is larger than average. They’re perfect for keeping cat hair off the bed or dog hair off the couch or sofa. For the price, you can easily buy a whole bunch of them.

  • Extremely soft microfibre material
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Limited size choices
  • Forced to have on side white
  • Apparently a magnet for cats and their claws

Northpoint Cashmere Plush Velvet Throw - Best Blanket for Beds

Choose between two sizes of 50” x 60” or 90” x 90” for a gorgeous understated blanket that brightens any home. It’s immediately clear that this blanket is very simple in terms of design and texture, but the choice of vibrant colors makes up for it. Plus, the simplicity of it makes it possibly the best throw blanket for a couch. It has a reputation among some people for being prone to static but that depends on the material of your sofa, how it’s used, and even the weather outside. Further downsides are the ugly packaging and lack of breathability, but packaging gets binned anyway and the lack of breathability makes it great for stopping liquids from soaking through to the furniture below. It just won’t make a great summer blanket for the bed. The Northpoint Cashmere blanket is for people who want to furnish their home with a very durable yet soft blanket that matches their decor. As we already said, it’s the perfect throw blanket for the sofa.

  • Soft as cashmere but easy to care for
  • Great choice of colors
  • Good size range
  • Not very breathable
  • Can be a bit static-y
  • Transparent and unpretty packaging

NTBAY 100% Cotton Cable Knit Blanket - Best Cotton Blankets

You can’t go wrong with cotton, and NTBAY haven’t gone wrong at all. They’re gone very, very right. First off, the gorgeous cable knit design is going to serve as an incredibly eye catching furnishing feature, provided you have no pets to get their claws between the weave. This is definitely one of the best and warmest throw blankets we’ve reviewed and would be ideal for crawling under after a hard day at work. Cotton isn’t traditionally very breathable, but the cable knit pattern makes it comfortably breathable indeed. You’ll also have the largest amount of colors to choose from than any other blanket on this list. But, you’ll only get one size. A common complaint is that it’s not as wide as normal blankets, but that’s a misunderstanding because it’s actually longer than standard blankets, so it looks narrower.

  • 100% cotton knit
  • Gorgeous cable knit weave
  • Great all-rounder throw blanket
  • Long but not very wide
  • Not very thick
  • Pet's claws will ruin this if allowed to

Sofantex Premium Faux Fur Throws - Best Blankets for Winter

Fur is universally loved by the most manliest of men and the most elegant of women. It brings to mind a natural luxury found in few other things and the Sofantex Premium Faux Fur Throw delivers. It’s also synthetic fur, which is either a positive or negative trait depending on your taste. Either way, it’s incredible for any purpose thanks to a super soft design, gorgeous texture, and quality 85% acrylic 15% polyester blend. It’s available in 4 different finishes but only 1 size, which is a shame, but it’s the standard blanket size so it’s difficult to chalk that down as a negative. This non-allergenic, thick, rich, throw carries a larger price tag than the rest of the choices on this list, but if you want a throw that will become the centre of attention, then this is your ideal choice. Tip, it makes for a fantastic gift.

  • Absolutely gorgeous textured fur design
  • Breathable and quick drying
  • Ethical faux fur
  • Single size
  • Dry clean reccomended
  • Not real fur

Balichun Luxury 330 GSM Fleece Blanket - Best Blankets for the Sofa and Couch

The Balichun Luxury 330 GSM fleece blanket is the best option for someone who wants an all-rounder, every-situation blanket. An all-purpose throw. But is it our top ten best pick? Well, you’ll have to find out. But this fantastically soft blanket is soft, strong, and durable, and available in both a huge array of colors as well as 4 different sizes that are certain to cover whatever you need to throw it over, guaranteed. You could outfit an entire home with just a few of the Balichuns draped over the beds, couches, and sofas.

  • 10 color choices
  • 4 size choices
  • Breathable and shrink resistant
  • Can't tumble dry at al
  • Color shades will vary


Utopia Bedding Soft Brush Fabric Polar Fleece Couch Throw - Best Polar Fleece Blankets

Another polar fleece, the Utopia soft brush fabric polar fleece is probably the best polar fleece on this list with everything you’d expect – and more. Like the previously mentioned Balichun, this is a great all-rounded and jack of all trades choice with 3 sizes and 3 color choices. The reason we’ve chosen this as the best polar fleece blanket is because of what people expect from a fleece throw like this. Weight. When you buy a polar fleece throw, you want it to have a comforting weight that presses down on you through the bed, or which stays still on a couch when sat on, or hugs you when you’re under it. This polar fleece certainly provides that weighty comfort. It’s too warm for summer, but that’s kinda obvious. It’s also not as soft as some of the other choices on this list, but it’s certainly up against some tough competition in that regard. In every other way, it’s perfect.

  • Extremely warm
  • 250 GSM polar fleece
  • Great size options
  • Other blankets are softer
  • Bit too warm for summer
  • Isn't as heavy as some would want

Cotton Craft Premium Cotton Thermal blanket - Best Heavy Winter Blanket

What? The cotton blanket is heavier than the polar fleece? Well, for some people that won’t be surprising but the majority of people won’t realise just how heavy cotton can be when knitted tightly, as this gorgeous herringbone cotton thermal blanket it. It’s not as flashy as the furs or the printed bamboo offerings, but Cotton Craft have given you a great alternative to those thick, fuzzy offerings. It’s thin, yet weighty; plain, yet eye-catching; super soft, yet not furry. But most of all, where it beats the polar fleece, even though polar fleeces can be just as heavy (if not heavier), is the breathability of it. The herringbone twill weave design allows it to breathe, which means it allows you to breathe. However, if you have cats then this is going to be a magnet for their claws. Dogs will be fine as the knit isn’t too loose, but it must be washed gently. So keep it away from muddy paws. Besides that, it’s a fantastic choice for almost any use and any decor style.

  • Beautiful and breathable herringbone stitching
  • Huge choices of neutral colors
  • Has a nice weight to it
  • Gentle wash only
  • Doesn't resist cat claws, though dogs will be okay

Best Throw Blanket - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the best throw blankets in 2017 is far easier than it once was because materials have come so far. Price isn’t necessarily an indicator of quality and neither are the names of the material. An example of this is that cashmere is now more accessible to manufacturers and previously lower quality materials such as polyester have come a long way – to the point where it’s difficult to make a quick decision. Lucky for you, we’ve gone through hundreds of products to find the best selection for you. You could buy any of the blankets on this list and be happy, but in order to help you choose the absolute softest throw blankets in the world or just the warmest throw blanket, then keep reading.


Firstly, do you have pets? If so you don’t want to buy a gorgeous herringbone or loose-knit weave because claws and teeth will get between the weaves and pull it all apart.

Style and Use

Next, where it is going and do you require a particular color? An example would be you have all white sofas with red pillows as accenting, so you probably want a blanket that suits. And maybe they’re all herringbone weave, too, so herringbone is a must for you. Where it’s going will also probably help you choose how warm or breathable it is. If you simply need a blanket for decoration then these factors won’t matter and you’ll be going off looks alone, so a cashmere or velvet may catch your eye. Then, of course, size comes in to it as well.


Throw blankets are usually a standard 60” x 50” and if they have multiple sizes available then they’re usually described as “twin”, “king”, “queen”, etc. Which you’ll know are bed sizes. There is no difference between a throw blanket for the sofa, or a blanket for the bed. Those are just helpful sizes that everyone can probably visualise in their head. It’s always better to buy bigger than you need as well. An over-sized blanket is always way comfier and looks better than an undersized one.


After that it’s just up to what material you enjoy the feel of. Pro tip, look at the labels on your favorite jumpers and see what they’re made of. You might be a wool lover and not realise it, or think polyester would be too cheap yet your favorite jumper is made from it.

Caring for it

Now, this extra info isn’t strictly buying advice, more aftercare, but we want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase and that includes telling you how to use it. So, wash on cold cycles and line dry when you can, and don’t use harsh chemicals ever. Half of the bad reviews on blankets are people who either ignored, or won’t admit to ignoring, the cleaning guidelines. And a lot of the time cleaning guidelines only state that you can ‘tumble dry on gentle’ because they know people are intent upon tumble drying them.


So, in summary, choose a material you already love to wear, unless you’re specifically after a super heavy polar fleece or something unusual; and always wash on cold while line-drying. Good old sun and wind is always better than chemicals and tumble drying.


Our final choice has to go to Bedsure’s Reversible Fuzzy Microfiber Sherpa Throw Blanket. Out of the hundreds of people who left a review after purchasing, almost all of them gave it 5 stars, which isn’t surprising considering that it’s:

• Beautiful too look at
• Super soft to touch
• Hard wearing
• Available in the most common 2 sizes
• Has 8 colors to choose from
• Is 100% microfiber polyester
• Wrinkle resistant
• Lightweight
• Reversible
• Plus it comes with a 5 year guarantee
• And it’s one of the cheapest on our list

Why don’t you own one already? Go get one right now. Seriously though, none of these blankets are bad choices, in fact they’re all fantastic choices. But, for our money, Bedsure’s reversible sherpa throw blanket just goes that extra mile in making us smile. And it will certainly make you smile, too.