Best Survival Kit

Take a look at the news and you’ll see constant footage of natural disaster after man-made disaster after terrorist attack. All happening to people in every country, in every city. An unexpected vehicle breakdown is the most common cause of emotional and physical distress and, depending on where you are, you could be facing a cold night without food or an adequate heat source at the very least. At worst you could be stranded for up to a few days in a remote location during an outdoor hike. With the proper survival kit packed away you could turn a potential emotional breakdown into an impromptu holiday, or turn a sudden natural disaster into a situation you can leave with your life. The best survival kit will also cost you less than 100$, a good price for your life.

Best Survival Kit – Comparison Table

Since the best survival kit depends entirely on the situation, here are our kit picks which should satisfy the majority of general emergencies, chosen by our expert survivalists based on their own experiences being stranded.

Best Survival KitsDesigned ForWeight
Always Prepared Small Travel First Aid KitVery extensive first aid kit1 pounds
A2S Paracord Bracelet K2-PeakOutdoors safety accessory0.12 pounds
Northbound Train First Aid Kit Bug-Out BagSurvival kit & first aid mix0.68 pounds
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter - Water filtration0.11 pounds
Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival ToolWilderness survival tool0.5 pounds
Wise Food 5-Day Survival BackpackFeeding 1 person for 5 days9 pounds
SharpSurvival Survival TinBasic survival kit3 pounds
Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival GearOutdoor survival tool kit0.4 pounds
Leknes Outdoor Survival KitsFishing-focused survival kit1.2 pounds
GetReadyNow Personal Survival KitCar survival kit4.6 pounds

You can see from that list that we’ve gone for general survival kits that satisfy the fundamental needs such as food and heat. We’ve also included options that are focused more on first aid (ideal for the home or car) as well as more outdoor survival tools that can come in handy even on hikes and camping trips. Now let’s take each emergency survival kit in turn while looking at its pros and cons.


Always Prepared Small Travel First Aid Kit - Best Emergency First Aid Kit

The main problem with survival kits is they often include items and accessories that make you feel like you could survive an emergency rather than actually provide you with lightweight life-saving supplies in a portable, easy-to-find, bag. You’ll find no hatchets or 100 feet of para-cord here in this little kit. The beauty of the Small Travel First Aid Kit is that it’s jam-packed with all the medical supplies you would need in any situation with everything individually packaged in sterilized bags. Come car crash, building collapse, or just a minor injury in everyday life, you can reach for the Small Travel First Aid Kit with confidence. Top survivors always recommend you have a separate kit full of medical supplies that you can quickly combine with a larger supply pack (of food, for example) so there’s no chance of missing any medical supplies out. Besides water, they’re the most important thing to have ready.

  • Portable
  • Purely medical focus
  • Almost all items are individually wrapped and sterile
  • Sewing kit intended for clothes only, not wounds
  • Compass and poncho could be better

A2S Paracord Bracelet K2 – Best Hiking Safety Tool

You’re going on a solo walk, or maybe you’re taking your two kids hiking, and you just don’t want to carry a huge pack of military rations and medical supplies up a hill for the sake of a half-day trip. Or perhaps you’re a bit more responsible than that and just want to introduce your younger ones to survival preparation. Well, the A2S Paracord is a fine little accessory that includes paracord, compass, knife (sort of), firestarter, and whistle. The whistle alone is surprisingly useful; allowing you to hands-free blow a quite loud tune to signal where you are to others, which is ideal for group treks. The ‘knife’ is more of a fire-scraper, so it’s perfectly legal to carry around with you.

  • Extremely portable
  • Perfect for children
  • Absolutely no effort to carry
  • Once unravelled it's extremely hard to tie back
  • Flint takes time to work

Northbound Train First Aid Kit Bug-Out Bag – Best Personal First Aid Kit

Northbound Train’s personal First Aid kit is a bit different to Always Ready’s offering in that this kit is purely first aid focused. It’s not a survival kit, featuring none of the usual iodine tablets or portable ponchos for example, but it’s stocked with enough medical supplies to patch up 4 people; covering basic scratches up to severe wounds. It’s our choice for best personal first aid kit because, for the size, each person should have one. That way you each have a surplus to carry you through emergencies where multiple wounds can occur, or to ensure you aren’t out of one particular item if you forget to refill.

  • Four of each (one-use) item
  • Made in America
  • MOLLE compatible system
  • Water resistant not water proof
  • Not a complete survival kit

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Best Portable Water Filter

The world changed for the better the day that LifeStraw hit its crowdsourced funding goal. Since then, it has been used across the world by aid organisations, disaster services, and professional explorers. What is it? Well it’s simply a straw that filters water as you drink it and can supply a single human being’s water needs for a year under regular use. The best part is the shelf life is entirely dependent on usage, meaning if you only use it a few times a year then it’ll last years and years. You’d expect this miracle device to cost hundreds of pounds but it costs practically nothing. Every single person should own at least 1 of these and NO survival kit is complete without one. You have to be near water to use it, so carrying fresh water is still important, but if you happen to become stranded anywhere near fresh water (it won’t filter salt from seawater) then you could survive weeks with just a LifeStraw and a couple of basic survival tools.

  • Filters up to 1000 litres (264 gallons) of water
  • Removes bacteria and parasites
  • Extremely cheap and portable
  • Can’t filter seawater
  • Can’t filter ‘chemicals’ such as toxins, pollutants, pesticides

Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool – Best All-in-One Survival Tool

Maybe you don’t want a cotton bag full of individual pieces. Maybe you want to be as lightweight and compact as possible. Maybe you just want an ace-up-your-sleeve while you go about your daily life. Well the SOL Origin is a rugged, waterproof block containing everything you need to keep yourself alive in any situation. Firstly, literature. Knowledge is power and contained inside the kit is a miniature manual of 60 survival techniques and strategies. Secondly, the ultrabright LED light helps you illuminate that document in any situation and the LED light itself aims down the blade of the included knife so you can see exactly what you’re doing with it. E.g preparing the fish and meat you catch using the included fishing kit and trapping kit. Thanks to the additional fire-steel, fire-starters, and stainless steel wire you could be cooking fresh meat on an open fire while signalling for help with your signal mirror and 100db emergency whistle.

  • Entirely waterproof and rugged design
  • Careful attention to small details
  • Included literature is especially helpful
  • Larger than you might first realise
  • Plastic knife handle

Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack - Best Emergency Survival Kit for the Home

Everyone has to eat. Humans can survive a surprisingly long time without food but that’s only if you consider being tired, weak, unable to think straight and vulnerable to sickness as surviving. Plus, we get a lot of our water from food, and water is critical, so it’s a 2-in-1 solution. Canned food might be your first choice of ration to keep stored away for bad times, and that’s a very good idea, but you really need a portable solution as well. Canned food is h-e-a-v-y though. As every person who has overloaded a grocery bag knows, you don’t want to be lugging 20 tins of mac and cheese up a hillside on top of everything else you have packed. The Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack contains lightweight pouches of food, along with packets of purified water and a portable stove in order to cook it all. In total there is 32 servings which will provide you with all the food you need for 5 days of good eating. Plus, there’s a 42 piece bandage kit, flashlight, survival whistle, waterproof matches, emergency poncho, playing cards, cup, dust mask, pocket tissues, wet naps, and waste bag. Whew. So if you need to grab one thing in an emergency, make sure you have the chance to grab a 5-day survival backpack.

  • 25 year shelf life
  • Includes portable stove
  • Very portable
  • Bag has somewhat of a ‘factory’ aroma
  • Bag not waterproof

SharpSurvival Survival Tin - Best Survival Starter Kit

If you’re going camping or hiking and just don’t know what basics to take, then just take the SharpSurvival Survival Tin. It’s crammed full of the essentials and includes everything you would need in a basic emergency situation. Pocket swiss-army-style knife, Firestarter, razors, compass, emergency blanket, even a super portable chainsaw which is something many overlook the convenience of. If you were to grab a tin and pack it full of little bits and pieces every person should be taking on outdoor trips, then you’d end up with a SharpSurvival Survival Tin, except they’ve already chosen the best products for you.

  • Great gift idea
  • Fantastic place to start your survival kit
  • Being in a tin makes anything better
  • Could do with a torch
  • Pencil included, but no paper? It's odd

Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear – Best Budget Survival Kit

Even cheaper is the Kungix Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear. The waterproof zipper tool case is attachable to any bag and is crammed with absolute must-have gadgets. Let’s say you’re caught in a natural disaster, then while you may be kicking yourself for not upping your budget a bit, you could easily make use of this handy little kit to cut firewood with the chain-saw and get a fire started. Whistle, compass, and multi-tool are further accessories every person should have nearby at all times. The beauty of each item is that they all have their own keychain loops. As a result it makes a great gift. If you don’t have these basic items and aren’t swayed by other kits on this list, then get this kit. Buy 2. One for the home and one for the car. Buy one for every loved one you have because being prepared for everyday problems is priceless. And, in this case, it’s cheap.

  • Extremely cheap
  • Crammed with the basics
  • Great as a gift
  • There just aren’t any cons. Everyone should at least have this, or better

Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits – Best Beach and Coastline Survival Kit

If the previous two kits from Kungix and SharpSurvival are starter kits, then Leknes Outdoor Survival Kit is the next step up. We couldn’t possible list everything included but it’s a toolbox of key survival items from hunting and trapping to fixing equipment and starting fires. Whistle, compass-thermometer, and paracord bracelets are among some of the things included. We’re surprised by the price, too, yet customer reviews suggest the quality of each item is fantastic and up to the task. This kit, combined with the 5-day survival backpack (the one full of food) and a medical kit would certainly be THE perfect bug-out-bag for any emergency.

  • All necessary survival tools included
  • Incredible value for money
  • Bag itself is a bit lacking

GetReadyNow Personal Survival Kit – Best Survival Kit for the Car

Our most common interaction with the outdoors is inside a car. Indeed, the most common interaction with everywhere outside of our home is inside a vehicle; usually our own. So, a tiny 4 pound bag of supplies is something you definitely have room for under your seat, because it’s your key to being in a disaster situation or almost any emergency scenario you can think of. It contains most of the items included inside other kits on this list and more. The only negative we can think of when it comes to this fantastic kit is that kids could easily get a hold of items within the bag and you might not notice. Results could either be harmful to them or harmful to you all when disaster strikes. But, you could say that about any item on this list – it’s just that the whole idea of this bag is for it to be quickly accessible. More often than not, that’s a good thing.

  • Everything you need
  • Could double as an outdoors survival kit
  • Clear bag to find what you need
  • Kids could easily remove items from it

Best Survival Kit - Buyer's Guide

When planning ahead to prevent death, you might think that, for the best survival kit, you need all sorts of fancy gadgets and a huge backpack to contain them. Even just thinking about it might put you off. Yet, just keeping a container of water and some dried food in the car is technically a survival kit. And even that could be the difference between life and death in any number of disasters. The more things you have in your home or your car which mean you don’t have to leave it in the case of an emergency situation the better. And it’s not like you don’t have room for a small kit somewhere in your car or you home. Just picture either a natural disaster or terror attack that either means you have to stay in your basement or car for days, or one in which you have to run out into the forest with only enough time to grab a single bag. Making sure you simply have the fundamentals covered is far cheaper than the child-sized coffins you could end up buying, simply because you didn’t have basic medical supplies and a way to create a source of heat.

Survival Literature

Knowledge is power and survival skills are just as important as owning a wilderness survival kit. Don’t underestimate the power of even an included simple survival kit checklist to ensure that you can replenish your survival kit after each use. Not every situation will demand you use everything after all. Even better is if your survival kit includes easy to read instructions on how to use the included supplies. You could end up shivering in the cold without knowing that the firesteel blade of your knife can create sparks, for example. If your survival kit includes an entire book or pamphlet of emergency survival techniques, then don’t underestimate the usefulness of it.

Light, Cutting Tools, Heat, Water

Any survival kit worth buying includes a torch or other light source. If you’re trapped in the dark you need a way to see what you’re doing. Next are the obvious needs such as cutting tools in order to cut clothing, restraints, packets, etc; heat sources such as a gas stove or a way to make fire, or even just an emergency blanket to stay warm; and basic medical supplies such as plasters, bandages, and antiseptic wipes. Water is a key need, but it’s unlikely to come with the kit, so water purification tablets or again just a way to boil water are very useful.


Food, surely the most important thing? No, not really. You can go longer than you think without food. But you may be in a position where you will need to survive for more than 7 days, or are in a situation where you need food to keep your strength up – especially where injury is concerned. So, while food rations are a great idea, they’re not the first thing to look for.

Ways to Catch, Prepare, and Eat Food

It makes far more sense to know how to hunt or forage food and cook it using basic tools than to carry around heaps of rations which take up valuable space in your supplies. Food is everywhere, you just need to know how to get it. So items such as a fishing kit or trapping kit for small animals aren’t purely for hardcore survivalists like Bear Grylls. A pack of rations might keep you fed for 3 days, but having the tools to catch and cook your own food, and purify water, can keep a family alive indefinitely.


Everyone knows one person that has a bit of a fetish for knives they’ll never end up using. All you need is one good knife and one good axe. Between those two you can build a house, warm it, trap food, prepare it, cook it, and eat it, and then defend yourself from threats.


So, let’s say we’re stuck in an emergency situation with no clear future ahead of us and the chance to grab only one bag. What would our expert’s choice be? We’re considering price, of course, but it still needs to deliver in a real-life situation. “Zombie survival” preparation is the pastime of boys who like their toys, but when it comes down to being prepared to SURVIVE, we have to hand it to GetReadyNow’s Personal Survival Kit and Emergency Pack. It’s a lofty sack of items, but you can store it in your car for absolute peace of mind or simply take what is needed with you when you’re off adventuring the great outdoors.