Best Stick Vacuum

Why do you need to buy the best stick vacuum possible? Well, do you really want to push around an enormous vacuum that weighs more than a small child every single time you want to clean up a mess?

Simply looking at some of the upright vacuums available out there is enough to put you off housework altogether.

They’re enormous. Instead, picture wielding a lightweight stick vacuum, yet with the exact same amount of suction as one of those big beasts. With a stick vacuum you can use it one handed, and more importantly you can lift it up the stairs without risking sudden herniation. Because let’s face it, cleaning your own home just shouldn’t be difficult.

It should be as easy as possible. So here’s our pick of the top stick vacuums cleaners available to buy right now.

Best Stick Vacuums Compared

They’re simpler in shape but far from simple in terms of functional design. Yes, they all suck up dust, but each vacuum has its purpose in the home and it’s not always clear what its best intended for.

Lucky for you we’ve put together a list of our top picks for the best corded stick vacuum for your hard earned cash. Keep reading for reviews by our experts.

Stick VacuumBest forWeight
BISSELL PowerEdgeHardwood Floors7.5 pounds
Hoover Vacuum Cleaner LinxPet Hair9.7 pounds
Shark Ninja Rocket Ultra-Light2-in-17.6 pounds
VonHaus 600W 2-in-1Thick Carpets6.2 pounds
Bissell Lightweight 3-in-13-in-14.2 pounds
Prolux Flight LightweightCordless Vacuuming6 pounds
Dyson V8Dyson vacuum5.8 pounds
Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Vibe 3-in-1Ultralight use3.4 pounds
Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Simpli-StikBudget3.8 pounds

So those are the best stick vacuum choices from our experts. You can see that we’ve categorized them purely by weight and intended use, which are the two most important features that you should be looking at when choosing the best vacuum for your own uses. For more information about each, including the pros and cons, keep reading.


BISSELL PowerEdge – Best Stick Vacuum for Hard Floors

There’s nothing worse than that moment when you roll your vacuum onto your beloved hardwood floor or vinyl only to hear the plastic wheels scraping horribly as if chewing the ground up. Often that sound signals a significant amount of ugly damage. Your options are then either to grab a broom or throw dust around until you’re sure most of it is in the dustbin now. Or, you can mop. Y’know, if you have that sort of time to waste.

Maybe your current hoover is fine with hard floors but just won’t suck up pet kibble and hair like you wish it would. Well, the Bissell PowerEdge doesn’t just have a powerful name; it has a powerful suction with a design that is ideal for even the most delicate (or hardest) of hardwood floors.

Yet, the elephant in the room hear is clearly the V-SHAPED HEAD. What is that about? It’s just about the best feature we’ve seen in a vacuum and it makes so much sense that it makes you question the entire industry. Table legs, chair legs, pet bowls; all navigated with ease. You can even vacuum expertly around a dropped children’s toy with all the precision of a surgeon. And, considering that those are all common sights in a kitchen, the PowerEdge is the best stick vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors and just the best stick vacuum for hard and vinyl floors overall.

Tiled floors too. Smooth wheels, soft yet effective brushes and the useful V-shape make it one of the best rated vacuum cleaners in the world. Further benefits of this shape means it funnels up larger objects to where the suction is greatest. It has few flaws, but it’s reportedly not very good at taking a really hard beating, so muscle-bound cleaners who enjoy throwing their vacuums at the wall need to look elsewhere.

For everyone else, just treat your equipment gently and it will last years. Also, many customers fail to realise that you have to remove a foam insert from inside the vacuum first, leading to some hilarious reviews. Still, it’s a bad packaging decision from Bissell.

  • V-Shape design
  • Best stick vacuum for laminate floors
  • Easy to empty
  • Remove foam insert before use
  • Doesn't take hard knocks very well

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Linx – Best Stick Vacuum for Pet Hair

A home without a pet is missing an important part of what makes a house a home. Pet hair. Oodles and oodles of it that slowly replace your carpets and rugs.

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve uselessly pushed the vacuum deeper and deeper into the carpet only to pull it away and reveal that, not only does the matte of cat hair seem to have been barely touched, but that your vacuum is now also clogged.

Nothing ruins a Sunday like a bad vacuum.

So, if you want to feel the accomplishment of a freshly vacuumed carpet picked completely clean of all that pesky fur, then the Hoover Linx is for you. It’s literally the best stick vacuum for pet hair hands down. Granted, the above PowerEdge from Bissell might have the edge when it comes to laminate floors, but the Linx is also perfect for carpets and rugs.

Under the sleek, rather hi-tech looking exterior you’ll find non-marring wheels so it’s easy on your delicate vinyl and carpets. But what makes it stand out as one of better choices for pet hair isn’t the Cyclonic-powered suction (which is amazing), but 3 little other features. Extreme recline handle. Edge cleaning bristles.

Swivel steering. If that means nothing to you then prepare to have your world changed for the better because your home is about to be 95% less dusty. Why? Because swivel steering and an extreme reclining handle mean you can quickly vacuum those places that regular hoovers couldn’t attempt to touch.

Under chairs, around table legs, under the tiny gap beneath your couch, all sucked clean of dust bunnies and hair and the rest of the horrors lurking under there. The price is also fantastic, too, putting it in a price bracket that would make it ideal as a second, lighter, vacuum; or just as your regular vacuum.

  • Swivel steering
  • Extreme reclining handle
  • Edge bristles
  • Loud
  • Head could be larger

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light – Best 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum

So far we’ve seen some nice affordable vacuums, but have you ever heard that you get what you pay for? Well that rings and the Shark Rocket Ultra-light gives you a lot. With a design to rival Dyson the Shark Rocket UL is a popular choice with plenty of raving reviews from happy customers.

It’s easy to see why when you consider the incredible design. Firstly, the shape shifts all the weight towards your centre of gravity so it’s extremely easy to move around, and it’s super easy to hang up on the included wall mount. Small storage footprint with easy access.

Next, you can disconnect the head to turn it into an extraordinarily useful vacuum for hooving around the higher places of your home. Then, put the brush attachment on that and retract the pipe for a tiny vacuum perfect for kitchen counters, furniture, and whatever else needs a good clean.

There’s nowhere the Shark Rocket can’t go. While the design would lend itself gorgeously to a cordless design, it’s still tethered to a humble power cord. Which might be a sigh of relief for those tired of 20 minute cleaning bursts and 4 hour charging times.

  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Transforms for all jobs 
  • Very powerful suction
  • Higher end of the price spectrum
  • Difficult to find fault with it, really

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 – Best Stick Vacuum for Thick Carpets

If you don’t have thick carpets than you need to furnish your home with luxurious hi-pile rugs just so you can have the satisfaction of cleaning them with the VonHaus 600w 2-in-1. It persuades dust and dirt out of a carpet with absolute ease and cuts a path through even sticky messes.

It’s especially good from the point of view of asthma suffers or young children thanks to a HEPA filtration system that prevents allergies and bacteria developing into asthma inside your children’s lungs.

A 19.5ft power cord is also great for weaving around coffee tables and sofas. Sure, you can clean most floors of home with a broom, but you certainly need the right tool for the job when it comes to cleaning carpets. And so the result of our Bissell 3-in-1 stick vacuum review is that it’s the best stick vacuum for your carpet by far, beating out the competition by a mile.

The best part? The PRICE. It’s shockingly low, especially for a vacuum that transforms into perhaps the best handheld vacuum for pet hair, at least in this price bracket.

  • Designed for carpets
  • HEPA and sponge allergen & bacteria filter
  • Two-in-one vacuum stick design
  • The filters aren't expensive, but they're still a regular expense
  • Additional vacuum head not included (for handheld use)

Bissell Lightweight 3-in-1 – Best 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum

Our Bissell 3-in-1 stick vacuum review offers a clear result with the Bissell Lightweight being an incredible option for those looking to get a 3-in-1 stick vacuum.

The Shark Rocket could have easily made this spot, since that is technically a 3-in-1 as well, but the Bissel Lightweight is a fraction of the cost which makes it the perfect utility tool for the average person. Unbelievably cheap and unbelievably functional, it has a powerful suction and a very small footprint for storage.

It’s also easy to get into all those tight spots that conventional hoovers just fail to reach into thanks to both a very flexible design as well as the three in one nature of it. Downsides are the very loud suction which is due mostly to the lack of unnecessary padding around the barrel.

It’s rather pretty too, which isn’t something you see at the cheaper end of vacuums. For the budget conscious who want a clean home, then you won’t be making a bad decision if you go with Bissell.

  • Budget friendly
  • Powerful suction
  • Flexible design
  • Noisy
  • No brush bar

Prolux Flight Lightweight – Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

“Just show me the best – without it being crazy expensive” is the comment that precedes every Prolux Flight purchase. If not, then it’s normally “Give me something that looks like it was stolen from a government lab” instead. Yes, the Prolux isn’t a Dyson, but neither is its price tag.

You’d still have a hard time telling the results apart though, with the Prolux packing an incredible amount of suction and filtering into a tiny 6 pound body.

Lightweight and convenient barely describes the usefulness of the Proflux Flight, and its obvious ace-up-it’s-sleeve is the fact that it’s entirely cordless nature. 30 plus minutes of suction from this thing is enough to clean anything up, so worry not about having to charge it. It’s a 22.2v battery, too, so don’t worry about the quality of the suction either.

It’s absolutely ideal for quickly hoovering multiple rooms and especially for cleaning of vehicle interiors. The majority of people buying the Prolux are those who know that you get what you pay for, but only want to pay for what they need. If that sounds like you, then we can’t recommend the Flight enough.

  • 99.97% HEPA filter effectiveness
  • Entirely cordless
  • Looks pretty incredible
  • Very loud
  • Not cheap

Dyson V8 – Best Dyson Stick Vacuum

Here we go. It’s Dyson. If you have a budget in mind then move on because Dyson is unapologetically going to charge you exactly what the V8 is worth.

For your money you’re basically paying to guarantee you never have a dirty home again. It’s the single most comfortable vacuum on this list, with a nice pistol grip and trigger, this cordless wonder will sterilise your home with a Dyson Digital V8 motor. Carpets, kitchens, hard floors, soft floors, thick rugs, pet hair, bear hair, anything. Anything at all. This will suck it up and just keep going.

The V6 was hugely popular and it almost made this spot, but the Dyson V8 pulls ahead with a few changes here and there that are minor individually but add up to a powerful little handheld vacuum.

The included motorized head might look like some expensive accessory bought separately but, no, it comes with the Dyson V8 and it’s just as amazing as it looks in the picture. A spinning brush compliments the intense suction perfectly to gently – but powerfully – pick up anything that shouldn’t be on whatever surface you’re cleaning.

It has all the HEPA filtration, hygienic dirt ejection, cyclone power, and transformation qualities that you’d expect from the best stick vacuum available to buy. It’s just that price. That’s the only negative our experts could come up with and it’s hard to argue with them.

This is Dyson we’re talking about. If you can afford it, buy it. Buy it. But if budget is a consideration then you’re going to have to – painfully – look at something else on this list.

  • The best suction available
  • The most comfortable design available
  • The most convenient stick vacuum available
  • Price
  • Battery life and quality is the best on the market, but it still needs 4 hours to fully charge

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Vibe 3-in-1- Best Ultralight Use Vacuum

Beating out many competitors who sell themselves on being lightweight, the Dirt Devil Vacuum is still a mere 3.4 pounds.

That’s considerably lighter than some of the “top rated lightweight vacuums” whose weights are embarrassing compared to the Dirt Devil. Including the Dyson V8. One-handed hoovering, even on stairs, is completely realistic and it’s the perfect vacuum for kids to use safely in order to help out.

I bet that sounds appealing: less weight and less exercise. If only Dirt Devil made diet pills.

But no, they make vacuums and they do it extremely well – we’ve featured them on this list twice so they’re doing something right. We highly recommend it for those who want something lighter to clean with on the daily, rather than pulling out their main vacuum out every single day. And, thanks to the very low price point, it’s a no-brainer.

  • Almost weightless
  • Three-in-one stick vacuum
  • Compact
  • Not fantastic with pet hair
  • Possibly too small for some

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Simpli-Stik – Best Budget Stick Vacuum

If your stomach twists at the very idea of spending your hard earned cash on something intended for household chores, then the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik is what you want. It’s an incredibly popular stick vacuum with thousands and thousands of happy customers reporting good times with their own Dirt Devil. Weighing in under 4 pounds it’s about as basic as you can get, with no frills and no special features.

Just a cord, a handle, a sucker, and some buttons to turn it on. Surprisingly it does indeed transform into a handheld hoover too, only adding to its appeal for the budget conscious. It’s hard to imagine a more affordable basic stick vacuum that the Simpli-Stik, and our experts guarantee that you won’t find one.

The Simpli-Stik works straight out of the box and does exactly what you’d expect a vacuum to do. It’s worth buying one simple to keep as a backup, or for keeping it in places far away from your main vacuum such as upstairs or in the garage. Regardless, many people will find this happily covers what they need it for.

Though, if pet hair is what you need a vacuum for, we suggest you look at slightly more expensive options on this list.

  • Incredible value for money
  • No frills vacuuming
  • Attractive design
  • Just won't do for pet hair
  • You get what you pay for

Best Stick Vacuum - Buyer's Guide

When shopping about for the best stick vacuum you might think it all comes down to suction and that’s it. That’s not the case at all. In fact, if you’re entire home is hard surfaces and is entirely pet-free, suction is the least of your concerns. So, what are some of the things you should be considering when looking for the best corded stick vacuum for laminate floors, for example, or reading through 2 in 1 cordless vacuum reviews?

Well, find out below.


Hair has a way of sticking around until it becomes part of our lives. We barely notice it stuck in the carpet, balling up under sofas, and spreading like a fine film across the surfaces we eat from. And can we really blame ourselves? We all work. We all have jobs. We all have lives and responsibilities and a head full of problems that we’re constantly worrying about.

Picking hair out of the carpet seems like the last of your worries. Well, it doesn’t have to be difficult and it can be almost therapeutic to rid your home of hair when you’ve got the right vacuum for the job. But you’ll need to keep an eye out for brushes. Everyone has seen those vacuum heads that have a little foot-pedal to flip a brush bar down or up with. It helps you pull dirt and dust from textured surfaces and scrape larger pieces towards the suction. That’s the most basic form of brushes on vacuums and they’re far more useful than people think.

Now, by putting a bit more money into a vacuum with an improved brush function you might find that your life becomes instantly easier around the home when cleaning. Look to Dysons motorized roller-brush to see what professional cleaner’s dreams are made of where brushes are concerned. But there are plenty of middle options in between the most basic and the best. Even just the length and quality of the bristles can make a huge difference in picking up pet hair.


You might think that the only people who need a flexible stick vacuum are cleaners who work at limbo tournaments, but a flexible vacuum can be such a fresh breath of air compared to those upright monster vacuums that lurk in the cupboards of many homes. Swivel-heads and handles that let you quickly manoeuvre around table legs and chairs will take so much pain out of maintaining a clean home.

And being able to hunt out dust under beds and sofas without lifting the whole things up is a blessing. Why do you need to clean under such things? Because the majority of the dust you see in a day is just dust that is being circulated around air and heat currents in your home. Where does it settle? That’s right, underneath furniture. Ready to strike again tomorrow.


Material does not matter one bit. Most manufacturers won’t make a big deal of it and you should ignore it entirely. What you should focus on, that is related to the question of material, is weight.


For many, this will be the defining quality that they look for in the best stick vacuum. Have you ever tried to lug a 17 pound vacuum up the stairs? On your way up, sweating and struggling not to topple over, you can only stare in horror at the dust piling up on each step.

Hell will freeze over before you will find an upright hoover that’s great for cleaning stairs with. Stick vacuums, however, tend to be far, far, far more lightweight. With that in mind, you’re likely going to find any stick vacuum to be a comfortable weight, but if you’re just not as strong as you used to be, or just think you deserve to have an easier time around the house, then look for vacuums with weights under 6 pounds. Especially those designed to be used with one hand.

Cordless or Corded

You’ll already know if you want a cordless vacuum. If you’re not sure then you should spend the money you’ll save by not buying a cordless vacuum on a better corded vacuum.

Trust us. If you absolutely hate having to tug and pull on vacuum cables caught under table legs, or if the idea of swapping power outlets as you clean each half of a room makes your stomach churn, then cordless is for you. If you can live with it, then go with corded.

Cordless is, however, especially useful for cleaning vehicles. So if that’s a goal for you then cordless might be perfect.

The obvious downsides to cordless are the immediate price increases and the fact that battery technology just isn’t very good. Even the luxurious Dyson V8 only has 40 minutes of use in it. Though, to be fair to Dyson, in reality that works out as far longer because it only consumes power while the trigger is down.

With other cordless vacuums that might not be the case. So if a vacuum says 30+ minutes of use, but doesn’t have an extremely quick way of pausing the suction, then a 20+ minute cordless vacuum with a trigger will certainly last longer. In short, it’s about efficiency and how much you’re willing to spend for and admittedly life-changing level of convenience.

Brand Name

Bissell or Dyson? Dirt Devil or Hoover? Did you even know Hoover was a brand name?

Bit of trivia there. In short, brand name doesn’t really matter but there are certainly manufacturers who consistently put out quality products. Dyson, for example, are world famous for their precision engineering and you just won’t find a bad Dyson product. But with that brand comes a well-known price increase.

If you follow our links you’ll always find the best price for whatever it is you’re looking for, but some brands will always demand a premium. Bissell is another fine brand, and really all the brands we have listed here are fantastic, with a well beloved fan base.


So, what do you think we decided was the best of the best? What would we reach for in our time of cleaning need? Well, it’s not the Dyson V8 but only because price is very much a factor in our decision.

Something you can’t actually afford to buy is hardly the best option for everyone (but if you can afford it, buy it. Buy it now.), so we’ve chosen for our top choice:

The Bissell PowerEdge!

We’re just in love with the unique design which shows that Bissell pride themselves on actually caring about people’s daily lives. Dyson may be able to slap a V8 motor in theirs, raise the price-tag appropriately, and call it a day, but Bissell do things differently when it comes to the Bissell stick vacuum range.

By simply changing the basic design they have both kept the cost to an extremely affordable level while also saving you an incredible amount of effort trying to nudge the head of the vacuum around table legs or pet bowls. Plus, it has all the suction and brushes and easy-to-empty qualities that you’d expect. Time is money, and for our money and time the Bissell PowerEdge would make a fine addition to any home.