Best Stapler

If you have ever worked in an office or at a school or have ever done anything concerning office work, you know that there are a few tools that you will be hard pressed to do without.  To begin with, of course, there is the scotch tape.  Then the pen, and the rubber bands, and of course, the humble paperclip.  All of these are completely essential, but none of them are what we are here to talk about.

No, today we are here to talk about a piece of office equipment that is not just essential, but so essential that people jealously guard theirs.  A piece of office equipment that is so important to the owner that in one case, a man (okay, a fictional man in a film, but still) was driven to burn down an entire office because they deprived him of his beloved piece of equipment.  I’m talking, of course, about the stapler (and about the guy from office space who flipped out when they took his stapler). 

Something kind of interesting about the stapler market; it is almost completely dominated by the company Swingline. Because of that, literally all the products reviewed were variants on the Swingline design.

Best Stapler – Comparison Table

Anyhow, before we get into an in-depth review of the various products reviewed, let us first take a very generalized look at a table concerning the staplers that were reviewed for this post. Here are our recommendations for the top staplers of 2018.

NameStaple CapacityPaper Capacity
Red Swingline Stapler 747 Business Model5025
Optima 40 Swingline Stapler5040
Swingline Stapler 3-in-1 Set5015
Swingline Tot Stapler With Built-In-Staple Remover3012

This table will give you most of the information that you will need in order to be able to figure out what stapler will be best for you. However, if a final decision continues to elude you, then it is time that we talk about specifics, so read on!


Red Swingline Stapler 747 Business Model – The Office Space Milton Edition

‘They took my red Swingline stapler that I brought in from home’.  These are the words of a man who was not happy that they took his favorite stapler.  Not happy at all.

Anyhow, hilariously, when Office Space came out, Swingline didn’t actually offer a red stapler.  Believe it or not, they mostly sold black staplers.  However, once they saw how much of a hit the film was, and how much of it really, thematically, centered around Milton and his quest to find dignity (and that last sting that he could no longer stand for, the removal of his stapler) they began producing their most popular stapler model in ‘Rio’ red, and it has since been a steady bestseller.

As far as being a utilitarian device, I have to say that the stapler is not great, but it works.  It will allow you to hold 50 staples, and to staple up to 25 pages at once.  It is a good device, in other words, and if you’re looking to find a decent stapler that will allow you to staple papers efficiently, you are going to be glad that you backed this winner.  Definitely the best office stapler 2017 has to offer.

  • Designed to look just like the stapler from Office Space
  • A good indication of when you have been pushed too far
  • Can staple a shocking 25 pages at once
  • Nothing really special about it
  • The color actually makes it MORE likely to be taken in your office

Optima 40 Swingline Stapler – The Heavy Duty Option

Now that is an imposing piece of office equipment, would you not agree?  Believe it or not, if you are looking to find a piece of office equipment that is a serious and heavy-duty stapler, this is the place that you ought to begin your look.

You’ll note that they changed the design, and made this the most durable stapler of the reviewed staplers by making it a bit more heavy duty. What this resulted in is the best heavy duty stapler for your office uses.

Now, to be sure, they didn’t allow it to hold more staples, but the way that they changed where the joint was meant that now you can, with ease, staple together up to a whopping 40 pages.  Pretty impressive for any stapler that doesn’t include an extended handle, really.

I know that this stapler may not be the most stylish stapler, but all things considered, as a utilitarian device, there are few staplers that will be able to compete with this offering by Swingline.

  • Staple 40 pages at once
  • Holds 50 staples
  • Heavy duty and very durable
  • Not aesthetically pleasing at all

Swingline Stapler 3-in-1 Set – The Starter Pack

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck to get a stapler for your desk, this is the one that you are definitely going to want to be looking at. Honestly, whether you’re a student or a college professor, or a worker at an office, this will allow you to do everything you need to do, and to do so at a decent price as well.

This is a simple and no-frills piece, but it is a design that is pretty much timeless and can be found in offices from New York City to Moscow to Bangkok to Berlin to Hong Kong.  Sometimes, there’s not a thing wrong with blending in, and when it comes to picking staplers, this is just one of those times. Easily the best stapler for the office, and the most professional.

  • Timeless and classy design
  • Comes with staples and a staple remover
  • Fits in literally everywhere
  • Just a very plain offering

Swingline Tot Stapler With Built-In-Staple Remover – The Mighty Mini

If you want to college in the last decade or so, it’s very likely that you had a roommate or a friend who had exactly this stapler and who carried it everywhere in their pocket or inside their bag.  It’s not a bad stapler or anything like that, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, but honestly, it’s not the best offering on this list, either.

It’s a tiny little stapler, and because of that, it can only hold thirty staples, and can only staple a dozen pages at once.  That being said, if you need a stapler for quick uses, this is definitely the one that you are going to want to be using, and if you’re not needing a heavy duty stapler, then this will probably be the best stapler for your needs.

  • Very cute and tiny
  • Works surprisingly well
  • Comes with its very own staple remover
  • Doesn’t have the ability to staple a lot of papers at once

Best Stapler - Buyer's Guide

Look, we all need a stapler at some point in our adult lives.  When you are ready to look for one of your very own, here are some things to think about.

How Big A Stapler Do I Need?

Believe it or not, having worked around the corporate world, I’ve never seen a situation where someone needed to staple more than a dozen pages together and wasn’t already standing near a stapler capable of doing just that.  I know this may come as a shock, but a lot of schools and businesses offer staplers for their students or employees to use if they need to do any heavy-duty stapling, and these work just fine for that purpose.  So, don’t let the feeling that you will need a huge stapler with the ability to staple many pages at once stop you from getting the stapler that you think looks the coolest.

How Many Staples Should It Hold?

This is another one of those questions that, really, in the scheme of things, doesn’t really matter.  You can always reload a stapler, after all, and it is not that hard to do so.  If you have a stapler that can hold more than twenty staples or so, I would say that you are doing just fine and have nothing to worry about. Honestly, this shouldn’t be a worry to you under any circumstances.


Now that we’ve looked at the best offerings that Swingline has out right now, it’s time to pick a few winners.  I know, I know, there is going to be some subjective reasoning here, but follow along and you’ll see the sense in the decisions.

Firstly, I’d like to give the award for the coolest stapler to the Rio Red Swingline Stapler 747.  It’s the exact stapler that was used in the film Office Space, and if you work in a business or you’re in college, it’s always kind of nice to have a little bit of rebellion, even if that rebellion means that you’re the only one with a red stapler in a sea of black staplers. Silly, perhaps, but true nonetheless.

Finally, I would like to point out that the best value here, especially if you’re looking to find a heavy-duty stapler, is the Swingline Stapler Optima.  This thing is just a beast of a stapler, and it will help you in the long run with your stapling needs, no matter how intense they may be.

So, if you are looking for a new stapler, whether you’re heading to college or off to your first office job, here are just a few staplers that are more than up to task.