Best Spy Camera

There are other reasons other than malicious ones that might compel you to buy a spy camera! Yes, you might want to use it to spy on a partner or a friend that you thought has done you wrong but you might also just want to monitor your newborn baby, or perhaps use it for security for your home when you’re not around, or maybe you work security and could use a reliable body camera to record your night. Whatever the case may be, we do not judge. What we do however, is provide lists of the best products on the market and we’ve decided to do the same with spy cameras!

Whatever the reason or need may be, we’ve got you covered on this list. We’ve provided a wide array of spy cameras from personal body cameras, to cameras that can be used as security cameras, to spy cameras that are disguised as other objects! No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the best spy camera for whatever your needs on this list. And at the end, we’ll let you know exactly which spy camera is the best. Read on!

Best Spy Camera 2018 – Handpicked By Experts

Check out the table below for a quick overview of the best spy cameras, then we’ll get into the detailed reviews of each.

Spy CameraDisguisedWeight
Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & CameraYes3.1 pounds
AES Spy Cameras ACRHDYes12.8 ounces
Spy hidden Camera Real Wall AC Plug ChargerYes2.6 ounces
Conbrov T10 HD 720PYes1.1 pounds
Corprit Full HDNo3.2 ounces
AnyView Hidden Camera Wide AngleSort of1.4 ounces
Titathink TT531WN-PROYes7 ounces
Conbrov T11 720pNo9.6 ounces
Mini Spy Hidden Camera Conbrov® 720PNo4.2 ounces
PANNOVO Mini spy cameraNo N/A
PANNOVO Mini Spy Camera with 8GB cardNo5.6 ounces
FREDI 360°Wide Angle FisheyeYes1 pound

Perfect! Now let’s take a look at all the hidden security cameras and at the end, we’ll tell you which one is the best spy camera of 2018!


Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera - Great Security Camera

Okay so we said that we’re going to offer a variety of different spy cameras – some good for the outdoors, some great for personal use, some disguised as other objects, etc. The first one that we have is the perfect outdoor security camera for your house. It’s actually disguised as a light and the camera is very well hidden! Alright so the spy camera looks good and is very well disguised but what other features should you even be looking for in a spy camera? And more importantly, does the Kuna Smart Home Security Outdoor Light & Camera have them? Let’s find out!

First things first, this camera is one of the pricier ones on our list coming in at a little over $150 but it’s also a very solid camera. It’s meant to withstand any weather conditions, as it is an outdoor camera after all. And it looks nice too! You don’t have to worry about installing something that looks like a security camera on the outside of your home. You’ll have a beautiful, well-disguised light that also happens to function as a camera! This particular camera/light also comes in a bunch of different colors so you’ll be able to find something that fits the decor of your home.

The Kuna Smart Home camera records in HD 720p in both its live and recorded video. You’ll have crystal clear recordings to be able to see whatever you might need if the occasion arises. There’s also smart motion detection so if you don’t want it recording all the time, it doesn’t have to be! You can also set this camera up to get alerts sent directly to your phone if you’re away and the motion sensor does go off and then you can see it right on your phone! This spy camera also features a two-way intercom so you’re able to speak to whoever is there, need be. In addition to the intercom, there’s also just a regular alarm that you can sound off in case of an emergency. The alarm is 100 decibels as well so your neighbors or anybody around will have no trouble hearing it and seeing what’s going on. There are also pre-recorded deterrent messages that you can play in addition to the alarm to help keep intruders at bay.

Another great benefit if you happen to have Amazon Alexa, is that you can use Alexa to control the light/alarm! This light is very easy to set up and there are no batteries that you’ll ever have to replace. You’re able to access live videos and review them for up to two hours later. One down side is if you want to have longer access, you’ll have to purchase a monthly subscription through the app for $4.99. You’ll then have access to all your videos up to 30 days later. Slightly annoying, but you never have to worry about storage, storing the videos, finding them, etc. and you can manually save whatever videos you want to. Pesky to pay the fee, but we think ultimately it’s well worth it.

Overall, this is a very solid, reliable, and stylish home security spy camera that happens to double as a light. It records in HD, you can control it from your smart phone, it has a two-way intercom and an alarm, and is very weatherproof. It is worth mentioning however that people have reported that the night vision is not that great. It works, but just doesn’t have a giant range. And of course there is the subscription fee every month. However, even with those two negatives, we still believe this is a great spy camera and that you receive a lot of benefits that make the price tag well worth it. It could be one of the best wireless surveillance cameras.

  • Great in all weather
  • Two way intercom
  • Pricey

AES Spy Cameras ACRHD - High Quality, Great Disguise

Next up on our list we have a slightly different type of spy camera. While the other one was primarily used for home security purposes and disguised as a light, this one is more versatile in its usage and is actually disguised as an alarm clock! We thought that was extremely clever. With some spy cameras, even when they’re disguised you’re still able to easily see exactly where the camera is. The good thing about the camera being disguised in a alarm clock is that there are already so many lights and screens on it that he camera blends in perfectly. Okay okay, enough about how it looks – how does it perform?

In short, well! It records in 720p HD and is also time-stamped so you’re able to easily go through all the recorded video and you’ll also know exactly when things take place. The AES Spy Camera ACRHD also features motion detection recording. The main benefit to this is that you won’t waste precious GBs with the camera recording all the time and you’ll only be recording when any action happens. It also works as an alarm clock and all of the original typical alarm features actually work! Amazing and really adds to the believability of it being an alarm clock. The one thing that should be noted is that this doesn’t record audio so if you’re specifically looking to capture audio, definitely keep that in mind.

Included with this spy camera is a 16 GB micro SD card which, depending on exactly what you’ll need this for, should suit your needs if you transfer the video files to your computer or hard drive semi-regularly. It does however support up to a 32 GB SD card should you want something bigger. It’s extremely easy to set up – all you have to do is plug it in and you’re good to go and start using it! The quality of the video is really good and this spy camera is also especially good at recording in the dark, which is great since it’s an alarm clock. It features a 70 degree viewing angle which isn’t necessarily amazing, but with the right positioning can get the job done.

Another thing worth noting is that AES provides really good customer service and this spy camera comes with a one year warranty! We found that to be fairly uncommon when it comes to spy cameras, so we definitely count it as a bonus. Overall, this is a great spy camera. It is at the higher end of the price spectrum for spy cameras on this list coming in at around $150 BUT – we wouldn’t have included it if we didn’t think it was absolutely worth the money. If you’re looking for a true spy camera and really want something that looks like a completely different object in a really believable way then this camera is definitely for you. Something to consider however depending on your needs: no audio. It does however have great video quality, is very easy to set up, has motion detection, and also has amazing customer service. So overall unless you really need to have audio, we highly recommend this camera. We don’t think you can go wrong.

  • Great disguise
  • Still works as alarm clock
  • Doesn't record audio

Spy Hidden Camera Real Wall AC Plug Charger - Real USB Charger, Great for the Money

So far on our list of spy cameras we’ve had two cameras – one disguised as an outdoor light and one disguised as an alarm clock. Both pretty good disguises if you ask us. This next one might take the cake for the most well disguised spy camera however. It’s a wall AC charger, that actually charges your phone we might add! This has to be the most versatile spy camera so far. And the light doesn’t even give away the fact that it’s a camera because a lot of chargers have a light to indicate that they’re charging so no worries there. Okay so how does it work? Even the best disguised spy camera in the world does no good if it can’t record decent quality video. Let’s find out.

This actually records the highest quality video out of all the spy cameras on our list at 1080p HD! This is actually quite amazing for being such a tiny camera packed into such a tiny space. It records on a micro USB card and comes with an 8 GB card which isn’t a ton of space, but it’s cheap enough to upgrade if you need to. The image proportion is 4:3 which is pretty standard. Also believe it or not, this spy camera actually records audio! And it doesn’t just record audio, it provides really great sound quality actually. It also features loop recording which means once you fill up with space, it’ll keep recording while deleting the earliest files so you’ll never miss anything. With 8 GB however, as long as you transfer the files on a regular basis you should have more than enough space.

One thing that this doesn’t feature is motion detection recording. Not the end of the world, but can be tiresome transferrin the videos constantly or if you want to leave it recording for a long period of time only wanting to record something very specific. The Spy Hidden Camera Real Wall AC Plug Charger is also very easy to set up and connect so you’ll be good to go almost right out of the box.

Overall, this spy camera definitely jumps towards the top of our list. It has crystal clear recording at 1080p HD ensuring that you’ll be able to capture every single detail, it has great sound quality, it’s easy to set up, and as an added bonus – it actually does work as a USB charger! It never hurts to have an extra charger around. While it doesn’t have motion detection and doesn’t come with a ton of storage, we think that’s trivial compared to how well it performs. And priced at just over $50, you’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a discreet, simple, high-quality spy camera that’s going to deliver crystal clear video without emptying your bank account, you truly cannot go wrong with this camera. We can’t recommend this camera enough and know you’ll be happy with the quality, stability, price, and sneakiness of this camera. Give it a go!

  • Functions as real charger
  • Records high quality audio
  • 1080p HD
  • Only comes with 8 GB SD card to start

Conbrov T10 HD 720p - Great Hidden Camera for Homes

Next on our list we have another very nicely disguised spy camera. This time it’s disguised as a digital photo frame! We really love this spy camera because of well the camera is actually disguised. If you’re going to have an inanimate object that also has a camera in it, you should make sure that it’s 100% hidden and the Conbrov T10 HD 720p does a great job at doing just that. Alright we know that we have a nicely hidden camera in a digital picture frame that also actually works as a digital picture frame, but let’s get into the details of how this works.

First off, the price is just a little over $100 so it’s completely reasonable. As the name suggests, it records in 720p HD with time stamps which is always an added bonus. While you might not think a camera inside of a picture frame can record audio very well, you would be wrong in this case! This Conbrov records audio perfectly and you can hear everything crystal clear. Also as an added bonus to save room while recording, you’re actually able to turn the audio off if it’s not needed. As far as battery life, you can record 30 hours during the day and up to 10 hours at night. This spy camera actually features proprietary night vision technology that is able to record up to 25 feet in front of the camera in pitch black.

In addition to the decent battery life and amazing night vision recording, it also features PIR body motion detection recording so you’re able to save on battery life anymore. In fact, this Conbrov T10 boasts a two year standby time if using motion detection recording. This is perfect if you just want to set it, and leave it. It also features loop recording meaning that it will delete the oldest files to record new video if you run out of space on your card. This spy camera supports up to 32 GB of video, although it’s not included, is a good amount of space and won’t necessarily require you to transfer the video files too often.

This is a solid spy camera that’s definitely going to be hard to beat. It records in 720p HD, records high-quality audio, great battery life, extremely amazing night vision, and you can’t tell it’s a camera whatsoever! Also an added bonus that it actually functions as a digital photo frame. You’re able to use the kickstand to keep it on your night stand or you’re even able to easily hang it up to record at a higher level. Overall if you’re looking for a discreet spy camera but don’t want to compromise on the quality of the video or the audio, then we highly recommend going with the Conbrov T10 HD 720p. While this one is definitely a bit more expensive than some of the others, with all of the features packed into this spy camera, we can confidently say that it’s worth the price and you will not be disappointed whatsoever. This could be the best hidden camera for home use.

  • Impossible to see the camera
  • High quality video
  • Works as digital photo frame
  • Doesn't come with SD card

Corprit Full HD - Extremely Versatile

At the beginning of the article we said that we’re going to offer a wide sample of different spy cameras. There’s basically an infinite amount of types of spy cameras. Essentially any regular, everyday object can be turned into a spy camera if you have the know-how. However, sometimes you don’t necessarily need a disguised camera. You might just want a small, discreet camera that’s super portable and easy to hide in a jacket pocket, notebook, backpack, etc. Luckily we have included plenty cameras of just that type on the list and the Corpit Full HD is the first one!

First we just want to mention the price – this spy camera is completely reasonable and comes in at just a little over $60. Not bad for such a powerful small camera. Unlike a lot of its counterparts on the list that record in 720p HD, the Corpit Full HD actually records in crystal clear 1080p HD. This is great because if you’re using it as a personal body camera, you might be recording pretty choppy video so it’s great that it records in 1080p, ensuring you won’t miss a thing. This spy camera does also record audio and does so very well! The audio comes out just as clear as the video. Another important thing to note is that it does feature both motion recording and loop recording – both working together to maximize the storage space that you have available. It supports up to 32 GB via a micro SD card which unfortunately isn’t included but SD cards are cheap enough and easy enough to come by these days. There’s also a built in rechargeable battery that records for up to 1.5 hours. This isn’t great if you’re going to be stationary for a long time but perfect if you need to record specific events. However you are able to record while it’s charging, so if you’re near an outlet while recording then you’ll have no worries! It also fully charges to 100% in 1.5 hours, which compared to other spy cameras isn’t that long.

The Carpet Full HD definitely has its pros and cons. The battery life isn’t amazing, so it’s not great as a hidden camera to sit for hours waiting to capture something. However it does capture 1080p HD video, which a lot of other spy cameras don’t do and it also captures crystal clear audio recording. This camera is perfect as a personal body camera for a specific situation but it can also be good for office environments or certain meetings that need to be recorded. This camera is also very easy to set up right out of the box and is essentially ready to go the second you buy it! Again, this camera isn’t the best if you want a camera that will last a long time just sitting there waiting for the perfect moment. However, it is perfect if you have a specific event you want to record and know exactly when you’ll need it. Also for the price, you really can’t beat it. Give the Corpit Full HD a shot.

  • Sleek and versatile
  • 1080p HD
  • No SD card included

AnyView Hidden Camera Wide Angle - Great HD Wide Angle Camera

Up next to prove yet again that amazing things can come in small packages is the AnyView Hidden Camera Wide Angle. This camera is great in its versatility as well. It’s tiny enough and also black to act as a small, personal body camera. But it’s also disguised as a key fob so you can even keep it attached to your keys if you want to use it that way! The camera is fairly apparent but if it was attached to your keys and hidden amongst other keychains, it’d be perfectly fine. Okay so now let’s get to the specs and the discuss the price – both of which we think you’ll like.

The AnyView Hidden Camera Wide Angle is very reasonably priced at just over $33! That’s definitely one of the cheapest spy cameras that we’ve found. Don’t let the price fool you, however. This is still of extremely high quality and will serve most purposes. In fact, it records in 1080p HD which is extremely surprising for the price. It also offers up to 120 degrees of recording which is one of the widest recording angles on this list. It of course also offers motion recording so you’re able to program it to start recording only when it detects motion. This little guy is really ideal for a dash cam or even cctv! Again, while this looks small – it records 1080p HD and as an added bonus, it also records very high quality audio.

One thing that you do have to be aware of with this spy camera is that the camera itself is very vulnerable to to any sort of impact. You can notice from the picture that the camera sticks out and can be hit easily if you’re not careful. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that the night vision on this camera really isn’t the best. It does have night vision, but it doesn’t record very well that far away and the images come out a little blurry. Again, not necessarily a giant deal but definitely keep that in mind if you’re planning on using this primarily at night. One other potentially negative thing is that changing the settings on this camera is fairly difficult. It’s not as simple as pressing a few buttons, you actually have to go in and edit a TXT file in order to set up motion recording, etc. Again, not a big deal if you know how to do this. But there are also plenty of resources on the internet for this camera that can walk you through the exact process.

Overall, this is a small but extremely mighty camera and it’s offered at an amazing price. It can record for up to 60 minutes, records in 1080p HD, has 120 degrees range of recording, and there’s no visible light that shows it’s recording. Which is actually a good thing for a spy camera as you probably don’t want anyone to know that you’re actually recording. While it doesn’t come with an SD card, the price is so cheap that it’s not a big deal to just throw one in when you purchase it. If you’re looking for a solid spy camera without a lot of bells and whistles for a really good price, definitely go for the AnyView Hidden Camera Wide Angle. It packs a lot of features in for such a low price tag and it will deliver the high quality video you’re looking for.

  • Extremely wide angle
  • Versatile in use
  • 1080p HD
  • Difficult to change settings

Titathink TT531WN-PRO - Great Hidden Wifi Camera

Alright we’re going to switch gears back to spy cameras that are disguised as other objects and we have a great one with the Titathink TT531WN-PRO. This is possibly one of the better disguised spy cameras. Any object that has a digital face that allows the camera to bend into is going to be better than a camera sticking out on a matte object. Aside from the spy camera, this is actually a sleek-looking alarm clock that you’d actually want to use in your room! Just because you’re also buying a spy camera, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality or style. So what exactly are the features of this camera that makes it better than the rest? We’re glad you asked.

First of all this is very reasonably priced at less than $100. While it doesn’t record in 1080p HD like some other cameras on this list, it does record in 720p HD which is high enough quality to give you the crystal clear picture that you’re looking for. In addition to recording high quality video, this Titathink spy camera packs in a bunch of other features as well. First off, it actually works over wifi and allows you to view the live feed on your phone or tablet at any time! This is a major advantage as you don’t have to wait until after the fact, plug the SD card into your computer, and then sift through footage. Speaking of SD cards, it supports up to 64 GB micro SD card, although it only comes with a 16 GB card. We still love the fact that it actually comes with a card and leaves room for upgrading. This spy cam also features motion detection support and unlike any other camera on our list, you can actually change how sensitive the motion detection is! Want to make sure you capture the slightest of movements? Perfect! Do you only want it to start recording when more than one person is in the room? You can certainly program that.

In addition to the great video recording, it also records extremely high quality audio. In fact, it doesn’t just record high quality audio – it actually has a two way interface that allows you to speak through the alarm clock/camera up to 64 square meters! That’s a great range and it puts out a very clear and very crisp sound. The battery life isn’t amazing and only lasts up to 3.5 hours but the great thing about this camera is that you’re able to plug it in and operate it 24/7! You truly can’t beat that. It’s very easy to set up out of the box and you can be up and running in less than five minutes. Unlike some other wifi-enabled spy cameras, you don’t need a subscription to access remote viewing and all the other features! You simply download a free app from the app store and you’re good to go. Something else that we always love to point out if it exists is the great customer support that Titathink provides. Anything from technical to warranty questions, their customer care is great and responds very quickly.

Overall, this is one of the highest quality spy cameras out there that doesn’t make you compromise on really any aspects – including price! It’s under $100, records in 720p HD, records high quality audio and also features an intercom system, you can remotely view the video feed, it has a viewing angle of up to 75 degrees, and it can operate 24/7 if it’s plugged in! We’re really not sure that we have anything to fault this spy camera on. It even features enhanced night vision that allows you to see up to five meters in complete darkness. While that may not be the longest night vision range on our list, the rest of the features and just the quality of this camera more than make up for it. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

  • Very nicely disguised
  • Quick wifi setup
  • Two way audio interface
  • On pricier end of spectrum

Conbrov T11 720p - Small But Mighty

After obsessing over the previous camera which is an amazing spy camera that’s disguised as an alarm clock, we’re switching back to a more traditional type of camera. That is a camera that’s compact, black, hard to spot, and versatile. Don’t let the photo feel you, the Conbrov T11 is not that large and with the right amount of camouflage, can be hidden in just about any room or outside your house. Conbrov is a very reliable name when it comes to spy cameras and have been researching this specific field since 2005, which is much longer than a lot of other spy camera manufacturers. Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty and take a look at all the specs to figure out what makes this spy camera so great!

The number one factor for most people – price. This looks like a costly piece of equipment and from such a reliable brand, you might expect a hefty price tag. You would be wrong in this scenario. This spy camera is only a little over $60 making it very affordable for just about anyone. The video quality is decent as well, recording at 720p HD. One feature that the Conbrov T11 really boasts is its night vision. It actually records up to 25 feet in extremely clear video! That is definitely one of the highest that we’ve seen and as an added bonus, the LED lights on the front don’t light up at night so your camera will remain hidden. As far as recording time, it records up to four hours during the day and up to 1.5 at night. These numbers aren’t anything to write home about but one unique feature is that you can actually purchase additional power packs to attach for even longer recording. If you opt to use motion recording however, you can get much more out of your battery life. Standby time is up to one year with motion recording on which is amazing. This spy cam also features loop recording and automatically will time stamp all of you videos – both settings you are able to adjust.

As far as memory, the Conbrov T11 supports up to a 32 GB SD card which unfortunately isn’t included. The camera itself however is very easy to use and very user friendly. It takes no time at all to get it up and running from when you take it out of the box. However, Conbrov still offers really good professional support should you run into any issues setting it up or later down the line. While we mentioned the battery life isn’t spectacular, like the previous spy camera you’re actually able to still use it while charging! Ultimately extending the battery life to infinity. It is worth mentioning also that this camera does indeed record audio, but it can be turned off to save space and also battery life.

Overall this is a very versatile and well put together camera. It’s not necessarily disguised as another object giving it that added level of versatility. While it’s definitely more apparent that it is in fact a camera, with the right maneuvering you can easily hide it amongst other objects. It’s small and discreet and could be placed in an office, somewhere in your home, or this could also even be good as a dash cam. The lens is actually rotatable and has a 120 degree recording radius which is the highest on our list. Overall, this is a solid little camera at an amazing price that will fit just about any need you might have. Give the Conbrov T11 a try if you’re looking for a reliable brand with a sturdy spy camera at a decent price. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Amazing night vision
  • Rotatable lense
  • User friendly
  • No SD card included

Mini Spy Hidden Camera Conbrov 720P - Compact and High Quality

After receiving such high praise, another Conbrov spy camera has made it onto our list! While we love providing variety, it really is hard to beat the quality, craftsmanship, and experience that comes with purchasing a Conbrov spy camera. This one is the smallest of the ones on our list and is a true personal body spy camera. It’s very very tiny, black, sleek, and hard to detect making it a very versatile and useful spy camera. But having a tiny, black, sleek camera doesn’t mean anything if the specs don’t add up so let’s take a look and see if this camera is really worth buying!

At a price tag of just $50, you’re already getting a great bargain on a recognizable and reliable brand name in the industry. Where this camera really shines though is in its use as a personal body camera. This can be good if you walk alone at night home from work, work as security personnel and wants your interactions recorded, or any other of the thousands of scenarios where this can come in handy. It records in 720p HD and features extremely vibrant colors. And while much smaller than its counterpart we just reviewed, it doesn’t stop it from providing exceptional night time recording. It also can record up to 25 feet at night in complete darkness which is a great range for such a small camera. This spy cam features either manual recording or motion recording with a five day standby time with motion recording which is a long time for such a tiny battery. A couple of other things to note: loop recording is set as the default with this camera, it has a date/time watermark, and also will support up to 32 GB on a micro SD card. Again, not included with this camera but these are inexpensive enough for you to throw in when you purchase this. And with this camera only costing $50, buying a $15 SD card will still put your price much lower than a lot of other cameras that may come with storage. This is especially good for recording personal interactions, but it also works fabulously as a dash cam on your car. Whatever the use, you can’t go wrong.

When purchasing a Conbrov, you’re not just purchasing a spy camera – you’re purchasing a the benefits that come with buying from a company with years of experience and research. While this camera is extremely easy to set up, they still provide exceptional customer service should you have any issues during set up, or any technical issues later on down the road. This camera is versatile, inexpensive, effective, and provides high quality video that will serve whatever purpose you may use this for. It may not be cleverly disguised as an alarm clock or have a 120 degree viewing angle, but you can easily hide this in your bag and still get a vibrant recording. And at $50, what have you got to lose? Give this a try!

  • Reliable brand name
  • Vibrant colors
  • No SD card included

Pannovo Mini Spy Camera - Cheap But High Quality

Okay so up next is a mini spy camera made by Pannovo! While Pannovo doesn’t quite have the brand recognition provided by Conbrov – they still make reliable, sturdy spy cameras with a lot of features and usually, they do it for much less than other name brands. This mini spy camera looks a lot like the previous Conbrov one with a few key differences. While it may not look as sleek, shiny, or new as the previous one I think we all know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Both are great cameras but can this Pannovo Mini Spy Camera offer the same or more value for even less money? Let’s find out!

For a camera that records in 960p HD, you won’t believe the price of this camera. It actually costs less than $30! This may be the cheapest camera that makes it onto our list but do not let the price tag fool you! This camera has  a lot to offer and can easily compete with some of the pricier cameras on this list. First off, it’s very tiny and extremely easy to hide and take with you anywhere. In addition to being motion activated, it’s also voice activated! So you an easily use this solely as a voice recorder should you not be able to capture audio at any given time. And the actual recording time? Also amazing coming in at nine hours! This is a great time especially for such a small camera with such a small battery. However, if you’re using motion activated mode you can get six days on standby time. Again, pretty decent. This is also the only camera on our list to incorporate anti-shake technology! This is especially important in cameras that are going to be carried around while they’re recording and not just left on a desk or a shelf. Your videos will come out stable and readable, even if you are walking or otherwise moving while recording with this.

Let’s talk about storage. Again, slightly better than most with support up to 32 GB of storage on a micro SD card. It doesn’t come with a SD card but as we’ve said, these are cheap and easy enough to buy. With the money you’ll save by buying this camera, we think you’ll be able to afford one easily. A couple of downsides is that there’s no wifi support with this camera so you’ll have to put the SD card into your computer to sift through all the video. It’s also difficult to tell exactly which mode you’re in – manual or motion activated as there’s no light indicator. Again, this could be viewed as positive as there’s no light to give away that you are using a camera. However, it might take you a few minutes to figure out exactly what mode you’re in. Not the end of the world, but definitely something to consider.

Overall this is a cheaper version of the mini spy camera previously on our list made by Conbrov. Do you necessarily lose features however? We don’t think so. We think you might trade off on some features so it really just depends what you’re looking for. Do you really prefer to have anti-shake technology and think that will greatly benefit you? Perfect! Give the Pannovo Mini Spy Camera a try. Do you need a camera that’s going to give you more support as far as night time recording? You might want to go the other direction with the Conbrov. Either way, both are great spy cameras at great prices and we don’t think you can go wrong with either one!

  • Amazing price
  • Anti-shake technology
  • Hard to tell which recording mode you're in

Pannovo Mini Spy Camera With 8GB Card - Extremely Tiny

Coming up next is another Pannovo mini spy camera! And they are not joking around when they use the word “mini” – this camera is very miniature indeed. Just by looking at it you can see that it’s borderline microscopic! This is great because it really allows you to do just about anything with it and use it exactly how you see fit. You could simply hide this in the closet, attach it to your car as a dash cam, or a million other places that you see fit and you would still barely notice it! However, what you gain in versatility you will use in user-friendliness. Okay, so is this camera really usable and worth it?

Answer: yes! Very much so. For only $30, this camera actually has a lot to offer. First of all, it comes with an 8 GB card which isn’t a ton, but more than a lot of other cameras that come with none. It ultimately will support up to a 32 GB card so you can always get started with the 8 GB and then upgrade later. Also believe it or not, this tiny camera records 1080p HD video! So no matter where you end up putting it, you’ll have crystal clear video ready to go. This can easily be mounted to be used as a security cam, nanny cam, or even attached as a personal body cam easily enough. It features up to 10 hours recording time which is phenomenal for this tiny spy camera. The uses for this camera are endless. Another great feature that is unique to this camera on the list is that it actually comes with a wireless remote control! While it’s not the prettiest or fanciest looking remote control, it’s still a remote control that’ll allow you full flexibility now matter where you decide to mount your camera. A couple of things to note is that this camera will heat up after hours of use but not to worry as this is normal and recognized by the manufacturer and will not affect the performance of your camera whatsoever. Even though it’s a tiny camera, it still offers motion detection recording, although changing the settings is a little tricky. The Pannovo Mini Spy Camera also comes with a one year warranty from Pannovo so you know that they’re going to stand behind their product.

Overall, while this camera is small it is definitely mighty! It records crystal clear 1080p HD and is arguably the most versatile of all these cameras. If you don’t need a camera already constructed or with any bells and whistles and want the ultimate freedom to decide where you’re going to put this camera, consider going with this. It’s so tiny that it can be mounted anywhere but still provides good video. Another great thing to remember is that it comes with a wireless remote! While this is definitely the smallest spy camera, with all of the features combined with the support you’ll receive from Pannovo for a year, this is a solid investment that you will easily fall in love with. We can confidently say this is an amazing mini wireless spy camera.

  • Very tiny, makes it extremely versatile
  • Comes with wireless remote
  • Comes with 8 GB SD card
  • Device heats up while using (doesn't affect performance)

Fredi 360° Wide Angle Fisheye - Best Spy Camera for Home

The last spy camera to make it onto our list is the Fredi 360 Degree Wide Angle Fisheye camera and it is easily one of our favorites! We just absolutely love how it’s disguised into a light bulb. This is one of the best disguised ones because who’s going to be looking up at the ceiling constantly? It’s an easy way to get a 360 degree view of any room and it records in fisheye, making the recording radius even larger. Okay so it might look cool as a light bulb/spy camera but is it functional and does it record high quality video?

Yes! Of course it does. Fredi is a reliable name when it comes to spy cameras and they don’t disappoint with the fisheye light bulb spy camera. First off, an always important factor with spy cameras that are hidden in other objects is whether or not it actually functions as said object. In other words, does this also work as a light bulb? Yes it really does work as an LED light. IT records video and also can take photos! It films in an impressive 720p HD so everything will be sure to be crystal clear. One of our favorite features is wifi access! You’re able to have remote access and view live video via a free app that doesn’t require a subscription! Another amazing benefit is that this camera also has motion detection, like many others. But the main difference with this one being that you can actually set up to receive alerts whenever motion detection goes off! Then you can just go right into the app and view the live video and see exactly what’s going on.

This is very easy to set up as well so you can be ready to go straight out of the box. All you have to do is download the free app and you’ll be good to go in just a few steps. An added benefit is that this light bulb actually uses the international standard for lightbulbs so you’re able to use it in any country. It’s also an LED light which means that you’ll never really have to replace it as LED lights last for 10 years plus! This camera also records and charges at the same time so you’ll never really have to worry about battery life. Also unlike some other spy cameras that come with an app, you don’t have to get a subscription in order to access all of the features that come with this! Huge bonus. This Fredi light/camera also features a two way intercom so you’re able to deter intruders if necessary, or just use it to send a message for whatever the case may be.

This spy camera definitely packs a lot of features and benefits into such a small package and for a completely reasonable price – under $90! For something that looks this nice and provides such high quality video and extra features, we think that’s an amazing price. It’s one of the more clever disguises that provides the most utility. It’s for sure one of the wifi hidden cameras we’ve seen and may even be the best spy camera that we’ve seen overall. But this spy camera does have a lot of stiff competition on this list, will it be enough to take home the title of best spy camera 2018? Read on to find out!

  • 360 degree recording
  • Great disguise
  • Two way intercom
  • Doesn't film in 1080p HD (films in 720p)

Best Spy Camera - Buyer's Guide

When purchasing a spy camera there are definitely a lot of features to juggle and it can be easy to miss one that’s actually really important! You’ll want to make sure you go through a quick checklist to make sure you’re purchasing a spy camera that has the features you’ll be using.


Do you want a spy camera that’s already disguised as another object or do you prefer one that’s just small and sleek and that you can easily hide yourself? Both have their benefits. While spy cameras that are already disguised as another object are much more hidden, they’re generally less versatile as you might not want to bring an alarm clock to an office meeting. However, smaller cameras with no disguise are much more versatile, you just run the risk of them being seen if not hidden properly.

Video Quality

Most spy cameras produced now do in fact record in HD – but not all of them! Even if they do record in HD, there are varying levels: 720p, 960p, 1080p. For most people, 720p will be clear enough to see what’s going on but if you need a really high level of detail and clarity, you might want to consider seeking out a camera that is even higher at 1080p.

Night Vision

Will you be recording at night mostly? If yes then make sure you find out how good your spy camera is for this! Of course all cameras will record at night but how well? How long is the range? This can vary anywhere from 5 feet to 25 feet so make sure you check the range, as well as the quality if you plan on recording video at night.

Live Viewing

Some spy cameras come with their very own app and wifi accessibility that allows you to view live streams of the video remotely. This is a very handy feature but is not necessary for all uses. If you’re using your spy camera primarily as a security camera for an area that you’d like to monitor, then you should possibly consider purchasing a camera with wifi accessibility. If you don’t mind sifting through the footage later and don’t necessarily need to see it live, skip this.


This is a big one! Most spy cameras support at least 16 GB with a lot more going above and beyond to 32 GB or 62 GB. Maybe you’ll only be recording a meeting here and there or very specific interactions. In that case, you won’t need a ton of storage. If, however you plan on setting a camera up and leaving it for hours to record then you might want to make sure that you have enough storage for the time you want to record!


We have a lot of different cameras on this list and they all vary greatly and have their pros and cons. A good spy camera should be easy to disguise, versatile in its use, ideally record audio, and also have some level of reliable night time recording. Okay so what camera on our list is worthy enough to be deemed best spy camera of 2018?

In a classic case of saving the best for last, the Fredi 360 Degree Wide Angle Fisheye spy camera is the best spy camera! We chose this for a few different reasons. It’s at a great price, records in HD, offers 360 degree recording, you have remote access with a free app, it features a two way intercom, and it’s one of the most versatile on our list! A light bulb is needed in any room whether it be at home or in the office. You can also receive alerts any time the motion detection is set off! This is a great hidden camera with remote viewing – we love this spy camera and know you will too.