Best Spice Grinder

If you’re a household cook or even a chef, then you know how important slicing and dicing is. However, when it comes to spices, they need to be more than just diced up – they need to be put in a grinder. You have probably had at least one life experience where you’ve consumed a huge chunk of an herb or spice that left you cringing for a few seconds.

If you take your cooking seriously or just don’t enjoy eating large chunks of herbs, then you’ll need a spice grinder. Not only will it save you time, but it will make your food taste even more delectable than we’re sure it already is. We have a list of all of the best spice grinders down below; if you’re fast you can make a decision before dinnertime!

The 5 Best Spice Grinders You Can Buy Today

To keep things organized for you, we’ve created a table for which you can compare each product against the others and help you make a more educated decision about which best spice grinder is right for you and your cooking needs.

Product NameCapacityFeatures
KRUPS F2033 oz.Grinds coffee, nuts, grains, and spices, large grinding capacity, uniform grinding due to shape, stainless steel blades
Epica Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder2.5 oz.Industrial strength, strongest motor in the market, easy pouring and cleaning, quiet operation, grinds nuts, herbs, coffee, and more
KitchenAid BCG211OB4 oz.Clear top cover, One-Touch control, stainless steel blade, large capacity, measurement markings on inside, removable bowl makes transfers easy
Quiseen One-Touch2.5 oz.One-Touch operation, compact and modern design, easy-grip surface, transparent lid, built-in power cord storage, grinds coffee beans, herbs, grains, and nuts
Secura Electricn/aTwo removable steel bowls, grinds coffee beans, herbs, nuts and vegetables, built-in heat protection, stainless steel blades and exterior

Now that you’ve narrowed down your contenders a bit, we have created detailed reviews of each product to give you all the information you need about the best spice grinders.


KRUP F203 - Best Budget Product

Let’s start out our list with the KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder. If you’re looking for a high-quality grinder but are operating on a budget, then this should be the first on your list, as well. With the spice and coffee grinder KRUPS has created, you can take your coffee to the next level, and create delectable recipes with the evenly-ground spices that it’s sure to provide you.

Operation is very straightforward and easy to use. Simply add in your ingredients (up to three ounces), make sure the lid is secure, and press the side lid button to start! You can choose your consistency from course to fine, depending on your preference. All you have to do is grind it for a few seconds; no waiting around! The precision stainless-steel blades ensure that your herbs, spices, and coffee beans will all be ground evenly. If you’d like, you can even use your machine for chopping nuts, seeds, and herbs! The compact, sleek design will make an attractive, useful addition to any countertop!

  • Easy operation
  • Great budget product
  • Can grind coffee beans, herbs, spices, and more
  • Sleek, straightforward design
  • Can be messy to use

Epica - Strongest Product

Not every electric nut grinder and spice grinder is created equally. In fact, there are many that can’t handle bigger chunks of material, like coffee beans or nutmeg. While many people out there will be solely using their machines for finer/smaller ingredients such as chia seeds, many need their best spice and nut grinder to be versatile and handle a variety of materials. The Epica Electric Grinder gives you the strongest and most heavy-duty motor on the market! The industrial-strength 250-watt grinder is not only powerful, but very simple to use.

The removable stainless steel cup makes pouring and cleaning a breeze, leaving more time for you to enjoy your coffee. Do you want to prepare your coffee beans late at night, or chia seeds for your breakfast? Don’t wake the kids up with the super-quiet design that quiets the whirring. The compact 2.5 oz. design can fit just about anywhere without taking up useful room in the kitchen. While it is strong, however, it is not as durable as some of the other products we researched. However, it does come with a 2-year warranty that will keep you safe.

  • 250-watt motor can grind and chop nuts, herbs, spices, coffee beans, and more
  • Super quiet design eliminates whirring
  • Compact 2.5oz design
  • Not as durable as other products

KitchenAid - Most Precise Product

The truth is, some grinders aren’t made for every spice out there. KitchenAid’s BCG211OB Blade Coffee and Spice Grinder Combo Pack are made to get a precise and even grind, no matter what you’re using. Not only do you receive the amazing grinder, but you also receive a spice grinder accessory kit that feature a unique spice-optimized blade design to grind coriander and cumin!

If you’re planning on having some friends over for a cup of coffee, the 4 oz. stainless steel bowl will allow you to grind up to 12 cups worth of coffee beans! However, if you want to measure out less, there are markings for 4, 8, and 10 cups as well to let you know where you stand. The clear top cover allows you to see inside, and the one-touch design makes operation easier than ever. The stainless steel blade is not only powerful and durable, but makes sure your herbs and beans are properly ground. The only negative part we could state about this best spice grinder, was that the resulting powder sometimes made its way into the base

  • Can grind up to 4 oz
  • Easy one-touch design with clear top cover
  • Durable stainless steel blades
  • Comes with grinder accessory kit
  • Sometimes powder gets into the base

Quiseen - Easiest Product to Use

If you’re a person who is always on-the-go, then you need appliances that will work as quickly as you do. The Quiseen One-Touch Electric Grinder is the one for you, with its easy-to-operate design, made for those with a fast lifestyle.

This best electric spice grinder features one-touch operation that is fast and efficient, taking only a few seconds to grind to your preferences. The compact, modern design is quite modern-looking and makes a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. The grippable surface makes it quite user-friendly and stays where it should. The transparent lid makes it easy to see the consistency of your herbs and spices, and can hold up to 2.5 ounces. The built-in power cord storage adds an extra layer of usability, and keeps your countertops looking neat.

We did want to mention that it does not feature a removable cup like some of our other products do, which could make filling and pouring more difficult

  • Easy-to-operate design
  • Grippable surface keeps it in its place
  • Built-in power cord storage
  • Transparent lid
  • Does not feature a removable cup like some others do

Secura - Most Durable Product

While it may be listed at a higher price than some of the others on our list, the pure durability and solid construction of the Secura Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder makes it well worth it. Not only does it feature stainless steel blades that cut with precision easily, but the exterior is made of trendy stainless steel, as well.

It’s also the ultimate in versatility, with the ability to grind and chop coffee beans, herbs, spices, nuts, and even vegetables! What a way to make preparing meals quicker! Built-in heat protection means that you won’t get burnt, nor will your food. Finally, it also features two removable bowls which make filling, pouring, and cleaning super simple!

  • Durable, solid construction
  • Stainless steel blades and exterior
  • Very straightforward and simple to operate
  • Can grind and chop coffee beans, herbs, spices, vegetables, and nuts
  • It's not as skilled at grinding smaller products like chia seeds

Best Spice Grinder - Buyer's Guide

When you’re looking to purchase the best spice grinder for your own preferences, it’s important to consider various factors before going through with the purchase. We’ve made a quick guide so that nothing is left on the table.


This may not be important for everyone, but it’s always nice to have a sleek-looking appliance sitting on the countertop. Many electric grinders are designed with this in mind, and feature stainless steel and black or silver colors.


While you may initially look to purchase a best spice grinder 2018 solely for grinding herbs, but you may find that later on, you’d really enjoy buying fresh coffee beans and have the convenience of grinding them in the comfort of your own home. With that being said, it’s always nice having multiple options with a machine that has the versatility to grind anything from fine chia seeds, to bulky coffee beans.

Ease of Operation

Despite the products we have reviewed all being electric, not all electric spice grinders are as easy to use as the technology might suggest. There are some that require two-handed operation to hold the grinder down or to turn it on and off. However, some are a one-touch only operation, that makes it easy to multitask during the early mornings when you’re still half-asleep.


Not every grinder is even in the same ballpark as far as price goes. It’s important to think about the previous points we’ve made in terms of considerations to take when purchasing the best electric spice grinder. Not every “budget” product is unreliable or cheap in terms of quality, however, some are. We have a couple products listed above that are definitely considered great purchases for those on a budget, but are some of the best quality grinders you can find. In contrast, just because the grinder is listed at a higher price does not make it more durable or powerful than those less expensive. It’s highly important to read spice and coffee grinder reviews


This kind of works together with your budget. Some higher-priced grinders are going to last you twice as long as the less expensive ones, so it may in the end, actually save you money. There are plenty of them with one or two-year warranties that can really be invaluable to you and your pocketbook, so read wisely.

Ease of Cleaning

Most of the products we reviewed and placed at the top of our list feature removable cups that make cleaning quick and easy. However, there are some that are still high quality which don’t feature removable cups that could make cleaning, pouring, and filling a bit more difficult. If that’s not as important to you, then great! However, take note that having the removable bowls will save you time and generally provide you with fresher results.


We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we did! We are dedicated to consistently providing the best reviews of the best products out there available to you.

We understand that with the age of internet shopping taking over, that receiving that perfect product is not always as convenient as it may seem. You can always find reliability with BestPickers.com, and hope you found the best spice grinder for you, today!