Best Smartwatch Under 150 USD

Why do you need the best smartwatch under $150 you ask? What can it do that  your phone can’t? Well, have you ever felt a vibration in your pocket and yet, after finally fishing your phone out, interrupting whatever you are doing, you find that nobody is calling you. No one. But a few moments later, once you slip the phone back into your bag and carry on walking, you slap your forehead. You’ve forgotten to make that important call because your phone wasn’t close at the time. And now your phone is at the bottom of your bag. Now, let’s add a smartwatch to that scenario. Picture the scene, you glance at your wrist and your smartphone shows that your entire inbox of texts and emails are refreshingly empty – because you replied to them all on the bus this morning using only your watch. You also made that quick important call earlier because of a vibration reminder on your watch. The call was made using the watch too. All while your phone was in the bottom of your bag, and now it’s still fully charged to play some games in the back of the cab on the way home. Also, they’re very budget friendly.

Best Smartwatch Under $150 – Comparison Table

Below you’ll find a list of our final choices for pick of best smartwatch under $150, along with two of the most important features of any watch: the battery life and the weight. The battery life will be the first thing most people consider and, yes, it’s very important, but it’s not the nail in the coffin if your watch only lasts 2 days. These days phones rarely go through an entire day of heavy use and your watch is a little better but not far from different. The big bonus is that the watch will take the edge off of the phone’s battery use, and vice versa.

SmartwatchBattery LifeWeight
Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch10 days7.7 ounces
Samsung gear fit23 days3.8 ounces
Pebble time7 days7.4 ounces
Orbo Kids Bluetooth Smartwatch5 days5.6 ounces
LG Electronics G Watch2 days2.2 ounces
Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smart Watch7 days5.6 ounces
ASUS ZenWatch1.5 days1.6 ounces
Pebble Time Round 14mm2 days5 ounces
Pebble time steel smartwatch in gold10 days7.7 ounces
Sony Smartwatch 4.32 days2.6 ounces

You’ll notice Pebble feature a lot in that list. Well, there’s a good reason for that. So let’s get to our top picks for best smartwatch under $150 and take each of them in order, with a detailed review of their individual specs.


Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch for Battery Life

How often do you have to change your traditional watch’s battery? Once a year? Well don’t expect that longevity from any smartwatch. The real question is: how often do you charge your phone? That’s more of an indicator to when you’re going to have to charge your smartwatch. But, luckily, Pebble saves you from that inconvenient daily struggle by giving you up to 10 days of battery life at ‘average use’. From our tests we could get a whole week from using it for everything we needed it for. You could definitely run it flat in less time if you really tried, but 10 days with the Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch is a realistic estimate. In terms of function, it runs on Android Wear – as do all of Pebble’s watches – meaning you have access to literally thousands of apps including a huge array of custom watch faces. Android wear also works just fine with iOS devices like the iPhone, though not with the level of support than Android phone do. Still, using either you can synchronise your calendars, reminders, get text and call alerts, and it also includes fitness and sleep tracking. Other minor features are the water resistance to 30 metres. We class that as minor because, really, all smartwatches should be waterproof. Minor negatives to talk about include the rather large ‘bevel’ around the screen, which is tech-speak for the frame around the actual display. One of our favorite things about the Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch is the ‘always on’ color e-paper display.

  • 10 day battery life
  • Water resistant to 30 metres, steel design
  • Full suite of Google Wear apps
  • Can't directly make calls
  • Rather large bevel (frame around screen)

Samsung Gear Fit2 – Best Smartwatch for Fitness

Fitness bands were all the rage in 2016 and still are in 2018, except the two industries of fitness bands and smartwatches have merged. It’s not that hard to put the time on a fitness band, or to put health tracking in a smartwatch. Which is exactly what manufacturers have done. Still, if fitness is your goal then buying a smartwatch whose main purpose is to keep you healthy is a great idea. And the Samsung Gear Fit2 is a good choice for the best smartwatch for fitness. It has everything you’d expect such as heart rate monitoring, steps, sleep tracker, as well as the iconic fitness-band design so everyone knows you’re health conscious and motivated with great taste in tech. One flaw is the rather large screen which, according to reports, isn’t extremely difficult to break. No more than the standard smartphone though. Also, Mac users, if you want to use this cheap smartwatch then you’re going to have to use it with a Windows computer. As for battery life, tests result in 2 to 3 days with wireless and location services off, which is a bit disappointing for something you’re supposed to sleep in. The idea is to charge it in periods of downtime but not while sleeping. Such as when you’re catching some TV. If you’re sceptical about the sleep tracking, don’t be. It can really help to nail down why you feel so tired in the day, and what you can do to help.

  • Fitness band and smartwatch in one
  • Spotify support
  • Android Wear platform
  • Not the strongest screen available
  • No Mac support

Pebble Time – Best Budget Smartwatch

Note that this isn’t the Pebble Time STEEL, it’s the standard Pebble time. It’s a far less expensive version of Pebble’s flagship watch and you really don’t lose a whole lot of functionality. It is quite literally the Pebble Time Steel where every feature is a little less powerful. For example: 7 day battery instead of 10, no fitness tracking, slightly lower quality screen, etc. It still has the water resistance and look of the Steel, but obviously will feel cheaper on the wrist and look cheaper due to a plastic construction. Another rather annoying downside is the weak instructions provided. So expect to be Googling a few things initially. Not much of a negative really, but if you’re buying it as a gift then consider being there in person to explain a few things.

  • Extremely cheap with 7 day battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Complete app support
  • Not great in low light
  • Uninformative instructions
  • No heart rate monitor or GPS

Orbo Kids Bluetooth Smartwatch – Best Smartwatch for Children

So you’ve just bought a fancy new gadget and naturally your kids want it play with it. It’s all they want to do despite their iPad, Netflix, and entire outdoors to enjoy. If you’re buying the best smartwatch under $150 for your significant other, you might end up seeing it wrapped around your children’s chocolate covered wrists within the week because they want what mummy and daddy has. Or, maybe you’re looking for a gift for your grandchildren so you can stay in touch with them directly? Well, the answer to all of the above is the Orbo Kids Bluetooth Smartwatch, our pick for best smartwatch for children. It’s colourful, with 2 designs for both girls and boys. We’d like to see more variation in the design, but the Orbo is sure to satisfy any child. It’s perhaps too childish for someone edging closer to their teens, but the beauty is that this smartwatch for kids is ideal for really any age from 3 upwards. The main feature they will enjoy is the tiltable camera, as well as the ability to answer (and not make) calls, so grandma can call your phone and you can direct it to your child to answer. There are also, of course, games included. The most interesting feature for parents might also be that it can teach your children to tell the time, turning it into an educational gadget. For the low price, it’s a fantastic purchase.

  • Easy to use
  • Colorful design
  • Built in camera
  • Can't make calls, only accept (but that might be a good thing)
  • More color options would've been nice

LG Electronics G Watch – Best Smartwatch for Teens

It’s hard to buy a gift that a teenager will be totally happy with. They want the top brand names, they want the best possible specs, and they want it to make them look good. Well, while LG isn’t the Apple Watch, it’s a top brand name with a sleek look that shows off the fact it’s a smartwatch without being too techy about it. It’s our pick for best smartwatch for teens, but really it would be perfect for adults, too. It’s still a very affordable price and is powered by Android Wear so it has access to all the best smartwatch apps, including Google maps, voice activation, text and call alerts, etc. The voice activation is really good, it’s just a shame there’s no speaker to confirm commands so that you don’t have to look at the watch while speaking. For those who hate slow apps, you’ll be glad to know that the 1.2GHZ Qualcomm processor will keep these moving along nice and quickly.

  • Great Google maps support
  • Well known brand with mature look
  • Constantly updated
  • No speaker
  • Lackluster instructions

Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smart Watch – Best Smartwatch for Adults

We’ve chosen the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Smartwatch as our best smartwatch for adults because it’s the perfect intersection of convenience and function with a relatively budget price. It allows you to manage your fitness on top of all the apps and features that you gain with the popular Android Wear platform. It’s a cheap enough price to gain the huge benefits of health tracking and make you that much less dependent on looking down at your phone. If someone texts you or an important call comes through, you can just look at your wrist without looking unprofessional at work or setting a bad example to your children.

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Built in mic
  • 7 day battery
  • Relatively short bluetooth range

ASUS ZenWatch – Best Smartwatch for Style

Wearable gadgets don’t have the best reputation for style. We all saw the disaster that was the Google Glass and its immediate place in the history of dad-tech. And, if you’re using your watch to do some of the things that a phone would do, then you’re going to get questions – or at very least people will stare. In short, style matters. Whether adding a business meeting reminder at work, or just out and about, you want to feel confident using your smartwatch. There are very few smartwatches under $200 that look good on the wrist of a self-respecting grow adult outside of a gym, but the ASUS Zenwatch 2 drips luxury, for really budget-friendly price. You can choose from multiple strap and face designs, with the straps also available to purchase separately, and the choice of strap materials includes both leather and metal. It’s water resistant but only to 1 meter, but as long as you don’t take it swimming, it will be fine in the shower. The Zenwatch 2 also features wireless rather than just Bluetooth, so range with your phone is far better. And of course it uses Android Wear so you have access to all the same apps that everyone else has.

  • Gorgeous strap and finish
  • 5 color options
  • Great smartwatch
  • Awkward initial setup
  • Short strap

Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch in Gold – Best Round Faced Smartwatch

Round faced watch lovers fear not at all these square watches! The Pebble Time Round is your favorite Pebble watch just in a round design. This makes it less weighty, but also more suited to feminine tastes, not that it won’t look good on a man’s wrist, just some of the offerings on this list are less than appealing to current women’s fashion trends.

  • Attractive traditional design
  • 7 design choices with quick change strap
  • Thousands of custom watch faces
  • Splash resistant not splashproof
  • No touch screen

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch in Gold – Best Smartwatch for iPhone

Do you want the perfect partner to your iPhone? Then Pebble Steel smartwatch in gold finish both works 100% with iOS but also captures the same finish and pleasing design look that Apple is famed and recognised for. There’s little to add on top of the original Pebble Time Steel smartwatch above, but it should be testament to this watch that we’ve featured it twice in one list.

  • Looks exactly like an Apple Watch
  • Fantastic iPhone synchronising
  • Match your iPhone with a number of finishes
  • Isn’t an Apple Watch

Sony Smartwatch 4.3 – Best Smartphone for Android

In reality, all smartwatches running Android Wear will be perfectly functional with any Android phone. But, since Sony is both a big player in the game, and a close ally of Android, then it makes sense to look to Sony for our pick for best smartphone for android. We’ve chosen the current version which supports Android 4.3, the latest release and the most up to date Android watch in 2018 at time of writing. The simple design, with options for both stainless steel or rubbery plastic mean it suits both professional and recreational pursuits, and it looks rather trendy in either choice. The battery life isn’t fantastic at 2 days, but that figure is taken from above-average to heavy use, so light users may find theirs lasts significantly longer.

  • Well-known brand name
  • 2 day battery life
  • Durable water resistant design
  • Doesn’t look as ‘mature’ as other choices
  • Cheap wristbands can loosen over time

Best Smartwatch Under $150 - Buyer's Guide

Watches have been around for centuries and smartphones have been around for ages. To be honest we’re pretty good at both of them. Yet it turns out that combining both of them into one package is a tricky affair. Smartwatches were a thing before Apple released their Apple Watch, but Apple certainly brought both smartphones and their high price to the forefront of the world audience. Now everyone wants one. Unfortunately everyone thinks the high price is a requirement. In reality buying the best smartwatch under $150 is actually a trivial affair. There’s just a few things you need to look out for.

Style and Material

It’s a watch, so it has to do everything that a watch does. No, not tell the time. It has to be stylish. You have to look at it every time you want to know the time, and everyone else has to look at it strapped to your wrist every day. So, if you’re considering a watch because it has a 4.2ghz processor, yet you hate the look of it, then don’t bother because you’ll never enjoy wearing it.


This is important too, but if you can change the strap – which is a strong likelihood, then you can change that out later.

Battery Life

The most well-known limitation of modern day technology is battery life. Smartphones in particular have this issue and it’s common knowledge. However, if you charge your watch when you charge your phone at night, then you’ll be able to use it a lot during the day without having to hold back. Some phones even hold a charge with moderate use for up to a week – with some claiming 10 days.

Compatible Phones

Find out whether your smartwatch is better working with your iPhone or Android phone. Windows phones may struggle to find a compatible watch but there are some options. There are exceptions of course, but smartwatches are very much meant to be an accessory to your phone. For the most part the whole idea is that you can get alerts from your phone and sync with apps on it. Which leads us to…


As with your smartphone, consider the apps you might want to use before you buy a smartwatch because performance varies wildly. A smartwatch may say it has a calendar, but can it synchronise with multiple Gmail calendars or access your Outlook account? These are the finer details to check.

Touchscreen or Buttons

One more minor detail to check is how you interact with the watch. You might not miss the lack of a touchscreen, but you might not like the layout of the buttons on the watch either.


It was a tough choice between the Pebble Time Steel or the Pebble 2 + Heart Rate Sensor, but in the end the Pebble 2 siezes our final pick for the best smartwatch under $150. It has all the same apps but with awesome voice control and incredible health tracking; on top of text, call, and voice alerts. The battery has slightly less juice than the Steel, but it’s still quite capable of heavy use.