Best Sleep Mask

Do you have problems sleeping? Does light affect you sleeping patterns? Do your eyes become dry after sleeping? Are you looking for the perfect relaxation aid for naps, meditation or yoga? Are you seeking the perfect solution that will improve your sleeping pattern?

Don’t worry anymore. We have detailed the best and most affordable sleep masks, bound to help you improve the quality of your sleep and enhance your sleeping patterns.

Sleep masks, sometimes also referred to as sleep masks or sleeping eye masks enhance the quality of sleep by effectively blocking out any light that affects the sleeping patterns of people. Moreover, if you are a frequent traveler, someone who loves taking naps while working or are a person who engages in meditation, you’ll need an eye mask to help block out any distracting light.

Investing in a perfect sleep mask can make a difference in your nightly routine. However, with a wide array of choices already on the market, it can be difficult for you to choose the best sleep cover.

Best Sleep Mask 2018

We have taken the time to research and compile a guide that details the best eye sleeping covers that are available in the market and suit the needs of different individuals.

Here are the best sleep masks of 2018.

Product NameMaterial Accessories
AMAZKER 3D Sleep Mask Upgraded with Invisible Alar & Deep Orbit Eye MaskMemory foam and polyesterEarplugs

Tempur-Pedic Sleep MaskSilkCarrying bag
ALASKA BEAR, Natural Silk Sleep Mask100% Mulberry silkN/A
Purefly Natural Smooth Silk Eye Mask100% Mulberry silkN/A
3D Sleep Mask by PrettyCare Memory foamEarplugs
#1 Rated - Dream Sleeper ® Sleep MaskSilkCarrying bag
Sleep Mask, 3 Pack Super Soft Material, Lightweight & Comfortable Sleeping MaskMemory foamCarrying bag
*NEW QUILTED DESIGN* Sleep Mask: #1 Recommended Eye MaskSatinCarrying bag
DG Sports® Best Sleep Mask SetMemory foamEarplugs
NapForm Eye Mask with BioSense Memory FoamMemory foamN/A

Now that you’ve seen the best sleep masks on the market today, scroll down further to read about each of them more in-depth.


Amazker 3D Sleep Mask - Best for Use With Makeup 

Top on the list is the stylish 3D designed sleep cover from Amazker that has been upgraded from the former sleep cover by the same company. In case you’re not familiar with Amazker, it is a company that prides itself as the top designer of some of the best eyes sleep masks made from high-quality memory foam. Amazker stands for an Amazing maker, a godly name that the company tries to identify itself with among its clients.

The new sleep mask design is basically a revamp of its previous design and features an invisible alar which was added to the eye mask close to the nose. The alar adds more value to the eye mask by complementing the memory foam for increased comfort and enhanced darkness which improves the quality of sleep.

One of the most notable features of the eye mask lies in the 3D technology used in the design. The 3D technology used was meant to facilitate the precise tuning of sizes in respect of the shape of people’s eye cavities. The result was a perfect eye mask which allows you to blink freely or wear the mask without having to worry about messing up your makeup (if you wear makeup, that is).

Amazker eye mask comes in first, regarding its weight, which is only 0.88oz ; helping reduce the pressure on your face. Not only that, but they’ve also thought to include sleeping earplugs in the package as well, making it one of the best sleeping masks for 2017. The earplugs are


designed to automatically adjust themselves to fit into any ear canal with ease and are helpful in blocking any external noise that may interfere with a smooth and comfortable sleep.

  • Plush/luxurious design and feel
  • High-quality, soft, adjustable velcro
  • Reduced pressure on nose bridge
  • Comes with sleeping earplugs
  • While the design is luxurious, some users complained about the quality of the fabric used

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask - Best Product for Sensitive Skin 

Tempur-Pedic is arguably a common brand that is popular for its high quality sleeping materials. Apart from their famous mattresses and other sleeping accessories, the company has produced a high-quality sleeping eye mask that has been tailored to improve sleep. The mask is made from unique memory foam material that is coated with a velvet fabric to enhance the softness of the sleep cover. This makes it perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions. The velvet coating is breathable, improves the smoothness of the mask, and promotes increased comfort during sleep.

  • Excellent for sensitive skin
  • Forms to the shape of each individual's face
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Machine-wash only
  • Is on the pricier side 

Alaska Bear All Natural Silk - Best Budget Product

The Alaska Bear sleep mask is one of the hottest and most popular eye sleep masks currently on the market. Not only has the mask been customized to provide total darkness needed for a good sleep, but its fabric is made from pure Mulberry Silk that ensures maximum comfort especially for people with sensitive skin. In addition, the great fabric is a great eye relaxer that helps to reduce dryness and wrinkles in the eyes.

The mask is extremely lightweight, yet very effective in blocking out headache-causing light. Those two traits alone, make it the best mask for people who suffer from insomnia and migraines.

Another awesome feature of the mask is the adjustable strap that assists the mask to fit on any face shape or size – men, women and kids, alike. It is the ideal sleep mask for home use, and the perfect accessory for traveling.

For a while now, Alaska have been providing discounts coupons for repeat purchasers or those who order more than one mask, so get on it!

  • Material is anti-pilling
  • Comfortable for all kinds of sleep positions
  • Circulates air well, keeping your face dry and cool
  • The strap isn't made of the highest-quality material

Purefly Natural Smooth Silk - Best Lightweight Product

Just like the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask, the cushy Purefly eye mask from Linku is also made from 100% Mulberry Silk, making it the perfect sleep accessory for people with sensitive skin, as well as those who suffer from dry eyes. The mask has been specifically designed to provide total darkness ideal for a perfect sleeping experience.

The night masks for sleeping are breathable and help soothe drowsy eyes during sleep while simultaneously being an ideal option for warmer nights and seasons.  The mask is perfect for normal sleep sessions, meditations and for travel.

  • Purchased in bulk, the masks are an amazing bargain
  • Very lightweight
  • Provides great breathability and airflow 
  • Some users reported the mask sliding off during sleep

Prettycare 3D Sleep Mask - Best Product for Outdoor Use

PrettyCare has designed one of the perfect 3D eye masks that is both elegant and luxurious for either indoor and outdoor relaxation. The advanced 3D technology utilized to make a VCOO design for the mask ensure the large eye cavities of the mask provides maximum comfort, along with a custom fit for any face shape. The mask is made from lightweight high-density memory foam and it features a raised nasal bridge and a thickened canthus on the mask’s eye cavity to ensure effective blockage of light.

The velcro used for the adjustable strap has a new design feature which ensures the mask won’t mess with your hair, or your makeup (if you wear it). As an additional feature, PrettyCare has offers 2 earplugs which help in achieving deep sleep, by blocking out any noisy neighbors or kids.

  • Specific nose cut-out
  • Cushy, luxurious appearance and feel 
  • Perfect if you're using it outdoors
  • Some users reported the mask to slide off in the middle of the night
  • Isnt' as breathable as some competitor options

#1 Rated Dream Sleeper - Best Oversize Product

This over-sized sleep cover from Dream Sleeper is a perfect solution for people looking forward to total darkness while sleeping. The oversize nature of the cover ensures full blockage of any light. However, despite its huge size, the cover is made from satin, making it lightweight and breathable.

The sleep cover has an adjustable velcro in the back of the mask to ensure a customized fit the face of any person while providing a firm grip on the head to prevent it from sliding off in the middle of the night. The only big downside to this mask, was that some consumers reported the color coming off on certain pillowcases, however this was a rare occurence.

  • Perfect for those with allergies 
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Bulky for some users
  • Not as breathable as some other options

Sleep Mask 3 Pack - Most Economical Product

Sleep Mask is the ideal choice for people who love contoured sleep covers. The sleeping eye cover has a 3D contour- shaped design that has been specially made with a protective curve to suit the eye shapes of different people without exerting any pressure on the eyes. It is made of high-density memory foam with an elastic velcro strap that can adjust to fit any head and keep your makeup intact while sleeping or just relaxing at home. It’s the perfect option if you are buying for you and your children or friends, as they come in packs of 3!

The mask can be folded without losing its shape, making it easy to pack and ideal for travel and outdoor relaxation.

  • Great price for a pack
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Fast-drying material makes them easy to clean and travel with 
  • Can slide off during sleep, according to some users
  • Not as durable as some competitor products

Quilted Design Sleep Mask - Best Designed Product

Sleep Slumber introduced this new sleep mask with more enhanced features than their previous designs. The new sleeping eye mask has a cushy, quilted design that is an excellent option for both outdoors and indoors relaxation. The cover sports a sleek jet-black color, which ensures total darkness, promoting deep sleep. It’s also made from soft poly-thread materials, promoting comfort and breathability, keeping your face cool and dry. The cover is also contoured to reduce any pressure on the eyes and increase comfort when sleeping.

  • Cushy, elegant design 
  • Blocks all light out, assisting with deep sleep
  • Very breathable, making sure your face is comfortable all night
  • Great for migraine-sufferers
  • A little on the pricier side 

DG Sports Sleep Mask Set - Best Product for Overall Health 

This is another great luxurious eye cover from PrettyCare. The mask is made from high-quality memory foam material that has been covered with a silky fabric to provide a smooth feel for people who have sensitive skin.

The cover features an adjustable velcro strap, providing a perfect fit for any face. In addition, the quality of the material complies with Oeko-Tex standards, as it is anti-bacterial and anti-mite, providing enhanced health protection to the skin and eyes of the user.

The cover is sold together with two earplugs that are designed to fit any ears and help in blocking any noise and distraction during sleep or relaxation.

  • Doesn't smudge makeup
  • Best sleep mask for side sleepers
  • Excellent health protection for eyes and skin
  • Not as breathable or durable as some other options

Napform Memory Foam - Most Natural Product

NapForm eye mask from Brookstone features among the most popular eye masks because of its unique material made from Biosense memory foam. The material is called BioSense because it incorporates several ingredients that include natural green tea, seed oil, and charcoal. These ingredients are gentle and help to induce sleep and reduce pain from headaches, exhaustion, or migraines. This improves the quality of sleep and helps in enhancing the rejuvenation of the body and mind.

The eye mask has an ultra-plush outer Napsoft fabric cover that increases comfort for people with sensitive skin and eyes while effectively blocking any light. It also has an adjustable elastic strap that is tailored to comfortably fit on any head.

  • Lightweight with no added pressure on bridge of the nose
  • Luxurious and soft material
  • Promotes health and wellness
  • Is on the more expensive end of the spectrum

Best Sleep Mask - Buyer's Guide

Selecting the best sleep mask can be a daunting task. Essentially, you need to choose a sleeping mask that serves its purpose and suits your needs. We never advise our readers to arbitrarily purchase any mask that you come across if you do not have any first-hand information about it, because not all sleep masks are equal. In respect to individual tastes, find an eye mask that is made of a high-quality material and features a unique and appealing design. We can help you find the right fit by detailing the considerations that you need to factor in when making a purchase decision.

Fabric or Material Used

The fabric or material of your sleep mask defines the level of comfort you’ll receive from the product. The best material should be lightweight and breathable such as silk or memory foam. Breathable materials enable your eyes to have a constant circulation of air, which is important to the health of your eyes, even if they’re closed. Breathable materials are also perfect for warmer days because they do not induce excessive sweating.

It is also essential to choose a high-quality material that guarantees the durability of your mask. No one wants to spend money on a mask that is just going to fall apart after a few uses. In addition, the material should make it easy for you to care for your eye mask. Take into consideration that some masks are hand-wash or machine-wash, only. However, it is important to note that hand washing is the most favored way of caring for you mask because it ensures that the shape and design of your eye cover are not altered in any way. Machine wash usually does the opposite of this.


The primary function of an eye cover is to block out light. Whether you need the eye cover for meditation, sleeping, napping or relaxing when you are traveling, one of the main purposes of your eye mask is to block light out. If you’ll be using it for traveling or you need a cover to use in your meditation or for a nap at your workplace, it is advisable to choose a sleep cover that is light and convenient to carry along with you. If you plan on using your mask outside or for more fashionable purposes, there are a bunch of different styles to choose from, like the quilted or silk designs we have listed above. It is important to identify the main use of the cover before you make a purchase.


The design of an eye cover plays an important role when deciding on one you’ll be using frequently. Eye covers come in both contoured or non-contoured designs. A contoured cover is one, which has been designed to have an eye-shaped cup on the inner side of the cover. The shaped cup ensures that there is not direct contact between the eyes and the material used to make the cover. There are plenty of people who don’t like the feeling of fabric on their eyes, or for health purposes, need space between skin and fabric. Contoured eye masks are great for this.

Customizable Fit

Most sleep masks have a customizable fit that makes them ideal to be used by men, women or kids. However, the adjustable materials used to secure the mask around a person’s face can determine the ultimate decision. Most covers use velcro, adjustable straps, or adjustable clips, while some use an elastic cord. Elastic cords are not popular because the cords may apply excess pressure against a person’s skin while sleeping. In addition, once the elastic loses its elasticity, the cover essentially becomes useless. Velcro is common but not liked by people with long hair – particularly women, because it tampers with their makeup or tangles their hair. Plastic adjusters are preferred by side-sleepers because the plastic clip stays on the back of the head as opposed to a person’s temples.


Lack of enough sleep or enough quality sleep, is not only taxing on the physical body, but can have an adverse affect on your job production. In order to improve the quality of your sleep, you need to consider purchasing the best sleep covers that promotes good sleeping habits. From our research, we found the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask and Amazker 3D Sleep Mask to be the best eye masks for the majority of consumers, given their lightweight and customized fit, soft and luxurious fabric, and great price.