Best Shower Shaving Mirror

For many, the morning routine is something that they seek to shorten.  Every minute you spend on it, after all, is a minute less that you can sleep.  Because of this many men seek to find a way to shave while they’re in the shower.  Sadly, most showers do not have a decent mirror in them, and the market for shaving mirrors for the shower is somewhat lackluster.

Best Shower Shaving Mirror – Comparison Table

But that does not mean that you can’t find good mirrors out on the market.  There are quite a few decent mirrors on the market that are good for your use, whether you’re going to be affixing it to the wall of your shower permanently or taking it with you wherever you go. Before we get too in-depth in this review, though, let’s first look at a quick comparison chart of the available products, at those mirrors that might be the best shower shaving mirror on the market for your uses.

NameDimensions (In Inches)Method Of Adhesion
Upper West 3X Magnification Mirror7.1 x 7.1Suction Cup
Mirrorvana Fogless Mirror6.3 x 6.3Suction Cup
JiBen Fog Free Mirror5.75 x 5.75Suction Cup
ToiletTree Fogless Mirror With Squeegee8.5 x 9Silicone Adhesive
ToiletTree Deluxe LED9.5 x 7.5Silicone Adhesive
Reflect XL Mirror On A Rope7.6 x 5.6Adhesive Mount AND/OR Paracord Rope

A good shower mirror can be a great tool that can also reduce the amount of time you spend in the bathroom getting ready for your day, while a mediocre one will only be an aggravation.  Picking the best shower mirror for what you need, whether you need a mirror you can take with you on the road or one that will be a constant fixture in your shower, is very important.  So, without further ado, here are the best entrants in the competition for the title of best fog free shaving mirror.


Upper West 3x Magnification Mirror – The Fine Details Mirror

This is the only mirror we reviewed that has any magnification to it.  Magnification isn’t really needed for most people, but if you’re making sure that your nose hairs are properly trimmed, and that your shave is complete and doesn’t miss a spot or leave a bit of scruff, then it may be important to you that you have a mirror that can show such details.  This mirror is mounted via suction cup, and it can be manipulated via the ball joint that is built into it.  This allows it, with a limited range of motion, to be angled up, down, left, right, wherever.

So how does this mirror stay fog-free?  Well, a mirror on your wall is being cooled by the wall that it is mounted to. When you move that mirror off the wall, and you minimize the material between the reflective surface and plastic and the mirror, you get a mirror that will be easier to heat to the temperature of the water, and that reduces fog. Once you’ve controlled the fog, all you have to do is wipe off the condensation that accumulated during the temperature adjustment, and it should be good to go.  That’s how this mirror works, and it will stay relatively fog-free for about six months.

If you’re looking for a good fog-free mirror at a low price that has a classic look and is good for someone on-the-go, this is definitely the mirror for you.

  • Lasts through six months of daily use, easily.
  • Doesn’t fog up and is cleaned easily.
  • A classic look that never goes out of style.
  • Will eventually stop working
  • Suction mounting leads to a lot of falls

Mirrorvana Fogless Mirror – The Chemically Treated One

The Mirrorvana mirror is very similar to the Upper West mirror reviewed above. It’s a fairly large shower mirror, which is nice.  It also mounts to the wall with the use of a suction cup, as well as having a ball joint that you can use to angle the mirror to your liking.  Where it differs, though, is in how they mitigate the fog factor.
The Upper West mirror used the way it was constructed to negate fog issues.  The Mirrorvana offering, on the other hand, uses a ‘fog resistant coating’ on the mirror to cut down on fog.  This is both a blessing and a curse; anti-fog treatments work well at ensuring that you never need to deal with fog.  The problem, however, is that the anti-fog treatment will eventually wear off.  You can reapply it, of course (Mirrorvana’s makers suggest using Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray), but that is a hassle.
Other than that, this is a nice mirror that looks a bit more modern.  The only real detraction for those who aren’t on the go is that the mirror is attached via suction cup, which does not provide as good a seal as you would get with a silicone-based adhesive.   If you’re living a life on the move, though, you’d probably prefer a suction cup mounting system.

  • Fog-free chemical treatment works very well until it wears off
  • Ball joint makes it easy to adjust the angle of your mirror
  • Decently sized with a modern look
  • The usual complaints about finicky suction cups
  • Retreating with Antifog spray is a hassle

JiBen Fog Free Mirror – The Classic Model

One of the best features about this JiBen mirror is that it looks a lot like the old shaving mirrors.  The ones that were found in the barber’s shop or in a British officer’s tent, the very height of class. 

This mirror advertises that to make it ‘fog free’, you need simply splash it or wipe it once with hot water.  This is another one of those thin mirrors, which warms faster and has less backing that needs heating to remove fog.

It is mounted to the wall with the use of a suction cup, and it has a holder for your razor, which is a nice touch. It has the ball joint for adjusting, too. If you use it as directed, and wipe it down with a warm and soapy hand during your shower, it will stay fog-free for the remainder.  It’s a good mirror at a low price.

  • Easy to mount
  • Fog free without treatment
  • Classy and decent-quality mirror
  • Finicky suction cups
  • The razor holder is a bit precarious for most razors

ToiletTree Fogless Mirror With SqueeGee- The Updated Mirror

Many of these mirrors work by limiting the surface needing heating.  The ToiletTree mirror, on the other hand, utilizes warm water to prevent fogging.  You simply fill the back of the mirror with hot water, and you’re good; the hot water will quickly heat the mirror and prevent fogging. It also comes with a squeegee for cleaning off the mirror, and with a shelf for your razor to rest on. The ToiletTree fogless shower mirror certainly works.

One thing that must be mentioned that is different, though, is the method for mounting.  No more suction cups; this mirror comes standard with silicone adhesive. That means that it is much more likely to stay where you put it, but that removal is much more difficult.  If you’re looking for a travel mirror, this is not the one for you. If you’re looking for a home-use mirror, though, this is definitely the one for you.

  • Affixes with silicone adhesive for a good seal
  • Uses water to remain fog free
  • One of the larger mirrors offered
  • Silicone adhesive is hard to remove

ToiletTree Deluxe LED – The Deluxe ToiletTree

Your shower is not the best-lit part of your home.  No one’s is.  This shower mirror is an improvement on the standard ToiletTree model which adds LEDs for better illumination during your shave.

Aside from that change, it is mostly the same as the standard offering. It’s a bit larger, it uses the same reservoir system to prevent fogging, and it never needs to be treated with anything.  Unlike the metal and wood mirrors that some higher-end boutiques sell, you need not worry about finish wearing away.

As with the standard ToiletTree, it has a pseudo ball joint for adjusting the angle of the mirror, and it mounts with provided silicone adhesive.  Definitely a good purchase, and a decent upgrade from the smaller ToiletTree standard.

  • Adhesive mounting
  • LED lights are a nice touch
  • Razor platform
  • Ball joint mounting issues over time

Reflect XL Mirror On A Rope – The On-The-Go Solution

Paracord rope is one of the most useful things on earth, as any veteran or outdoorsman can attest. So, for the man on the go who needs a shaving mirror, this is a good choice for a variety of reasons.

It’s the simplest mirror offered here.  It comes with an adhesive mount, or you can just hang it from something in the shower.  You could also get a 3M adhesive mount that’ll work for it at any hardware store.

It stays fog free mostly because there is so little to the mirror that changing its temperature to that of your shower is an easy process. 

This is definitely the best mirror for those on the go.

  • Easily portable
  • Decent sized
  • Paracord rope is so useful
  • No ability to angle it; it hangs where it hangs
  • More prone to falls and can break from them

Best Shower Shaving Mirror - Buyer's Guide

A fogless shaving mirror is an important thing to have for anyone concerned with speeding their morning routine along.  It’s also a common piece of kit that many people sell.  Here are a few things you should know when buying a mirror for shower shaving.

Which Method Of Fog-Proofing Is Best?

Of the various methods, which provides the best fog-proofing?

As a rule, chemical treatments are the best at preventing fogging.  However, they wear off, and must be regularly reapplied. On the other hand, some of the methods just don’t work, or don’t work well.  The ToiletTree design works well, but some mirrors are prone to fogging just by the way they’re made. 

It all really comes down to if you’re willing to apply anti-fogging treatments or not.

What’s The Best Mounting System?

There are only a handful of ways to mount these mirrors.  Suction cups don’t work well on anything porous, and even if they work, they slowly lose their suction in most cases. Adhesive works very well, but is hard to remove if you ever want to move your mirror.  The paracord rope is a nice idea, but it doesn’t let you angle the mirror at all.

All things considered, I think that the adhesive is the best choice, really.  Silicone adhesive holds up well in water, and properly applied, will hold the weight of a mirror with ease.


We reviewed six great mirrors today, but there can only be one that earns the title of ‘best fog free shaving mirror’.  After careful consideration, the winner is the ToiletTree Fogless Mirror With Squeegee.  The water in the mirror idea is revolutionary and yet so simple.  The mirror has good definition and clarity of picture.  Most importantly, the mirror is hardy and is mounted to the wall of your shower with the use of included silicon adhesive, which does not have many of the issues that suction cups do.  Best of all, the price is reasonable, and the customer service that ToiletTree offers is top-notch. 

If you’re looking for a great mirror, there are six that we’ve reviewed today, and one of them will most definitely be appropriate for all of your uses.