Best Shower Mirror

Are you fed up with the constant struggle between wiping off foggy mirrors and rushing to shave your face for a few seconds before it fogs up again? Would you love to be able to wash your face and actually make sure all of the makeup is off before getting out of the shower? You’re in luck, because your frustration is over! In fact, according to the pros, to get the ideal shave, you need to shave in the shower, not before or after! What you need is a good shower mirror in that case; one that repels fog and actually does its job! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to search high-and-low for the best shower mirrors out there, to keep you looking clean and fresh! Let’s get started!

The Best Shower Mirrors 2018 – Compared

Refer to the table below to help you find the best shower mirror on the market for you. We’ve provided a few of the stand-out features for each product to help you compare-and-contrast each item to find your match made in shower mirror heaven! Here are our top recommendations for the best shower mirrors of February 2018.

No Fog Shower Mirror with Rotating, Locking Suction by Upper West Collection360-degree rotating arm, razor holder, locking suction cup,5.75” mirror surfaceThrow hot/warm water on the mirror
Fogless Shower Mirror by CassaniEasy install, shatter-proof, includes metal shower hook, detachable6”x7.5”Anti-fog nanotechnology
Brookstone Fogless Shower MirrorShatter-proof, Includes razor holder and squeegee, waterproof LED lights5”x7” mirror surfaceFill reservoir with hot water
ToiletTree LED Fogless Shower MirrorIncludes razor shelf and squeegee, LED light, easily detachable, adjustable9.5”x7.5”Fill back reservoir with hot water
5x Magnifying Fogless Shower Mirror by ProBeautifyIntegrated razor hook, power lock suction cup, 360-degree rotation, shatterproof7x7Fog-free technology

Now that you have an idea of what the top fogless shower mirrors are out there, let’s go a little more in-depth to sort out which mirror is right for you.


Upper West Collection No Fog Shower Mirror - Best for All Angles

Upper West Collection Mirror: While it is a very new item on the market, it’s already received rave reviews from people all around the globe. The no-fog shower mirror has the ability to swivel a complete 360 degrees, to ensure that you can get a close shave or apply your face mask and ensure it’s perfect!

While many other mirrors require the use of a heavy-duty tape or glue that can be difficult to remove or make it harder to use in more than one place, this mirror uses suction locks, making it simple to hang on just about any flat surface. The way it works, is by splashing hot or warm water on the surface of the mirror, and it will stay fog-free for the entire duration. With a 5.75” viewable screen, there’s more than enough space to view your entire face. Just don’t let it make you late for work! As the icing on top of the cake, they also include a razor holder, so you can have everything in one convenient location, and don’t need to buy an extra item.

  • 360-degree swivel arm helps get a close shave
  • Included razor holder
  • Easily transferable with lock suction cups
  • Not as big as some of the others
  • Suction locks don't work on every surface

Fogless Shower Mirror by Cassani - Simplest Product

The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror is straight-to-the-point. There are no fancy lights or hoops you have to jump through just to make sure your mirror stays fogless. They use a patented anti-fog nanotechnology which is imbedded right under the surface of the mirror to ensure you’re spending your time worrying about you, instead of fumbling with your mirror. It’s shatter-free, which is always nice, because who really likes pulling glass shards out of their feet when they’re already rushing to work?

The detachable fogless mirror can also be transported with you to the office or the gym, if needed. However, keep in mind that the actual stainless steel wall mounts are mounted by an adhesive. Cassani also includes an elegant-looking stainless steel razor hook to keep your bathroom looking sleek and convenient.

  • Detachable mirror makes travel easy
  • Anti-fog technology gives you more time to focus on you
  • Includes stainless steel razor hook
  • Attached with difficult-to-remove adhesive

Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror - Most Convenient Product

The Brookstone Fogless Shower Mirror lives up to just about every other Brookstone product: it looks good, it has incredible technology, and most importantly, it works. The polished stainless steel mirror is not only fog-proof, but also shatter-proof, which should be required in all shower mirrors. It works with a blue reservoir cup on the top of the mirror. You fill it with warm/hot water at the beginning of your shower, and it stays fogless for the rest of the time. The mirror has a 5”x7” surface, which is ample room to get a close and accurate shave.

It also includes side and chin LED lights, which have a 5-minute auto shut-off feature, ensuring you don’t have to worry about turning it off after use. It requires use of 4 AA batteries, which aren’t included, however the package does include a squeegee to get rid of any water droplets, and a convenient razor holder.  It can be hung easily, with the use of convenient suction cups, which also make transportation a cinch.

  • Easy-to-use reservoir cup
  • Includes squeegee and razor hook
  • Side and chin LED lights with an auto shut-off feature makes shaving in any light easy
  • Easy-application suction cups
  • Requires use of 4 AA batteries
  • Some don't like to fill up the reservoir

ToiletTree Deluxe LED Fogless Mirror - Best Design

The ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror is larger than any of the other models ToiletTree has come out with, and actually larger than just about any shower mirrors, in general. It works by filling the back reservoir with warm/hot water, and stays fog-free for your entire shower. ToiletTree has even taken it upon themselves to guarantee the mirror be fogless for life, which is hard to find with shower mirrors! It uses a silicone adhesive to apply, and the mirror is easily attachable so you can take it with you wherever you’d like.

The bright LED light that illuminates the entirety of the screen, ensures you don’t nick yourself while cutting in lower-lit settings. If you’re limited on space or just like a clean-looking bathroom, the fogless shower mirror also comes with a handy shelf at the bottom of the mirror to hold your shaving kits, along with a squeegee. This is like the Tesla of fogless shower mirrors!

  • Guaranteed to stay fog-free for life
  • Easily removable to take anywhere
  • Bright LED lights to keep a clear picture in dim lighting
  • Handy shelf holds shaving kits
  • Some don't find use out of the LED lighting

ProBeautify 5x Fogless Shower Mirror - Best Mirror for Up-Close Shaving

The ProBeautify Fogless Shower Mirror is perfect for when you want to get those almost-unseen areas of the face, or just want to check up on how your pores are looking. It’s guaranteed to be fog-free up to 100 degrees, which is hotter than any normal human should ever have their shower, anyway.

With an integrated, sleek razor hook, you can keep your razor nice and handy at all times. It installs quickly, with the use of power lock suction cups, rather than messy or complicated adhesive or glue. The nice thing about this mirror, is that it’s ready-to-go the moment you attach it to the shower wall; there’s no need to warm it up or fill up any reservoirs before use. It also features a complete 360 degree rotation, for use at any angle. The only possible downside, is that it does not attach to every flat surface, like the inside of a locker. 

  • Ready-to-go without warming
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Includes integrated razor hook
  • 5x magnification
  • Doesn't attach to every flat surface
  • Not as elegant-looking as others

Best Shower Mirror - Buyer's Guide

Most men prefer to shower either before or after showering. Why? Well, the reasons are pretty simple: they can’t see their faces very well in the shower or they use electric razors that they can’t take into the shower with them. This is why the fogless shower mirror is so important. Not only does it save time, but according to experts, it’s also better for you to get a close shave, with less nicks and irritation. By using the hot, steamy water of the shower, it not only opens up your pores, but also makes the hair much softer and easier to shave.

As the skin is also softer, it creates less resistance to the razor. With a fogless shower mirror, you can see your face and neck perfectly, especially if they include an LED light or a if the mirror is magnified. It’s also a good idea to have one that can be easily removed, whether with suction cups, or if it’s detachable from the backing. Having a squeegee and a place to hold your shaving kits or razors are also nice additions, that make things more convenient and look more put-together.


While any of these hanging shower mirrors are excellent choices, there is one that consistently stands out from the rest: the ToiletTree Fogless Shower Mirror. Not only does it look attractive, but it has just about everything you need. The bright LED lights that surround the mirror make shaving easy in dim lighting, whereas the others only function properly in bright light. It slides easily out of the back attachment, so you can take it with you anywhere you’d like.

ToiletTree also guarantees it stay fogless for life, which is almost impossible to find. ToiletTree knows their products work, so it’s easy for them to guarantee such claims. The rather large mirror also includes a handy shelf on the bottom, where most of the others only include a simple hanger to place your razor. This one is large enough, to where you could place your entire shaving kit, if you’d like. If that weren’t enough for you, they also include a squeegee to make sure every droplet is off of the mirror, and the only thing you see is your face. This is undoubtedly the best shower mirror out there, and we encourage you to take a look!