Best Robot Toys

Holiday time is the best time to put a smile on the little ones, isn’t it? All right, we will rephrase that and say anytime is the best time to make them smile. There is no way to show that you care (at least in their young minds) but through buying them the best robot toys.

Do you know that robotic toys are not only entertaining but that they also promote critical thinking?  The days when you would find children playing with tiny dolls are almost behind us- almost being the operative word. The word has been taken over by technology that is not only churning unbelievably powerful computers for us grown-ups but also some fascinating toys that not only entertain your children but also teach them to think critically. You want to put this huge smile on your child’s face and make their playtime productive? We have compiled a list of the five best toys that will help you achieve this.

Best Robot Toys for Kids – Comparison Table

This year has seen an influx of robot toys, but there are those that stood out among the rest. Here is a table of the top five best robot toys 2018. Let us get to we, shall we? This list contains some of the best-loved toy robots for kids of various ages.

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot1.25 lbs4.84 * 5.31 * 8.86 inches
Cozmo3lbs5 x 7.2 x 10 inches
Miposaur10.6 ounces19 x 7.8 x 10 inches
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots1.1lbs9.1 x 13.4 x 13.4 inches
Anki Overdrive Starter Kit9.1lbs23.9 x 5.3 x 12 inches

Here is an in-depth look into each one of the best robot toys for children above.


Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot - Funny Robot Toy for Children

If your kid or nephew or niece is Star Wars fan or you are, and wish to introduce them to the force early on, this toy will earn you the coveted ‘relative of the year’ spot this year. Star Wars fans have for the longest time had a fascination with the spherical droid from ‘The Force Awakens’ since they watched that episode. Well, Sphero has made nights of dreaming into reality with their miniature BB-8 version of the Droid, and you can get it from the toy section. How cool is that? This droid brings the force right into your home.

This Droid is quite easy to activate. You could control it with an app that you can download from your mobile device or a watch-like device (that you buy separately). The watch is similar to what they have on the set of “The Force Awakens,” that makes it react to and display some visual messages from R2-D2 and C-3P0 R2-D2 and C-3P0 , or you could let it explore by itself. His droid is capable of navigating places due to its rounds shape and the internal technology with numerous sensors.

The round droid is made of superior material to keep it safe from inevitable bumps into furniture and other external factors that it encounters in its exploration. The material is so sturdy that even after several bumps; the droid maintains its smooth exterior, with no visible dent. We haven’t tested him against fire yet, but who knows what this little fella can handle?

It has a magnet to keep its head up. You will notice as it rolls that the head remains in position and that no rolling out of control will change this position. However, it will pop off when the droid goes under a structure where the head cannot fit. Worry not, it’s pretty easy to fix back. You will just need to align it and place it back on the strong magnet that holds it in place. The tiny antennas on top of the head are made of sturdy plastic, and they will not break easily. It is made with the recklessness of children in mind. 


Overall, this new toy robot is a hit on the market as we have seen the sales soar since its release. It is quite pricey, but considering the durability of its exterior, it is worth every penny. Besides, this is not the kind of toy that kids dispose of after a few days. It is fun, and it leads them to explore and be imaginative.

  • Captures the imagination
  • Very engaging
  • It picks up dirt and becomes immovable
  • It is quite expensive

Cozmo - Best Robot Toy 2018

This robot is still new on the market but it has taken over the toy section by storm. The toy, which interacts with kids and pets, is probably getting all the attention for its ability to talk back and imitate sounds. The company has been cooking it for while now, and they say that the best features are yet to come. The toy is aesthetically appealing too. If they are going to play, they might as well do so with beautiful 5*7 robots.

An In-depth Look

Cozmo has a personality bigger than him. The little guy thinks he can take on anyone and anything. Try and see if he is scared of your larger-than-life German shepherd. He likes to play, and he initiates it whether you want it or not. The thing about this toy is that it has plenty of emotions in it: all the emotions that you have, and it is not shy to show them. There is never a dull moment around this robot.

One of the reasons the world is raving about it is due to its teaching capabilities. This robot repeats everything you put into your device. Cozmo, which is fast becoming one of the best robot toys this year, is controlled with an app that you can download for free from either an android or an iOS device. If you need it to respond to you or repeat something you said, type it into the app, and the robot will say it back. Educators are using it to improve the learning ability of children.

Cozmo has the capabilities to learn your emotions and respond to them in an intelligent way, which makes him an adult toy as much as it is a kid’s. You can even send it to the next room to check on something. You can program it to respond to your requests your way.

It is pet friendly! If your furry friend is quite energetic and does not give you a moment to catch a break, Cozmo is the ideal partner that will take the attention from you. He barks back at the dog and meows at the cat. Your only concern will be to check that the dog does not robot-happy and start chewing away the competition. Luckily, Cozmo is made of sturdy material, so a bite won’t really dent him.

The developer is still making some updates that are said to be the highlight of 2018

  • This robot is intelligent
  • It is an educator
  • It uses a WiFi connection that interrupts your own
  • It has no microphone, so you cannot give it a spoken command

Miposaur - Great Dinosaur Robot for Kids

What came to mind when you read the title? Yeah, me too. And the toy takes the shape of this extinct reptile (if the photos on Google are to be believed). Children have this fascination with dinosaurs that some of us adults do not understand (or we forgot). Luckily, we do not have to say, ‘sorry sweetie, you cannot have a dinosaur for your birthday’ each time she asks for one. WooWee Robotics has created the best robot toy for kids this holiday.

Delving Into The Details

This robot responds to gestures you make, including waving. This is enabled by the  futuristic Beacon Sense, Gesture Sense, and Bluetooth Smart-Ready Technology.  Jargon much? It is smart technology. You want Miposaur to dance? Just make swiping gestures with your hands and she will entertain you with her latest moves. The robot will even act shy and cover its eyes at your command.

For better control, this robot comes with a interactive TrackBall which activates it whenever you want to give the necessary commands. It interacts well with a BLE enabled app and MiP (Mobile Inverted Pendulum) robot, both which are available in android and iOS devices. This TrackBall is loaded with games and will help you learn what Miposaur likes.

Miposaur is made of sturdy material that will not break in the hands of your eight year old and the wheels are coated in plastic to help your robot skid smoothly on any surface. There are no risks of them collecting any dirt as they roam.

Miposaur has a LED Mood Indicator that reads what the robot is feeling. It is on Curious Mood by default, which is indicated by the blue flick on the LED indicator. Happy commands will elicit the Happy Mood, while negative ones will get her into Annoyed Mood, which she will show by flicking the orange or red LED light. As the children get to know her, they will learn the commands that get her into various moods. Various hand gestures will activate it to action, such as swiping to your left or right will make it move from left to right. Three claps will get you a happy dance.

  • Miposaur is playful and it will keep the children creatively engaged
  • The robot is reasonably priced
  • The commands are easy to make and the robot can glide on any surface
  • It is battery controlled, and so you have to keep changing them
  • The robot topples over several times during play.

Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots - Classic Robots Game for Children

Does the little one fancy wrestling? Then this is one of the best robot toys for boys, because boys who love wrestling like to feel as though they are in the same league as their heroes. It goes way back in history. The first version of this robot was made 50 years ago, when the technology wasn’t close to advanced as it is today. It consists of two robot toys in miniature ring, complete with barriers. It makes an engaging pastime activity for kids and their parents.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots do not need an app to operate. They only need some smart maneuvers and quick fingers to make swift moves. It takes some calculated moves to get to your opponent and pop his head, which is what determines a winner. Whenever your opponent pops your head, their robot makes the sound, ‘gotcha!”

What makes this game fun is that you just do not just make moves without thinking about them. You have to be keen not to have your head popped, while all the same making moves to pop your opponent. It engages the mind.

  • It is inexpensive.It engages the mind
  • The players interact
  • It could be a son-father time
  • It gets boring. You can only play it for so long
  • It is not challenging enough

Anki Overdrive Starter Kit - Addictive Smartphone Controlled Robot Racing Car Toys

This robot brings the real action into your home and in the hands of the young ones. The kit comes with cars programmed for battle and with capabilities to perform tricks on the track. Each kit has six curved tracks that you need to connect, two robotic supercars, four straight track pieces, one four-car charging system, a tire cleaner, and two riser pieces.

The players get to choose their preferred tracks. The straight roads will undoubtedly make the game easier, but as you progress, you can include the curved ones to make it more challenging. The cars are real battle machines, complete with the technology to fight your opponent on the road. The free downloadable app (on both iOS and Android devices) will enable you to make flips and other tricks on the road. The smart way to learn these skills is when you play alone so that you have ample space.

The cars are made for battle, and you have the ability to make your own battlefields. The cars are so intelligent that they will learn the new battlefields and track each other down. You get better and learn more with each game. This game could be addictive if educative. It engages the mind because you are required to be on the lookout each time, as you make decisions on the next move that will keep you in the game. If you are not playing with your friends, you are playing with AI, which keeps you on your toes. With over 25 intelligent adversaries, you cannot afford to slack. Every quick decision is rewarded with a win, and each slow one suffers a loss.

The setup is not complicated. The first thing that you need to do is build your battlefield using the tracks. When you set the starter kit up, the app does the rest. It configures everything else and teaches you some strategies to get you started.

  • It is engaging and requires the player to be attentive
  • The four charging system rakes a lot of cars at once to make it fast
  • If one of the tracks got damaged, you would have to buy the entire starter kit
  • It needs WiFi

Best Robot Toys - Buyer's Guide

A few things can tell you whether the next toy you buy will be tossed in the bin after a few days or it will be a keeper. Before you buy a toy, ask yourself these question;

Is the Toy Engaging?

Children and adults alike want to play with toys that challenge them each day. When buying a toy, it would be advice to get one that will interest them for longer than three days.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

You may have a budget for the toy because you do not plan to spend all your money on one. We think that it is only prudent to spend money on a robot toy if the specifications (as given in this guide) are worth it. If is built with state-of-the-art technology that is not going to be obsolete in the next year, then it is a worthy buy. In our review, the developers are committed to upgrading their systems free to all the people who own their robots.

How Old My Baby Is

Our listed robots are ideal for kids above the age of eight. Adults can play with them too, bit kids younger than eight years may find them a bit too advanced.


This review exhausts the list of the best robot toys this year. While developers are still at work to bring more on the market, these five stand boldly in their categories as some of the best, which is the reason they are flying off the shelves this festive season.

Somme of these toys cost quite a lot but they last equally long, and their shelf life is impressive. When developers make new upgrades, the new changes appear on the apps, which gives the toys new life. Your choice is solely dependent on you and your budget, but two of the toys that stood out to us based on performance are Anki Overdrive Starter Kit and Cozmo. They certainly are leading their peers in the battle for supremacy.