Best Robot Dog

What does every kid want? Aside from eating candy for breakfast and watching cartoons all day, most kids want a dog at one point, or another. Dogs are a big responsibility, and there are various reasons why one may not be feasible. Your home could be too small or not allow pets, or maybe you don’t have enough time during the day to give them the attention they deserve.

So, what’s the alternative? Well, you could go with a hamster, or get a robot dog. There are all kinds of colors and sizes to choose from. These interactive pets will provide your child or yourself with hours of entertainment, without having to worry about the mess or feeding them. Go ahead and take a look at the best robot dogs on the market today!

Best Robot Dog 2018 – Comparison Table

It’s important to choose a realistic moving toy dog that suits your or your child’s needs. We’ve created a table that lets you easily compare and contrast each product with the others to narrow the search down quicker. Pay special attention to the size and feature you’d like your product to have.

ProductIncluded ItemsFeatures
WowWee CHiPSmartBand, ball, charging bed, and robot dogSmart, affectionate, and trainable, responds through touch, SmartBand, and CHiP app, follows and recognizes you, automatically returns to his SmartBed to recharge when low on power
Tekno NewbornsRobot dogGreat for smaller children, barks, plays, and interacts, walks and begs, light-up eyes, wiggly ears and tail
SainSmart Jr.Robot dog, remote controlLets you know when it’s happy or sad, shakes head, wags tail, dances, and more,  includes rechargeable batteries, controlled with a remote control
Paw PatrolRobot dog, badgePressing badge transforms Pup Pack into wings, all popular characters available from show, great for very small children, good on budget
ZoomerRobot dog, USB charging cable2x tricks as previous model, learns new tricks, understands English, Spanish, and French, responds to voice commands
Electronic Pet Dog HarryRobot dog, 3 AAA batteriesGood size for active play, walks and barks, responds to touch, uses Bump n Go, sings and dances
Zoomer ShadowRobot dog, USB charging cable2x the tricks of previous models, learns new tricks, understands English, Spanish, and French, follows your movement with his eyes, very realistic movement

The table lists just a few of the most notable features each realistic robot pet carries, however, if you scroll down even further, you can read in-depth about all of the amazing capabilities these dogs possess. Let’s take a look!


WowWee CHiP - Most Affectionate Robot Dog

CHiP is an intelligent, trainable, and affectionate robot dog; so much so, that you or your child may just forget that he’s operating on batteries! If you’re looking for your new best friend that will function as a loyal, lovable companion, then this one could be it! A lot of misconceptions about robots, is that they’re, well, robotic. They show no affection, and are cold. However, this is not the case with sweet CHiP here. Turn on your favorite tunes, pick up his front legs and he’ll dance with you until your legs are tired! Sometimes he’d like to have some exercise, too! Roll his ball, and he’ll bring it back to you. Fetch is a whole lot more fun when the mess isn’t included! He loves extra attention, too! If you rub your face on his, he’ll nuzzle right back.

CHiP, much like a human, adapts and changes his personality over time. Real-time processing assists with seeing, speaking, listening, and feeling. SmartBand technology allows CHiP to recognize you as his owner, and will follow and play with you. However, he’ll also make sure you know when he’s tired or needs some extra affection! As mentioned before, CHiP loves playing ball. He comes with a SmartBall, which features sensors that allow him to locate and bring the ball back to you. All of this fun and games, and CHiP will eventually start to get sleepy. However, he knows when he needs to rest, and when his power starts getting low, he’ll make his own way to bed for a recharge.

Make sure to download the CHiP app on your smartphone to ensure he’s constantly up-to-date with the latest software. There are a couple minor downsides with this particular robot dog. The first one, is that it doesn’t do well on carpet, however, most don’t. The second, is that it requires two AA batteries, which aren’t included, so make sure you plan ahead before your package comes in the mail!

  • Very affectionate, and loves attention and nuzzles
  • Has an adaptive personality, and will grow and change personality with time
  • CHiP app makes sure the pup is outfitted with the latest software
  • Can be operated by SmartBand, plays fetch with ball, and recharges by itself
  • Doesn't do well on carpet
  • Requires two AA batteries, which aren't included

Tekno Newborns - Best Budget Product

If you’re looking for a robot dog that’s light on your budget but not light on features, then check out the Newborns from Tekno. A bit different from the rest of the options on this list, the Newborn takes on the characteristics of an 8-week-old puppy. However, just because they’re a bit younger, doesn’t mean they’re lacking in features!

These are particularly well-suited for children ages three and up, given their size and exciting features. The interactive pup will follow you around, sit, beg, and jump, just like a real puppy! These are very easy for smaller children to operate, and have a great time with. While they’re not ideal as robot pets for adults, they are still fun to play with. Once it is programmed, it will be able to sing and interact with you, as well!

There are a few downsides, however, to this product. It requires two AAA batteries, which are not included, so make sure you’ve planned ahead and bought some. They occasionally have issues walking on thick carpet, so they’re better used on smooth surfaces like kitchen flooring. There have also been some reports of one of the ears falling off. While it doesn’t happen with every toy, there is the chance that it will happen, so keep that in mind.

  • Sits, begs, jumps, and barks "Happy Birthday"
  • After being programmed, it sings and interacts with you
  • Great for much younger children
  • Ears sometimes reportedly fall off with some users' products
  • Has issues walking on thick carpet
  • Requires two AA batteries that are not included

SainSmart Jr. - Most Active Product

The robot dog from SainSmart Jr. not only looks adorable, but is fully interactive and quite busy! No one wants a robot puppy that just does the same old things, like sit, walk, and so on. This puppy takes things a step further, and has the ability to wag their tail, stretch like a normal dog would, run, and even pee! Don’t worry, there is no mess associated with this! To find a robot dog that runs is surprisingly quite rare, so the SainSmart is an excellent option if you or your children are looking for someone to keep up with high energy.

If you’re feeling in the mood to get down to some music, this pup will accompany you! It can also sing and dance, which is great for entertainment or if you don’t want to dance alone! Aside from being active, As one of the best robot dog toys, it also expresses emotion, like anxiety, excitement, and even apologizes, based on certain sounds and actions it takes. You can also program its actions on your own, if you’d like. The way this robot dog is controlled, is through an elaborate remote control that can be operated up to 50 feet (15 meters) away with a wireless system for ease and comfort. The intelligent pup is equipped with rechargeable batteries, which not only save you money and the hassle of going to the store, but is also great for the environment.

If you have any hesitations at all, let those worries be gone, as SainSmart features a 45-day money back guarantee, and an 18-month warranty. The downsides aren’t too grave. The battery does take about an hour to charge, and the battery is not included with purchase, however, the USB charging cord is.

  • Expresses a wide variety of emotions
  • Has the ability to perform many physical actions, such as run, roll over, sing, and dance. 
  • Controlled by a wireless controller up to 50 feet
  • Rechargeable
  • Does not include battery
  • Battery takes a full hour to rechargeable

Paw Patrol Action Pack - Best for Very Young Kids

If you have children, then you undoubtedly understand how popular the TV show, Paw Patrol, is with them. Now, they can take the pup home themselves, rather just watch it on their screen! This one is especially perfect for very small children, as it’s quite small itself. One of the best things about this particular product, is that you have a variety of choices. Collect Ryder, Everst, Rocky, Rubble, and Skye! They all have their own special features and transformations! For example, Everst has her own grappling hook that shoots out, and RoboDog’s wings shoot out of his pack, just like in the show!

This option is definitely lighter on features, however, is still a quality option for fans of Paw Patrol, or just smaller children who aren’t yet ready to play with bigger robots with more elaborate features. Everything is controlled right from the included badge. There are a couple “cons” associated with these toys. The first, is that they are quite simple, and ideal for toddlers. The second, is that they do require batteries, and are not included.

  • You have the option to choose from the various characters in the show 
  • Each have their own features and functions
  • Great for toddlers
  • Very basic
  • Require batteries that aren't included

Zoomer Interactive - Best for Bilingual Speakers

The Zoomer chip dog has long been a favorite for those fans of robot dogs. However, this newer model is updated and can perform twice as many tricks as before! He can of course perform all of the “typical” activities a robot dog is expected to perform, such as speak, lay, shake hands, and roll over. However, Zoomer is much more than that. Call his name, and he’ll automatically come over to you, just like a real dog. He can chase his tail, say “I love you”, and even understand three languages: Spanish, English, and French! If your child, or yourself, don’t speak English or prefer to speak in a different language, then this is the perfect robot dog for you!

Zoomer waits on your every move, and follows you with his eyes. He loves a good belly scratch and to be rewarded with your time and affection. However, if you neglect him, you may find him off playing on his own, or “peeing” on the carpet! He loves when you teach him tricks, and the more often you practice them with him, the better he remembers. He even has a few tricks of his own to surprise you with! When you’re ready to expand your pooch family, you can also purchase his family members, Bailey and Shadow (who is listed later in our article). He is fully rechargeable, and comes with a USB cord to do so.

The only real downside of having Zoomer as a part of the family, is that he’s not ideal for children under three years of age, due to his high level of activity, and the fact that some features can be confusing for them and hard to operate.

  • Understands three different languages: English, Spanish, and French
  • Loves learning new tricks, and even has some tricks of his own to show you
  • Very responsive to you, and even follows you with his eyes
  • Performs a variety of tricks, as well as gives affection 
  • Not ideal for children under three years old

Electronic Pet Dog Harry - Best for Active Play

Harry is probably the least hairy dog you’ll ever see, but he sure acts like the rest of them. At over 7 inches long and almost 6 inches tall, he’s one of the smaller realistic robot pets you’ll see on the market, as well. Robot dogs, in general, aren’t the most “active” pets in the sense that their speed is pretty limited to a walk. Harry is different. With his touch sensors and Bump N Go features, Harry will run away from you if you pull his tail, and let you know that he is unable to go anywhere if you block both sides.

He loves attention, and also loves to sing and move around. He loves playing the chasing game, like many real dogs do! It’s great for getting your small children to really move around and have a quality, interactive experience with their best robot pet. It should be noted, that while this product is great for high-energy users, it is recommended for children ages two, and up. It is not the most advanced robot dog, and some are surprised by its small size.

  • Great for high-energy children
  • Loves to run around, dance, sing, and much more. 
  • Sensor technology and Bump N Go keeps the pooch going 
  • Small size is great for younger users
  • Doesn't come with the required AAA batteries
  • Small size

Zoomer Shadow - Most Realistic Product

So, we covered Zoomer a couple items back, but to be honest, the brand is so good, we couldn’t leave out Zoomer’s best friend, Shadow. One is great, but did you know that the two actually interact with each other? It’s double the fun, and double the features. Shadow, like Zoomer, has double the features of the previously-released models, however, he is the more enthusiastic version.

As you teach him tricks and practice with him, he’ll get quicker and better at performing. He knows how to roll over, wag his tail, and respond to comments, but he can learn much more. There are a ton of them listed in the instruction book (included) for you to practice with, but if you look on YouTube, there are actually some secret tricks that aren’t listed! Much like his brother, Shadow also understands English, Spanish, and French, which is great for those who speak more than one language, or who prefer to speak something other than English. Another bonus, which is rare among competitor products, is that he works great on carpet! In fact, carpet may be preferred, as he moves his head around a lot, and it may be rough on his head against hardwood flooring.

Shadow is rechargeable, and comes with the USB to do so. The only real downside we could think of, was that some users said they wished that the battery life was longer.

  • Made of 100% plastic
  • Understands and responds to English, Spanish, and French
  • Rechargeable with included USB charger
  • Can learn secret tricks
  • Battery life isn't the best

Best Robot Dog Toy - Buying Guide

If you’re serious about buying yourself a robot dog, or perhaps one for your child, then make sure to read our handy buying guide before you do! While it may not be as serious as buying a real-life dog, you are spending money and time, and want to select a product you’re actually going to enjoy! Take a look!


Take into consideration who or what you’re going to use your new pooch for. If you’re planning on buying one for a small toddler, then it’s best to look into the smaller dogs. These are generally more safe and easier to play with If you’re looking for an older child or for yourself, then you’ll probably want to buy a bigger one that has more capabilities and features.


Younger children are generally easier to buy for, in terms of satisfaction. I mean, most of us as children played in dirt at one point or another, so buying a robot dog for them would be magnificent, no matter what kinds of features they possessed. However, for older children or for yourself, you’re going to want the whole shabang. If you’re bilingual, then check out the Zoomer and/or Shadow pups. If you want a dog that can run, then check out Harry.


Some are operated through a remote control, a bracelet, a badge, or some other kind of handheld device. Some are also operated just with sensors built into them, which are obviously going to be the most convenient and generally easiest products to use.


This kind of goes along with features, but with some variations. Are you looking for just someone to keep you company? Are you looking for someone to follow you around, or are you really looking for a realistic robotic pet that goes all-out with their tricks? Most of the dogs can do basic tricks, like roll over, wag their tail, and so on. However, not all of them can perform elaborate tricks.


Not every robot dog is going to give off emotions; some really just operate like robots. However, there are some who really exhibit more human emotions, like anxiety, excitement, happiness, and more. They even nuzzle their heads against your face, if you want. Each dog differs, so make sure you look at their individual features.

Finding the perfect robot dog isn’t the easiest feat to do, but if you know what you’re looking for and read our guide thoroughly, then it will be much easier.


While all of the dogs on our list are of high quality and would make any child happy, we had to pick a favorite. We actually had quite a difficult time doing so, as so many of them are created with such an impressive level of technology. We picked CHiP for WowWee. The design and high technology was, in the end, unsurpassable. He is without-a-doubt, the most realistic dog, in terms of affection and interaction with humans. He will dance with you if you pick up his front legs, and he’ll nuzzle his face against yours.

His personality even adapts over time, making him even more realistic. He plays fetch, which we couldn’t find in any of the other dogs, so you can really spend time bonding and entertaining one-another. CHiP is operated through the SmartBand, which is easy to use, and convenient.

When he starts getting low on battery, he automatically goes to lay down in his bed and recharge, rather than you having to replace the batteries or hook him up yourself, like competitor products.

Overall, we hope you enjoy your new pet and select one of the best robot dogs!