Best Reclining Office Chair

While sitting may seem like a pretty low-impact activity, doing it for a period of more than a few hours, daily, can have a significantly negative impact on your health. Reclining office chairs make things a whole lot more comfortable. They give you the ability to lay back, take some stress off of your body, and leave you in a comfortable position, all while being able to do your work. This means no more stiff joints or sore backs from sitting in one position for too long. So, whether you’re an office worker, a gamer, an artist, or writer, we guarantee you’ll find something to fall in love with! Welcome to the world of the best reclining office chairs!

Best Reclining Office Chair – Comparison Table

Our list is full of top-notch, fully reclining office chairs, but they all vary quite a bit! Some even come with a built-in footrest so you can have the full experience of lounging, all while in your office! Now, let’s move on to reclining office chair staples!

Office ChairMaterialFirst-Glance Features
Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with OttomanBonded leatherReclining mechanism, 360-degree swivel, wing-styled arms and back, large metal stable base
Merax Ergonomic Mesh Lunch Break SeriesMeshAdjustable headrest with extendable footrest, tilt-lock mechanism with max angle of 130 degrees, SU-shaped backrest, lumbar support
Giantex Recliner Chair Swivel Armchair Lounge SeatPU, Metal frameMatte finish, leather-wrapped bases, great value, luxurious feel and look
HomCom PVC Leather Recliner LeatherHigh-density foam headrests, armrests, and interior padding, 360-degree swivel, lockable position knob for multiple reclining positions
Merax Racing Style Executive Leather Swivel ChairPU LeatherUnique look, folding footrest, ergonomic lumbar support, padded headrest and footrest, heavy-duty base

Now that you’ve taken a look at the best reclining executive desk chairs, scroll down further to read detailed descriptions of each one, to help you decide which one of these amazing options are perfect for you!


The Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with Ottoman - Most Luxurious Product

The Homelegance 8548BRW-1 Swivel Reclining Chair with Ottoman is one of those reclining office chairs that makes you do a double-take. Chairs of this quality are usually reserved for the CEO, but who says you’re not going to get there someday? Fake it until you make it, right? This luxurious sophistication is displayed through its button-tufted highlights and leather upholstery found throughout the chair and ottoman.

The leather not only looks sleek, but is also easy-to-clean! That means you can take that doughnut and coffee with you to your desk without having to worry about spills and stains! The wing-back styled arms and seatback give you supreme comfort, not to mention the cushioning included in every aspect of this chair! The 360-degree swivel makes multitasking seamless.

There were a few taller consumers who mentioned the chair was a bit small for them, but fit shorter users much better. Although having a separate ottoman will help some users, but will not work for very tall users.

  • Supremely-luxurious, with cushy padding and leather
  • Easy-to-clean leather is great for those prone to spills
  • 360-degree swivel makes multitasking easy
  • Lasts a long time
  • Not ideal for taller users

Merax Ergonomic Mesh Lunch Break Series - Most Minimal Product

The Merax Ergonomic Mesh Lunch Break Series may look very lightweight and minimalistic, but it packs a big punch with its design and technology! It not only looks sleek, but it’s highly-adjustable; perfect for those who don’t have a lot of room for a thick and luxurious office chair, but deserve the same amount of comfort.

The adjustable headrest may look flimsy, but it is excellent at supporting your head for those long days at the office. Do you have back problems? If you don’t, you’re prone to them by sitting for such long hours at a desk. This chair has not only an ergonomic lumbar support, but an SU-shaped backrest design, to not only reduce back pain, but encourage proper posture and alignment. With a max reclining angle of 130 degrees, back pain may even be a thing of the past, with regular stretches and lounging being a part of your work day! To top it all off, it’s lightweight, making it easy to transport from conference rooms to your desk, and the mesh is breathable, keeping your back cool and dry all day long!

While this is overall an amazing reclining office chair with footrest, it doesn’t last as long as, say, a leather-upholstered chair, as it is made largely of mesh. However, if proper care is taken, it will last quite a long time.

  • Reclines to an impressive 130 degrees
  • Adjustable headrest and footrest
  • Lighweight and breathable mesh
  • Isn't as durable as leather-bound competitor options

The Giantex Recliner Chair Swivel Armchair Lounge Seat - Most Durable Product

The Giantex Recliner Chair Swivel Armchair Lounge Seat may look luxurious, but we promise, it’s one of the best-valued reclining office chairs on the market, today. So, if you’re on a budget but still want a chair that takes you to the next level of comfort, check this one out!

The black matte finish is made of PU leather, which gives you the comfort of real leather, without being prone to the rips, wear, and stains that real leather can sometimes be prone to, not to mention, it’s much more eco-friendly! The PU leather-wrapped bases not only look sleek, but also make them easier to clean. This also means they’re not going to move from their spot unless you want them to! With a matching ottoman, feel free to place it under your desk and stretch out! While some may not like the idea of “faux” leather, it is more durable and is what really makes this chair such an impressive value!

  • Great value
  • PU leather is easy-to-clean and durable
  • Reclining mechanism along with separate ottoman is a luxurious experience 
  • Some people do not like the idea of PU leather

HomCom PVC Leather Recliner and Ottoman - Most Versatile Product

If you’re looking for a chair that you can use to watch the football game, and also place in your office for extended hours of use, then you need to check out the HomCom PVC Leather Recliner.

This ergonomically-designed contemporary recliner and ottoman set will undoubtedly impress you and actually feel good after sitting for extensive hours! Thick, high-density 24D foam pads the armrests, headrests, and interior for ultimate comfort! Just imagine sinking into that at the beginning of each work day! What many people dislike about many reclining office chairs, is the fact that it’s an all-or-nothing kind of concept; you either have the backrest fully up, or fully reclined, but there is no middle ground. This chair is different, in that it has a lockable position adjustment knob so you can create a personalized recline that suits you. A 360-degree swivel seat base doesn’t hurt either, making it easy for you to multitask from any spot at your desk.

While this is an incredible chair, some users expected the backrest to be a bit higher, with taller users unable to rest their head comfortably.

  • Made of luxurious leather and dense foam 
  • Appropriate for multiple uses (office, living room, etc.)
  • 360-degree swivel makes multitasking simple
  • Taller users reported not being able to rest their heads comfortably on the back

Merax Racing-Style Executive Leather Swivel - Most Unique Product

At first glance, you’ll notice the unique racecar design of the Merax Racing-Style Executive PU Leather Swivel reclining office chair. You may not be in an actual racecar, but you’ll feel like you’re finishing first every day you put in those long, stressful hours on your back! The space-saving design is not only coveted, but hard to find!

With a removable, cushy lumbar support pillow, your spine will always be on the right track. Padded headrests and footrests just contribute to the comfort of this chair, and make it easy to sit in for long periods of time, whether it be at the office or just hanging at home, gaming. A heavy-duty swivel stand ensures stability, while you undoubtedly roll around in this fun chair, showing it off to all of your jealous coworkers! A recline-locking system allows you to take a nap at a comfortable reclining position (although, we wouldn’t recommend it!).

Although the chair is great for people of all heights (even extremely-tall people!), the actual adjustable height of the chair is minimal. That was the only downside we could find with this chair.

  • Removable lumbar support pillow encourages proper alignment
  • Padded headrests and footrests add to a cushy experience
  • Reclines so far, you could even take a nap in it!
  • Great for people of all heights
  • Actual height adjustment is minimal

Top Reclining Office Chair - Buying Guide

A reclining office chair has endless benefits over a regular office chair, but you need to know what you should be looking for in one before you buy one!

Neck Support

Neck support is important, as sometimes your neck can get tired and start to crane after many hours of staring at the computer. Being able to do work while also resting your neck has immense benefits that you can see immediately.

Lumbar Support

This is important to look for in any type of chair. Many chairs are designed to look like they have support, but the truth is, it’s just for looks. The lower back takes the majority of the strain from body weight and needs to constantly be supported when sitting for long periods of time.

Height Adjustable

The height of the seat (and ideally, armrests) should be adjustable. This reduces the appearance of carpal tunnel syndrome, and also puts you at the ideal ergonomic position, no matter your situation.


All of these chairs are amazing options, and depending on your preferences, you are bound to find one perfect for you. However, our two favorites are the Merax Racing-Style Office Chair and the HomCom PVC Leather Recliner.

They are very different from each other, but both provide supreme comfort, stability, and support. Not only that, but they look amazing and will last you quite a while. You can’t go wrong with any of the best reclining office chairs on this list!