Best Pop Up Canopy

Summertime – it’s filled with BBQs, sporting events, camping, beach trips, markets, backyard parties, and anything else you can possibly think to do outdoors. And why not?! For some, Summer only comes a few months of the year but some are lucky enough to experience Summer weather all year long. While the heat and the sun are both nice, sometimes it can get to be a bit much if you’re out in all the sun all day long. That’s where pop up canopies come into play!

These little things are great – they provide almost instant shade at any event you can dream up. And they all vary in sturdiness, portability, and fabric so you can find the sturdiest ones for an important event like a weeding or a lightweight portable one for a day at the beach.

For whatever event you need one for, you’re going to want to make sure that it’s sturdy and won’t blow away. We’ve compiled a list of a wide variety of pop up canopies depending on your needs and at the end, we’ll let you know what we found to be the best pop up canopy after hours of research. Read on!

Best Pop Up Canopy – Comparison Table

In the table below, we’ve listed the best pop up canopies on the market right now. We also included two of the key features you’ll want to know when looking, check it out!

Pop-up CanopyDimensionsMax Center Height
Quik Shade Commercial C10010 x 1010 feet
CORE Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy10 x 109.3 feet
Outsunny Slant Leg8 x 87.6 feet
Abba Patio 10 x 10-Feet Outdoor Pop Up Portable Shade10 x 109 feet
Clam Corporation 928111.6 x 11.67.5 feet
AbcCanopy Ez Pop up Canopy Tent10 x 1011 feet
Abba Patio Butterfly Gazebo12 x 129 feet
Ohuhu Instant Shelter Canopy10 x 1012 feet
Ozark Trail Instant Straight Leg Canopy10 x 109.3 feet
King Canopy FSSHST10WH10 x 1010 feet
AmazonBasics Pop-Up Canopy Tent10 x 109 feet
Eurmax Ez Pop up10 x 1011 feet

Alright, now we have an overview of the best pop up canopies out there, let’s get into the reviews of each one!


Quick Shade Commercial C100 - Also Good for Recreational

The first pop up canopy to pop up on our list (heh) is from a trusted name in the pop up canopy market, Quik Shade! This is a sturdy, reliable tent to kick off our list and has a lot of features that make this functional for not only smaller, recreational events, but you’ll also be able to rely on it for commercial events as well. So what makes the Quik Shade Commercial C100 such a great canopy? Let us tell you.

Firstly, it’s made out of a very durable 300D fabric which is top of the line. The “D” is a measurement put in place to let you know exactly how much pulling and tear a specific fabric can tolerate. Around 150D is average and will withstand most needs so 300D is really good for a canopy. It will be able to withstand most weather conditions including both heavy wind and heavy rain. The steel frame is also all commercial grade. It is coated with a corrosion resistant powder so it wont’ rust, chip, or corrode whatsoever.

Like is typical for these pop up canopies, it is all just a one-piece frame and has three different height adjustments, with the peak height being 10 feet. The eave clearance is 6.5 feet, which is about average for a 10 foot x 10 foot tent. It also features nylon feet so it safely protects patio surfaces and any other potentially delicate surfaces you’ll want to put this on.

Another added bonus you don’t often see with pop up canopies is the addition of a removable wall panel! This is helpful at markets or any other commercial events, as well as for your own personal use as you’re able to block out the direction where you’re experiencing the most sun. And to make it easy to carry with you to and from events, it comes with a carrying bag that has wheels!

Overall, this is a very sturdy tent at a very reasonable price point. It weighs 56 pounds so you know it won’t be blowing anywhere easily and also comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. That combined with the top of the line fabric, we can very confidently say you won’t have any problems with this pop up canopy.

  • Good for commercial and recreational use
  • Durable fabric
  • Wheeled carrying case
  • Heavy to carry around

CORE Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy - Stylish and Sturdy

CORE is another well-known brand name when it comes to pop up canopies. They build reliable, sturdy, and easy to put up tents. This one is very similar to the previous one, with a few key differences. One thing we can point out right off the bat, is that this comes in a warmer light grey color. White tents are effective, but we feel that this gives it a bit of a higher-end look. So if you need a tent for a special occasion such as a party or wedding reception, we think this might add a little bit nicer ambience than a plain white tent.

This also might be the best canopy for wind and rain! It is built out of 150D polyester fabric which is very water resistant. Another great feature is found in the buttons used to adjust the height. Usually, it might be a bit troublesome to adjust the height of tent because you might pinch your fingers or get them stuck. The CORE Instant Shelter Pop-Up canopy however, has extra large pinch-free buttons so you won’t have to worry at all while you’re setting up!

This is 43 pounds, so not as heavy as the previous, but it’s still been reported to be very sturdy. It is also especially good great on sand. Like the Quik Shade canopy, this one also comes with a wheeled carrying bag. This one is nice though because it also comes with ground stakes and ties, to make it even sturdier. It’s also relevant to note that this fabric provides 50+ UV protection, so you won’t have to worry about any sun getting through.

This is a very sturdy tent so it is recommended for more commercial events, but obviously will work fine for more casual events. It’s also very easy to put up and take down and can be done with only one person, although it is much much easier with two. Tough fabric, sun protection, easy setup, pinch-free buttons, and a wheeled carrying bag – we cannot recommend this tent enough.

  • Stylish color
  • Comes with wheeled carrying bag
  • Large, pinch-free buttons
  • On the lighter side

Outsunny Slant Leg - Lightweight and Portable

Outsunny provides a lot of cheaper options for pop up canopy tents that are generally geared more towards recreational use – and this one is intended just for that. This is a bit smaller than there others on our list coming in at 8 feet by 8 feet, but still has a decent max center height of 7.6 feet. While it may be tinier than the other ones, it doesn’t mean that it’s not still just as mighty!

A great perk to it being so light and small is that this is extremely portable. It doesn’t come with a wheeled carrying bag but you honestly won’t need one. It’s only about 20 pounds and does still come with a carrying case that you can throw over your shoulder. The middle still features an open-cathedral style ceiling. It also has a siler undercoating on the ceiling which helps to greatly reduce heat. The frame itself is of very high-quality and is powder coated meaning it is rust resistant!

Since this is a smaller pop up canopy, it is for easy to assemble and disassemble and can provide great pop up beach shade! We recommend weighing it down if you do take it to the beach however. It also works great for any sort of backyard gatherings, if you’re camping, or any sort of tailgate party. It is mainly recommended for short-term use like any scenario mentioned above, and won’t necessarily last for long-term use or in any sort of adverse weather. It also does wonders at blocking out UV rays with a little over 99% of both UVA and UVB rays being blocked out.

This is definitely not the sturdiest option on our list but it is one of the cheapest and most transportable. If you’re looking for something long-term or to use in the rain or wind, check out one of the sturdier options on this list. If you simply want something you can quickly and easily put up for a tailgate party, or on the beach for the afternoon – this is definitely the tent for you.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Not great for adverse weather

Abba Patio Outdoor Pop Up Portable Shade - Versatile, Stylish, and Sturdy

Up next is the first of two Abba pop up canopies that we’re going to recommend, this one is much more portable than the other. We absolutely love the look of this Abba Outdoor Pop Up Canopy. It looks very high end and can be used at weddings, birthdays, or any other events but  it is actually at the lower end of the price spectrum (under $150)! Aside from how it looks, Abba produces sturdy, reliable pop up canopies that are versatile and can be used in just about any situation.

Firstly, this canopy is water resistant and is made from 300D oxford tough fabric with a special treatment applied to it that provides the highest UV protection. As far as the frame, this is also sturdy and made from high-grade steel with a powder coat to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion to keep it looking great for years to come.

This pop up canopy also has a higher eave than other comparable canopies with a max center height of about nine feet. Even though this is incredibly sturdy, it is still incredibly lightweight, convenient, and very easy to remove and put in storage. It comes with a wheeled bag that is compact and fits easily into a trunk. It also comes with stakes for that extra bit of security in wind and other adverse weather.

This canopy is actually recommended to be used for regular use or even over longer periods. So if you need to leave it up for a weekend, or use it every day for a month, this is your tent. It will be able to withstand the weather as well as the assembly and take down. So feel free to use it for a stall at markets, any party or event, a backyard BBQ, or even at your kid’s soccer tournament.

This is a versatile, reliable, stylish, but lightweight pop up canopy that will suit a variety of needs. It compromises nothing in quality while still managing to look extremely professional. If you go for this canopy, you will not be disappointed.

  • Versatile in its use
  • Stylish looking
  • Good for use over long periods of time
  • Takes longer than most to set up

Clam Corporation 9281 - Colorful Protection

It’s very rare that you get any choice in color whatsoever when purchasing a pop up canopy. You either have to choose between white, gray, beige, or somewhere in between those. This is fine for most occasions, don’t get us wrong! But what if you want a reliable and sturdy tent that you can also choose a fun color for? We found your pop up canopy.

Don’t let the brights colors fool you, this canopy is just as sturdy as any other. It is made with 210D fabric so tearing this fabric would be no easy task. It also comes with six deluxe tent stakes for you to pin it down even more, meaning even less of the canopy flapping in the wind. While most poles you see are steel, these are actually fiberglass but they have passed multiple flex tests so you don’t have to worry about these giving out at all.

This is a fairly sturdy tent coming in at 34 pounds. It has stellar protection from both UVA and UVB rays and offers five-sided protection! This is great at events where you’re close to other people or if you just want more protection from the sun. The sides are mesh however so you’ll still get a breeze. This is also useful for camping if you want to keep out the bugs while still getting the view from outside. You can even close the entrance for ultimate protection.

It’s extremely easy to set up and can be done in seconds with at least two people. It can still be set up fairly easily with one person, but two is really the sweet spot. It comes with an oversized carrying bag (complete with stripes)! The oversized bag is actually a great feature as you won’t have to struggle as much putting the canopy back into its bag.

While this tent isn’t necessarily the best for most commercial uses, it is endless in its recreational uses. It can fit 6-8 people, provides protection from the sun on all sides, keeps bugs out while you’re camping, and can minimize the wind if you’re on the beach. It’s also insanely easy to put up so if you’re looking for something to use for a few hours on the beach or at night while you’re camping, we recommend giving the Clam Corporation 9281 a try.

  • Protection on all sides
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to set up
  • Not great for commercial use

AbcCanopy Pop Up Canopy Tent - Jack of All Trades

This is…. one heavy duty pop up canopy. And if you couldn’t tell from the photo, it’s a very versatile pop up canopy as well. This is definitely a commercial grade tent and geared towards more commercial uses, but if you just want an extremely sturdy tent with a lot of versatility and some useful extras thrown in, then this is also the tent for you!

Alright, where should we start? I guess with the fabric that it’s made of. It is made with 500D grade fabric, which is the strongest on our list. Again, this is the level of wear and tear that it can take without ripping, with an average being around 150D – so this is definitely strong. A couple of other notes about the fabric is that it’s completely waterproof and certified fire proof. It also blocks 99.9% of UV rays! You truly cannot get much better than that.

As you can tell from the photos, you also have many many different options as far as wall placement. You can have just a regular pop up canopy tent with no walls, or you can have a completely enclosed are with four walls – or any variation you can dream up in between. This even includes having a half wall, a door panel with zipper entry, or even a mesh fly screen! You can set this up literally any way that you want to.

While this may look complex and scary to set up, it’s actually very doable with only one person but of course, is much speedier with two. It weighs 74 pounds which is definitely the heaviest one on our list, but it just makes it that much sturdier. Thankfully it comes with a wheeled carrying bag. It also comes with 4 stakes and 4 ropes, as well as 4 sand bags!

This is truly a jack of all trades canopy. It comes with a 12 month warranty and also a lifetime support guarantee. AbcCanopy also has extraordinary customer service and will help you with any issues that may arise. And to top it all off, this comes in about 15 color variations – including some that come with a striped roof. No matter what your need, you can find some version of this pop up canopy that will help. It may be on the pricier side, but other than that we can’t really fault it for much.

  • Extremely versatile with walls
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Comes with 4 sand bags
  • On pricier end of spectrum

Abba Patio Butterfly Gazebo - High-Design for Long-Term Use

Okay, so we recognize that this might not quite technically be a “pop up canopy”, but decided to include it on the list anyway. It’s still fairly simple to put up and take down! Maybe just not as simple as some of the other pop up canopies on our list. So what’s so great about this canopy anyway?

Well first, the design is really really cool. It’s the only one like this on our list. It’s described as a “butterfly design” and makes any venue that you add this canopy to immediately look very high-end. For that reason, we mainly recommend this tent for special events, weddings, backyard shade, etc. This is a design that is unique to our list and will be difficult to find from any other brand at a comparable price.

The frame is made of high grade steel and is extremely sturdy. In addition, the frame is also coated and is set up to be rust resistant – it also won’t chip or otherwise corrode in any way. Also the feet on this allow it to be placed on any surface, including concrete, with ease and reliability. It is also completely waterproof and thanks to the design, water is really unable to stay anywhere on the roof. It is also able to withstand fairly heavy gusts of wind. While it is fairly easy to put up and take down, it still is more challenging than some of the other ones on the list so we recommend it for more long-term use.

While not a true pop up canopy per se, we believe it still falls into the category and can suit a lot of people’s needs. It’s still extremely sturdy, looks beautiful, and can withstand some of the most adverse weather. If you’re looking for something different for an event or even something to keep seasonally in your backyard, you can’t go wrong with the Abba Patio Butterfly Gazebo.

  • Sleek, beautiful design
  • Sturdy on multiple surfaces, including concrete
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to put up and take down

Ohuhu Instant Shelter Canopy - Great for the Price

Alright, back to the tried and true pop up canopies – and a great one to jump back into. While Ohuhu might not be quite as well known as some of the other pop up canopy brands, it’s still just as sturdy and just as reliable. Since it isn’t necessarily a name brand, you are able to get the sturdiness and the reliability without that little extra cost, with this pop up canopy costing around $125. Alright, so what are the details?

So most importantly, this is a high-grade all-in-one steel frame that is – you guessed it, rust resistant and also won’t chip, corrode, or peel. While this is a feature in most pop up canopy frames, it’s not in all so we think it’s still important to mention. As far as the fabric, it’s of extremely high quality (at 420D) and is completely waterproof, as well as fire retardant which is important to know if you plan on taking this to certain types of events. It is around 54 pounds so is fairly heavy and also comes with a wheeled carrying case.

While this tent will easily withstand light wind and rain, it’s not necessarily recommended to be used in extremely adverse weather conditions. Another perk however, is the roof height. You can tell from the photo that the cathedral ceiling is probably taller than most other similar pop up canopies – and it is. The max center height comes in at a whopping 11 feet! That is much higher than average for these types of pop up canopies and definitely the tallest on our list. The fabric of course provides UV protection. Another thing to note is that this isn’t the smoothest to set up, so we recommend it for longer events so you don’t have to go through the hassle for something short.

Overall this is a fantastic canopy, especially for the price. It’s extremely sturdy and will work well for markets, covering food at an event, or anything else you can think of. With a ceiling that tall, you’ll be able to fit anything you want underneath!

  • Durable fabric
  • 11 foot ceiling
  • Good price
  • Not great in extremely adverse weather

Ozark Trail Instant Straight Leg Canopy - Great Color and Bonus Chairs

Ozark is a leader in making products that you can trust for the outdoors. This Ozark Trail Instant Straight Leg canopy is no exception. This is a durable pop up canopy that we know you’ll be able to rely on.

We always have to mention the two most important things about pop up canopies, mainly because they’re really the only two components: the frame and the canopy itself. As far as the frame goes with the Ozark Trail, it boasts an extremely rugged steel frame. The canopy itself isn’t bad either and at a combined total of 60 pounds – it’s going to be hard to be blown away very easily. There is also an air vent at the top which is helpful if you’re grilling in the rain. This canopy is also of course extremely waterproof.

As far as the design, we love the dark gray look to this! We think it really sets it apart from a lot of the stark white ones on the market and is perfect if you want to blend into your surroundings. This is mainly intended for recreational use either camping, on the beach, or even BBQing in your backyard. Because of that, it’s super easy to set up and can be down in only minutes. Okay, now I know what you’re thinking – do those four chairs in the photo actually come with the canopy and if they do, are they even any good? The answer to those questions are yes and they are! As a bonus, it comes with four folding chairs (that all come with bags) so you’re all set to head straight to the beach with this. We think this is an amazing added feature, especially since it costs just over $100.

Overall we can’t say that this is the most durable canopy we’ve come across or that it’ll stick through a hurricane but what we can say is: it’s super easy to set up and transport to the beach, it’s an amazing price, it has a great color to it, and it even comes with four folding chairs. Call it gimmicky, but we love it and think it’s a great added value. We highly recommend this canopy.

  • Great price
  • Comes with 4 bonus chairs
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Not the best for really adverse weather

King Canopy FSSHST10WH - Heavy Duty Pop Up Canopy

Up next in our pop up canopy round-up we have the King Canopy FSSHST10WH – and a king canopy it is. Don’t let the thin eaves around the top fool you, this is canopy that cannot be shaken and will not let you down.

This canopy is commercial grade and is perfectly suited for any type of event, market, or show you might need this for. The steel frame is extremely sturdy and is powder coated to prevent it from rusting, corroding, or chipping. It’s also very easy to adjust to the different heights that are available. The canopy itself has UV inhibitors and is fire resistant, as well as water resistant. This is important to note as some commercial events have certain regulations as far as your canopy being fire resistant. And with the frame and canopy weighing a combined 64 pounds, it’s one of the heavier ones on our list that won’t be going anywhere.

There is a wheeled carrying bag that’s included but we think it’s worthy to note that it’s been reported very difficult to get it in and out of that storage bag – it’s just a little too tight. So you might want to consider wrapping it in tarp with bungee cords or finding a different way to transport this. A bonus however is that you’re able to purchase adaptable sidewalls for this! So you’re able to truly customize it to suit whatever needs you have at your event.

Again, a very sturdy tent that’s mainly recommended for commercial use – especially at festivals! Very easy to pop right up and take right down at the end of the night. But hey, if you just want a commercial grade tent you know you can trust to take to the beach, that’s okay too! Go for the King Canopy FSSHST10WH. With UV inhibitors, you’ll be sure to be safe from the sun in a nice shady spot whether you’re working a booth at a festival, or enjoying some beverages on the beach.

  • Extremely durable
  • Can purchase additional walls for customization
  • Carrying bag it comes with is difficult to use

AmazonBasics Pop-Up Canopy Tent - Great Customer Service

Alright the next pop up canopy that we have on our list actually is made from AmazonBasics! AmazonBasics is just that – a line of some of the more simple products that actually come straight from Amazon. Outside of the quality of the canopy, this can be a bonus since Amazon is known for their fast shipping times and great customer service so through purchasing an item made by them, you have a powerful brand backing it. So is it even any good?

In short, yes! It is. Just like all its competitors, it comes with a high-grade steel frame that is able to withstand any chipping or corrosion and will not rust. The canvas itself comes in a nice, stylish dark blue color and blocks out 99% of UV rays. The legs are angled and provide a total of 96 square feet of shade.

The AmazonBasics Pop-Up Canopy Tent is a nice combination of sturdy while also remaining lightweight. It comes in at only 37.5 pounds but still comes with a wheeled carrying bag. It is very easy to transport and also easy for only one person to assemble and disassemble. This tent is definitely able to be used for commercial purposes but ultimately it’s recommended more for cookouts, camping, beach days, etc. It’s actually especially great for the beach as it’s still very sturdy on uneven grounds. It is worth to note however that it does have a bit of a lower clearance on the eaves at only six feet but with its cathedral style ceiling, has a pretty decent height of nine feet in the center.

This tent will do you wonders for camping and beach days – it’s so lightweight and portable, very easy to put up, and will not move on uneven grounds. It’s much cheaper than most (less than $100) and you get the efficiency and reliability of Amazon’s customer service behind this product should anything go wrong. We can confidently say you won’t be disappointed with Amazon’s version of the pop up canopy – give it a go!

  • Great on uneven ground
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low clearance on the eaves

Eurmax Ez Pop Up - Commercial But Colorful

We are rounding off our list with a really strong candidate for best pop up canopy 2017 – it’s the Eurmax Ez Pop Up. It is versatile in every single way as well as durable and reliable. It’s strong enough for commercial use, easy enough for recreational use, and stylish enough to be used at any special events. Let’s get into the details.

First off, the Eurmax Ez Pop Up comes with four walls that can be put up in any combination and if all four are up, one is able to be partially open to be used at a door. This makes it great for craft shows, market stalls, weddings, etc. The fabric is unbelievably sturdy at 300D and is is water resistant as well as certified fired retardant. Like we mentioned earlier in the article, this is important when attending some markets and craft shows. It also comes with a tie-down kit of stakes and guy rope. And weighing in at 55 pounds, it’s an extremely sturdy canopy.

Another great thing is that it comes in a variety of colors including black! It doesn’t come with a wheeled case but it does have a shoulder strap that makes it easy enough to carry. Although it has been reported that the bag isn’t all that sturdy so just be careful putting it in and taking it out.

This pop up canopy is definitely on the more expensive side but if you’re looking for something for a specific event and need to be sure this won’t come down no matter what the weather, we highly recommend this Eurmax. The fabric is thick, it comes with versatile walls, and it even comes with a tie-down kit to make it that much sturdier. We can’t recommend this canopy enough and don’t think you’ll have any issues.

  • Versatile four walls
  • Extremely sturdy fabric
  • Carrying bag not that sturdy

Best Pop Up Canopy - Buyer's Guide

The great thing about buying a pop up canopy is that they don’t come with too many parts, so there are really only a few key things that you have to look out for. But on the flip side, since there are really only two components, you have to make sure that those components are good. So what should you be on the lookout for?

Canopy Material

One of the two things that make up a pop up canopy – the actual material! Depending on exactly what you’ll be using it for, you’ll want to make sure this is sturdy. You’ll want to look for at least 150D, which represents the strength of the fabric. Although if you need it for a special event or want to be extra sure it’s sturdy, look for something even higher at around 500D or 600D.

Frame Material

The second component that makes up pop up canopies, the frame. Most will be steel frames but there are a few variations. You’ll want to make sure that it’s high-grade steel frame or even commercial use and that it won’t rust, chip, or corrode. Most companies will tell you if they don’t, but always be on the lookout anyway just to make sure!

Height – Eaves and Ceiling

The most important height that you’ll want to look out for is the max center height. This can vary widely with the lowest being around seven feet and extending all the way up to 11 feet. If you’re just looking for something to store food under, then maybe you won’t need something as tall. However, if a lot of people are going to be standing underneath it for a while, maybe consider a cathedral style to give you that extra bit of room. Also look out for the eave height, which is the part around the edges, that’s generally much lower.

Optional Walls

Do you just want some shelter from the sun at a day on the beach? Or are you going to be setting up at a craft fair and will need some walls? Make sure to look out for this because not every canopy will even allows you to purchase additional walls. A lot of the canopies on our list come with removable walls and some will allow you to purchase them later on if you need them.

Adverse Weather Conditions

If you know you’ll want to have your canopy up long term or will be using it in a place with particularly bad weather, check and see if it mentions anything about being able to be used in wind and rain. Some work much better than others so see if it comes with a tie-down kit or sand bags to secure it in bad weather.


There are many makers of pop up canopies and a lot of companies will advertise certain features without any backup! So when considering exactly which one is best for you, make sure you follow our buyer’s guide to ensure you’re looking at canopy material, frame strength, and any other extra features you might need. That being said, there’s still one pop up canopy that stood out from the rest. That canopy is the AbcCanopy 10 x 10 Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent (number six on our list).

We chose this one for a few reasons but I think the main one is versatility. It already comes with all the attachments for you to use this in any situation that you can possibly think of. Any place from a market or festival booth to just a day at the beach! We also love that it comes with all the extras you would need in order to secure it – stakes, ropes, and even four sandbags, which none of the others on our list came with. The manufacturer also has spectacular customer service and is known to swiftly take care of any issues if they do arise.

While this tent is definitely on the more expensive side, you are getting what you pay for. You get a lot of extras but you also are paying for peace of mind. You know your canopy is sturdy and you also know if anything does go wrong, AbcCanopy will have your back. So go ahead, give it a shot. We can confidently say that this AbcCanopy Pop Up tent is the best pop up canopy and you will not be disappointed.