Best Polarized Sunglasses

Did you know that the health of your eyes greatly depends on the sunglasses that you use? Whether you’re looking forward to sporting casual sunglasses in your daily activities, glacier sunglasses which protect eyes from intense light rays in high attitudes or you need sports sunglasses, choosing the best polarized sunglasses will help simplify your lifestyle while protecting your eyes.

The sunglasses we’ve included on this list have polarized lenses that help in reducing glare and light reflection from other surfaces like snow or water. The market is filled with a ton of sunglasses from different companies and dealers and choosing the best among the various options may be difficult for a first-time buyer. Even experienced buyers may find it hard to choose the best sunglasses for themselves.

Best Polarized Sunglasses – Comparison Table

We have researched and compiled a comprehensive guide that can help you to choose the ideal polarized sunglasses that are unique, fashionable, and effective. With this table, you’ll be able to easily compare and contrast each product with the other!

So without any further ado, here are the best polarized sunglasses 2018.

Polarized SunglassesLens/Frame MaterialLens Width
Maui Jim LighthousePolycarbonate/Acetate65mm
Ray-Ban RB2132Crystal Glass/Acetate55mm
Hulislem Blade SportPolycarbonate/Polycarbonate70mm
ATTCL Polarized SunglassesTriacetate/Metal64mm
Duduma Polarized Sunglasses Tr62Triacetate/TR6266mm
Ray-Ban RB3025Glass/Metal58mm
Duco 8177STriacetate/Metal64mm

Now that you have an idea of what is on the market today, let’s scroll down a bit further and read more in-depth and start protecting your eyes in the most stylish way possible!


Maui Jim Lighthouse Polarized - Best Polarized Glasses for Fishing

Inspired by the beaches of Maui, the bronze polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim feature a stylish finish with modern curves making them a great accessory for outdoor activities. The shape also helps in providing an improved coverage and enhanced view from any angle of the eyes. The bronze finish and the durable lens enhance your view no matter where you are, by providing the best contrast , improving the natural color of landscapes and objects.

The sunglasses are made of a lightweight, high-quality plastic material, making the glasses perfect for outdoor use. The hinges are anti-corrosive which help lengthen the durability of Maui Jim Lighthouse sunglasses by ensuring any contact with water does not compromise quality. The nose pads are made of a soft rubber, which give a firm and comfortable grip, even if you’re participating in fast-moving sports or just hanging your head out the window.  

Another notable feature is the high technology used to ensure extensive glare protection and filters harmful UV rays. If you’re worried about taking them to the ocean, your worries are no more, as the lens and frames used for the sunglasses are saltwater safe.

  • Anti-corrosive and saltwater-safe, making them perfect for fishing or on the boat
  • Provides extensive glare protection, filtering UV rays
  • Soft rubber nosepads ensure they won't slide off your nose easily
  • On the more expensive end of the spectrum

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer - Most Trendy Product

The Ray-Ban RB2132s not only protect your eyes, but also look trendy enough to wear on the streets or on a date. Ray-Bans are known worldwide, and used among the Hollywood elite, if that doesn’t attest to their quality.

The frame of the sunglasses is made from acetate, a plastic-based material that is versatile, durable and lightweight. While they may be notably lightweight, they’re also durable enough to last years of sitting on your dashboard.

The powerful lenses will not only protect you from intense glares but enhance your optical view, filtering any harmful UV light rays. The lenses also provide excellent contrast and improve color definition. While it may just seem like a bunch of meaningless terms, they’re all equally beneficial to the health of your eyes.

The purchase comes with a high-quality lens cloth, which is great for cleaning the lenses properly without leaving any scratches or dirt spots that can reduce their clarity.

  • Trendy, attractive design 
  • Well-known brand
  • Both lightweight and durable
  • Protects against UV rays while enhancing contrast and color definition
  • On the pricier side of the market

Hulisleam Blade Sport Polarized - Best Engineered Product 

Most outdoor activities are physical, which means if you’re going to be spending time outdoors, you need some gear to withstand your adventures! The Hulislem Blade Sport Polarized sunglasses feature a Stress Resistant O Matter Frame that has been specially-designed to resist any pressure and withstand stress resulting from vigorous outdoor activities such as whitewater kayaking or speed cycling.

Another beneficial feature of the sunglasses is the dual lens Polaric Ellipsoid Geometry used to construct the lenses. This feature provides enhanced color contrast and a wide coverage with improved clarity. In addition, the lenses have an AcuTint coloring technology, which makes it possible to view natural colors clearly, as they appear. The sunglasses also have been improved with a rimless jacket frame that is designed to improve clarity in when viewing objects on lower grounds. Simply put, these sunglasses are awesome.

A UV400 mirror flash coating has been deployed in the lens to protect the eyes from UV light rays. The lenses wrap around the eyes perfectly and have a special iridium coating that protects from glare and helps to balance the amount of light that reaches the eyes to prevent eye fatigue. The wraparound lens has been designed to offer complete protection from glare that may penetrate from any angle.

The frame is made from a lightweight polycarbonate material, not just great for comfort’s sake, but for use in sports or other outdoor activities.  However, the increased width of the lenses and the enhanced features make the sunglasses heavier than their ultra-lightweight competitors.

  • Impact-resistant and durable enough to withstand high-intensity activities
  • Well-designed lenses prohibit UV ray penetration from any angle, along with a flash coating to further protect the eyes
  • AcuTint coloring technology enhances visual experiences
  • Not as lightweight as some competitor glasses

ATTCL Men's HOT Fashion Driving Polarized - Best Product for High Speed Use

This design from the Italian brand, ATTCL, which is among the best brands that any outdoor enthusiast would love to sport. The sunglasses feature a sturdy metal frame, but only weigh a mere 20g. The nose pad is thick and rubberized to ensure that they stay put no matter if you’re cycling, snowboarding, or chasing after the UPS man. Another notable feature are the adjustable hinges of the frame, which make them easy to fit, no matter the face shape or size.

The composite lens (three-coating) are polarized and coated with 100% UV400 flash coating that block any harmful UVA and UVB rays. The polarization helps to protect the eyes from glare when taking part in an activity thus improves clarity and eye coverage.

  • Adjustable hinges make the glasses a fit for any face shape or size
  • Impact-resistant and durable
  • Rubberized nose piece holds them in place while traveling at high speeds
  • While lightweight, not as lightweight as some competitor options

Duduma Polarized Designer - Most Durable Product

The unisex Duduma Polarized designer fashion sports sunglasses were made with one goal in mind: to offer enhanced eye comfort during sports. While they’re no doubt comfortable, high-quality sunglasses, they also look attractive.

The sunglasses have an ultra-lightweight and durable TR62 frame, which not only make them easier to lose, but make them pleasant to wear. The lenses have been polarized with seven coatings,  protecting your precious eyes from glare and harmful UV light, making them perfect for those long days on the field or mountain. The seven layers also increase the durability of the lenses.

The lenses have a rimless jacket design enhancing the lower vision view. The lenses also sport a flattering design, creating an enhanced view of landscapes and objects.

The sunglasses are among the most durable on the market, but in an effort to secure buyers against any breakages risks, the purchase comes with a lifetime breakage warranty that allows you free lense/frame replacement by the manufacturer in case of any breakages.

  • Very durable and lightweight frames
  • Seven polarized layers, protecting eyes from UV rays
  • Attractive design
  • Some users reported the frames being too small

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviators - Most Versatile Product 

If you’re looking for sunglasses that not only turn heads, but also give you the protection your health deserves, take a look the Ray-Ban RB3025. They’re the type of glasses to take along for camping trips, or for everyday use with just about any outfit.

Inspired by the first model produced in 1937 for the US Air Force Pilots, the Aviators style provides a contemporary look, which is complemented by the green-tinted lenses that improve contrast and helps to shield the eye by blocking 100% of UV rays.

The frame is made of adjustable, lightweight metal designed to fit various types of faces. The lens is made from glass, providing enhanced optical clarity that promotes improved visibility of objects in their natural color. The lenses are perfectly polarized to protect eyes from glare and reflecting surfaces.

  • Adjustable and durable frame is perfect for any face shape or size
  • Enhanced optical view from polarized glass lenses
  • Fashionable and perfect for any situation
  • The glass lenses break more easily than competitors

Duco Men's Sports Style - Best Men's Product

The Duco Men’s Sports Style sunglasses feature durable lenses made from triacetate material. The lenses can withstand a considerable amount of pressure and impacts such as scratches or collisions, making them perfect for motorcycling, racing, skiing, and more. The lens material has been made lightweight as possible to reduce undue stress and pressure for the wearer.

The lens provides 100% protection against UV rays, keeping your eyes in good shape. They are also polarized to ensure that the eyes do not strain from glare or reflection of light, which is great during those sunny evenings in traffic!

The manufacturer of these sunglasses provides a lifetime breakage warranty for the frame and lenses, which makes it an amazing bargain!

  • Great value for the high technology incorporated in the glasses
  • Ergonomic design made of durable materials
  • Coating deters UV rays
  • The nose pad isn't as "grippy" as others. 

Best Polarized Sunglasses - Buyer's Guide

The best polarized sunglasses should help protect your eyes from bright light while providing you with excellent contrast and increased optical clarity that ensures the colors of nature are not distorted. It may be difficult for you to choose the perfect polarized sunglasses because of the different products in the market, but we’ve prepared a guide to help you out.

Thickness of the lens

The thickness of the lens determines the amount of visible light able to penetrate through the lens, to your eyes. High-quality sunglasses should allow the perfect balance of light according to the current light conditions. The lense thickness also determines the durability of the lenses, unless it’s made of glass.

Color of the Lens

The color of the lens, often referred to as the “tint”, plays an important role in balancing the amount of visible light that reaches the eyes. The color determines the quality of contrast that you view as well as the actual color of objects. The best sunglasses should enable you to view objects in their original color while offering high contrast. The lenses can have either a dark color or a light color, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Dark Lens

These lenses are typically brown, gray, or green in color. The lens is perfect during brighter days because it helps to reduce excessive light from penetrating to the eye, reducing eye strain.

Light Lens

This lens may be yellow, rose, amber, or gold in color. These lenses are perfect in moderately-bright conditions and are great for snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding because they provide an improved view of objects with excellent contrast in low-level light conditions.

Material used for the lens

The material used to construct the lens has a direct impact on the durability, weight, and optical clarity of the sunglasses. The higher quality the material, the higher the price will be, as well. A superior material helps to ensure that the sunglasses do not only last longer but are anti-scratch and shatterproof. Several materials are commonly used.


This material is a market favorite because of its resistance to pressure and stress exerted from outdoor activities. While a great quality material, the cost is still on the lower end of the spectrum. This material is suitable for sunglasses used in extreme sports like racing, cycling or kayaking.


This is usually considered an alternative to polycarbonate, though it is less durable. Acrylic sunglasses are typically better for casual wear, because of this reason.


Glass is another crowd favorite, because of the enhanced optical clarity it provides. In addition, glass is resistance to scratches, giving you better optical clarity for a longer period of time. While scratch-resistant, they are heavier than most other lense materials.


This material is effective for stress and impact resistance. It also provides enhanced clarity.

Material of the frame

The frame material determines the level of comfort, safety, and durability of the sunglasses. A good frame should neither rub the skin nor pinch the skin. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin or allergies. The weight of the frame should evenly be distributed between the nose and the ears. It is important for the frame to have rubberized nose pads to ease the pressure of contact with the nose. Some popular use materials include:


Metal is commonly used to make frames because it does not obstruct eye view in any way since metal frames are thinner than others. A notable disadvantage with metal is the higher price associated with it. It is also less durable and can easily corrode with time if exposed to water. The material can also get hot when exposed to sunlight for a long period, making it uncomfortable to wear.


Acetate is a high-quality plastic-based material, which is durable, and offers enhanced resistance against impact. The main advantage of acetate is that it provides several variations of colors.


Nylon helps create lightweight and durable frames, as well as resistant to stress and frequent impacts associated with sports. While nylon has a variety of benefits, it’s also pretty inexpensive. The main disadvantage of nylon is the material is not flexible and may not be comfortable for every size of face.


Sunglasses are a perfect accessory for outdoor activities and important for the health of your eyes. Therefore, choosing the perfect polarized sunglasses should be given careful consideration. You want sunglasses that not only enhance your personal style, but are comfortable and protect your eyes. While Ray-Bans are well-known and made of high-quality materials, the Hulisleam Blade Sport Polarized Sunglasses are probably your best bet, if you’re looking for durability, technology to effectively protect your eyes, while looking great. Happy shopping!