Best Phone Holder for Bike

If there’s one thing we all can’t live without in today’s digital age, it’s our smartphones. We carry it practically everywhere we go. Whether you’re out on a jog or on a bike ride, smartphones come handy for GPS functions, music streaming and even monitoring your activities. If you specifically bike a lot, you can’t just carry your smartphone on your pockets and risk losing it while riding. What you need instead is to invest in the best phone holder for bike.

With a good bike phone mount, you can conveniently secure your smartphone on your bike and enjoy the ride without hassles. There’s a huge range of bike mounts for different types of phones available in the market. From the iPhone 6 bike mount waterproof to Sony Xperia Z5 bike mount, Harley Davidson phone holder, Quad lock out front mount and many more, the choices are aplenty. Which one should you buy? That’s exactly what we’ll help you with.

The Best Phone Holder for Bike – Compared

If you’re looking for the best bicycle phone mount, there’s no need to waste your time comparing hundreds of different options. We’ve done most of the research for you checking out different brands and a wide range of products. We found the following five brands below worthy of your investment. Here are the best phone holders for bicycles in 2018.

ProductWeightIdeal forStyle
Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder4.2 oz.HandlebarUniversal mount
Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro1.4 oz.Stem or HandlebarCase Mount
Taotronics Bike Phone Holder6.24 oz.HandlebarUniversal Cradle Clamp
Tigra BikeConsole Phone Holder6.1 oz.Stem or HandlebarCase Mount
Rokform Adjustable Bike Phone Holder1.9 oz.StemAdjustable Case Mount

Now that you’ve had a quick look of the best phone bike mount 2018 you can buy today, you should have a good idea which brand to go for. But in case you still need more info, keep reading for in-depth reviews for each product.


Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder – Top Rated Phone Holder

Try searching “iPhone bike mount amazon” online and one of the first brands you’ll see pop is this Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder. With over 3,500 reviews from customers and a very high rating on Amazon, it’s safe to say that this product is doing pretty well. We recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable phone holder that’s easily adjustable and can be mounted on bikes as well as motorcycles.

As a universal mount, this product isn’t only perfect for iPhone but other Android phones as well. What makes the Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder an excellent choice is super safe grip. Smartly designed, the phone mount grips your smartphone two ways eliminating the risks of falling or slipping. Once mounted on your handle bars, it’s ready to accommodate most mobile devices. It features an adjustable clamp that secures your phone and an extra silicone band that wraps around your device to further ensure the best grip.

There are three colors of this universal mount to choose from. Also included in the box are all tools you’ll need for the ultra-simple installation which will take you about 2 minutes to do.

  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price tag
  • Safe grip for smartphone
  • Suitable to use with bikes and motorcycles
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Not the best product quality
  • Too small for some handle bars

Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro – Ultra-Lightweight Phone Holder

When it comes to the best phone bike mount, one of the most popular brands that easily gets ahead of the competition is Quad Lock. The brand is known for their lightest and strongest bike mounting systems. Whether you’re looking for a custom made mount specific for a phone model or a universal mount, the brand carriers a variety of designs and types you can choose from including the Quad Lock universal bike kit, Quad Lock bike kit for iPhone 6 and this Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro compatible with all Quad Lock cases and adaptors.

In this Quad Lock bike mount review, we’ll focus on two factors why the bike mount pro is an excellent choice. For one, it adheres to the brand’s signature stamp of quality. It’s not only very lightweight but it’s also made of the strongest materials offer the most secure mount for your smartphone. With the patented dual-stage locking mechanism, you never have to worry about your phone slipping or sliding. Another advantage is the easy installation. There are two ways to install this bike mount. You can mount it using the O-rings which takes seconds to do or you can mount it with zip ties for a more permanent installation.

  • Lightweight and strong quality
  • Secure patented dual-stage locking mechanism
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for iPhones, Android phones and GoPros
  • Does not include Quad Lock case
  • Waterproof cover doesn't always work

Taotronics Bike Phone Holder – Best Budget-Friendly Phone Holder

One of the advantages with universal bike mounts such as this Taotronics Bike Phone Holder is that you can use it with practically any model of smartphone. If you have an iPhone 6 and you need an iPhone 6 holder for bike, this is an incredibly affordable product to check out. Later if you upgrade your phone, you can still use this versatile phone mount just the same.

There are a number of advantages why we recommend the Taotronics Bike Phone Holder. Aside from the budget-friendly price tag, the bike mount offers multiple protection for your precious smartphone. It features a non-slip rubber grip cradle to secure your phone from falling or slipping while you’re out enjoying your bike ride. The bike mount is also super easy to install or remove. Another plus is the rotatable 360-degree design that makes it easy to adjust the viewing angle as needed. Finally, the bike mount also features a foam carpet to cushion and protect your phone even during bumpy ride.

All in all, the Taotronics Bike Phone Holder has plenty to offer for its price tag. Just don’t expect superior quality as a high-end bike mount like Rokform Bike Phone Holder can offer.

  • Offers multiple protection with foam cushioning
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Not the best quality
  • Not ideal for heavy phones

Tigra BikeConsole Phone Holder – Best Weatherproof Phone Holder

If you’re looking for a bike mount for iPhone 6 and other iPhone models, this Tigra BikeConsole Phone Holder offers superior quality with a variety of features you can enjoy. Compared to older models, this new bike mount from Tigra is specifically designed with a multi-touch feature. With 90% sensitivity, it’s easier to access your phone’s screen on the road. In addition, the phone bike mount also guarantees extra security with its two double-hinged design. You can rest assured that your phone isn’t going to slide down the road and break.

If you also love to bike even in the rain, the Tigra BikeConsole Phone Holder is your best bet. It’s weatherproof and waterproof construction will protect your phone from water and other external factors. Unlike other cheaper options, this bike mount is even better for its sound boost technology. If you love to listen to some music when you bike, you can do so without ruining the sound quality. There’s just one downside with this bike mount and it’s the price tag. It will cost you about twice as much as other standard bike mounts to enjoy the extra features it offers.

  • 90% touchscreen sensitivity
  • Double-hinged design for extra security
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Camera-ready with Sound Boost technology
  • Expensive
  • Prone to cracks

Rokform Adjustable Bike Phone Holder – Best Phone Holder for Rough Terrains

Whether you’re looking for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone holder, Rokform offers the best adjustable bike mount holder there is. In terms of quality, design and security, the Rokform Adjustable Bike Phone Holder is on a league all on its own. Just one flip side, it’s really expensive. It costs around $100 as opposed to the $10 to $40 prices of their options. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. The steep price tag seems a little too much for a bike mount. But if you’re willing to spend a little more for a really good quality bike mount, we’d definitely recommend the Rokform brand.

Some of the best features you can enjoy with the Rokform bike mount include adjustable viewing angle, military grade durability and superior protection. Even on the roughest trails, this bike mount is exactly what you need.

  • Innovative and adjustable design
  • Military grade quality
  • Will fit most bikes
  • Designed for rugged and rough terrains
  • Expensive

Best Phone Holder for Bike - Buyer's Guide

Love to bike and want to carry your phone with you? You’ll need to invest in a quality bike mount. Depending on the type of smartphone you own, there are a wide array of choices available in various types and styles available in the market. Popular choices include the Quad Lock bike mount, Biologic bike mount, Tigra bike mount, Rokform bike mount and many more.

If you want to make sure you’re going to pick the right brand to meet your needs, we created this bike phone holder buyer’s guide to help you along.

Types of Phone Holder for Bikes

A bicycle phone mount works just like a waterproof motorcycle phone mount such as the Ram motorcycle phone mount or a DIY motorcycle phone mount. The cycling accessory is designed to let you attach your smartphone on your bike’s bar or top tube for convenience.

Majority of phone holders for bikes are designed to suit most of today’s smartphones. There are also options that are specifically designed for specific smartphones such as the Biologic bike mount for iPhone 5, Tigra bike console for iPhone 6, Quad Lock for Samsung S7 and many others. No matter your smartphone brand, there are typically three types of phone holders for different types of bikes.

Universal brackets

If you own more than one smartphone or a phone with a weird shape, universal brackets are your best bet. This type of mount, unlike the best iPhone 6 bike mount for example, does not include a dedicated case. It is designed to secure practically any type of smartphone including its protective case. With a universal bracket, you wouldn’t need to buy a new bike mount if you change phones. Universal mounts are generally attached on the step or handle bars

Case mounts

Unlike universal brackets, case mounts are designed for specific smartphones. This type of mount comes with a dedicated case specific in size and model. You cannot use a Biologic bike mount for iPhone 6, for example, to secure other types of phones. With case mounts, you can generally position your smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation. This case is typically installed on stems or handle bars.

Frame bags

If you want to keep your handle bars clear, you can opt for a frame bag instead. This carrying phone accessory is typically placed on your top tube behind the head tube. It doesn’t just carry your phone but it also offers extra storage for keys, cash and other items. This type of phone holder for bikes features a transparent window to easily see your phone’s screen. On the downside, it may not be as accessible as when your phone is mounted on the stem or handle bar.

Phone Holder Shopping Considerations

Whether you’re looking for the best iPhone bike mount or a universal bike mount for your Android phone, there are some considerations to keep in mind.


No matter if you’re buying an iPhone 6 plus bike mount by Otterbox or a Tigra bike mount for iPhone 6, sturdy construction is a crucial consideration. When you’re out biking, you’ll hit hard pavements or other rough cycling terrains. If you bought a cheap bike mount, chances are high you might drop your phone or go home with a cracked mount because of the impact. Choose a bike mount for phone that’s made of high impact materials such as polystyrene.


No matter if you’re buying your iPhone 6 bike mount from Walmart or Target, you can easily narrow down your options by checking ease of installation. No one wants a bike phone mount that takes hours to install. You’ll also want to opt for the brand that’s easy to use where you can easily mount and un-mount your phone without trouble.


Another important factor to consider when shopping for the best bicycle phone mount is snug fit. You don’t want your phone slipping from its holder while you enjoy your bike ride. This is why custom made phone holders for specific models such as the Biologic bike mount plus for iPhone 6/6S, for example, is often a good choice.

Other features

Other key features to also consider is whether the bike mount is waterproof or not. If you love to bike even on a rainy day then a waterproof bike phone mount is exactly what you need.


Not all phone holders for bike are made equally. Some brands are better rated than many consumers, other options are better in terms of quality and some types are cheaper. When shopping for a bike mount to buy, you should focus on what your needs are and make sure that you look for a brand perfect to meet those needs.

Do you need waterproofing? Do you need extra strength to handle rough terrains? Which type of bike mount do you prefer? These are some key questions to ask yourself. If you want a universal phone holder, the Vibrelli bike mount is a great value buy. If you’re looking for a case mount, Quad Lock offers different kits including Quad Lock bike kit for iPhone 6 and other models.