Best Lumbar Support for Car

The lifestyles of many people keep them sedentary for hours on end. You drive to and from office, spend hours in front of a computer screen, and relax on the sofa after an exhausting day remaining in a sitting posture for a long period of time. Sitting improperly while you’re driving continuously for 3-4 hours is one of the chief causes of agonizing back pain that can mar the rest of your working day.

Pain in the back, especially the lower back where the lumbar spine is situated, is more often than not, caused due to improper posture. If you’re plagued by backaches resulting from driving for long hours, you may find the need for a lumbar support for your car seat indispensable. Many passenger vehicles, trucks, and trailers have inbuilt lumbar or lower back support in the driver’s seat. In case your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in cushioned pillow, you can always go for a best lumbar support for the car.

Comparison of the Top Rated Lumbar Support for Cars 2018 

Lumbar SupportMaterial
Extra Comfortable Adjustable Breathable Black Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion Support Fit from Go Lumbar SupportBiodegradable polypropylene, elastic rubber, & silicon resin
Sweet Relief Lumbar Cushion Pillow with Mesh Back SupportBest grade of memory foam
400g Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow by PostureBuddyMemory Foam & 180GSM fabric used for the cover
Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion, Lower Back Support Pillow with Wooden Lumbar Support BoardSupportive foam & breathable fabric for the cover
Lumbar Back Support-Deluxe Lower Back Support Pillow/Cushion for Chair from King ComfortDurable materials including medical-grade memory foam
Larvin Torria Memory Foam Ventilative Lumbar Support PillowMolded and streamlined memory foam
Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain, Perfect for Car, Office Chair, Wheelchair, Airplane and Patio from RelaxBackMedical-grade memory foam
Desk Jockey Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain, Driving SeatTherapeutic-grade memory foam
ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic  Memory Foam Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion for Back PainOrthopedic  Memory Foam
LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion with 3D Mesh CoverPremium quality memory foam for optimal lumbar support cushion

Let’s move on to the car lumbar support reviews now.


Extra Comfortable Adjustable Breathable Black Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion Support Fit from Go Lumbar Support

The Extra Comfortable Black Mesh Lumbar Back Cushion Support Fit by Go Lumbar Support has been designed ergonomically to keep your lower back completely stress-free. Created out of biodegradable polypropylene, elastic rubber, and silicon resin materials, the cushion support provides relief from soreness and fatigue as well as helps correct posture. Elastic bands strapped to the pillow enable convenient and fast installation.

  • Immaculate ergonomic form factor allows you to install the cushion in a manner letting it align seamlessly with your lower back’s contour.
  • Perfect curvature & texture offers relief from a backache as well as alleviates fatigue/stress.
  • Customized curving also goes a long way in correcting your sitting posture.
  • Ventilated mesh type texture allows your back to breathe and keeps it comfortable.
  • Cushion has been fabricated from environment-friendly and recyclable polypropylene, elastic rubber, and silicon resin rendering it durable, flexible, and breathable with a high aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatile lumbar support cushion that can be placed on the car seat, office chair, home sofa, wheelchair, and scooter seat.
  • Elastic bands for strapping the cushion to the seat are somewhat flimsy and may not endure.
  • Biodegradable materials used for producing the lower back support may not be able to resist wear & tear or tolerate the elements.

Sweet Relief Lumbar Cushion Pillow with Mesh Back Support

The Lumbar Cushion Pillow from Sweet Relief is a user-friendly product that not only offers the lumbar section of your spine relief from tortuous aches but helps correct posture. Made from the best grade of memory foam, the cushion provides firm support to your lower back without compromising on comfortableness even when you drive for several hours.

  • Has been created out of Memory Foam preferred by orthopedists with robust lock-in buckles.
  • Filling material prevents the lower back from getting sore and stressed out as well as offers relief from backaches.
  • Functional design of the pillow helps in correcting and improving posture.
  • Mesh design of the back support maintains a good gap between the upper part of the car seat and your back thus promoting air circulation.
  • Eminently portable letting you carry it with you for installing on a train or plane seat, office chair, concert seat, stadium seat, and many other seating surfaces.
  • May not fit or install properly on some car seats, office chairs, wheelchairs or home sofas.
  • Straps tethered to the mesh back support may not be able to withstand wear and tear or rough handling.
  • Cushion is not as firm as claimed (firmness is crucial for keeping the spine propped up properly while you’re driving.

400g Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow by PostureBuddy

Stuffed with cent per cent Memory Foam, the 400g Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow from PostureBuddy impeccably aligns with the natural curve of your backbone thereby promoting posture correction and offering relief from backaches. The cover of the lumbar support cushion has been stitched from 180GSM fabric creates an ideal stratum between the pillow and your back thereby facilitating airflow.

  • Created from pure 400g Memory Foam that contours immaculately with the natural shape or curvature of the spine.
  • Offers near instant relief from backaches and keeps the lower back comfortable as well as stress-free.
  • Ergonomically designed pillow has an outline that helps in correcting posture by seamlessly coinciding with the bend of your spine.
  • Cushion has been specially designed that enables it to be conveniently installed on a range of surfaces including the car seat, office seat or chair, home settee, & wheelchair.
  • 180GSM black mesh back support promotes excellent air circulation in between the pad and your spine.
  • Mesh back support is machine washable.
  • Product is unduly thick which may not permit you to rest your back comfortably on the seat.
  • You may also to move the seat further back in order to install the cushion in a proper manner.
  • Straps that tether the cushion to the seat are not as long as advertised which might come in the way of setting it up properly.

Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion, Lower Back Support Pillow with Wooden Lumbar Support Board

Made out of supportive foam, the Relax-A-Bac lumbar cushion lower back support pillow from Duro-Med provides prompt respite from pain in the lower back which results from driving on a long trip. It comes with customized straps and inserts, letting it attach it to your car seat or office chair. The breathable fabric keeps your back from becoming sweaty or stressed.

  • The foam material used provides you relief from arthritis, and lumbago (pain in the muscles and bones of the lower back).
  • Can be extensively used for correcting and improving sitting position.
  • Orthopedically designed pad also helps prevent and reduce slouching or slumping by keeping the spine scientifically aligned.
  • The cushion comes with a solid wooden board that you can insert for getting greater support.
  • The cushion cover can be easily removed for machine-washing.
  • There are alignment straps for firmly binding the pillow to the car seat or chair.
  • The property of the fabric allows ventilation and you can choose from 8 distinct colors
  • The cushion is somewhat thick that can push way too forward making you feel cramped or constricted while you’re at the wheels.
  • You may have to push yourself back a bit too much to avoid being too close to the steering.
  • Using the wooden insert on a regular basis may tear or rupture the cushion cover

Lumbar Back Support-Deluxe Lower Back Support Pillow/Cushion for Chair from King Comfort

With the Lumbar Back Support-Deluxe Lower Back Support Pillow from King Comfort, you can bid adieu to lumbago, sciatic, and arthritic pains that are caused by driving long hours or sitting in a chair for long. Its innovative design plays a key role in improving posture and keeping the lower back free from stress or sores.

  • It is extremely versatile enabling it to be used on wheelchair, car seat, sofa, recliner, desk chair, office chair, plane and train seats.
  • Cushion whose form factor has been supported by orthopedists comes with a mesh covering that allows your back to breathe as it maintains a safe distance between the lumbar spine and itself.
  • Ventilated texture prevents your back getting sweaty and warm.
  • Pillow has been crafted from superlative grade of materials that prevents the cushion from getting flattened over time and makes it durable.
  • Elastic strap can be modified to be attached to the car seat, office chair or armchair.
  • Might be too thick or bulky for individuals with a smaller body frame that ultimately may not help ease lumbar pain.
  • Elastic belt straps may not tether firmly on some car seats, wheelchairs or armchairs.
  • Cushion is more compatible for installation on an armchair or wheelchair rather than on a car seat.

Larvin Torria Memory Foam Ventilative Lumbar Support Pillow

The Memory Foam Ventilative Lumbar Support Pillow from Larvin Torria is the chiropractor’s choice cushion that comes in handy for patients suffering from fibromyalgia, lumbosacral spondylosis or lumbago and convalescing after a surgery. The molded and streamlined memory foam prevents furnishes complete lumbar support, helps correct posture and prevents the cushion from becoming flattened.

  • Pure & superior grade of memory foam used as cushion filling that furnishes comfort as well as retains it texture for years.
  • Advanced 3D-mesh ventilated fabric stimulates good air circulation keeping your back from getting sweaty and sticky.
  • Cushion which comes with a flexible strap system is eminently portable.
  • Gives respite from back pain, helps alleviate stress and better posture.
  • Can be used not only by motorists but also by individuals who have sedentary jobs, video game players, patients on wheelchairs, and so on.
  • The dimensions of the cushion may not allow the same to be placed perfectly across all types of seats.
  • Straps of the mesh back support might lose their flexibility after a certain time period.
  • Some people may find the cushion too thick or firm for comfort thereby increasing discomfiture instead of lessening it

Best Lumbar Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain, Perfect for Car, Office Chair, Wheelchair, Airplane and Patio from RelaxBack

The lumbar support cushion from RelaxBack has been painstakingly crafted from medical-grade memory foam approved by orthopedists and chiropractors. The cushion is supremely suitable for placing on seats of cars, airplanes, trains, and buses in order to thwart the occurrence of backaches as you travel long distances. It comes with a soft handle enabling you to carry the pillow with you on your journeys.

  • Created from curative memory foam that promotes spine alignment, lessens back pain, sciatic pain, and arthritic pain.
  • Superior grade of the memory foam helps retain the texture of the pillow and prevents it from getting flattened.
  • Velvety handle allows you to carry the cushion support along with you.
  • Foam material is completely free from any kind of odors or foul smell.
  • Cushion can be conveniently positioned on seats of cars, planes, trains, and buses as well as on wheel chairs, armchairs, and office chairs.
  • Velvety cover of the cushion can be taken out effortlessly for giving it a machine-wash
  • Curvature of the cushion might push out many people too close to the steering wheel.
  • May be too firm or thick for a great majority of users.
  • Straps for attaching the cushion to the seat might sag if the product is used extensively.

Desk Jockey Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion for Lower Back Pain, Driving Seat

If you wish to cut down on medicinal intake regarding your lower back, sciatic or spondylotic pain, then you can bank upon the Therapeutic Grade Lumbar Support Cushion by Desk Jockey. The cushion’s inventive lumbar support mechanism helps in doing away with back pain as it promotes maintenance of alignment between the pelvis, torso, shoulders, and ears.

  • Cushion has been crafted from 100% pure therapeutic-grade memory foam that is free of foul odors.
  • Cushion cover can be removed easily and given a machine-wash.
  • Cushion support is very portable and versatile as you can take it along anywhere you want to and install it on different seating surfaces.
  • Quality of the fabric and the memory foam is such that the pillow never gets flat.
  • Perfect for maintaining spinal curvature and getting relief from back pain, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, and sciatica
  • Buckle strap attachment may not fit firmly around different types of seats.
  • Thickness or the denseness of the cushion may not be comfortable for many users.
  • Buckle strap is not as long as advertized.

ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion for Back Pain

The Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair and Car Seat Cushion for Back Pain from ComfiLife has an impeccable U-styled cut out that keeps the pressure off of your tailbone (coccyx). At the same time, regular use of the memory foam cushion helps improve posture and maintain natural curvature. The velour cover is machine-washable and it has a handle for carrying it conveniently.

  • Ergonomic form factor and contoured cut-out helps give relief from pain from herniated disc, sciatica, hip pain, hemorrhoids, and lumbago.
  • Non-slip rubberized base enables placing it stably on car seat, wheelchair, computer chair, armchair, plane or train seat.
  • Velour cover comes with a zipper that lets you take it out for a thorough machine-wash.
  • Created from superlative grade of memory foam.
  • Extremely lightweight allowing you to carry it comfortably by gripping the built-in handle.
  • The dimensions of the cushion makes it slender and narrow along the edges rendering it difficult for heavyweight individuals with a wide girth to sit comfortably.
  • Memory foam might feel quite stiff in the initial period.
  • The odor emanating from the memory foam is remarkably intense and unbearable

LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion with 3D Mesh Cover

The lumbar support back cushion with 3D mesh cover from LoveHome has been crafted out of a premium grade of memory foam that offers you respite from mid-back and lower backaches when you drive continuously. The perfectly contoured form of the cushion aligns with the outline of your backbone helping you achieve a healthy posture.

  • Innovative form factor and quality of the memory foam material helps reduce pain resulting from fibromyalgia, sciatica, and lumbago.
  • Memory foam is durable implying it has to capacity to withstand rough handling without getting flattened due to overuse.
  • Straps can be adjusted flexibly to fit the cushion on any car seat, office chair, truck seat, wheelchair, rocking chair, sofa, and so on.
  • Cushion cover is 3D mesh type which makes it breathable.
  • Continual use might adversely affect the texture of the cushion making it shrink and rendering it unfit for providing support in the long run.
  • Backrest or cushion has an overpowering chemical odor that may be hard to get rid of.
  • Elastic strap may sag making it difficult for you to fit the cushion snugly and firmly on car seat or office chair.

Best Lumbar Support for Car- Buyer's Guide

How to go about choosing a lumbar support for a car?

A well-built lumbar support for a car does what the terminology implies-provides support to the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and tissues in the spine’s lumbar section. There are different kinds of cushions that can be fitted onto the upper portion of the driver’s seat for keeping the lower spine comfortably propped up so that your back doesn’t get stressed out and stays pain-free after a long trip. There are numerous benefits of using a lumbar support pillow for a car that is specifically designed to ease your lower back pain and keep the lower back stress-free.

For instance, a good lumbar support for a car is fully detachable and supremely portable allowing you to take it along and position the same on a bus, train or airplane’s seat. You can also use these on seats constructed out of concrete or wood. In fact, the car pillow/cushion can be carried along for providing back support in any place where you might have to remain seated for many hours at a stretch.

Unique features of a comfortable lumbar support for cars

Any lumbar support for your car is designed keeping ergonomic aspects in mind. Simply put, it is contoured in such a manner that its outline corresponds with the natural arch or curvature of your back while you stay seated. Unlike the sofa cushion or the bed pillow, the lumbar pad is not fluffy or soft but somewhat stiff. The D-styled and the roll-type pillows are the two most popular kinds of molded lumbar supports for a car. When choosing a lumbar support cushion for your vehicle, bear the following aspects in mind:-

  • Filling: Always opt for a pillow that’s stuffed with superior grade of memory foam or good quality foam that offers a firm yet comfy support
  • Material: You can pick and choose from pillows whose fillings are covered with a range of materials or fabrics with the texture being velvety or ventilated mesh type
  • Shape or form: Opting for the roll-type or D-type cushions are recommended
  • Applications: If you wish to use the lumbar support for car to be used across-the-board, then you should go for one designed flexibly for multipurpose use


In conclusion, it can be confidently inferred that all the 10 cushions for lumbar support reviewed in this article are worth giving a try. Almost all of the pads assessed fulfill most of the quality parameters in order to be labeled as best lumbar support for a car. However, if you’ve to choose the most affordable cushion, then go for Go-Lumbar Support.

On the other hand, if you’re more particular about the quality and price is not a concern, then settle either for ‘RelaxBack’ or ‘ComfiLife’ cushion.