Best LED Projector

Today’s TV makers love to make you pay a premium for every inch. The difference between a 42 inch and a 50 inch can be the price of a second hand car and, once it’s installed, you can hardly bag it up and take it with you. Well, picture a TV you can take with you on a roadtrip; a TV that is any size you need it to be, including projecting on to the side of a house. Or, maybe you’re taking a sick day off work and would love to see your favorite TV show projected on to the ceiling above your bed? Maybe you just have a killer presentation you could hit the road with?

Well, with an LED projector you’ve got a tiny device that turns every wall into a display. The difference between a 42 inch and a 50 inch is 2 seconds of adjusting the projection. It actually makes you wonder why people still buy a television at all anymore. But, make sure you buy the best LED projector you can, because it’s still an emerging industry and there’s a lot to know to avoid disappointment.

Best LED Projector – Comparison Table

Use the comparison table below to look at our nominations for the best LED projector. All have been chosen for a combination of quality, size, accepted inputs, perspective adjustment, and price.

LED ProjectorNative ResolutionLumens
Crenova XPE600800x480p2600
Optoma GT10801920x1080p2800
DBPOWER T20 1500 800x4801500
Xinda LCD 1200800x4801200
Flylinktech RD-806A1280x8002800
RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector854x48050
ELEPHAS 1200800x4801200
InnerTeck Portable LED Projector320x240400
iDGLAX iDG-787W800x480500
iRULU WiFi Projector1280x8002500

Now that you’ve seen our top picks, it’s time to go through each one in turn to see which of the best LED projectors is the best LED projector for YOU.


Crenova XPE600 – Best Home Cinema LED Projector

The problem with many projectors, even non-LED ones, are that most of them don’t stand up in rooms with other sources of light, such as a window or a lamp. However, 2600 lumens puts the Crenova among the brightest LED projectors on this list and a few other features put it at the forefront of home cinema. One of those features is likely the most important when it comes to watching films with the family, and that’s the quality of the image. Many projectors on the market  have similar, or even higher resolutions, yet deliver an underwhelming image. Despite having an input resolution of only 800x480p, the projected image from the Crenova XPE is crisp and sharp. They still don’t recommend using it to display text, such as with a presentation, but subtitles during a move will be fine to read. The price is also excellent, putting it in a price bracket that is a lot less expensive than its competition. If you plan to start your home cinema, then the Crenova is a great LED home theater projector.

  • Extremely bright image
  • Includes HDMI cable, remote, and screws
  • 5 inch LCD display
  • Fans can be distracting
  • No bracket for ceiling mount included

Optoma GT1080 – Best HD Projector

The drool-inducing GT1080 is the best HD LED projector on the market – but a price that reflects exactly what it’s worth may put off the first-time-buyer. It’s hard to talk about everything the Optoma GT1080 can offer, so we’ll cover the obvious things here. Just know that if you have no idea what you want, it’s fine, because the Optoma can do it all. Anyway, let’s start with image quality. Thanks to a super bright 2800 lumens it’s the brightest on our list today, and there are very few projects that are brighter than it. Still, lumens aren’t everything, but image quality is – and the image quality is a fantastic native 1080p. That’s right, unlike its rivals the Optoma GT1080 led projector is genuinely HD and has all sort of extra features to pull every ounce of quality out of a film or game. Those features include DynamicBlack and BrilliantColor technology to ensure the tones of your video are absolutely perfect with no ‘washed out’ effects spoiling the experience. There are options for both short throw (large projection at short distance) too. Another little feature that will interest gamers in particular is the almost complete lack of any latency (aka lag).

  • Extremely bright image
  • Genuine 1080p high resolution projection
  • DynamicBlack and BrilliantColor Tech
  • Integrated distance calculator isn't fantastic
  • Fans can be distracting after long use

DBPOWER T20 1500 – Best Affordable LED Projector

When reading projector reviews and looking at LED projector ratings, you quickly discover that these are not cheap investments. Great investments, yes, but very rarely cheap. You don’t want to spend a lot of money only to realise that, actually, your TV is better. Or that it’s just not as easy to use. Well, worry not because the DBPOWER T20 is our affordable option, providing a great image quality for a price that’s attractive. It’s not the cheapest on the list, and it’s not the best either, but it’s definitely one of the most popular because it provides a lovely viewing experience for a very budget price. For hesitant buyers looking to dip their toe in at the cheap end, we can’t recommend the Dbpower T20 enough.

  • Relatively bright image
  • Low price point
  • Very quiet operation
  • You'll want to upgrade within the year

Xinda LCD 1200 – Best Budget LED Projector

If you’re really hesitant and really want to spend as little as possible, even less than the DBPower above, then the Xinda is your best option. It’s bright, half as bright as our top pick but still nice and bright, and it’s the same resolution as the Dbpower, yet it’s incredible cheap. Which is the main appeal of the Xinda, that it’s cheap. You’re really not expecting to be wowed, and you won’t be, but you will be happy. It’s a great option if you want to dip your toe in and then give it to one of your children once you’re convinced that LED projection is the future. There’s little else to say, other than you pay the absolute minimum and yet you receive a surprisingly high-quality little bit of kit.

  • As cheap as they come
  • Small size
  • Bright and decent quality
  • Unlikely to completely replace your HDTV
  • Minimal manual adjustment options

Flylinktech RD-806A – Best Ceiling Mounted Projector

The Flylinktech RD-806A is an incredible deal, providing a super bright image and great resolution for a price that  is a little hard to believe. Believe it though, because the Flylinktech RD-806A has many devoted fans who will swear to its performance. If it was full 1080p and had better speakers then it would be the only LED projector in our top ten projectors 2017. However, for the amount of money you’re saving by settling for a (still HD) resolution of 1280×800, you can buy a nice set of speakers to go with it. It’s our choice for a ceiling mounted projector because the fans are a little noisy and you definitely need to use external speakers with it. As such, as long as you’re willing to stick it on the ceiling away from earshot and connect it to some decent speakers close-by, then you’ve got yourself a fantastic HD home theater setup.

  • Fantastic price
  • HD (800p)
  • Very bright projection
  • Very unlikely to replace your HDTV
  • No HDMI cable or fittings included
  • Little manual adjustment options

RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector – Best Mobile Projector

One of the main appeals of LED projectors is the ability to take them with you. To pack them up and haul them off on an adventure with friends. However, the main issue with projectors is that, while they’re way more portable than HDTV’s, they’re not really that portable. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the RIF6 Cube Pico Projector. It’s 2 inches big. Or rather, 2 inches small. Yes. Two. Inches. It’s microscopic compared to its rivals and projects a display of up to 120 inches with long lasting LEDS. What’s the catch? Well, the price, for one thing. But if anything that’s a great indicator of quality. If it was this size and also extremely cheap then you couldn’t expect much from it at all, but the healthy price tag reflects the amazing abilities of this tiny tech miracle. Further catches include the complete lack of features other than focus and… wait for it… 50 lumens. Now, yes, compare that with the 2800 lumens of our top projectors, but this isn’t the sort of thing you buy for flooding a home cinema room with a projection for a crowd of 12. No, this is for watching a film in your bedroom with the lights off, this is for camping to project a film on the side of your tent for all to see, this is for taking your home cinema with you on holiday to look at your smartphone videos on the wall beside the pool while you enjoy an evening swim. Don’t expect to replace your TV with it, though it does accept HDMI, but it’s a makeshift cinema that fits into your pocket. And it’s well worth it.

  • IT'S 2 INCHES BIG...
  • Ultra portable, powers itself
  • Headphone socket for private cinema viewing
  • 480p
  • Price might put off first time buyers

ELEPHAS 1200 – Best LED Projector for Small Rooms

The Elephas 1200 is a 1200 lumen LED projector with a small footprint and a large cinematic projection. Its low price and compact nature, combined with the ideal luminosity for a dimly lit room and short projection range, puts it as a perfect contender for best LED projector for your kids. It’s portable enough that you could also wheel it out for special occasions. Though, if home cinema for groups of people are your goal, we’d recommend a pricier projector that’s brighter and offers a higher quality image.

  • Short projection
  • Small footprint
  • Very cheap price
  • Could be slightly brighter
  • Slightly less resolution than standard

InnerTeck Portable LED Projector – Best Portable Projector

It’s not quite the RIF6 cube but it’s portable and the price is a fraction of the cost of the RIF6. What do you lose? Well, the resolution is one of the lowest on this list at 240p which isn’t fantastic, but it’s enough. Think camping or watching football in the breakroom at work. Those sorts of scenarios. For the price, it’s hard to complain, and it even comes with a remote.

  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Extremely cheap
  • 240p resolution
  • Yellow might not be your color

iDGLAX iDG-787W – Best LED Projector for Budget Gaming

Picture this. Your HDTV in the front room is occupied by your partner who insists on watching his or her show – be it sports or some soap opera. Rather than sit there going insane, you pull out the LED projector, plug your headphones in, and watch your own stuff projected to 90″ across the wall. That’s what is on offer with the iDGLAX. We’ve chosen it as our best LED projector for gaming on a budget because of the extremely low price which makes it ideal for game-nights and as an emergency television screen for when the TV is being used.

  • Extremely cheap
  • Almost no latency for gaming
  • Compatabile with all consoles through HDMI
  • Built-in speakers
  • 800x400 resolution
  • Not ideal for bright rooms

iRULU WiFi Projector – Best Large-Screen Projector

The price and offerings of the iRULU wifi projector are great, with a price slightly higher than average but the iRULU is better than average. The obvious benefit of integrated WIFI is something not to be overlooked as a huge convenience, and the respectable 1280×800 resolution is also very decent for an affordable LED projector. What the iRULU shines at, however, is the maximum display of 200 inches. That is enormous and 25% more than the top-of-the-range average. This is certainly the best choice for those who value the size of the image most of all. In short, the iRULU does exactly what projectors are intended to do, capture that cinema experience.

  • Huge 200 inch projection
  • Wifi enabled
  • Very bright image
  • Quite pricey
  • Far less contrast than competitors
  • Surpringly heavy

Best LED Projector - Buyer's Guide

When looking for the best LED projector for you, you’re going to be focused on the quality of the projection and the native display. But you also need to be aware of other factors such as ‘keystone adjustment’ and extra accessories. Lumens is an important aspect, too. Lumens are the brightness of the projection and, depending on your intended use, you might need as many as you can get.


More lumens means a brighter picture. Now, if you intend to always use your LED projector inside a pitch black room them 50 lumens might be enough. But, if you plan to use your LED projector in a window-lit room, then you’re going to need something with a bit extra luminosity.


This might not be so important to those of you looking for a space-saving home cinema setup, but the beauty of an LED projector is being able to pack it up and take it with you. Pay attention to how it can be powered, as some can take a portable power supply for total portability. Others simply have a nice carrying case included.

Native Resolution

Now don’t compare the resolution of your HD TV to the resolution of a home theater projector, because they don’t quite mean the same thing. You can’t really compare the two because a TV is a backlit screen that doesn’t move and is fixed to a certain size. As such, HDTV’s deliver a super crisp high resolution image – but everything from the size of the screen to the resolution is inflexible. An Led projector, meanwhile, may only take an 800×600 input, or even a 480p input, but that really doesn’t matter when you’re projecting the image. Think of a cinema screen – their input resolution is the same as your standard HDTV, expect they project it to the size of a two-storey home. So don’t obsess over resolution trying to match your TV. Get the highest resolution your budget allows, but don’t sweat it.


You’re trying to watch a delicate moment in a critical part of a film yet it sounds like a hovercraft is preparing for liftoff just behind your head. Not exactly the best viewing experience. In order to prevent that from happening, find out if the projector has fans and if it’s known for being noisy or not (as our above reviews will tell you). Sometimes, though, a bit of fan noise is worth having to turn the volume up, as higher-end projectors tend to need a lot of cooling in order to achieve such great results.

Wireless Support

Some of the best video projectors provide ways to connect devices to them without a HDMI cable. This is especially useful for those of you who 

Projection Size

This isn’t something everyone has to worry about as LED projectors cover quite an extensive range of projection, but if you have a particular use in mind then you might be able to squeeze out the best image quality for you by paying attention to a projectors optimal range.


Buying one of the best LED projectors is as easy as picking any item off this top 10 list. However, if you want the best of the best, then our money is on the Optoma GT1080, chosen for its :

  • 1080p native resolution
  • 2800 lumen brightness
  • Extraordinarily quick 14 msec latency,
  • MHL connectivity
  • VESA 3D sync port
  • And razor sharp short throw lens (for projecting large images in confined spaces)

To buy the best LED home theater projection setup, then definitely consider buying this beautiful piece of equipment. It’s everything you could possible need in a very simple and affordable package.