Best Laser Tag Set

If you’ve ever played the blistering, bloody sport that is paintball (or rather “pain-ball”) then you probably see the appeal of the trauma-free laser tag. What’s not to love? You get to satisfy your need for real-life combat without the mess, cost, or band aids after. In a professional laser tag arena, you’re forced to wear those huge vests that are as heavy as 17th century armor, along with the attached gun. This makes mobility challenging, and while it’s no doubt a work out, it’s just more fun being able to easily jump through the air to dodge a laser. Of course you could block it with your hand if you’re that kind of opponent, but that’s not very fun, is it?

Best Laser Tag Set 2018 – Compared

We have gone ahead and tested out some of the biggest names out there in the laser tag industry. We’re proud to report that there were no injuries in the making of our study, albeit some injured feelings. Our handy table lists all of the important specs so you can easily compare and contrast between them.

Laser Tag Set# of GunsSpecs
Legacy Toys Lazer Tag Blasters and Carrying Case 24 team settings, includes durable carrying case, no vests needed, team and blast settings are interchangeable on each blaster
Wowwee Special Edition Multiplayer3Comes with three assault strikers and strike targets, create individual challenges, team battles, 1-on-1, interactive lights and sounds
Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger2 Lights, sounds, and vibrations, contoured handle, 300-foot reach, uses class 1 LED, rumble pack, recoil feature, mul
Lazer Tag Teams Ops 2Tagger, HUD unit, 2 connecter cables, real-time audio-visual feedback, quality grip, shields can be used for protection, 11 pre-programmed games and unlimited customized games
Kidzlane Laser Pack 44 team modes and 4 gun modes, realistic sounds, good for indoor/outdoor use, includes vibration functions
Star Wars Birthday Party Set with Backpack2Use infrared, four different team settings, each gun has different strengths and weaknesses, expandable by purchasing more guns
Smithsonian Set2Compact design, takes up little space, kickback and reverb functions, easy-to-use

So now that you’ve checked out the best laser tag sets on the market today, let’s move a bit further onto the full descriptions of each one, so you can make sure you’re buying the perfect product!


Legacy Toys Laser Set - Most Durable Product

Legacy Toys has created a sleek laser tag set that looks like it could’ve come out of Tron. If you’re looking for a more customized experience, then take a look at this 2 pack. Included, are two laser tag blasters; one in blue, and one in white. Each blaster comes with 4 varying team settings (this product also comes with a choice of a 4 pack instead) and 4 separate blaster settings. Not only that, but each blaster has its own unique set of traits; strengths and weaknesses relating to damage, range, and reload time.

The realistic features will put you right on the battlefield. Simply tap the butt of the blaster to reload, and it comes with realistic sound effects complete with the built-in speakers. Another cool and convenient feature, is that your blaster is now the target, so there’s no need to strap a restricting vest to your body. On the side of the gun, near the back, will be 3 red bars. Each bar represents three lives. Depending on what type of mode you get hit with, one life or three lives can be taken away from you from just one hit. The only downside to these guns, is that there were a few consumers who reported one of their blasters not registering hits after receiving them. However, the Legacy Toys customer service is very fast and efficient. Overall, this is one of the best home laser tag sets out there. 

  • Guns not only look cool, but are easy to operate. 
  • Realistic sounds, reloading, and each gun varies in strengths and weaknesses. 
  • No need for a vest - blaster registers hits
  • Some consumers reported their guns not registering hits, however if this happens, customer service is very effective.

Wowwee Special Edition - Best Mid-range Product

These assault strikers by Wowwee look like something you would take with you if you were in an alien movie. Not only are they head-turners, but their features aren’t lacking in design, either. If you feel like taking on individual challenges, but sometimes want to create challenges against other players, the Wowwee assault strikers are great.

These guns are typically only available for individual purpose, but this special edition pack gives you three guns; perfect for parties or if you have multiple children. This package includes three different styles of guns to easily differentiate between, with a red, an orange, and a yellow light. You are also given the option to activate the shield to protect against enemy players! These guns are surprisingly accurate, so you may need them!

While these are definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, they are completely customizable, with their built-in weapons features and even physical attachments for the gun. The guns’ LEDs are also very bright, so it can make things difficult, like trying to find the controls at times, and sneaking up on “enemies” in the dark. The guns and targets also require a lot of batteries, so keep that in mind!

  • Customizable modes and add-ons for the physical gun
  • Shield to protect against enemies
  • Very accurate and great for different kinds of gameplay
  • LEDs can be very bright, and make sneaking up in the dark hard

Nerf Lazer Tag LTX - Most Comfortable Product

To tag or to be tagged? That is the question in this high-energy game, complete with reloads and rumbles! If you’re looking for a great multiplayer laser tag set complete with lights, vibrations, and sounds, then check out the Phoenix LTX by Nerf! You may know Nerf from those neon-colored soft footballs you just had to have as a kid. Well, it turns out they’re still great at making toys that even adults find themselves sneaking out of their kids’ rooms to play with.

The two guns come in contrasting colors, making them simple to identify. When first beginning, you and the other players must agree on a strength level before the game begins, because once it begins, it cannot be changed! As long as they have AA batteries in them, the guns are ready for play. If you’re hit, the rumble pack engages, letting you know someone got you. The recoil feature engages as soon as a shot is fired, creating realistic gameplay and feel. A great added feature with the Phoenix LTX is the force-field shield that can protect against your enemies shots! This can be extra useful, especially when gathering yourself up to gain the perfect shot, or during intense gameplay.

The only downside, is that if the guns are dropped repeatedly, they can sometimes stop registering hits. With that being said, it’s best to hold the guns with both hands, whenever possible.

  • Packed full of features, including a rumble pack, sounds upon firing, and recoil. 
  • Comfortable grip, great design, and opposite-colored guns to easily differentiate during play
  • Force-field-like shield protects against enemy fire
  • After being dropped repeatedly, the guns sometimes do not register hits

Team Ops Deluxe - Best Technology

So, you may be on here because you’re looking to get your kids something for their birthday party, or maybe to entertain them and their friends during sleepovers. However, you and I both know that you and your friends or significant other will end up playing with them just as much. Since that’s the case, get yourself – um, your children…a laser tag set that’s worth it. Team Ops has created a high-tech setup that’s sure to provide hours of gameplay and fun.

Not only does the wireless tagger include a live-action readout LCD display of 7 stats and communicates with teammates’ devices, but it also includes a HUD (heads-up display unit) that are used kind of like sunglasses, and can receive real-time sound and visual feedback, letting you know you’ve locked onto a target or if you’re hit. If you decide you’re getting a bit bored of one game, you can go on to 11 others, or even create customized ones! This set includes two tagger units and two HUD units, but you can also choose to purchase a Team Talk System separately.

There are a couple downsides to the product. They are on the high end of the price spectrum, which may not seem worth it to some. Also, they HUDs are not adjustable, and can be too tight for some adult heads. Other than that, if you’re looking for a high-quality laser tag to buy, then you’ve come to the right option.

  • Comes with a live-feedback LCD display for 7 game aspects
  • HUD units give you live audio and visual feedback
  • Comfortable and easy-to-use blaster
  • Not as affordable as competitor options
  • HUDs can be tight on adult heads

Kidzlane Laser - Best 4 Player Product

If you’re looking for a larger laser tag set without having to buy more than one set, then look into Kidzlane’s laser tag set, which comes with four laser blasters. In fact, you can get four for the price of many competitor sets of two. Right off the bat, you can tell that the guns are made with realism in mind, and come in four distinct colors. Looks are great, but there many more features that don’t initially meet the eye.

You have four team modes to choose from that are indicated by light color. Not only that, but there are also four different gun modes to select among! You can choose from either shotgun, pistol, submachine gun, and if you’re feeling really sinister, a rocket. There are different, realistic for each gun mode, too! Every time you get a hit or shooting someone else, there are various lights sparking to life, and vibrations. With a laser reach of up to 130 feet, these are great for both outdoor and indoor use; perfect for parties! There are actually no limits to team size, so imagine if you purchase even more laser blasters!

Of course, with any toy, there are some bad experiences. Some consumers reported having difficulty switching between the gun modes, however, customer service is very responsive.

  • Realistic, cool-looking laser blasters
  • Very realistic features, with four different team modes and gun modes
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Switching between gun modes can be difficult for some users

Power Brand Star Wars - Most Convenient Product

Star Wars never seems to grow old, does it? Who doesn’t love lasers and battling? That’s the whole reason you’re reading this now, isn’t it? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Power Brand has come out with some attractive Star Wars that come loaded with features.

These are perfect for a party or get-together with friends, as you can choose from four different team settings (this pack comes with two), or do 1v1 Free for All battles. Similar to other competitor options, each gun comes with varying strengths and weaknesses in regards to damage, range, and reload time, making gameplay even more interesting. Tap the butt of the blaster to reload the weapon, and the speakers will let you know that you have more ammo. The blaster is also the target in this case, so no need to wear a vest. The laser range goes up to 120 feet, so these are also great for indoor or outdoor use.

When you’re ready to put the blasters away, the set comes with a cool-looking StormTrooper backpack to haul them around or store them in. The only real downside to these blasters, is that they aren’t made of the highest quality of plastic, so dropping them repeatedly could result in a damaged product or reduced performance.

  • Cool-looking blasters come with a StormTrooper backpack to store or carry around the blasters when not in use.
  • 4 different team modes, and expandable gameplay with more guns
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Not made of the highest quality plastic

Smithsonian Set - Best Budget Product 

The Smithsonian Set is perfect for younger children, as the lasers are probably the easiest on the market to operate. Not only that, but if you find that there isn’t much room left in the toy box, or you’re simply trying to save space, these are a great option due to their small and compact design. Simply slide it on your (or your child’s) hand, and you’re ready to go!

While the products may lack a lot of the special features that competitor designs possess, Smithsonian’s laser tag sets are more along the lines of the “bare minimum”, great for getting the job done, or for younger users who find they can’t hold or operate the larger and more complicated laser guns properly. However, what is does feature is “kickback” and “reverberation”, while you shoot and while you are hit. Obviously, these lasers are for a certain niche of people/children, so don’t expect to be receiving top-notch laser tag sets.

  • Simple, compact design works perfectly for smaller children
  • Reverberation and kickback features, combined with sound buttons
  • Great price for getting the job done
  • Very basic. Does not have many special features competitor products do. 

Best Laser Tag Set - Buyer's Guide

Laser tag is pure and simple fun, without the pain, mess, or expense of paintball. However, not every laser tag set is made the same. There are varying degrees of technology and quality, along with personal preferences. Although, you’ve already read the fine details of each laser tag set above, a guide helping you out doesn’t hurt!


Obviously most sets are made of plastic, as they’re typically marketed towards children. However, the quality of plastic is not the same throughout all products. It’s pretty likely to happen that you or your opponents are going to drop a gun and one point or another. It would kind of ruin the game if that gun stopped operating properly just because of that one drop. So, make sure you look at the materials before making your purchase.

Laser Range/Accuracy

Like the section before, not all lasers are made the same. Some are extremely accurate, which makes the game more fun, while others are very fuzzy and will register a hit when you’re really not even aiming in the right direction. Also, if you’re planning on using the blasters outside, make sure the range is substantial. 120 feet is pretty standard, and is acceptable for outdoor use,  but there are some that have ranges of twice that! A larger range is also more ideal when playing with more players. Imagine having 4 players all cramped in the span of a small backyard, when you could be playing out in a field!


Are you buying for your 5-year-old or are you buying for yourself and your friends? Your child is probably going to be happy with something basic, while you may want the HUDs and LCD displays with live audio and visual feedback. If you feel that just the basics are needed, don’t waste your money buying the top-of-the-line laser tag sets when they may not even be used to their full potential.


While the laser tag set vests may look cool, they’re not the most comfortable or easy to wear. Who wants a hunk of plastic bouncing around their chest when they’re running or trying to sneak up on someone? With all of the technology we have today, find yourself a set that registers hits on the blasters, themselves. This way, you also don’t have to worry about losing any vests and not being able to play.


Do you want unlimited ammo? Do you like the sound and vibrations every time you reload your weapon? Do you want visual and audio feedback when you lock onto your target? These may seem insignificant when purchasing, but once you’re in battle mode, these things can really change the game play, and either take you to the battlefield, or keep you in the living room.


Laser gun sets use a lot of batteries, as they’re portable. Most run off of either AA or AAA batteries, and typically require four per gun. Take this into consideration when making your purchase. Also keep in mind the age of the users. Younger users are going to hit the trigger more or may forget to turn them off when not in use, blowing through battery life faster. A good tip, is to use rechargeable AA batteries, if they’re available, when not in use.


Laser tag is an underrated, extremely fun game that can be played in various ways. In fact, you can have up to 8 players participating at once, as long as the type of gun is the same or compatible. While you’ll no doubt have fun with any of these sets, we found that one really stood out from the rest. The Teams Ops Deluxe was named the product with the best technology, but it’s just an all-around amazing product. The HUDs that provide live audio and visual feedback, letting you know when you’ve locked onto a target, or been hit, makes you really feel like you’re hunting on the battlefield. The live feedback of the built-in LCD display on the blaster communicates with teammates, but also lets you know how you are doing. Not only that, but the guns look attractive, are easy and comfortable to use, and are durable. What more could you want?