Best Laptop Cooling Pad

Are you someone who works or games for hours at a time, but can’t help but notice your computer heating up a bit too much for your comfort? We understand! Computers are not only an investment financially, but in many other ways, as well. They can hold your entire life in them! Photos, messages, important work documents, and more can all be held within laptops, and it’s important to keep them healthy. Overheating laptops are not only uncomfortable, but they can do some serious damage if not addressed. So, what can you do? There are some useful products called “laptop cooling pads” that will make sure your equipment stays in tip-top shape. We’ve done the research for you, and are pleased to present you with the best laptop cooling pads!

Best Laptop Cooling Pad – Comparison Table

Before you get started (we promise to make it quick to keep your computer cool), read through the table we’ve created and feel free to compare and contrast all of the best laptop cooling pads to narrow down your search!

Tecknet USBMetal mesh surface, 2 USB-powered fans with power switch design, easy to use, thin, portable, lightweight, LED indicator indicates cooler is active, ergonomic design
KootekUSBSuper quiet fans, 5 built-in fans, blue LEDs, dual USB hub, ergonomic design, 6 adjustable height settings,
OPOLARUSBSuper quiet, convenient, clamping arms keep fan on, LED screen displays vent air temperature, 13 speeds
Cooler MasterUSBMesh surface, one fan, ultra-thin, heavy-duty, lightweight, cable grooves, high-performance fan, two different height settings
TargusUSBErgonomic and comfortable design, dual fans disperse heat, soft neoprene exterior for added comfort
Tree New BeeUSBFour powerful fans, two anti-skid arms, slim, portable, lightweight, extra USB ports, comfortable ergonomic design

Now that you’ve seen the best laptop cooling pads on the market today, scroll a bit further down to read more in-depth about each product!


TeckNet N5 - Easiest Product to Use

The TeckNet N5 is a product you definitely should consider if you’re looking for an ergonomically-designed product that also keeps your laptop cool and functioning its best! This Amazon cooling pad features a metal mesh surface designed to not only increase airflow, but also prevent overheating during long hours of browsing the internet or long hours of using your graphics card. Aside from the metal mesh, the pad has dual intake vents and a curved shape means you can use it on both hard and soft surfaces without having to worry about cutting off the air supply to your laptop.  

The laptop cooling pad features two USB-powered, 110mm fans with a power switch is so simple to use, your cat can probably do it. It actually comes with an extra USB port for an additional USB device so you’re not missing out. There’s also a little LED indicator on the back that lets you know the cooler is active and working.  Unlike so many other cooling pads, this one is actually slim, portable, and lightweight so it won’t feel like you’re lugging around extra equipment in your laptop bag. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on your laptop, then you probably know how uncomfortable it can be on your wrists. The design of the TeckNet N5 is made to be comfortable and ergonomically-designed, making sure your laptop is in the best position for you.

The cooling pad is compatible with various types of laptops from 12 to 16 inches, which covers just about any computer. While it’s no doubt a great product, we found that the fans could be a little bit more powerful.

  • Thin, lightweight, and easy to carry
  • Compatible with laptops from 12 to 16 inches
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable
  • Very easy to operate
  • Fans could be more powerful

Kootek - Most Adjustable Product

If you’re looking for a product that won’t interrupt your gaming or music producing with its excess noise, then check out Kootek’s laptop cooling pad right now! Its super-quiet fans create a silent environment for you to work your best without interruptions.

With five built-in fans (one big fan, four smaller fans), you can be sure your laptop will constantly be in a cooling state. The fans feature attractive electric blue LEDs, two on/off switches to control the fans and LEDs at the same time. A dual USB hub allows you to connect even more devices than if you were to use just your laptop, alone! Your computer will manage more devices better, anyway, as your computer will now be less prone to overheating!

We understand the struggle of purchasing one of the best laptop cooling pads, but it missing a major feature: the ability to change the height settings. Kootek’s cooling bed for your computer is ergonomically-designed with your comfort in mind; it even features 6 adjustable height settings so you can work, watch movies, play games, and much more at the perfect height for your preference! They work with laptops of 12 to 17 inches, and also feature two stoppers in the front to keep your laptop in place. The only real downside we could find, is that it is a bit heavier than the other products on our list.

  • 6 adjustable height settings
  • 5 fans (4 smaller, 1 big) make sure your laptop stays cool
  • Works with laptops 12 to 17 inches
  • Heavier than most other cooling pads

OPOLAR - Most Unique Product

If a traditional laptop cooling pad doesn’t fit your situation, then check out OPOLAR’s laptop fan cooler! As it fits on the side of your laptop, it’s a much more minimal approach to cooling down your equipment and a lot easier to take with you on the go!

The model is designed for laptops with their air vents located on the sides or rear, making it ideal for gaming laptops or systems that really tax the CPU of your computer. You’ll be shocked at how quickly it can dissipate heat in your laptop, quickly reducing the heat of the surface and interior temperature by 18 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit in just minutes, which is rarely seen with heating pads. The LED screen is easy to read and displays the air temperature from your air vent and features 13 different speeds to properly manage both airflow and noise. The noise coming from the fan cooler is super quiet; less than 70dbm!

The two-way installation is very simple; all you have to do is mount it where your air vent is, and the patented clamping arms will keep it firmly in place. We did find that while it is a very useful and minimal product, it is not ideal for Macbooks or other ultra-thin laptops that are thinner than 0.4 inches.

  • Low-profile, minimal design is great for traveling
  • Easy installation mounts firmly in place
  • LED screen is easy to read and displays vent temperature
  • Super-quiet and cools exterior and internal temperatures rapidly
  • Not ideal for Macbooks or other laptops thinner than 0.4 inches

Cooler Master - Best Gaming Product

The Cooler Master is one of the best laptop cooling pads on the market today for gaming and other activities that are sure to heat up your equipment! The 140mm fan is high-performing with a blue LED light that has the ability to spin at an impressive 1500 RPM, which will more than take care of any overheating with your laptop. While it features a slim profile perfect for taking along for travel or to the café, it is a heavy duty product that can withstand a beating. The metal mesh is easy to clean, and will last you a while with proper care. The built-in fan speed controller adjusts the speed of the fan easily, and provides a light breeze that works to keep your hands cool no matter if you’re writing or playing games. Use it on a desk, a café table, or your lap; it works on various kinds of surfaces while making sure you’re comfortable!

The integrated USB hub allows you to add peripherals and additional drives if you need them. There are also two different height settings available to provide you with a more comfortable and convenient angle, depending on what you’re working with. It supports laptops from 15 to 17 inches, which is a little bit less versatility than some of the other cooling beds for laptops, but it still functions wonderfully.

  • Supports laptops from 15 to 17 inches
  • Two different height adjustments
  • Fan spins up to 1500 RPM
  • Doesn't work well with smaller laptops

Vargus - Most Versatile Product

Are you one of those people who loves working in your bed surrounded by pillows, but keep having issues with your computer’s fans being blocked? Do you need one of the best laptop cooling pillows to provide you with comfort? If so, the Targus laptop cooling pad should be your next purchase!

This Targus lap chill mat provides you with a comfortable and durable work surface to keep both you and your laptop cool! The soft neoprene exterior won’t feel uncomfortable on your lap, and as it rests on you, rather than heating up, it will actually disperse the heat your laptop and body give off. The powerful dual fans provide your equipment with the ventilation that is usually obstructed when used around pillows or blankets. The ergonomic tilt design makes it so the laptop is always ventilated, while you’re working or playing in comfort. No more awkward angles while trying to work! The open design is much different than most other cooling pillows for computers, and allows the fans to always be working to disperse heat. Not only is this more comfortable for you, but it also has the ability to keep your laptop working properly, and even lengthen its life! To use, simply connect it through USB. The only downside is, that it doesn’t come with extra USB ports like some others do, so you will be out one USB port while this product is in use.

  • Disperses heat even when used around pillows or blankets
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Powerful fans keep laptop and you cool
  • Uses a USB port

Tree New Bee - Most Ergonomic Product

Are you looking for a laptop cooling pad that is not only good at keeping your laptop comfortable, but you as well? Take a look at the Tree New Bee cooling pad for aerodynamic airflow that will get rid of performance-inhibiting heat.

The computer workstation features four high-powered fans that disperse heat away from your laptop and help reduce crashes. The slim, portable, and lightweight design is perfect for frequent travelers, or if you don’t like lugging heavy weight around. The neon blue LEDs add style to your equipment, and the adjustable fan speed let you set things how you’d like them; you can choose anywhere along the spectrum of silence and performance.

Its ergonomic design with adjustable height settings makes sure you’re also performing your best, providing you with a better viewing and typing angle to make sure you’re constantly in the most comfortable position possible. No one wants strained backs, necks, or wrists that can seriously inhibit your ability to work or play. It also features extra USB ports and a wind speed switch design which is easy to use, and also allows you to plug in more external devices. We did find that despite being one of the best laptop cooling pads, that when used with a 17 inch laptop, it did not function well in the tilted position.

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • High-powered fans disperse heat
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Extra USB ports with a simple switch design
  • 17 inch laptops didn't work well in tilted position

Best Laptop Cooling Pad - Buyer's Guide

When purchasing a laptop cooling pad, there is a lot to take into consideration. Sure, their goal is to always keep your equipment cool and running properly, but there are countless different models and styles to choose from, and not all of them will work for you. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a buying guide that will walk you through each factor consider before making your final purchase!


Not every laptop cooling pad works or is ideal for every laptop size. The fan sizes often vary, and some just plain don’t work as well ergonomically speaking, as others would for a certain size. For example, some of the larger laptops don’t work at certain height adjustment levels, which may be a big reason why you’re even purchasing a cooling mat in the first place. Take notice of the sizes each laptop cooling pad works with, as well as the models or brands it works well with.

Cooling System

It’s important to know before purchasing, what kind of cooling system your laptop runs off of. There are two general ways in which laptops regulate heat. One way is through an exhaust system out of the bottom, and the second is to actually pull in outside air in from the bottom. The laptop cooling pad that you’ll require correlates with this type of cooling system. Some cooling pads pull air away from the bottom, and some push air towards the bottom, so if you get the wrong type, it may actually have a reverse effect. Also take into consideration where the “hot spots” are on your computer. Each computer has one, and they’re generally in the same areas, but this isn’t a rule.


If you’re a frequent traveler, or use your laptop for work and travel, then it’s important to select a cooling mattress pad for your laptop that isn’t going to be bulky or difficult to move around with. Generally, the pads made of plastic are more lightweight and easy to transport than metal ones, but this really depends on the design, as well. Make sure to select a thin design that will easily fit into your bag or suitcase without adding a lot of extra weight.


Are you a lap user or a table/desk user? While this may not seem important, it is actually essential to purchasing the right cooling pad. Some pads don’t work well when on soft surfaces such as a pillow or your lap. They become covered and the air cannot flow properly, which means it cannot cool your laptop off like it’s supposed to. There are designs specifically made for use on soft surfaces, or both soft and hard surfaces that will allow airflow no matter where it’s placed.


While the fans on these products are relatively small, they can still produce quite a noticeable noise that may affect your plans or those around you. For example, if you’re planning on using your laptop cooling pad around others in a quiet or focused area such as a library, you’re not going to want a cooling pad which gives off an annoying or disruptive noise. If you’re planning on using the product at home, but use your laptop for gaming or music production, then this noise can really affect your work or gaming. Make sure to purchase a product that’s either really quiet, or has an adjustability feature where you can turn the fan noise down when necessary.

Power Source

All of the products on our list are USB-powered, but many of the others on the market need to be plugged into the wall or another external power source. This can really inhibit mobility, so if you’re a traveler or use your laptop in spaces where a wall plug isn’t easily available, then this can really be a downer. USB-powered products or products that are battery-operated are much more simple and can be used just about anywhere without having to rely on a wall outlet.


It’s important to select a cooling pad with an ergonomic design so that you’re also comfortable. There are some with various height adjustments that work to make sure you don’t strain your neck or wrists trying to do your job properly.


There are multiple benefits to using a laptop cooling pad. By preventing the CPU and GPU from heating up, they not only prevent them from becoming damaged, but also allow them to run at their optimal performance speed.

If you’re located in a warm climate or just a hot room, the cooling pad can still keep your laptop cool and healthy. They’re the perfect place to keep your laptop stored, or to leave it while you go away for a second, as the airflow will always be increased around your precious hardware. Our favorite was the Vargus, as they really placed a lot of focus on you, the user, being comfortable, along with your laptop.

The laptop cooling pad works to maintain a good temperature of your laptop even when surrounded by pillows and blankets, which is something that many other products do not offer. It’s comfortable to sit on your lap, and makes sure it’s at the right viewing angle so that you don’t strain your neck or back while trying to see. However, if that one wasn’t for you, we know you’ll be happy with any of these best laptop cooling pads!