Best Knee Braces For Running

Love to run but your knee is making it hard for you to enjoy the exercise? Maybe you need a runner’s knee braces for support or to relieve any knee problem.

With so many knee braces in the market, however, finding the best knee braces for running to suit your needs and budget can be difficult. There are different styles to check, support levels to consider and various brands to compare.

It’s already complicated before you even started shopping. But this is where we come in. We’ve scouted the market, researched various products and came up with a shortlist of the top 10 knee braces available in the market you can buy today.

Best Knee Braces For Running  – Compared

Whether you’re looking for the best knee brace for running, the best knee support for torn meniscus or the best knee brace for arthritis, you’re sure to find what you are looking for on our list of the best knee braces for running in 2018.

Product NameStyleSizeIdeal for
Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support Editor's ChoicePull Up SleeveSmall: 14.5-17”
Medium: 17-19.5”
Large: 19.5-22”
Men, Women, Kids
Winzone Knee Brace SupportWrap AroundOne size fits most (12.4"-21.7" knees)Men, Women
Mueller Jumper's Knee StrapKnee StrapOne size fits most (10 - 22" knees)Men, Women
Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves (Pair)Pull Up SleeveS, M, L, XLMen, Women
Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection SleevePull Up SleeveS, M, L, XLMen, Women
Exous Knee Brace Support ProtectorWrap AroundFits max calf size: 16.5”; max upper thigh: 20”Men, Women
CopperJoint Copper Knee BracePull Up SleeveS, M, L, XL, XXLMen, Women
Ipow 2 Pack Fully Adjustable Jumpers's Knee StrapKnee StrapOne size fits most (up to 18”)Men, Women
EzyFit Knee Brace SupportWrap AroundM, L, XLMen, Women
Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support SleeveNeoprene BraceOne size fits most (12.5-18")Men, Women

We hope that you can find some proper knee braces for your running activities in the list above. We will know begin to review each product mentioned above in the list of the best knee braces for running.


Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support - Best Value Pull-Up Sleeve for Running

If all around superior protection is what you are looking for, the Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support is an excellent choice. Equipped with the latest 3D technology, this is the best knee brace for runner's knee offering optimal compression, moderate support and pain relief if you have minor knee problems. With its double silicone anti-slip wave, you can expect the best grip and comfort. You can jog, run or exercise in the gym and it won't slide off your knee.

The Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve is made from high grade and breathable neoprene materials. It is ultra-durable, ultra-lightweight and flexible to fit men, women and even children. It's thick enough but without being uncomfortable. You can wear it for hours without worries.

Of all the knee braces for sports available in the market, we highly recommend the Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve for running, basketball, volleyball, football, baseball and many other sports use.

  • Double silicone anti-slip wave offers the best grip so no sliding or falling off while running
  • Offers light to medium compression perfect for ACL, MCL, PCL and other knee issues and for surgery recovery
  • Stays cool and comfortable even after hours of use
  • Does not offer tight compression for other serious knee problems
  • Knee sleeve may bunch up, roll down or fold if you picked the wrong size

Winzone Knee Brace Support – High Quality Neoprene Knee Brace for Running, Arthritis and More

If you're looking for the best knee braces for arthritis not just for running, look no further than this Knee Brace Support by Winzone. Made of 100% neoprene, this knee brace for running, arthritis, torn meniscus and a whole lot of other uses may be expensive but it offers extra knee support so you'll feel comfortable for hours. It is especially designed to offer knee support that will minimize pain and won’t restrict movements.

In terms of comfort and performance, the Winzone Knee Brace Support is one of the best athletic knee brace you can buy.

What makes the Winzone Knee Brace an even better choice is its ease of use. Smart and adjustable design ensures that the knee brace will stay on tight even when running, walking or when performing other rigorous activities.

  • One size fits most design for easy adjustment
  • Offers knee support that can minimize pain, which makes it ideal even for the elderly suffering from arthritic pain
  • Made from high quality and durable neoprene material with Velcro straps for longer lasting use
  • Pricey compared with other knee braces for running
  • The product can be bulky for users with smaller than average knees
  • The product does not offer the best support for users with larger than average knees

Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap – Best Budget Knee Strap Under 10 USD

Do you have patellar tenonitis or an irritated kneecap? Maybe you're suffering from osgood-schlatter's disease and you've been wondering, "What knee brace do I need?" Ask no more because the Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap may be what you are looking for.

The Mueller knee straps are designed to help alleviate pain and reduce potential injuries caused by rigorous and regular running. All you need to do is wear the knee strap around your knees when you walk, run or work out. Because it's not as bulky as some of the best knee brace for athletes, it's comfortable to wear for hours keeping and guiding your patella in place as you go about your day.

Cheap and effective for mild knee problems, we highly recommend the Mueller knee straps. While it won't necessarily fix your knee problem, it will relieve the pain so you can continue running or train for a marathon if you're planning to.

  • A cheap solution to mild knee problems
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Fully adjustable with strong Velcro closure that holds well
  • Comfortable to wear all day
  • Not ideal for serious knee pain and injuries
  • Strap may cause bruising and chafing if worn too tight
  • Velcro will eventually lose strength after a few months of use

Mava Sports Knee Support Sleeves (Pair) – Most Comfortable Knee Sleeves for Running

If you're an athlete looking for knee braces to relieve arthritis, tendonitis or knee strains, the Mava Knee Support Sleeves is one of the best athletic knee brace to check out. Designed specifically for rigorous use, the Mava Sports Knee Sleeves is made of bamboo charcoal fiber providing sufficient compression without being uncomfortable. Soft and durable material allows full mobility as you run, hike or perform other exercises. Compared with neoprene knee sleeves, this one is more comfortable because it doesn't have any stitching. It's a perfect choice if neoprene irritates your skin.

In terms of price, the Mava Sports Knee Sleeves is a great value investment. Not only will you get one but a pair of knee braces for arthritis pain and other knee problems. If only for the comfort, compression and support it provides, you'll definitely get your money's worth.

  • Soft and very comfortable bamboo charcoal fiber material
  • No itching, no slipping and not bulky
  • Can be worn every day without issues
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Size chart not very accurate
  • Material may get dirty and worn out fast
  • Knee sleeves may bunch up or roll down if you have bigger thighs

Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection Sleeve – Best Eco-Friendly Pull-Up Knee Sleeves

There's no need to stop running and being active because of knee pain or swelling. With the Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection Sleeve Brace, you can stay active while being extremely comfortable. Made of thick neoprene materials, this is one of the best sports braces for knees providing just the right compression, warmth and support.

When worn while running, the knee brace warms up the knees faster thereby increasing blood flow and reduces swelling or intense pain in the process. The knee sleeve is also designed to help with recovery time. If you've had ACL surgery, for example, this is an excellent acl knee braces for sports and other activities.

The Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection Sleeve Brace is not only designed with durability in mind. It's also 100% latex-free and eco-friendly. Because it's a pull-up sleeve, it's easy to wear and take off.

Priced fairly, we highly recommend the Crescendo Athletics. FDA, CE and EC REP approved, you know you'll get your money's worth.

  • The material is thick and durable
  • Available in a wide range of size options to suit most users
  • Eco-friendly and complies with international standards
  • Thick material can leave the knee very sweaty
  • Not completely breathable
  • Sizes aren't always accurate

Exous Knee Brace Support Protector – Best Overall Knee Support for Running

Whether if you have a patella tendonitis, patellofemoral pain or meniscus tear, the Exous Knee Brace is one of the best knee braces for women and men that we highly recommended. As a wrap-around knee brace, it features a 4-way compression system that offers all-around support while relieving pain as you run, walk or perform other rigorous activities.

Unlike other basic knee braces for meniscus tears or knee braces for sports, the Exous Knee Brace has key features like the built-in comfort gap, Jacquard lycra inner lining and flexible stabilizers that ensure more comfort, less pain and the best knee support.

  • Unique 4-way compression and 4-strap system for optimal support
  • Premium materials ensures more comfort
  • Lightweight, anti-slip and stabilized
  • Adjustable Velcro straps allow customized tightness
  • With too many straps, it's not as easy to put on as pull-up sleeves
  • Regular use will eventually leave the Velcro straps unusable
  • Inner sleeve may be too small for some users

CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace – Most Breathable Knee Brace

Don't you just hate it when you're running and your knee brace gets sweaty and uncomfortable in the middle of your run? With the CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace, that doesn't have to happen anymore.

Featuring a moisture wicking and highly breathable design, this is one of the best neoprene knee braces for sports in the market that keeps you dry, comfortable and your knee well supported. The thermal stabilizer provides optimal temperature for the joints, which promotes faster knee recovery after a surgery. If you have arthritis, tendonitis or any pain in your knees, this knee brace offers the best knee support for arthritis. Like other pull-up knee wraps for pain, the CopperJoint Copper Knee Braces features an anti-slip system so it stays in place all day. What sets it apart from other knee sleeves for arthritis and running is its double silicone anti-slip wave.

Available in a wide range of sizes from small to XXL, the CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace is what we recommend if you're looking for knee braces for large women or extra large knee braces for the obese.

  • Highly breathable and comfortable with moisture wicking design
  • Provides just the right warmth to alleviate knee pain while running
  • Optimal muscle support for working out and everyday use
  • Anti-itch and 100% latex free
  • Bad fit if you picked the wrong size
  • More expensive than other pull-up sleeve knee braces
  • Silicone grip on the thigh bands may result in itchiness and rashes

Ipow 2 Pack Fully Adjustable Jumpers's Knee Strap – Best Knee Strap for Jumper’s Knee

Not everyone is comfortable wearing bulky knee braces. If you belong to this category, the Ipow 2 Pack Fully Adjustable Jumpers’s Knee Strap is for you. Unlike the other best knee braces for sports we've already mentioned above, a knee strap or band is more lightweight and slimmer hence more comfortable for some users who hate wearing thick knee wraps when they run.

What is the best knee brace to buy if you suffer from patella tendon pain, inflammation or injury? Look no further than the Ipow Knee Strap. The Ipow 2 Pack Fully Adjustable Jumpers’s Knee Strap features built-in flexible slims, double knot and segmented design. The result is an extra comfy knee brace for patellofemoral syndrome. It is worn over the patella tendon providing a buffer to said tendon that will minimize pain or inflammation.

With Velco closure, the knee strap is easy to wear and adjust. We suggest to wear it over your athletic wear for added comfort.

  • Easy to wear and fully adjustable with two Velcro sides
  • Smaller than bulkier knee braces
  • Offers excellent support for light to medium knee problems
  • Machine washable
  • Stitching not as well made as other more expensive knee braces
  • Plastic buckle can be uncomfortable and also turn sideways

EzyFit Knee Brace Support – Best for Long Lasting Knee Support

Though bulkier than knee bands for knee pain or knee support sleeves, the EzyFit Knee Brace Support is one we highly recommend if you're looking for effective and long lasting knee support.

The EzyFit Knee Brace is made of a blend of neoprene, nylon and polyester materials offering comfort, knee support and of course, quality. It is so comfortable you'll hardly notice you're wearing a knee pain relief brace. Double stitching ensures long lasting durability while the Velcro closures all over the surface allow for easy adjustment to fit most users. Even if you have fat knees or large legs, this is one of the best knee pain braces you can buy.

Unlike knee support sleeves, the EzyFit Knee Brace is thicker, which means your knee heats up faster providing the comfort and pain relief that you need as you run.

  • Ideal for fat knees and bigger legs
  • One of the most comfortable knee braces for an injured knee
  • Full Velcro surface allows for quick and easy adjustments
  • Comfortable, versatile and flexible
  • Strong Velcro may be harder for elderly users to handle
  • Bulkier than pull-up knee sleeves and less comfortable for some users
  • Wrong size will result in slipping and discomfort

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support Sleeve – Best Budget Neoprene Knee Brace

How to choose a knee brace if you're a regular runner but your knee is giving you trouble? One of the first things to look at is the kind of knee supports it offers. Take for instance the Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support Sleeve. Designed especially to support and stabilize the patella area, this is one of the amazon knee braces ideal for effectively relieving post-surgery pain, inflammation or strains. What the knee brace does best is to hold the patella in position as you run or exercise. This essentially take off the stress from your joints.

Whether you're a runner or you have arthritis, the Bracoo Knee Support Sleeve is one of the good knee braces you can buy at a cheaper price. It is made of extra thick breathable neoprene that may be a bit bulky but still comfortable. The running knee support brace has moisture vents to keep your knee from sweating profusely. Completing the innovative design are the 3 Velcro belts that allow easy adjustment.

If you're looking for something cheap yet functional and quality, we recommend the Bracoo Knee Support Sleeve.

  • Fully adjustable with 3 Velcro straps for a snug and tight fit
  • More affordable than other knee braces
  • Supportive to the knee without being restrictive
  • Neoprene material can be uncomfortable or itchy for some users
  • Perfect fit will depend on leg size and shape

Best Knee Braces for Running - Buyer's Guide

Knowing the best knee braces for running you can buy is only half the battle. If you really want to know how to choose a knee brace specific for your knee problem, there are some key factors to consider.

We created this running knee braces buyer’s guide to help you do just that.

Why Do You Need a Knee Brace?

While there are a lot of health benefits that come with running, it’s also important to recognize that there are also some negative side effects. One of which is a knee injury.

Whether you’re an athlete, a runner training for a race or just a regular girl or guy who loves a leisure run, knee issues and injuries are sometimes inevitable. In fact, a study on running injuries revealed that yearly incidence rate range between 37 and 56%. Most of these reported injuries are predominantly knee problems.

An athlete who does rigorous runs, for instance, can overuse the knees and result in chronic pain or a major injury that may require surgery. Some of the most common knee injuries for runners include meniscus tears, medial collateral ligament strain and patellofemoral syndrome. While some runners suffer from knee inflammation due to conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

If your knee problem starts giving you trouble with your run, workouts or on a daily basis, this is where the top 10 knee braces we’ve mentioned above may come into play. Good knee braces should be able to offer the best knee support for your particular problem.

Below are key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best knee brace for running.

What to Look For in a Knee Brace?

If you’re looking for runner’s knee braces so you can enjoy your runs again, some of the most important things to consider include:

  • Knee support and stabilization
  • Anti-slip design
  • Comfort and breathability
  • Durability and machine washable

When you run, your knees and legs are constantly moving. If your knee is sore or you’ve gone through knee surgery, you need a knee brace or knee strap that will offer just the right support, compression and stabilization. It’s also very important that the knee braces for sports will stay in place. Buying one with a reliable anti-slip feature, for example, is an excellent choice.

Comfort is another factor to consider. Some of the best knee braces for sports can be too thick and too bulky, which may be uncomfortable to wear for hours. What you need instead are lightweight knee support sleeves that is breathable enough to let your knees breathe while also providing the right temperature to warm your knees as you run.

Don’t forget about durability and ease of washing. If you want a long lasting knee support for arthritis, running and other uses, don’t be a cheapskate. High quality knee pain braces may cost you but as long as they’re well-made and easy to wash, you’ve got a good deal.

Different Styles of Knee Braces for Running

To further help you with finding the best knee braces for athletes perfect for your budget and needs, looking at the different styles will help. Remember that different styles address different knee problems. In our list of the best amazon knee braces, we’ve included three different styles for you to choose from.

  1. Knee Straps

If you don’t want to wear bulky running knee braces, getting a knee strap like the muellers knee straps is an excellent choice. Knee straps are band-like devices that are very easy to use and are worn below the knee. What it does is relieve pressure and reduce stress on your patellar tendon as you run.

Knee straps are ideal for knee conditions such as Jumper’s knee or Patellar tendinitis and any anterior knee pain.

  1. Pull-Up Sleeves

If you want something simple and easy to wear while providing basic level of support, we highly recommend pull up sleeves. As its name suggests, you just need to pull up the knee brace to enjoy a combination of good compression, support and warmth. A good pull-up sleeve will keep your knees warm as you run boosting blood circulation and relieving any mind or mild knee pain. Because it’s easy to wear and pull off, this is also the best knee brace for elderly.

Pull up sleeves usually offer knee supports for arthritic needs. It’s also ideal if you have tendinitis, knee swelling and other mild pain.

  1. Wrap Arounds

For chronic and serious knee problems, wrap around with Velcro knee supports is what you are looking for. Wrap around knee braces may be bulkier but they feature fully adjustable design to perfectly fit with your own size and shape. Wrap arounds are recommended for short term or long term use. If you’ve gone through a minor injury or you’re experiencing ongoing knee pain, this is the style to check out.

Neoprene knee braces, in particular, are the most popular wrap arounds available in the market. From basic to moderate and advanced level of support, there are plenty of this kind of knee braces to suit your needs.

The Importance of Buying the Right Size

Whether you’re buying a knee strap, a pull-up sleeve or the best neoprene knee brace for meniscus injury, tendonitis or a sprain, one of the most critical things to remember is that size matters.

No matter how well-made or durable the best knee brace may be, if you bought the wrong size then it will be hard to reap the benefits the device offers. If you’re looking for xxl knee braces for women, for instance, then you should look for a brand that offer a wider range of sizes.

Most styles and brands of the best amazon knee braces for arthritis and other knee problems offer sizes from small to large. There are choices that are one size fits most and then there are brands that offer up to XXL. Just remember that different brands have different sizing guides. Make sure to double check the sizing guide and your size before you complete your knee brace shop purchase.


With different styles and brands of knee braces for sports to choose from, buying the best knee brace to fit your personal need can be difficult. It's never just about buying the most expensive or the least costly option. There are important factors to consider like style, your knee injury, size and budget.

Because we understand how complicated shopping for the best knee brace for running can be, we've created this list to help and guide you pick the right knee brace to buy.

We've done the research, compared numerous options and we found out that if you're looking for the best value knee sleeves that offers optimal compression and adequate knee support, the Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support is a clear winner.

We hope our top 10 knee braces list will help with your decision. If you think we missed out on a knee brace you think should be included on this list of the best knee braces for running, let us know.