Best Key Finder

Are you one of those people who are late to events or even work just because you simply can’t find your keys? Do you have a little key hanger right next to your front door but somehow never manage to use it? Have you found your keys in obscure areas like on top of the fridge or behind your computer? If you said “yes” to any of these, you should probably look into a key finder. The right key finder will stop your friends from harassing you over being late, and more importantly, could save your job. Don’t just trust any product with these responsibilities; we’ve tested and reviewed products from all over the internet to bring you the best key finders money can buy. What are you waiting for?

Best Key Finder – Comparison Table

To start off, we’ve decided to create a handy little table that lists all of the products, along with their most notable features. We’ve done this, to allow you to compare and contrast each of them quite easily, and weed out the most appropriate key finder for you.

ProductBattery TypeCompatibility
Tile MateNon-replaceableiPhone/Android
Esky RFReplaceableN/A
Click ‘n DigReplaceableN/A

Now that you have a general idea of which key finders are going to work best for you and your situation, scroll down even further to read about each item in-depth!


Tile Mate - Product with Best Technology

Our first order of business, is the very well-known Tile Mate. It’s well-known for plenty of good reasons. If you’re looking to track pretty much anything, from your cell phone to your child, then the Tile Mate key finder is the solution for you. The Tile Mate is the updated model from the regular Tile; it’s about 33% smaller, so it’s easier and more convenient to hook it onto your keychain. Despite its small size, it packs a powerful punch!

The Tile Mate key finder utilized Bluetooth technology to locate your misplaced devices within a short to medium-ranged distance. Download the app and use your smartphone to make your Tile ring when it’s within earshot. If it’s not, no worries! You actually have the ability to ask for help through the Tile community! As there have been over 5 million devices sold so far, the community is quite large! The Tile finder can also be used to locate your phone, which most of us have also misplaced at one time or twenty. Simply double-press the button on your Tile Mate, and it will make your phone ring, even if it’s set on silent mode!

If you’re not sure of the last place you had it (which is pretty much the reason why we lose our items), don’t worry! TheTIleApp app will let you know the last time and place it saw your item. It’s not just limited to finding keys or smartphones, either! You can literally use it with just about anything. You can use it on your luggage in case you can’t find it at baggage claim, or perhaps put it on your cat’s collar who keeps escaping out through the garden fence! If you can’t link it onto a loop, then there are also Tile Mate adhesives (sold separately) that allow you to attach them to any flat surface securely.

With the non-replaceable battery, there’s absolutely no upkeep. It is made to last you a complete year with absolutely zero charging needed! While that may or may not be something that suits your needs, you don’t have to worry about buying a new Tile Mate at the full price each year. Tile offers the subsequent purchases at a special community-member price. The Tile is not only amazing in design and technology, but you can tell the company truly values serving its members.

  • Utilizes bluetooth to find lost items
  • Download app with iPhone/Android devices
  • If lost item is too far away, you can utilize the Tile community to help
  • Small, and can be attached to just about anything
  • Cannot replace battery

CUBE - Most Durable Product

If you’re looking for a key finder that does more than just, well, find things, then we have the solution for you. The CUBE not only finds your keys, your dog, your bag, and whatever else you may have lost, it also can be used as a shutter button of your phone camera when out taking photos, and is even waterproof!

CUBE attaches to just about anything with a loophole. You don’t have to worry about having an eyesore hooked onto your keys or luggage, as it frankly looks quite attractive. If it’s your phone that you’ve lost, CUBE can locate it by turning on the flash, ringer, and vibrate, even when the app on the phone isn’t running! If you’ve lost another item, The CUBE Tracker app will provide you with its last location shown on a map, utilizes Bluetooth technology to let you know how near or far you are from the object, and if you press “find” the CUBE will also ring (up to 100-foot range). Just in case you do leave something behind on the way to the office or out with some friends, it has a separate alarm to let you know you’ve left it behind.

Unlike the Tile Mate, you don’t have to replace CUBE each year; simply replace the battery yourself once a year! One thing we did notice, however, was that it wasn’t as easy to attach to solid surfaces as the Tile was.

  • Replaceable batteries
  • Easy to attach on anything with a loop
  • Uses bluetooth to tell you how far or near you are to an object
  • Lets you know on a map the last time your object was seen
  • Isn't as simple to attach to solid, flat items

Esky Wireless RF - Best Budget Product

The MagicFly Wireless RF Key Finder by Esky is a unique-looking wireless key finder that comes with four receivers and a transmitter. It’s not only skilled at finding your keys, but things like remote controllers, bags, and much more. While it doesn’t utilize an app to find your things, it’s still quite convenient.

The colorful key finders just need to be pressed to find the color-coded item; it’s as easy as that! The radio frequency they utilize is so powerful, it can penetrate through floors, walls, leather, and more, to find your items up to a 30m range! The receiver uses various sounds and beeps that leading you towards your lost item (think of it kind of like the Marco Polo game). The included remote control also uses a light that helps you see better when it’s dark or just don’t want to go looking into a dark room alone!

If you’re someone looking for a reliable and high-quality tracker for keys or other items that you find you frequently lose, but just don’t have the money to buy multiple products, then this is a great option for you! Not only does it cost less than other key finders, but it comes with four, so you are getting an even better deal by not having to buy multiples! If you’re worried about dealing with poor customer service in a time of need, such as when you’re desperate to find an important item like keys or a cellphone, then you have no need. Esky has wonderful customer service that does their best to make sure you’re happy. They respond within 24 hours, and you receive lifetime support with your purchase!

Another great feature of this key locator, is that it has replaceable batteries, so you don’t have to go and purchase a whole other set. This means that you can change out whichever ones you use the most! The one major downside you found with this, is that while it is possible to attach it to flat objects, the sticky two-sided holder it comes with does not hold well.

  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Colorful key finders are easy to spot
  • Powerful radio signal works up to 30m
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Hard to stick on solid surfaces

KeyRinger - Best Product for Elderly People

So, you’ve lost your keys and you’re trying to use your key finder to locate them. You know they have to be in the house somewhere, so why can’t you hear it beeping? It could be that they’re somehow lying at the bottom of your pool, or you just can’t hear the beeps. Unfortunately, not every key locator is loud enough for every user to hear. Luckily, KeyRinger has come out with a solution!

If you’re also looking for a location tracking tag that will track for longer than the leading key finder, then the KeyRinger is your match! It tracks for up to an impressive 300 feet, which should definitely lead you to your most important items if they’re in your home. They’re great for families, as if you use multiple sets of KeyRingers, they can all be called simultaneously or individually. No more having to yell down the street for the kids to come in for dinner! These extremely durable products are actually perfect to attach to one of your kids or pets, as they can withstand a heavy beating! The factory-installed lithium batteries also last an impressive 18 months, which is practically unheard of with other competitor products.

  • Great for families and those hard of hearing
  • Very durable
  • Lithium batteries last for 18 months
  • KeyRingers can call each other
  • Not as attractive as other products

Click 'n Dig - Best Product for Families

If you’re really talented, you may find that you can lose up to four items at the same time. What to do? You can purchase four separate products at a higher cost, or you can opt for a more logical option, and choose the Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder! This convenient four-colored system features two key ring receivers, two flat receivers, and one transmitter.

While there are similar items on the market, very few make it easy to find your keys, your cellphone, your wallet, and other important items. The great thing, is that it comes with flat receivers and key rings, whereas others only include key rings, which make them near impossible to attach to phones and wallets. You can even purchase more if you’d like, and the transmitters will activate all corresponding color-coded receivers! The receiver transmits an impressively-loud beep; up to 90 decibels! They also include a flashlight which makes it much easier to find items in the dark; especially if the only light you have is on your lost cellphone!

While they’re relatively small in size, they’re quite durable, so you can feel free to attach them to children and/or pets to keep track of their locations! They also come with pre-installed batteries, as well as an extra set of batteries after those ones run out! With a range of up to 80 feet, you’ll have your lost item found in no time. The powerful radio frequencies can penetrate through various kinds of fabrics, even if your item is lost in-between leather couch cushions or multiple rooms over. The only “con” we really found with these, was that they can be a bit bulky for some consumers’ needs.

  • Comes with various kinds of key trackers
  • Comes with pre-installed batteries, as well as a complete extra set
  • Powerful radio frequencies can penetrate through walls, leather, and more
  • Can locate items up to 80-foot range
  • Can be too bulky for some consumers

Luxsure - Best Preventative Product

The Luxsure is an inconspicuous yet highly effective, little key finder that will easily blend in with your bags and keychain. The GPS key finder is a small Bluetooth tracker that wirelessly connects with your Apple or Android devices to find your lost items. If you don’t have your phone with you, simply log into your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, or other email account. You can then use “Find It” mode, which allows your phone and your tracker to connect to one another. As long as they are within 30 meters of each other, it will alert you to where your device is. If your bag or another item is stolen, you can simply hop on your app on your smartphone and track the movement of your lost item through GPS. You can also see the last place you had your item. Once located, you can set off the alarm on that particular tracker!

When you and your device are further than 30 meters away from each other, the Nut will beep you to let you know, so you have less of a chance of forgetting your items. The battery life is approximately around 8 to 10 months, and the batteries are easily replaceable. The device itself is very thin and stylish, and actually makes a trendy addition to any product.

  • Thin and stylish
  • Batteries last 8-10 months typically, and are replaceable
  • Easy-to-use app helps locate items through GPS
  • Separation alert can sometimes give false alarms

Best Key Finder - Buyer's Guide

Finding the perfect key finder for you, isn’t as always as it may seem. If you don’t do your proper research, you can end up with a finder that doesn’t properly track your precious items like your smartphone, wallet, or keys! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a buying guide so that you can avoid this from happening. Stay tuned, and we’ll make sure you make the best purchasing decision when it comes to the best key finders.


Key finders typically use one of two methods to locate your items: radio frequency and Bluetooth. The radio frequency finder operates much like a cordless phone does. There is a base unit where you can activate the beeping/noise on whichever item you have attached your finder to. The radio frequencies aren’t always powerful enough to go through multiple walls, surfaces, and materials, so if you’ve lost your item in a leather couch, they may not be able to track it. However, the items we have on this list that use radio frequencies are powerful enough, so no need to worry about that. The biggest issue with the radio-powered units, is that if you lose the base unit, you’re going to need a key finder to find your key finder.

The Bluetooth key finder operates by typically using an app downloaded onto your smartphone. The tag that you purchased then pairs with your phone, so if you lose your item, all you have to do is open the app, press a button, and start listening to the ringing. This is often much more convenient and easy to use, as most of us always have our smartphones with us. Some, even have the ability to make your smartphone ring if your phone is the item you’ve lost or misplaced!


There are only two types of batteries with these products: replaceable and non-replaceable. Each typically have their own benefits. While replaceable batteries are simple because you never have to replace the actual product, you may think that it would be the less expensive option. However, most products with non-replaceable batteries have very high-quality batteries that can oftentimes last you more than a year, and up to 18 months for some! The replaceable batteries may last you less than 8 months, depending on usage, so choosing a non-replaceable battery can be the more economic option!


Some key locators are the kind that look like keychains; they’re a FOB that connects easily to loops. Sometimes they’re bulky, and sometimes they’re thin and almost go unnoticed. The bulkier ones are typically more durable, but this isn’t a rule. They bulkier ones are also not going to stick to flat surfaces like remote controls or in your wallet very easily, whereas the thinner ones can often by attached seamlessly, or come with a special finder that is flat and made to go into a wallet or be attached to a remote.


If you’re someone who is hard of hearing or are purchasing for someone who can’t hear as well as the general population, then you should consider the louder key finder FOBs. The one highest on our list actually goes up to 90 decibels, which makes the finder easy to hear for just about anyone!


Not every key finder has the same range in which it can track your lost items. Some can track items only within 60 feet, and some can track over 100 feet. The ones that are more powerful typically are going to cost you more, however, this isn’t always the case. If you have a smaller home, then it’s probably a good idea to go with the key tracker that uses the smaller range, as it will probably save you money.

Preventative Measures

Some key finders only work if the item in question is already lost. However, there are some Bluetooth devices that work to take preventative action to make sure you don’t lose or forget your items in the first place. Some will beep if you’re more than a certain distance away from your item, so that you will never forget to bring your phone with you to work, or to take your keys with you on a night out.


This kind of goes hand-in-hand with design, but a bit differently. While some don’t really care what their device looks like, some do; especially if their device is going to be on display on their luggage, purses, keys, and the like. The CUBE, Luxsure, and the Tile Mate are all considered to be very sleek and attractive options that not only have a purpose, but are trendy. Another thing to consider, is how unnoticeable it is. This may not be as big of a deal, but if someone is stealing your bag, they may notice a bulky key tracker and remove it so you have no way of finding your item again. If your tracker is sleeker, slimmer, and all-around just less noticeable, then there is a smaller chance of that happening, and you being able to locate stolen items.


There are some devices that have extras, such as a flashlight or the ability to use it as a shutter for your camera. These can also save you some money by utilizing these features. For example, if you’ve lost your cellphone which is the only flashlight you have, then you may have a hard time looking in a dark area for your item. A shutter for your phone can be used to take photos from far away, among other useful things! It also saves you from having to spend money on a device to solely take photos away from your phone. In some cases, the tracker will be the same price as if you bought a shutter separately, so it almost pays for itself!

This is a general guide; of course, there are going to be some other unseen factors that go into determining which product is the best for you, because everyone is different. However, this is a pretty good guideline to go off of if you want to be satisfied with a product and not feel as if you just wasted your money, but rather made an educated purchasing decision. You really can’t go wrong with any of the products on our list, but again, it all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. No one item is going to make every person on the globe happy, although, that would be great, wouldn’t it?  


Thanks for staying with us through this journey of finding the perfect key locator; we enjoyed your company! We can assure you that all of our products are carefully chosen after much delegation and trying each product out. With that being said, if we had to pick, we would overall go with the Tile Mate.

The Tile for lost keys is impressive in every way. It looks sleek and attractive, it has an easy and convenient app, and can also easily find your smartphone. The Tile community can help you find your lost items, if you can’t find it yourself, or if it’s not showing up on your app. The customer service is unbeatable, and available to help at any time. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured you won’t be spending your mornings half-awake, digging through the laundry or in-between couch cushions looking for your items! Now, go get the best key finder!