Best Jumperoo

If you’re reading this, it’s pretty safe to assume you have a baby, or are looking to buy a jumperoo for a baby. You know your baby better than anyone else, and when they get to a certain point, they just want to move all over the place. They have a ton of energy, so how can you keep them entertained? You can of course take them to the park or run around the house chasing after your surprisingly fast infant, or you can choose the easier and less-exhausting route of purchasing a baby jumper. Affordability is a key factor in choosing one, as it will only be in use for probably just a few months. While “trying before you buy” is always the best way to test them out, that’s not always logical. We’ve gone ahead and done the research for you, to find the best baby jumperoos to keep you and your little one happy!

Best Jumperoo – Compare yourself!

Below, we have a table to help you pick the best baby jumper that fits your and your baby’s needs best. Compare and contrast each item to easily weed out the ones you like from the ones that won’t suit your needs as well.

ProductWeight CapacityFeatures
Fisher-Price Rainforest25 lbs.For children who can hold head up unassisted, lights, sound, and music, soft-sided overhead toy bar, light-up musical piano
Kolcraft 2-in-1 Activity26 lbs.2-in-1 jumper and walker, includes developmental activities, walker folds flat, machine washable pad, JPMA-certified activity center
EvenFlo ExerSaucerJump25 lbs.67 learning activities, bounce base, smart electronic toys, extra jump helps baby exercise
Jolly Jumper w/ Stand28 lbs.Improves balance and helps develop muscle coordination, firm support for baby’s spine, easily mobile
Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo25 lbs.Music, sounds, and lights, seat spins 360 degrees, free-standing steel frame, soft spring covers
Fisher-Price Space Saver25 lbs.Lets baby jump safely, fabric-enclosed springs, lights, sound, and music, soft-sided overhead bar, easily foldable and storable

Now that you have taken a look at the best baby jumpers out there, let’s read a bit further about each product to determine which one is the best for you and your baby.


Fisher-Price Rainforest - Best Designed Product

Fisher-Price is one of the most well-known makers of children’s toys and baby products. Their products are consistently reliable, are high-quality, and great at doing what they’re made for. The Fisher-Price Rainforest is a safe and comfortable place for your baby to chill out and play while you’re folding laundry or attempting some “me” time.

It’s no secret that babies love to be entertained. While solely jumping around is enough to keep a baby busy for a sufficient amount of time, the Rainforest takes it a step further with a fun seat and toys! Their recently-designed frame allows you to open it up from the top, and allows the seat to rotate a full 360 degrees! This means that your baby can play and have fun from any direction! We all know babies like feeling unrestricted, and sometimes jumperoos can invoke that feeling, so the freedom to move around is a great addition.

The seat itself is a blast to play with, with five different locations on the seat for them to interact with. In the front of the seat, there is an electronic toy that incorporates light, music, and motion that starts off by the baby spinning a drum. This is also a great feature that lets the parent and the baby play together. It’s appropriately named “Rainforest”, as there are a variety of animal toys included: a bobbing elephant, a swinging monkey, a hanging parrot, a clear spinning bead-filled ball, a hide-and-seek tiger, a spinning/rattling lizard, an attached chew toy, and a stack of chips.

As you can see, there are enough toys to ensure your bundle of joy never gets bored! Aside from entertainment purposes, however, are the developmental benefits they’ll see. Moving, spinning, and jumping all help develop major motor skills. The different textures, lights, and movements engage tactile, visual, and auditory stimulation.

Last, but certainly not least, the baby jumper is easy to use, move, and store. The quick take-down and portability is certainly not wasted on the parents! The frame pivots to a nesting position to be tucked away under a bed, or stored in the closet when not in use.

  • Various types of toys to play with different sounds, colors, and textures
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Seat rotates a full 360 degrees
  • For babies with chubbier legs, some parents reported their legs being a bit tight

Kolcraft 2-in-1 - Most Versatile Product

As previously stated, budget is a big factor oftentimes when purchasing a baby jumper, due to the fact that your baby will probably only use it for a few months before they outgrow it. However, the 2-in-1 by Kolcraft eliminates this problem by creating a product that grows with your child. The product easily converts from a seated activity chair/walker, to a walk-behind walker as they get older.

The play tray provides hours of fun for your baby, including an upright flower mirror with crinkled petals and a textured stem, spinning balls, and a bead bar. These are not only great for fun, but work to develop your child’s developmental/motor skills. The seat is adjustable, so it works with just about any height, and also removes easily once your baby is old enough to progress to the walk-behind walker mode. The baby should have a strong back and be able to sit up straight on their own before putting them in this chair. The only real downside to this product, is the fact that the wheels don’t turn as easily as some competitor options, making it a bit difficult to use on carpet or rugs.

  • Great for developing motor skills
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Has the ability to change from a baby seat to a walk-behind walker!
  • Toy tray incorporates differently-textured toys
  • Easily storable and mobile
  • Isn't ideal on carpet

EvenFlo ExerSaucerJump - Best Variety of Toys

Consistently considered one of the best baby jumpers, the the EvenFlo ExerSaucer is not only trendy-looking, but is a simple-to-use jumper made of baby-safe 100% polyester. If you’re looking for a safe and fun place for your baby to jump, learn, and play, then this is it.

One thing that’s really outstanding about the ExerSaucerJump, is its durability. While you may not have it for long, it’s definitely worth keeping around if you decide to have more children, or would like to give it to a family member or friend’s baby, as it is so well put-together. You can rest assured that the frame and bouncing system is secure, and won’t send your baby flying anywhere.

The extra jump is excellent at helping your baby exercise their legs and improve coordination and major motor functioning, all while they’re learning and having fun playing. With 67 various fun learning activities for your baby, you may even have a whole hour of freedom! There are various noises that the toys make, and just about any type of toy you can think of. There are spinning bead wheels, mirrors, crinkly toys, animals, and much more! There are “smart” electronic toys which interact with each other and provide your child with lights and sounds in three genres of music! The seat rotates around, so your baby can play at any angle. This particular jumper has twice the amount of “jump” as competitor items on the market, so your baby can really get those legs going!

There is a three-position height adjustment on the seat to grow with the child, and receive the most for your money. The seat is also machine-washable, which is extremely important, because we all know how tidy babies are! The only possible downside which we encountered with some consumers, was that this wasn’t as “attractive” as some of the other baby jumpers, however, that kind of comes down to personal opinion.

  • 360-degree rotating seat
  • 67 different learning activities
  • Tray full of different interactive toys with lights and sounds
  • Three-position height adjustment grows with child
  • Not as physically appealing to some consumers

Jolly Jumper w/ Stand - Most Portable Product

The Jolly Jumper on a Stand is a baby exerciser port-a-stand that is great for any child in the pre-walking phase. It’s primary function is to improve coordination and balance without frustrating your little one, while simultaneously working to support the proper alignment of the spine, give support to the neck and back, and strengthen their tiny muscles. This ensures that their bones will grow properly, and their posture will be pristine.

While it may be a bit different from the other jumperoos on our list, it is still great for entertaining your child. Some babies even jump until they are so exhausted, they fall asleep. It’s not only for developing your child’s motor skills and muscles. Another notable feature that parents will love, is its convenient portability. Simply fold it up, and you’re ready to go! Other competitor products take longer to fold up, and more room and patience. The only real downside to this product, is the fact that there aren’t any toys included, which the other ones have.

  • Very portable and easy to fold
  • Helps your child develop motor skills and strength
  • Keeps spine and muscles aligned and supported
  •  No doorway required
  • No toys included

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo - Most Rewarding Product

The Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo is very similar to the Rainforest, but has some notable features that separate themselves from the other. Your baby will love to spin around and play with all of the different toys and sounds in this Zoo. The happy animal-themed tray plays music makes animal sounds, and lights up every time your child makes a movement.

Your baby’s jumping is rewarded with music, sounds, and lights, which will encourage them to jump and play around even more! No matter which direction they’re facing in the 360-degree spinning chair, there will always be something for them to interact with. The toys include: a hippo rollerball, giraffe with clacker beads, spinning alligator, lion teether, lion, gorilla, an elephant mirror with spinning beads, and much more. As they all make different sounds or music, this helps your baby develop their auditory, visual, and other motor skills, as well as a load of entertainment.

As so many jumperoos require a doorway to get them going, the Luv U Zoo is particularly great, because it’s made of a sturdy, freestanding steel frame that allows your baby to jump safely. Spring covers are also included, to make sure your baby doesn’t hurt any of their fingers while playing. The frame adjusts to fit babies of different sizes, along with a three-level height adjustment so the device grows along with your little one. If you plan on taking them over to grandma’s for a play date, make sure to bring this jumperoo along! The tubes remove easily from the base, so you can easily transport their plaything anywhere they go.

If you’re stuck between the Rainforest and the Luv U Zoo, there are some notable differences. The first, is that the Rainforest has music that seems to be a lot more appealing to the majority of consumers who have tried both. Luv U Zoo is also a lot more sensitive to the babies’ actions, which can be fun for the baby, but can result in a headache for parents. The Luv U Zoo also has a full 360-degree rotating seat, but it does not rotate as easily as the Rainforest.

  • 360-degree swivel seat
  • Tons of different toys that are sensitive to baby's actions, rewarding them with music and lights
  • Three-level height adjustment
  • Freestanding, durable steel frame
  • Seat doesn't swivel as easily as Rainforest

Fisher-Price Space Saver - Best Storable Product

If you have a smaller home or baby play area, the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver was made for you. It’s not as simple as you would think, trying to find a stationary activity jumper that is compact, yet comfortable enough for your baby to have unprohibited fun in. This jumperoo was designed for the baby that can’t quite hold their head up on their own yet, and can’t yet walk on their own.

If its adorable Woodland Friends theme doesn’t catch your eye, the high safety rating sure will. Springs are enclosed by fabric to keep little fingers out of harm’s way, and the freestanding frame is strong and durable enough to withstand hours of jumping and playing. It folds compactly with the toy bar attached for easy travel and space-saving storage. The seat pad is also removable and washable, which is absolutely essential.

Your baby will be able to be comfy with their padded seat, as well as smooth jumping to develop their motor skills and the muscles in their neck, back, and legs. Each jump is rewarded with fun lights, sounds, and music to encourage them to keep on playing and jumping! Toys include a light-up piano which allows them to actually press and hear music, a jiggly frog for teething purposes, sliding/clicking caterpillar, clacker rings, as well as animal spinners on the overhead toy bar! The most notable downside to the SpaceSaver, is that there aren’t as many toys as some of the other Fisher-Price jumperoos we have listed here.

  • Light up toys come with sounds and music to encourage baby to keep jumping
  • Extremely portable and folds compactly; great for smaller houses or play areas
  • Safe, durable freestanding frame
  • Doesn't have as many toys as other Fisher-Price baby jumpers

Best Jumperoo - Buyer's Guide

Unless you’ve had prior experience, buying a baby jumper for your child isn’t always the easiest thing to do. You have to consider their age, size, personal preferences, price, and more!


It’s important to think about how big the play area for your baby will be, or how large your home is. If you have a smaller home, really consider the size of the baby jumper, and how easily it can be stored. Some jumperoos aren’t very portable or foldable, so really pay attention to this factor. Others, can be folded completely flat, or have minimal equipment which is ideal for smaller households or for traveling.


Consider the size of your baby, and of the jumperoo. The typical weight threshold for these products is anywhere from 25 to 29 pounds, and the height varies. If your baby has chubbier legs though, for example, they may find that the seat is a bit too tight or uncomfortable. This is why it’s important to read the specs of each product before you buy it. Height adjustments are also important to consider, for if there is only one seat height available for the baby jumper, it will last you a much shorter amount of time.


As we stated at the beginning of the article, price should be one of the top factors to consider when buying your baby a jumperoo. Most likely, your baby will only be using it for months, although there is the 2-in-1 that will last you much longer. If you plan on using it for years to come if you have more children, then price may not be as big of a factor.


Is your main purpose for getting the jumperoo to entertain your baby? Then you may want to consider a jumper with a wider variety of toys. Some are chock-full of different types that are interactive, electronic, and give off different lights, sounds, and music in response to your baby’s actions.


Make sure to check if there were any recalls on the product you’re looking at, and the safety reviews. There will almost always be some type of incident from a consumer reporting that somehow their child got injured, because nothing is 100% foolproof from babies. However, all of the items on our list are safe and durable.


Whichever jumperoo you decide on should largely depend on all of the factors listed in our buying guide. Our personal favorite is the Fisher-Price Rainforest, for many reasons. Firstly, it’s very well-made, durable, and safe for your baby to play around in. The frame allows you to open it from the top, and it also allows their seat to rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing them to play with the toys at any angle. There are electronic toys to play with, great Caribbean music, along with fun lights and sounds that encourage the baby to jump and play even longer. It’s also very portable and easy to store, which is perfect if you plan on going on a lot of playdates, or have a smaller home. However, the Rainforest may not be the best option for everyone. Any of these items would be a great addition to any home with an active baby in it! After all, these are the best baby jumpers of 2018