Best Juicer for Carrots

Not every juicer is as reliable as advertised. In fact, it’s easy to get fooled by advertising and by salespeople. For many people, it’s important to regularly drink vegetable or fruit juice. Thus, they need a juicer that’s built well enough to withstand constant usage.

With that in mind, we’ve made it our mission to find the best of the bunch. In particular, we’ve managed to determine the best juicer for carrots. We might have had too many glasses of juice during this period, but we believe they’re worth it.

Juicers for Carrots – Guide to Compare

Finding the most reliable juicers was both easy and demanding. For one, almost everyone had a clear opinion on which brands and variants worked best for juicing carrots. On the other hand, we were left with so many products to test. In the end, here are our top five products, any of which could readily be crowned as the best juicer for carrots.

Name of ProductItem WeightWarranty Duration
Omega NC900HDC13 lbs15 years
Hamilton Beach 67601A9.8 lbs1 year
Breville BJE510XL14.2 lbs1 year
Omega J800613 lbs15 years
Breville 800JEXL14.6 lbs1 year

As you can see above, both Breville and Omega have two entries – and for good reason. To find out the strengths of each product impressive enough to be the best juicer for carrots, check out our individual reviews.


Omega NC900HDC - Premium Design with a Bevy of Features

The first carrot juicer we have is the sixth generation Omega NC900HDC. Established way back in 1985, Omega Products has consistently been one of the top companies that offer the most impressive juicers of various types. From centrifuge to pulp ejection types of juicers, Omega likely has some of the best of the bunch. This time, they have a masticating-type juicer to offer.

Design and Features

With its chrome finish, this product does exude a premium feel. Omega made sure that parents would feel safe handling this with children around, so the company made sure that the NC900HDC juicer was free from Bisphenol-A (BPA). This chemical has been correlated to bad health issues affecting infants, so a BPA-free juicer makes sense. Likewise, this carrot juicer machine already has a built-in handle, which is quite tough and feels good to the touch.

While we are primarily dealing with carrot juicing, the Omega NC900HDC juicer does have features dealing with other produce. For fine produce such as wheatgrass, the NC900HDC employs an auger system. In essence, the produce is taken to a narrow chamber, where they constantly undergo grinding and pressing until all the juice has come out. For people who are fond of making their own naturally healthy snacks, the NC900HDC has an Omega Nutrition System.

The Omega NC900HDC juicer has six nozzles, a single juicing screen, and an adjustable end cap featuring five settings to choose from. If you’d like to prepare juice using citrus fruits, go for setting 1. As the produce becomes tougher to extract from, you simply increase the setting – going for setting 5 at max. As for the warranty, Omega is more than gracious enough as it provided a 15-year warranty. Honestly, we really liked how the company made us feel like getting the NC900HDC was a right investment.


A masticating-type juicer foregoes a rapid operating speed in exchange for a slower one, which prevents oxidation – effectively maintaining the nutrients and minerals in their most natural state. In general, a masticating-type juicer will provide glasses of juice with richer colors and nutrients.

In particular, the Omega NC900HDC works at a relatively slow speed of 80 RPM. Aside from stopping oxidation or spoiling the produce, this speed also effectively deals with heat issues. Juicing carrots is not an easy task for ordinary juicers, but this one handled the vegetable well. Furthermore, the feed chute of this juicer is pretty huge, at least compared to the Omega 8000 series. This slight yet significant increase in chute size reduces the time spent preparing the produce to be juiced.

Closely observing the carrot juice we got from the Omega NC900HDC, we barely saw any foam that formed. In addition, the pulp is dry, indicating a tremendous yield in terms of nutrients and minerals. There wasn’t much produce to discard once it goes in this juicer. While the juicing screen is indeed quite small, this actually saved us time during cleanups. We did have to slice up the big carrots and other huge produce like cucumbers and apples, but this is a minor issue that doesn’t affect the quality of juice we get from the NC900HDC.

  • ​Premium chrome finish
  • ​Juices carrots with ease
  • ​80 RPM prevents oxidation and heat issues
  • Auger System and Omega Nutrition System
  • Relatively big produce needs to be cut into smaller pieces

Hamilton Beach 67601A – Efficient and Easy to Assemble

The next product in our list of the best juicer for carrots is the Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor. Hamilton Beach is one of the oldest and most reliable companies in the business. With a good reputation in the field of customer support combined with their tenacity for producing impressive small kitchen appliances, we eagerly tested the 67601A juicer.

Design and Features

Upon seeing the Hamilton Beach 67601A, we thought it would be easy to assemble – and we were right. The package came with a handy and detailed instruction manual that allowed us to get the juicer working in minutes. The black design of this juicer isn’t particularly special, but this allows it to fit into whatever color palette a kitchen is in.

Now, if there’s one thing we noticed about the 67601A carrot juicer, it’s that it specializes in reducing the time people spend preparing and extracting the produce. For one, the feed chute of this Hamilton Beach juicer measures three inches, which should be sizable enough for most fruits and vegetables. This eliminates the need to spend time cutting produce into smaller portions. Secondly, the pulp bin of the 67601A is big enough to allow continuous juicing. Some juicers require us to constantly empty the pulp bin several times within a short period, but this one doesn’t. A third observation is that this carrot juicer utilizes a steel cutter made of stainless steel for efficient juicing. The final feature of the Hamilton Beach 67601A that makes it a time-saver are its juice spout funnels that allow for juice to directly go to glasses and other containers of various sizes.

Of course, the Hamilton Beach 67601A also deals with cleanliness. The removable plastic parts of this carrot juicer can be safely cleaned using a dishwasher. In addition, this product has a cleaning brush meant for cleaning the strainer basket. In particular, the brush is made up of micro-soft bristles to reach and clean every section.


Carrots aren’t exactly the easiest produce to juice, but the 800-watt peak power of the Hamilton Beach 67601A takes care of that. Along with carrots, produce such as apples and cucumbers do not have to be cut into smaller parts to fit the three-inch chute. But if you intend to juice oranges, mangoes, and the like, be sure to peel them before juicing to prevent any unwanted changes in the flavor. Of course, you have to pit fruits having pits and relatively huge seeds.

With each use, we couldn’t deny the fact that the motor of the 67601A juicer is formidable. Not only was it powerful, but it worked in a way that resulted in the highest amount of juice extracted. In addition, pulp we got was as dry as possible – a clear sign of how excellent the 67601A in terms of extraction. From carrots to leafy greens, this Hamilton Beach juicer didn’t show any hiccups.

Now, we mentioned earlier that this juicer paid attention to how it was going to be cleaned with the removable plastic parts and the brush. While these were indeed helpful, it doesn’t mean that cleaning the basket is a breeze. You’d really need to scrub with enough pressure to make sure that no pulp is left to dry. Otherwise, it would be more difficult to remove after some time.

All in all, the Hamilton Beach 67601A is powerful juicer that only takes minutes to assemble. It’s cleverly designed to save time both during preparation and extraction. Moreover, this produces a dry pulp regardless of the produce you use.

  • ​Quick assembly using the detailed manual
  • ​Excellent time-saving features
  • ​800-watt maximum juicing power
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Basket requires slightly rigorous cleaning

Breville BJE510XL – Powerful and High-Quality Construction

This is the first of two Breville juicers we reviewed. Touted as the BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Juicer, it immediately looked like a superior product – one of those touted as commercial juice extractor machines. This is one of the most popular juicer brands, and this is one of their most well-known juicers.

Design and Features

The Breville BJE510XL juicer is constructed using gorgeous stainless steel and die-cast alloy. Its body is made of heavy-grade polymer to ensure extreme durability. Now, we already talked about how heat negatively affects the quality of the extracted juice – and Breville clearly took note of that. They had to find a way to efficiently obtain the nutrients and protect the enzymes. With this in mind, the company developed a patented juicing system that essentially extracts as many nutrients as possible without the heat reaching 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Likewise, the Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain has great components. It has a huge pulp container capable of collecting three liters of pulp at a time. The juice jug is already pretty big at it can accommodate a litter of juice. In addition, the jug already contains a froth separator to immediately remove the bubbles from the juice. As for the chute, it’s as wide as the Hamilton Beach 67601A at 3 inches – assuring most fruits and vegetables can be directly and completely put into the juicer.

The difference between the Hamilton Beach 67601A and the Breville BJE510XL, however, is that the latter’s wide chute contains a cutting knife to keep the produce in the middle. Furthermore, this feed chute is placed just over the shredding disc at the center for more efficient juicing. Of course, many of us want to put the juice directly into a glass, so Breville included a detachable spout. Best of all, the components of the BJE510XL – except for the mesh filter basket and the food pusher – can be cleaned using a dishwasher.

To prevent any problems from occurring, Breville formulated a safety lock mechanism and a built-in smart chip that accordingly increases the cutting disc’s power to continue juicing even with a heavy load. On the other hand, the overload protection readily turns off the machine if it notices that the juicer is overloaded and about to overheat. If the aforementioned weren’t enough, there’s even an LCD display that suggests the right juicing speed for each produce.


Just like other carrot juices here, the Breville BJE510XL has five-speed settings ranging from 6,500 RPM for leafy greens and other soft produce to as high as 12,500 RPM for dense produce like apples. Of course, speed isn’t the only strength of this machine as this utilizes reinforced cutting blades along with the mesh filter basket to get the pulp out as quickly as possible. These cutting blades should interest many of you who want blades that stay sharp even with constant use.

Regardless of the speed setting we chose, the noise was relatively tolerable due to Breville’s direct central feed system. Since the Nutri Disc has the large chute centered just below it, both vibration and noise are reduced. It’s not exactly quiet but it’s acceptable for such a powerful juicer. The only minor gripe we have with the Breville BJE510XL is that the pulp wasn’t always as dry as we expected. While it was inevitable to have wet pulp on occasion, the machine is indeed powerful and is packed with many innovative features concerning efficiency and safety. We’re not surprised why some believe this is the best juicer machine.

  • High-quality materials and construction
  • ​Sizable components increase efficiency
  • ​Impressive five-speed setting
  • Safety lock mechanism and built-in smart-chip
  • Pulp not always dry

Omega J8006 – Outstanding Juicing Performance

Here we have the second Omega carrot juicer. The first one already impressed us with its Auger System, but the Omega J8006 does have several tricks up its sleeve as one of the finest masticating juicers out there.

Design and Features

In terms of appearance, the Omega J8006 doesn’t differ much from the Omega NC900HDC. Both of them have a premium chrome finish and weigh 13 pounds each. This is clearly a product of heavy-duty construction. Every single part of the Omega J8006 is sturdy. What makes it distinct is the addition of four stabilizing feet. You see, this juicer has been precisely engineered not only to be a worthy investment but also to operate as quietly as possible.

Another remarkable thing about this juicer is the fact that it only has four main parts. Thus, it’s both easy to setup and to disassemble the Omega machine. Do take note that the juice screen is already in the product. With a small number of parts, cleaning the J8006 should be a breeze.

Just like the Omega N900HDC, this juicer can also do more than extracting nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Thanks to the Nutrition System, you can make nut butter, grind some coffee beans and spices, create food for your baby, mince some garlic, and even make your own soy milk. If you want to try these activities, just use the food processor attachment. Lastly, the Omega NC900HDC juicer also boasts of a staggering 15-year warranty.


There is a lot to admire about this carrot juicer when we tested it. Even though it’s a masticating juice extractor that works at low speeds, it still has a powerful motor to effectively acquire all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes from the plant fibers. Yes, this juicer will take longer than a centrifugal-type juicer, but the resulting pulp here is incredibly dry and the juice retains its natural flavor. We never felt the need to put the pulp back to the juicer in the hopes of squeezing out more out of it. In addition, this slow process leads to considerably less foaming and permits the juice to stay in its best state for up to three days.

Then again, we do have to admit that the chute isn’t big enough to accommodate a lot of produce types. We had to slice huge carrots and apples into smaller portions, but these weren’t too time-consuming. Once they’re in the chute, the extraction is relatively quiet and quick, especially with the automatic pulp-ejection function and the dual-stage juicing system. And once we’ve collected the juice, cleaning the Omega NC900HDC takes mere minutes – some parts just require a short rinse.

  • ​Heavy-duty construction with a chrome finish
  • ​Resulting pulp is remarkably dry
  • ​Extracts highly nutritious juice with natural flavor intact
  • Easy to assemble, clean, and disassemble
  • Some produce need to be sliced to fit into the chute

Breville 800JEXL – Incredible Speed and Durability

The final best juicer to buy for carrots is another high-quality product from Breville. Like other Breville juicers, the 800JEXL is built for home use, but it is also powerful enough to be a commercial carrot juicer machine.

Design and Features

The Breville 800JEXL has an extremely durable die-cast steel housing. Along with this are a cutting disk and a micro mesh filter composed of titanium and stainless steel, respectively. The package contains everything you would need from a carrot juicer: a large pulp container with a handle, a manual and recipe book, a cleaning brush, and a juicing pitcher.

As for technological improvements, the Breville 800JEXL has an overload protection that turns the carrot juicer extractor off once it becomes overloaded – preventing issues overheating and damage in the long run. Likewise, a Safety Locking Arm assures that you won’t accidentally use the juicer without locking the cover into place first. Furthermore, this juicer applies the same centered feed chute design of the Breville BJE510XL to allow efficient juicing. Lastly, you have a one-year warranty if there are any issues with the parts.


The Breville 800JEXL has two speed controls. The highest runs at 13,000 RPM while the low setting is at 6,500 RPM. The feed tube was sizable enough for most fruits and vegetables. With its three-inch opening, we didn’t have problems placing in carrots. And since this is a Breville juicer, the 800JEXL takes advantage of the patented juicing system that provides superior nutrient extraction. Since this is one of the more powerful juicers on this list, do expect this to have some noise during operations. If there’s one improvement we seek, it’s for the 800JEXL to have a reliable spout cover that effectively stops drips whenever the pitcher is emptied.

  • ​High-quality construction and materials
  • ​Safety Locking Arm
  • ​Overload protection prevents damage and overheating
  • Powerful patented juicing system
  • Appearance of drips upon emptying the pitcher


Overall, we believe that one product went above and beyond the competition to be the best machine for carrot juice. With a stunningly durable and beautiful chrome finish, the Omega J8006 immediately caught our attention. Of course, its construction alone isn’t enough for it to be the best juicer.

This is why Omega also excelled in terms of performance. Whether you are juicing apples or carrots, the pulp will always be dry. You won’t ever need to put the produce back. Moreover, you are assured of the natural flavors and the preservation of the nutrients. Add in the fact that the Omega J8006 in easy to assemble and clean, and you’ve got the best juicer for carrots.