Best Insoles for Flat Feet

You may have seen them at the store and paid them no real attention – the gel shoe inserts that you couldn’t help resist squeezing when you were out grocery shopping with your mom. What was once an eye-catching plaything is now a necessity for those of you who suffer from flat feet, or fallen arches. Arches play a crucial part in our day-to-day lives, and unless you personally are affected by it, you won’t know the pain and non-comfortability that can come with it.

If not treated properly, it can lead to more serious things than just uncomfort. Very serious joint and foot problems can arise and cause lifelong issues if there isn’t proper arch support put into place. So, which ones are the perfect for you? We’ve done some research and found the best insoles for flat feet, so you don’t have to!

The Top Insoles for Flat Feet – Top 5 List

We’ve created the convenient table below, so you can easily compare and contrast all of the best orthotics for flat feet on the market today. Let’s take a look and get started! If you are still wondering: What are the best insoles for flat feet? Then take a look at the table of insoles below as these are considered the best insoles for flat feet 2018 according to our research:

Superfeet Insoles Green PremiumSynthetic Material, 2” high, 4” wideCreates excellent stability, biomechanical foot shape and arch support
Powerstep OriginalFoam cushioningAvailable in all sizes, anti-microbial, foam cushioning, long-lasting
Sof Sole AirrNylon/GelCushy gel forefoot, COOLMAX moisture-wicking cover, nylon plate at arch
Samurai Orthotics for Flat FeetPolypropylene/High-density paddingWorks with variety of footwear, densely padded with shell
Hydrofeet Dynamic LIquid MassagingGlycerinAnti-microbial, perfect for poor circulation, shock-absorbing, works with variety of footwear

Now that you’ve seen the best shoe inserts for flat feet, we’re sure you probably have some more questions! Orthotics can reduce muscular fatigue, ensure proper alignment of the bones, and much more. Scroll a bit further, and we’ve included detailed descriptions for each, helping you on your journey to find which one suits you!


Superfeet Insoles Green Premium - Best Value Option

Superfeet’s Green Premium Insoles are not just great for adding comfort, but for overall wellbeing of your entire body. It’s durable construction adds stability and support to shoes that otherwise would be flimsy and give way under the weight of your body. Their affordable, professional-great orthotic support is a good option for anyone with fallen arches. They work best in medium to high-volume footwear that also have removable insoles. This means you can wear them at the gym or work!

The Superfeet design provides stability with its biomechanical shape and arch support, while the full-length foam gives excellent comfortability and cushion. The stabilizer cap provides the structure and support that many other insoles do not. The closed-cell foam molds to both the shape of your feet, and the shape of your shoes. While they are great for those with feet and back problems, they don’t provide the best support for those with high arches, and they are also not meant to be worn in tight shoes. While they do have the restriction to just wider shoes, they do benefit a wider community, being that they are vegan-friendly. This opens inserts up to more people, as most inserts are not vegan.

  • Molds to the shape of feet
  • Great for those with feet and back issues
  • Biomechanical shape provides great arch support 
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Not good for wearing with tight shoes

Powerstep Original - Most Durable Product

The days of only having Dr. Scholls be the option for support for flat feet. Take a look at the Powerstep Original foot support inserts and be prepared to not have to buy new ones for a long, long time. They’re one of the best selling inserts ever, and for very good reasons! The inserts, which come in just about any size, work for about any kind of shoe, as well. With 4.5 stars on Amazon, endless customers have attested to these inserts lasting for years. Their anti-microbial fabric keeps bacteria and smell away, so they feel as fresh as the first day you receive them.

A medically-sculpted footbed composing of two layers of foam provides arch support and stability, while their Variable Cushioning Technology (VCT) protects your feet and absorbs shock upon impact. These are great for just about anything, from Plantar Fasciitis, to heel pain. However, these do differ from other insoles, in that they’re thicker than most, and don’t provide as much cushioning as they do structure.

  • Can last for years
  • Anti-microbial fabric keeps smell and bacteria away
  • Creates arch support and stability
  • Doesn't provide as much cushion as it does, support. 
  • Thicker than many other options

Sof Sole Airr - Best Technology 

If you’re looking for extra-cushy inserts for flat feet, you’d do well to take a look at Sof Sole’s Airr model. At first glance, you can already tell that they’re going to feel like heaven to walk on. Something that you don’t see in most other inserts, is their revolutionary air chamber technology, which has been placed in the heel and arch to provide comfort and shock absorption. Their Skydex air bubbles absorb impact, while the gel forefoot absorbs the shock of impact. The nylon plate in the arch provides exemplary arch support and stability.

These foot support inserts of excellent for just about any type of activity: cross-training, running, or for work. Their COOLMAX fabric cover wicks away moisture, so feet feel nice and dry even while working out. These lightweight insoles have received reviews where they were a bit too long, so it’s best to order a bit smaller than your shoe size.

  • Cushy gel forefoot and Skydex air bubbles provide comfort and shock absorption
  • Nylon plate arch support
  • Great for any activity
  • COOLMAX moisture-wicking cover
  • Can run too big for some sizes

Samurai Insoles Orthotics for Flat Feet - Best Active Wear Product

These thin insoles from Samurai Insoles were designed by a podiatrist to provide arch support for flat feet and pain relief. Their biochemical design enhances the action of the feet while also preventing the flattening of arches. With a form-fitting feel, they cradle your feet while simultaneously providing the support you need. By combining their springy polypropylene orthotic shell with a densely padded case, provides shock absorption and realigns foot joins when needed.

Their red top cover doesn’t just look cool, but serves as a way to absorb heat and friction, keeping your feet dry all day long. While they can be worn in practically any type of shoe, it is important to note that these do not last as long as some of our other options (6-12 months compared to years of use with the others).

  • Great for all types of shoes
  • Biochemically designed to enhance foot action and prevent arch flattening
  • Provides shock absorption and realigns foot joins when necessary
  • Top cover keeps feet dry
  • Durable, but not as durable as competitor options

Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Insoles - Most Versatile Product

While they may not look much different from other foot support inserts, the Hydrofeet Insoles feel different from any other. They’re marketed as helping with circulation, callouses, plantar fasciitis, back pain, and much more through their liquid-massaging technology. When the pressure in the insole is equalized, the foot kind of “floats” off of the shoe, providing both cushion and shock absorption. Think of it as a water bed that moves from heel-to-toe each time it hits the ground (but much more stable).

They’re filled with a vegetable-based, FDA-approved glycerin that supports the arch and improves circulation by allowing the liquid to move back-and-forth throughout the insert. While the liquid won’t damage shoes or clothing if broken, they’re more ideal for standing, walking, or light-impact sports. Another great feature to note, is that Hydrofeet offers a three-year warranty, where you can also get another pair for free after the three years are up (shipping not included)! Some users have reported them having a smell after some use, but these reports are very rare.

  • Great not just for arch support, but for a number of other foot problems 
  • Enhances circulation
  • Great shock absorption and comfort
  • Not ideal for high-impact sports or running
  • Some users reported the product smelling after multiple uses

Best Insert for Flat Feet - Buyer's Guide

Inserts or orthotics are used to control, guide, or limit a body part with its mobility for a particular reason. In this case, we are talking about assisting with flat feet and providing arch support and comfort. Did you know that choosing the wrong insert can actually make your condition worse? It’s true! It’s very important to select the right one, so we’ve created a guide so you don’t miss a beat.

Adequate Arch Support

As fallen arches or flat feet mean the lack of a sufficient arch, it’s essential that the inserts have enough arch support in them. They are meant to reduce the stress that is placed upon the foot with each step. While they come in a variety of heights and thickness, the best selections should lift the arch just enough to provide good support. If the height is too high, it can create even more problems for you, while if it is too low, it won’t give you the support you need. Make sure the arch is also made out of a firm material, and doesn’t give way under your weight.


This is important, as if they are too long or short, the arch will not be placed properly along the length of your foot. Again, the arch is essential. Gaps along the sides can also be an issue, so pay attention to the fit and which types of shoes you will be wearing them with.


You want a great investment, right? That means having an insert that lasts a long time. Most quality inserts will last you atleast a year or two, if not more. However, there are some that only last a few months. Keep in mind the activities you’ll be using them for, as running and high-impact activities will cause them to wear more.


There are a variety of other little add-ons that may be important to you. Things like anti-microbial fibers, gel versus foam, heat moldability, and much more can be great features that may mean more to you.


Let us be honest – all of these shoe support inserts are top-notch, and you’d do well with any of these selections. However, there can only be one “best” and we determined the best to be the Superfeet’s Premium Green Insoles. While not ideal for tighter shoes, every other characteristic is excellent. The fact that they are vegan-friendly opens inserts up to a whole other crowd of people who otherwise wouldn’t get the benefit of having inserts easily available to them.

Their biomechanical shape provides sufficient arch support and stability of the entire foot. They help control the mechanics of the foot to help properly align the joints of the foot to the rest of the body. Their closed-cell foam molds to the feet, giving a plush ride to any user. Its deep heel cup reduces the shock at the point of contact, while also providing more cushion. The antimicrobial fabric cover reduces the chance of foot odor and blisters, which is a benefit everyone likes. They come recommended by many doctors and occupational therapists, and it’s easy to see why! All of these great characteristics and more, and they are also a great value. Now, can you see why we’ve named Superfeet’s Premium Greens the best insole for flat feet?