Best Glow in the Dark Paint

It seems as if  we’re constantly moving into a culture of light-up accessories and glow in the dark clothes, hair dye, tattoos, and much more. As our culture becomes more technology-oriented, we seem to go along in stride. The electronic music boom of the early 2010’s in the western half of the world seemed to have a lot to do with that, although it started in the rest of the world much earlier on. No matter the time, glow in the dark paint is always a good idea (as long as it’s dark out). It’s fun, it undoubtedly makes anyone stand out in a crowd, and is a fantastic way to express your creativity. However, not every paint is made with the same quality in mind. There is quite a range to choose from, and we’ve selected only the top of the market. Without making you wait any longer, we present to you, the best glow in the dark paint!

Best Glow in the Dark Paint – Variations

To help narrow down your search a bit, we’ve created a table that lists each product, along with their most defining characteristics so you can eliminate the ones you may not like as much.

Glominex Glow Pigment1 oz packetBlue
SpaceBeams Aurora.68 oz bottleGreen
GloMania Extreme1 oz. Aqua
Tulip Fabric 6-Packn/aYellow, blue, orange, green, white, and pink
UV Glow Face and Body .75 ozOrange, yellow, red, pink, blue, green, white
Astro Glow .80 ozLight Green
Paint Glow UV Body Paint Linern/aBlue

As you can see, there are an array of different colors, types, and forms to choose from. Simply choose which type you’re looking for based on what you’ll be using it for. Body paint? Walls? For actual paintings? Once you’ve got that figured out, scroll down a bit further to read in-depth about the items you’re considering.


Glominex Glow Pigment - Most Versatile Product

If you’re looking to make the most of your glow in the dark paint – perhaps create something other than paintings, then check out the glow pigment from Glominex and watch your horizons broaden! Rather than a pre-made paint, gel, or stick, this one comes in the form of a powder, which you can use in practically innumerable ways.

It should be noted, that this paint is not for use on skin or hair; only use on superficial objects. However, it is non-toxic and non-radioactive. This one is great if you’re looking to use varying shades of blue, rather than a preselected one. Simply mix it with resin to use it for lamination or painting. The higher the ratio of the pigment to the resin, the deeper the resulting color will be. You can even create candles out of it! Imagine, not just a flame, but a brilliant blue glowing in the dark along with it! If you leave it out in the sun, or in the path of direct light, it will charge and become super bright in the dark. However, the charge doesn’t last particularly long.

It comes in a one ounce packet, so if you’re looking to do larger murals or paintings, make sure to plan accordingly, because this one is best for smaller projects.

  • Non-toxic and non-radioactive
  • Blue pigment glows neon blue at night
  • Perfect for painting murals, making glow candles, and much more. 
  • Not ideal for use on skin or hair

SpaceBeams Aurora - Brightest Product

You may recognize this one from your childhood; don’t worry, it’s still as impressive today as it was back then. SpaceBeams’ Aurora bright (understatement) green is made from high-quality Aluminate oxide particles, designed to give you that durable glow to last all night! The ultra-adhesive acrylic solution is not grainy in the least, and can charge through the sun or a lamp. You can apply it to just about any surface, however, it’s not recommended for use on skin or hair. It charges in a matter of just a few seconds from a strong light source. Feel free to use it for painting indoors or outdoors, fishing lures, gun sights, Halloween costumes, and more. The paint glows both wet and dry.

The downside to this one, is that it only comes in a single color. You also have to remember to purchase a separate paintbrush, as it does not come with any type of applicator. It is non-toxic, and if you accidentally get some on your skin, it is water-based and will wash off easily.

  • Long-lasting glow
  • Easily washes off with water and soap
  • Adheres to a variety of different surfaces
  • Great value for the amount of product you receive
  • Non-toxic and non-radioactive
  • Bottle package is quite small

GloMania Extreme - Best Product for Ceiling Painting

GloMania has created a color not often found in glow in the dark paint: aqua. Brightly colored wet or dry, this Professional Grade acrylic paint was originally created to be used by professional star ceiling artists to create practically invisible painted ceilings – even on light-colored walls. It is non-toxic, flame retardant, and dries waterproof/clear. Just think of all of the things you can use it on!

They’re designed to be used on solid surfaces, and can be used on metal, as well. The water-resistant finish does not require a top coat and is great for the outdoors. The only real downside to GloMania’s AQUA, is that it comes in a small one ounce jar, which is used up pretty quickly if you plan on using it to cover bigger areas. Again, it is designed for star ceiling artists, which require very little paint. If you plan on using more, no worries, simply buy more than one jar.

  • Professional-Grade acrylic paint goes on clear
  • Non-toxic, flame retardant, waterproof when dry
  • Able to be used in most mediums
  • Charges through sources like sunlight, and glows all night
  • Not for use on all mediums

Tulip Fabric 6 Pack - Best Fabric Product

Perhaps you’re looking to paint something other than walls, ceilings, or yourself. Luckily, Tulip has come out with a pack of various-colored glow in the dark paints for fabric! Great for doodling, drawing, or just personalizing your clothing or accessories, this non-toxic paint is super user-friendly, no matter if you’re making a masterpiece, or a simple doodle.

The non-toxic formula comes in 6 different colors, and are not only easy to apply, but are actually durable, unlike some fabric paints that come off or peel before you even get a chance to throw it in the washing machine. The easy-squeeze bottle makes it so lumps don’t come out, but rather a smooth line. The precision tip helps with accuracy, as well as helping with narrow lines. It doesn’t just work on backpacks or t-shirts, either. Try it on canvases, posters, wood, and even glass! Create beautiful and eye-catching glow in the dark masterpieces with window displays, or take your artwork to the next level by incorporating that extra glow or 3D effect!

To activate the glow, simply use UV or black lights. It is not recommended for skin or hair use, despite it being non-toxic!

  • Variety of 6 different colors to choose from
  • Non-toxic
  • Machine washable, doesn't crack or peel
  • Glows with both UV and black light
  • Easy-squeeze bottles are perfect for creating drawings or words
  • Takes a while to charge up

Stargazer Face and Body Set - Best Body Paint

UV Glow Face and Body Paint is one of the most recognized glow in the dark paints on the market today. Not only are they ideal for night use at events like concerts, raves, and Halloween parties, but they’re also perfect for daytime use, which is pretty rare in itself! This particular set includes 6 bright and beautiful colors that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd in just the way you want.

Under regular daytime lighting, the paints look bright and neon, however, they give off a remarkable fluorescent glow under both UV lights and black lights. They dry quickly upon application, and are easily removable with just water. However, they’re quite durable and will easily last you through the night, or any event you’re planning on using it with.

There are a couple downsides to the face and body paint, however. Due to its gel-like consistency, it’s somewhat difficult to paint with accuracy. If you’re planning on using it over a white makeup base, this will be even more difficult, and tends to sort of slide off. It also only glows in UV or black lighting, which means that in the pitch black of the night, there won’t be an effect.

  • 6 different colors to choose from
  • Glow under UV lights - perfect for clubs, raves, and festivals
  • Easily removed with water and dries quickly
  • Long-lasting and non-toxic
  • Colors are pre-selected for you

Astro Glow - Best Budget Product

Astro Glow has produced an incredible glow in the dark paint that in extremely long lasting and dries virtually clear, even on white surfaces! If you charge it with a bright light source, it will absolutely last you all through the night; you can recharge it over and over and it will maintain its brilliant glow.

This is another good option if you plan on doing some star ceiling painting, as it will appear as if the ceiling is absolutely “normal” until you turn off the lights! However, it adheres well to plastic, wood, metal, and fabric. This means you can use it on your gun sights, on outdoor or indoor artwork, signs, and anything else you feel like making stand out! As it is non-toxic, you can definitely get as messy as you’d like, however, it’s not recommended for use on skin or hair. When it is time to clean up, it can easily be washed off with a little soap and water!

In this package, you also receive 33% more product than competitor products, at a lower cost, so it’s great if you’re on a budget but still looking for quality paint. The only real downside we found was that the bottle almost seemed too small for the amount of product you’re receiving.

  • Long-lasting glow
  • Easily washes off with water and soap
  • Can be used on many different surfaces
  • Small packaging

Paint Glow UV Body Paint Liner - Easiest Product to Use

If you’re looking to change your glow in the dark game up a bit or maybe add some more elaborate elements without the mess of actual paint, then check out Paint Glow UV’s Body Paint Liner! Some body paints are downright impossible to get a precise line, even with the use of small paintbrushes. This liner produces a smooth, creamy application to the face and body.

The liner is made of completely organic beeswax, carnauba wax, as well as coconut oil containing vitamin E, with no artificial fragrances. Needless to say, this product is non-toxic, and unlike so many other body and face paints, it won’t dry out your skin. Despite it being so soft and smooth, it is smudge-resistant and adheres to skin well. When you put it on in the daytime, it will just look a bright, beautiful neon blue, but at night, it will glow even brighter under UV lighting (however, it is available in 8 different colors).

No pencil sharpening is needed either, as there is a dial at the bottom of the liner that you simply twist to expend more product. The fine tip point makes precision work a breeze. These are perfect for Halloween costumes, raves, clubbing, as well as use for professional makeup artists! To remove, simply wash off with water and soap! The only downside, is that it is not ideal for surfaces like paper or metal.

  • Neon in day, glows under blacklight
  • Wax-based formula applies smoothly
  • Fine tip makes for true works of art and pricision accuracy
  • ONLY for use under blacklight

Best Glow in the Dark Paint - Buyer's Guide

Choosing a glow in the dark paint may seem as easy as just seeing which one lasts the longest or has the best reviews, but the truth is, is that it pretty much comes down to you and what you’re specifically looking for in a paint. We’ve created this handy little buying guide for you to lead you on the path to success. No one wants to go to the bathroom in the middle of their night clubbing and see their paint has come off, right?


This is the most important aspect, so first, ask yourself what you’ll be using your paint for. Will you be using it to paint stars on your ceiling? Will you be using it for advertising on a sign to make it stand out more? Perhaps you’ll be incorporating it with your rave outfit? These things matter. If you’ll strictly be using it on your body and face, then choose a paint specifically made for that. We personally recommend the liner we have listed in that case. If you’ll be painting on walls or signs with your product, then definitely choose a paint that is not a body and face product.


Will you be using solely one color, or plan on using many? While many brands come in various colors, you can typically save money by choosing a pack with preset colors already included.

Glow Source

Not every glow in the dark paint is the same. Some glow no matter if it is dark or light, and some only glow when the lights are out. Some only glow under black or UV lighting, so if you’re expecting it to glow when you turn the lights off, you may be disappointed. Make sure to read this portion, so you select the product you want.


The glow in the dark paints on our list are all ones of quality that are sure to give you many nights of creativity and entertainment, however, are personal favorites were the Astro Glow, and the liner from Paint Glow. Astro’s product can be used on nearly any surface (other than skin and hair), is long-lasting, glows super bright, is non-toxic, and washes off easily. It also dries virtually invisible, even on white surfaces.

The liner from Paint Glow is an amazing body and face paint that glows under black and UV lights. The tip makes sure you can draw with precision and create beautiful works of art that will last all night. The ingredients don’t dry out the skin, and create smooth and thick lines that are smudge proof, too! Whichever paint you select, we know you’re going to love; after all, these are the best glow in the dark paints on the market!