Best Gas Fireplace

Picture the perfect lazy evening in your mind. It’s around 8pm, the TV is on, but you’re not watching it. Your significant other and perhaps even your dog are dozing on the couch thanks to the large dinner you cooked earlier. The room is warm and comfortable, lit with an amber glow from the gas fireplace that you recently had installed. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

We have some good news for you – gas fireplaces are less expensive than ever before, so if you’ve ever dreamed of a night like this, there’s no better time to make it a reality. To help, we’ve put together a list of some of the best gas fireplaces available right now in the hope that you’ll take that extra step and truly make your house a home.

Top Rated Gas Fireplaces Compared

Below, you’ll find a table which tells you the name of each product we’ll be talking about, as well as a little about it. This isn’t an exhaustive review by any means and is just to help give you a feel for the kind of fireplaces we’ll be reviewing, so take your time and don’t make a decision just yet.

Product NameGas TypeRemote Control
Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free FireplaceNatural gas/liquid propaneYes
Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30000Natural gas/liquid propaneNo
Sure Heat BRO18NG Vented Gas Log SetNatural gasNo
Endless Summer GAD1401M LPPropaneNo
ProCom Vent Free Dual Fuel StoveNatural gas/liquid propaneNo

Now that you’ve had a quick look at each fireplace, we’d like to talk a bit about how we’ll be evaluating them. We look for the strengths that each one has, as well as any potential weaknesses, and comment on who the product might be best suited for, as fireplaces are like partners: ultimately, there’s only one which is perfect for you.


Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Vent Free Fireplace – Best Gas Fireplace for Novices

The Duluth Forge is a vent free fireplace that sports a classic, rustic look which immediately adds a degree of charm to any interior. It’s made of wood and coated with a gorgeous golden brown finish with just the right amount of gloss – it doesn’t gleam, but its edges gain a slight sheen when caught in the light.

As we mentioned, this fireplace is vent free, so you don’t even need a chimney or flue in order to use it as long as you have a gas line and a recess to put it in. The obvious question is “where does the smoke go?”, but don’t worry, this fire is 99.9% efficient which means that all but a tiny fraction of the gas is completely burnt up as the fire runs. It’s completely safe, but if you’re feeling apprehensive, Duluth has included an oxygen depletion sensor that automatically turns the fire off if levels get too low.

 This fireplace boasts a massive 32,000 BTU, which might not much mean much to you, so think of it this way – it can heat up to 1,500 square feet with no problems whatsoever. In a small space, this level of heat would be stifling, so it’s great that Duluth has added remote control support in this model. You can turn the fireplace on or off, or adjust the temperature without even having to get up, which is perfect for those who like to fall asleep in their favorite chair.

This model accepts both natural gas and propane inputs and comes with six hand-painted ceramic fiber logs which look pretty realistic and really add to the aesthetic appeal of this product. There is a slight odor the first few times the fireplace is used, but this is just the various factory oils and chemicals being burned off and disappears after a day or so. If this smell persists, make sure that the logs aren’t directly in the flames and it should stop. Should anything go wrong with after purchase, you don’t have to worry as this product comes with a free one year’s limited warranty and Duluth will replace any faulty units for you.

There is no blower included, but in all honesty, it’s not really needed for this fireplace thanks to its high power output. If you give it a little time, it’ll warm up any size of room and as such, buying a blower is unnecessary. The unit measures 45” wide, 45” tall and 15” deep and is very well insulated, so you could even mount a TV above it with no fear of damaging it. The front of the unit has a quaint looking metal gate to protect any little hands that get too close, however as it is made of metal, it does heat up, so we’d advise you to try and keep children away from it just as a matter of principle.

There are a lot of things we like about this fireplace – it offers a range of versatility that many of its competitors just don’t. The fact that you don’t need a chimney and that you can use whichever type of gas you like will make it attractive to people who’ve never owned a fireplace before, and the high heat output, remote control functionality and attractive design should help it appeal to everyone else. Duluth has created a fantastic fireplace that anyone would be proud to call their own.

  • Can use natural gas or propane
  • Remote controlled
  • No vent needed
  • High heat output
  • No blower included

Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30000 – Best Fireplace for Medium-Sized Homes

The Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30000 is an attractive metal hearth with a classic minimalistic design and simple, fuss-free operation.  Its 32” width means that it works both as the centerpiece of a room, or when placed off to one side and the design is reminiscent of an old-timey fairy-tale stove, so it has personality too.

It produces up to 30,000 BTU per hour which means that it has the capacity to heat areas of up to 1,000 square feet, so if you have a small to medium-sized home, this stove will be all you need. As with the Duluth Forge, no chimney or flue is needed to use this model, although there are a couple of other things you need to take into consideration.

The first of these is the matter of clearance; the stove must be at least 5” out from any wall or surface in order to remove the possibility of damaging the structure of your home with the heat. Secondly, the type of floor you have is important. If you want to place it on top of carpeted or tiled (or really any flammable) flooring, it must have a slab of wood or metal underneath it the dimensions of the stove itself to help dissipate the heat traveling through the stove’s legs. Without this, your floor could melt or ignite, which is something nobody wants to see happen.

It’s a reasonably simple matter to cut a wooden slab, though, and given that the stove has relatively small dimensions (31.9” wide, 14.4” deep and 28.3” tall), you wouldn’t have to buy a huge sheet of wood to achieve this – if you go down to Home Depot or some other DIY store, the staff will usually even cut it for you. When in use, the top of the stove gets warm, but not hot, which is great news if you’re worried about accidentally burning yourself. We wouldn’t recommend putting anything on top, though, just as a precaution.

The front of this unit has a wire mesh front which is both very easy on the eyes and serves as a barrier between the fire and anything which gets too close. As most of the heat escapes through the vent at the top, the mesh doesn’t get too hot, although obviously, we’d advise against touching it if possible. There’s also an oxygen depletion sensor installed, although as the unit is 99.9% efficient, there’s really no risk whether you use natural gas or propane.

Pleasant Hearth has included a two-year warranty with this model, so if anything should go wrong, you can just give them a call and they’ll fix any problems you might be having, either by providing support or by replacing the entire unit. It’s nice to see a company going the extra mile for its customers, especially when the product costs a decent amount of money.

All this considered, we think that this gas stove would be a great fit for someone who perhaps doesn’t have a built-in fireplace. The fact that it can be placed wherever you like is a huge draw for this product, and although you do need to have gas plumbed in, you can choose between propane and natural gas. It’s a rustic looking stove, for a decent price and it produces a respectable amount of heat – if you dream of moving to a cottage in the countryside, you’ll need a fireplace to match your vision and we’re certain that this is it.

  • Can use natural gas or propane
  • Top and sides of the unit remain a reasonable temperature
  • No vent needed
  • Two year warranty
  • Heatproof base needed for some floor types

Sure Heat BRO18NG Vented Gas Log Set – Best Vented Gas Fireplace

We’re pretty sure you weren’t expecting to see a pile of logs in a best fireplace article, but hidden amongst these refractory cement logs is a dual burner system which allows you to instantly ignite a roaring fire as if by magic.

These hand-painted logs come with a tiered metal grate to help position them, a U-shaped burner, pan, grate, shale, high-performance embers (which burn twice as bright as standard ones), and the hardware needed to connect it all to your gas line. There is no on/off valve included, so unless you have one already, you’ll need to buy it separately. The U-shaped burner helps to create a realistic looking flame pattern, without any of the mess associated with a wood fire, and with a better appearance than the imitation “flames” displayed by an electric one.

It should also be noted that this model requires an open and working flue to get rid of excess gasses – do not try to use this without one, it’s extremely dangerous. Whilst more efficient models don’t require a vent of any kind, this one has an efficiency of just 12%, so the other 88% will damage your health if they aren’t expelled. Unfortunately, this model only supports natural gas by default, so if you want to use propane, you’ll have to buy a conversion kit.

This unit adds a sense of old school charm by requiring you to light it with a match. Whilst some people might find this annoying, we found that in actuality, it combines the convenience and performance of a gas fire with the ritual of lighting a wood fire, and let’s be honest, that’s half the fun.

Now, one thing to note: if you’re someone lucky enough to have a dual-sided fireplace, that is, one which can be viewed from two sides, this unit might not be the one for you. Whilst it would work, the logs are designed to be stacked in a very specific way in order to look good from the front – they may look a tad underwhelming from the back, but ultimately, it’s your decision.

The great thing about these logs is that they fit any fireplace as long as it is at least 28” wide at the front, 15” deep and 21” wide at the back. These are fairly standard measurements and as such, it’s more likely that you can use this product than not, but just to be safe, you should measure your fireplace before purchasing. It’s capable of producing a huge 50,000 BTU’s, which means it can heat an area of up to 1250 square feet! One thing’s for sure, you can say goodbye to cold winter mornings if you get this fireplace.

Overall, we find that this is a great product. It’s an innovative little system that challenges your notions of what exactly a gas fireplace should look like, whilst adding in the things that people love about wood fires such as embers, dancing flames and of course, the logs. Even if your fireplace is small, there’s a good chance that this system will fit and as long as there’s adequate clearance, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a fantastic addition to your home.

  • Combines the allure of a wood fire with the convenience of gas
  • Very compact
  • High heating potential
  • Includes everything you'll need
  • Natural gas only
  • Requires an open flue

Endless Summer GAD1401M LP – Best Outdoor Gas Fireplace

If you’re looking for something to sit around as you while away the autumn nights in the garden, you could certainly do a lot worse than the Endless Summer GAD1401M LP. It’s essentially a gas-powered fire pit, which means no more messing around with firelighters or damp kindling – when you want a fire, you’ve got one.

The base of this unit is made of a dark grey weather resistant steel, whereas the top is faux stone which helps to keep any flames from spreading outside of the confines of the pit itself. It’s pretty heavy, weighing 59.8 pounds, but not prohibitively so – you could still move it from place to place until you find that perfect spot, just make sure it’s not lit when you do!

This model measures 32.1” wide and deep and is 27.6” tall, which puts it just above waist height if you’re sitting on a standard patio chair – perfect for warming your hands, but not so high that you’re constantly shielding your face. It’s rated at 30,000 BTU’s, which is quite low compared to the other products we’ve reviewed so far, but this product has a different purpose. The others were primarily for providing heat to a home, whereas this aims to warm up just a few square feet, and it does so in abundance.

The only approved form of gas is propane, and you don’t have to worry about having an unsightly gas canister sitting around since it can be stored safely inside the base of the product. There’s a convenient door built into the side of the firepit to allow easy access too, so you don’t have to remove the whole tank just to turn the fire on or off.

This model comes with a package of lava rocks. These are spread over the burner in order to conceal it and help give the firepit a more natural look. A lot of manufacturers would be tempted to just give you the product and be done with it, so it’s nice to see them throwing in something you would have needed to buy anyway. The burner gives off no smoke, which is great news for people who are sensitive to it, and there are no sparks either, so this product is safe to use, even on wooden decking.

The faux stone rim around the fire itself does a fantastic job at dispersing heat. It never gets uncomfortably hot and assuming you haven’t let the fire get out of control, it’s safe to place glasses or even your feet on if you’re feeling especially daring. This means one thing – it’s the ultimate s’more assembly station!

This firepit is perfect for just about anyone with a garden. If you have kids, they’ll love the novelty of it and you can teach them to roast marshmallows on it at the weekend. If you don’t, it’s the perfect companion for a night on the porch with a good book and a better beer. It’s just light enough to be moved around and it’s not an eyesore since the gas canister is kept firmly out of sight. On top of all that, it’s available for less than $200, so really, what do you have to lose?

  • Gas canister can be stored inside the body
  • Rim doesn't get too hot
  • Inexpensive
  • Includes lava rocks
  • Propane gas only

ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Stove – Most Attractive Gas Fireplace

The ProCom Vent-Free Dual Fuel Stove is an elegant looking, mid-sized stove that would look equally at home whether it’s placed directly into a fireplace or located on its own elsewhere in the room.

The good thing about this fireplace is that it’s 99.9% efficient (making it one of the most efficient gas fireplaces), like the Duluth Forge, and as a result, you don’t need a chimney or flue to safely use it, as long as you have a gas line installed. Further, either natural gas or propane can be used to fuel the fire, so you have a choice. The Piezo ignition system is battery assisted and works by simply pushing a button in, so it’s a simple matter to get the fire lit. There’s an oxygen depletion sensor inside too, which automatically shuts the fire off if the gasses start to build up.

Also included with this stove are five realistic looking logs. These are fixed in place with location pins and as such, cannot be repositioned, however as long as you do your research, you can absolutely replace them with some that look better if you don’t like them. The feet are more ornate than are usually seen and really add to the personality of the stove – we feel they’d complement a retro-inspired room very well.

Measuring at 33.5” wide, 13” deep and 25” tall, it’s small enough to be placed relatively anywhere, whilst still large enough to warm the surrounding area. It produces up to 25,000 BTU’s per hour, which is enough to heat a space a little larger than 800 square feet. If your room is smaller than this, (and let’s face it, most are), you can adjust the heat output using the built-in thermostat. There’s no blower included with this unit, so if that’s something you’re interested in, you’ll have to buy one separately, we’re afraid.

This stove is made of powder coated steel which really helps to give it that vintage look, although it does come with a couple of drawbacks. The first of these is that the unit itself is pretty heavy, weighing 50 pounds. If you’re on the small side, you might struggle to move it around on your own, so you might want to enlist a friend to help if that’s the case. The second, more important flaw is that when in use, the steel conducts heat very well and as such it does get pretty hot to the touch. For this reason, in the interest of safety, we’d advise against putting anything on the top surface and keeping children or pets away from it.

Another safety point – this model requires 6” of space between it and the wall, so you should take this into account when positioning it. The good news is that ProCom does most of the assembly for you, all that remains is to connect the few remaining pieces together and decide where it would look best.  

We think that this fireplace would be best suited to a home with traditional style décor. Its heat output is, whilst lower than some of the other products we’ve reviewed, is more than adequate for a decently sized room or two, and the choice of which gas to use can only be seen as an advantage. Whether you live in an old-style country manor or a two bedroomed city home, you really can’t go wrong with this model.

  • Choice of gas fuels
  • Rustic, yet pleasing appearance
  • No chimney or flue needed
  • Gets quite hot when in use
  • Pretty heavy

Best Gas Fireplace - Buyer's Guide

Gas fireplaces can seem a little intimidating at first: there are a whole lot of things to compare when buying a new one, but actually, it’s relatively simple to find one you like once you know what you’re looking for. To help you come to a decision that’s right for you, we’ve put together a short list of important things to look out for.


Gas fireplaces come in a few main types, but which is best for you depends mostly on how you plan to use it and what kind of look you’d like.

The most obvious kind is the fireplace insert – this is what you think of when someone says “fireplace”. These slot into a recessed wall and often include a mantelpiece on top. These are a great way to add character to a room, assuming you have a recess in the first place.

So what if you don’t? Well, you could use a stove instead. These are free-standing fireplaces, usually made of metal, and can look just as good with the right décor. They tend to get pretty hot, though, so be careful not to let children get too close when the fire is on.

Thirdly, there’s the outdoor fireplace. These tend to consist of a canister or bowl which is then filled with lava rocks or other decorative stones to accentuate the appearance of the unit. These are great for sitting around at night, but often lack the heat output of an indoor fireplace, for obvious reasons.

You’ll also have to consider whether you’ll need a vent of some kind. Some fires require a chimney or flue in order to get rid of harmful gasses which are released as the fire burns, however, some are advertised as vent-free fireplaces and these are perfectly safe to use without. The reason for this is because they burn up over 99% of all waste gasses as they go, making them completely safe for indoor use.


Most fireplaces have one type of gas that can be used – propane, although some are advertised as “dual fuel”, meaning you can use either propane or natural gasses to feed the fire. Propane comes in canisters which can be difficult to get rid of, whereas natural gas is provided through a pipeline, but propane may be less expensive overall. Both gasses are considered “clean burners” as they don’t harm the environment when burned, so really, it doesn’t matter much which you choose.

Just to be safe, try and purchase a fireplace with an oxygen deprivation sensor built in. These measure the levels of oxygen and shut the fire off if it gets too low, which can function as an early warning system if you have a potentially catastrophic gas leak. Better safe than sorry, right?

Before purchasing, it’s important that you know what to do should you find a leak, so we’ve located a brief guide detailing some of the most important steps to take if you think something’s wrong and you can read it here.


We’re sure you’ll agree that every fireplace we’ve reviewed in this list is a strong contender in its own way, however, we find ourselves coming back to the Pleasant Hearth VFS2-PH30DT 30000. It’s a brilliant little stove that produces more than enough heat for most homes, whilst including safety features like an oxygen deprivation sensor and sides that don’t get too hot to touch.

We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our research, so if you’ve found this article helpful, please feel free to leave a comment or a rating below – we appreciate any and all feedback that you might care to give. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we hope to see you again next time.