Best G9 LED Bulbs

Sure, a simple E26/E27 bulb is enough for your lamps or your bathroom lights, but if you have decorative lighting, you likely have G9-bulbs in your home. But what if I told you that there was a better bulb to illuminate your decorative lighting; one that saved you money and would also have almost none of the downside of a halogen or xenon-filled bulb? 

Best G9 LED Bulbs 2018 – Comparison Table

Look no further; such a thing already exists!  G9 LED bulbs are quickly becoming more and more popular and are, in many ways, a better option. But finding the best G9 LED bulbs for lighting your kitchen, your oven, whatever the case may be, it can be a challenge, especially with so many on the market. Luckily, this guide is here to help you make the choice.

Before we look at the individual bulbs, let’s first look at a comparative chart.

G9 LED BulbsWattageLifespan (In Hours)Lumens
DiCUNO 30W Equivalent440,000330
Warmoon 7W750,000350
Kakanuo Dimmable 4W430,000300
Ledgle 30W Equivalent2.530,000180-210
Kakanuo 40W Equivalent330,000400
Warmoon 5W550,000350
JCase 40W Equivalent530,000400
CBConcept 40W Equivalent3.530,000380
Bonlux 40W Equivalent530,000400
Poeland 5W520,000350

Now that we’ve got a nice tale to help with the comparison, it’s time that we delve deeper into what each bulb can offer you.

One thing to mention, though, before that. G9 style bulbs vary wildly in size by length, width, and diameter. If you have a kitchen with decorative lighting, for example, the bulbs may be tiny, no larger than the top of your pointer finger. On the other hand, some can be much longer. Before buying ANY bulb, make sure you measure the space that you’re going to be putting the bulb into, to ensure that you don’t end up with a bulb that just doesn’t fit. And so, on to the reviews of the various bulbs and what they can do for you.


DiCUNO 30W Equivalent – The Non-Dimmable 4W Corn Bulb

Our first offering comes from DiCUNO, offering a corn-style bulb that packs an impressive 64 LEDs per bulb (named corn-style because it looks kind of like corn on the cob, especially if the LEDs are more yellow). This bulb is pretty impressive, especially as the company is not one that has a long history.

So, how does their bulb perform?  Admirably, believe it or not (and I was initially quite skeptical). For 4 watts, you get 330 lumens of illumination out of the aforementioned 64 LEDs. The diodes emit light at a color temperature of 6500K, which means you’re looking at kind of a bluish-grey color, rather than the warm light that you’re used to from most bulbs. The G9 LED cool blue light may be a bit off-putting, but it lights up the area. Most importantly to those that are looking to switch bulbs to save money, they can last for around 40,000 hours a bulb, which is about 16 times as long as the average G9 bulb normally lasts.

If it will fit your outlet, this is definitely a bulb that you should be fine with. The only complaint some people have is the color of the bulb being kind of clinical.

  • Decently bright, with 64 LEDs
  • Lifespan of 40,000 hours
  • Only consumes 4 watts of energy
  • The light color is somewhat clinical in appearance

Warmoon 7W – The Non-Dimmable 7W Bulb

This bulb from Warmoon is a bit different looking, in its attempt to improve on the corn cob design, but it is still a good bulb. It has 46 LEDs, and it is not a dimmable bulb, but it is still a great bulb for your uses, assuming that the bulb will fit in your socket.

The one big drawback from this bulb is the fact that it is not dimmable, but in general, you don’t find a lot of need for LED bulbs that are dimmable, so that’s not much of a concern. It emits light at 3200K, meaning you’re going to get a warm yellowish glow, or something similar. When running, for the 7 watts of energy it devours, it will provide 350 lumens of illumination. Even better, it has a lifespan of 50,000 hours of use, which means your bulbs will not be likely to need changing soon.

This is a great choice for when you need a lot of light, and you want it to be a warmer and yellow light, and you don’t need to hook it up to something with a dimmer switch. Easily one of the best quality G9 bulbs on the market.

  • Long lifespan
  • Plenty of illumination
  • Warm yellow light seems so much more natural
  • A bit heavy for a bulb, be careful installing it

Kakanuo Dimmable 4W – The Dimmable 4W Choice

This is the first bulb we’ve reviewed that can be used with a dimmer switch or outlet, and is even made specifically for such use. It’s also one of the smaller bulbs we’ve looked at.

It consumes 4 watts of power, and in exchange, its LEDs produce 300 lumens, making it comparable to a normal 35-watt halogen bulb. It produces light at a color temperature of 3000K, which is almost exactly comparable to the average halogen bulb, lending a nice yellow hue to the light. The bulbs will last for 30,000 hours on average, which is a lot more than the average halogen bulb could ever offer, and is a nice benefit.

If you need a bulb for a dimmer, the Kakanuo offering is a good G9 daylight or nighttime bulb that is worth looking into, especially if you need something for a dimmer.

  • 30,000-hour lifespan
  • Light almost perfectly imitates a halogen bulb
  • Decent illumination for only 4 watts
  • Not right for all sockets; make sure you check before you buy

Ledgle 30W Equivalent – The Energy Saver

This is another bulb that is non-dimmable, but still makes for a great LED bulb for your needs. This is one of those bulbs that is somewhat in competition with our first entry here, and it manages to provide light with even less energy required.

For only 2.5 watts of power, it provides light much the same that a 30-watt halogen bulb would. It also has a much greater life than the average halogen light bulb does, coming it at an average of 30,000 hours before you need to replace the bulb.

It produces light with a color temperature of 3000K, meaning that it has a yellowish tint, and that it is producing light around the same color as the usual halogen bulb. However, this bulb produces somewhere between 180 and 210 lumens, which is kind of on the softer side of illumination provided by bulbs we looked at.

If you’re looking for a non-dimmable bulb that is soft and produces light that has the ‘halogen’ hue to it, then this is the bulb that you should look into.

  • Consumes the least energy of any bulb we reviewed
  • Decent lifespan
  • Produces light that imitates the light of a standard halogen bulb
  • Produces very few lumens in total

Kakanuo 40W Equivalent – The 3 Watt Beast

Kakanuo makes a second appearance on the list, with their 3-watt non-dimming bulb. This is a bulb that not only has no mercury in it (a plus in any bulb), but also doesn’t flicker when it’s on, and for that it should be applauded.

This bulb emits light at a color temperature of 6000K, which is well into the ‘blueish white’ side of things, but it looked more yellow when I tested it. For the 3 watts of energy it consumes, it produces 400 lumens, and it will continue to produce that amount of illumination for 30,000 hours or so.

It’s a good bulb, and among the brightest G0 bulb we looked at, but it is a lot larger than a similar halogen bulb, so please, make sure you are checking online and measuring before making a purchase.

  • Decent lifespan
  • Great illumination
  • Good-looking light produced
  • On the expensive side

Warmoon 5W – The Warmoon 5W Option

Before we get into it, it bears mention that these bulbs are very long, at over 2 and a half inches. Be sure to measure before purchasing these.

These are good bulbs from Warmoon, as is their other offering. These are 5 watt bulbs, providing 350 lumens from 72 LEDs. They produce light in the 3200K temperature range, which provides with that ‘warm yellow’ look at that you get out of incandescent bulbs and the like. It is a dimmable bulb, and it uses its ‘Intelligent IC Chip’ to control the bulb to ensure that there is no flicker. The bulb will last for about 50,000 hours of use, which is impressive.

All things considered, this is a good, albeit very large, bulb, and one that would do great in a chandelier or something similar. Just be sure to measure before purchasing, or you may end up sorry.

  • Energy efficient
  • Emits a warm yellow glow
  • Lasts 50,000 hours
  • Very large, may not fit your fixture

JCase 40W Equivalent – The JCase 5W Non-Dimmable Offering

It seems so many of these bulbs are non-dimmable, but that’s just the way it is. That being said, this is still a worthwhile bulb for your use.

In exchange for the 5 watts of energy it consumes, it will provide you with 400 lumens of light, and that light will be at a color temperature of 4000K. That means you’re going to be getting a yellowish-white (or a whiteish yellow, depending on how you view it) color, which is what a lot of people are looking for in a lightbulb as far as color goes.

This bulb can last for 30,000 hours of use and illumination. The only real downside to it is that, as was said earlier, it is not a dimmable bulb. Definitely a recommended bulb if you’re looking for something that is closer to ‘white’ than yellow.

  • Very bright
  • Decent lifespan
  • Yellowish- white hue
  • Non-dimmable

CBConcept 40W Equivalent – The CBConcept Offering

This offering from CBConcepts takes 51 LEDs and uses them to provide a fair amount of light. It is a little bit bigger than a halogen bulb would be, but not by much.

Those 51 LEDs combine together to consume 3.5 watts, and put out 380 lumens. If you purchase this bulb, it has an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, too, so it will go the distance and last for a fair amount of time.

If you’re looking for a bulb that can fit in tight spaces and still provide the illumination you desire, all while producing light at a temperature of 6000K, then this is one that you should definitely be considering. It will last for quite some time, and the construction felt the sturdiest of all that we reviewed.

  • Decent illumination
  • Microwave safe
  • Decent lifespan
  • Non-Dimmable

BonLux 40W Equivalent – The BonLux Offering

Yet another corn bulb!  Starting to see a pattern, yet?

This offering is from a company called ‘BonLux’, which has put together a decent lightbulb that is a bit larger than most of the G9 bulbs we’ve looked at thus far. Unlike most of the bulbs, too, this one is dimmable, so if you need to put it in some sort of decorative light you’re going to be dimming, it will work like a charm.

It consumes 5 watts, and in return, it will provide you with 400 lumens of light. It will provide that for about 30,000 hours of use, which is still a lot better than the 2,5000 average that you could get out of a standard light bulb. The light temperature is 6000K, which means it’s more on the white/blue spectrum of the color scale, and it will look great as decorative lighting or in a chandelier in particular. The fact that it can be dimmed also helps make it a great chandelier bulb.

If you’re looking for an LED G9 bulb that can light up a chandelier, this is a good choice that you should look into.

  • Decent lifespan
  • Provides a lot of light for very little wattage
  • Dimmable, unlike most bulbs on the list
  • Nothing to complain about, really

Poeland 5W – The Poeland 40W Equivalent Dimmable Bulb

Our final entry is yet another corn-style G9 LED bulb, this one from Poeland.

The bulb consumes 5 watts (as the packaging states), and it puts out about 350 lumens. This is pretty much the standard efficiency that we’ve come to expect out of similar bulbs, so they’re doing decently there. The lifespan of the bulb is a little bit less than average, coming in at about 20,000 hours, but that’s still more than eight times the average life span of a halogen G9 bulb, so you’re still coming out ahead, even before we look at the energy savings over a lifetime.

As for the light emitted, it is in the 3000K color temperature range, so that means it will be almost the same hue as the light that you would get out of a standard halogen bulb. The bulb is a bit longer, but it does a great job of making sure that the light is comparable to what you would get out of a standard halogen bulb. If you’re looking for a good chandelier bulb, this is another candidate, and it’s a dimmable, too!

  • Decent illumination
  • Moderate lifespan
  • Same color as a standard halogen bulb
  • Bigger than a standard G9 halogen bulb

Best G9 LED Bulbs - Buyer's Guide

There’s a lot of information to absorb concerning G9 LED bulbs in this article, and you probably have a few questions about the bulbs we’ve been talking about.  To clear things up, here are a few answers.

Why Do These Bulbs Have Such Unusual Plugs?

Because Thomas Edison was a jerk. Seriously, that’s the reason.

Most lightbulbs you regularly use have a screw for the base, which you screw in to the socket. This is the ‘Edison Screw’, and it became pretty much standard over time. When what would become the bi-pin connector bulb was being invented, Thomas Edison patented his Edison Screw, and threatened to litigate (and Edison already had a history of litigating such cases aggressively. The man was no great inventor; he was a shrewd and litigious man with a good patent clerk in his pocket).

So, they went with a different design, one that wouldn’t infringe on Edison’s patent, and it still in use today.

Do G9 Bulbs Burst?

Yes, they sometimes did (and do). Most of the time, it’s because they were not handled properly. There’s actually a long list of instructions to make sure you don’t cause such issues (which you can read here, if you care).

In general, halogen G9 light bulbs burn very hot. If you get, say, a bit of oil from your skin, and it ends up on your halogen bulb, it can cause that portion of the bulb to heat differently, and that can cause a crack, and that crack then causes an explosion. Not something that you want to have to deal with, really.

One of the great things about LED bulbs is that they’re so much less likely to burst, explode, or ignite. They tend to be a much safer bulb when compared to almost any other bulb currently in existence.

What’s The Big Difference Between LED and Halogen G9 Bulbs?

There are two big differences.

The first is the consumption of power. The LED bulb is going to take somewhere around a tenth to a fifth of the power that the standard halogen bulb will require, and will produce somewhere around the same amount of illumination.

The second is that the method of lighting the bulb is different. A halogen bulb is a bulb filled with halogen gas and with a tungsten filament. The filament glows hot due to the electric current, and the gas helps to keep the temperature manageable. On the other hand, the LED bulb is lit by a series of diodes. They don’t get as hot, and they don’t really need as much to keep them cool.


We’ve looked at a lot of great light bulbs today for those looking for a great G9 LED bulb, but there can be only one bulb that is declared the best.

After long consideration, the best bulb that we looked at, overall, is the Kakanuo 40W equivalent bulb. It’s a great bulb, with decent lifespan, and it gives off a fair amount of light. To be fair, though, all the bulbs that we looked at are quality products, and while the Kakanuo 40W may be the best one that we looked at, that in no way means that you are going to find that any of these bulbs do not meet your desires.

However, once more, it is recommended that before you ever order a bulb online, you make sure that you know what size bulb your device needs. Sure, these G9 LED bulbs may fit into the socket, but the length and diameter of the bulb proper may be bigger than the device can handle, or even worse, it may just be too big to look good when the bulb is in, especially in the cases of decorative lighting. If these bulbs fit your needs, though, you cannot go astray picking almost any bulb on this list.