Best Folding Wagon

Do you find transporting loose things from one point to another a little bit hectic? Have you been carrying tools, grocery, your dog, AND kids with your hand as you were transporting them? Ouch! It seems tiresome!

But don’t worry a folding wagon is what you need. Folding wagons are versatile wagons that you can transport various things and more so, collapsible at the same time. Since it is collapsible, it easily fits in your car, so that you can put it whenever you need it. Quality materials and sturdy construction used in the built-up of folding wagons makes them able to sustain weight when carrying heavy objects.

Apart from being portable, these wagons are multi-purpose. Whether it is gardening, grocery shopping, picnics or even at the beach, they are suitable.

Thinking of acquiring a folding wagon now? Well, that is good. However, the current market is loaded with tons of several folding wagons brands to choose. That becomes a problem that can cause you frustration and pain! Don’t worry! Fortunately, we have been reviewing several folding wagons in the market with the aim of choosing the best.

Best Folding Wagon – Comparison Table

After our market survey, we have compiled a list of Best folding wagon that you can grab.

Folding Wagons Distinct Feature
Mac Sports Collapsible Folding WagonAdjustable design
Timber Ridge Folding WagonTelescopic handle
Mac Sports All Terrain Utility Wagon (Blue/Black)Extra-large wheels
Siena Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Garden Cart Shopping Beach OutdoorsRubber wheels
Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZcanopy
YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping CartSuper light frame
Tekrite Utility WagonSteel mesh sides
Creative Outdoor 900186 Folding CartsVersatile rubber frame
Mac Sports Folding Wagon (Green)Very strong fabric

Now that you know what the best folding wagons in 2018 are, let us take a closer look at each and every one of these amazing folding wagons.


Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Wagon - Good Quality

In the wagon market, you can bet that this tops amongst the most likable folding wagons around. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Wagon has become popular wagon due to its quality. All thanks to Mac sports company which doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality. Its spacious design allows for children and some things to be accommodated with ease.


Steel frames: form the wagon’s framework enhance durability and robustness permitting it to contain up to 150 pounds with ease.

Adjustable: enables it to be pulled and folded as you wish.

  • You can carry luggage up to 150lbs comfortably without worrying whether it will break down.
  • It's bigger wheels enables it to navigate on various surface types.
  • It’s advantageous over Wheeler type carts in that its spacious interior enables it to transport various kinds of items.
  • It’s easy to fold up when transporting and storing.
  • Sometimes it’s tiresome to pull or push when fully loaded with heavy stuff.
  • When folded, it’s unable to stand by itself unless by a hook on the wall.

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon - Best for Outdoor Activities

Are you searching for the best folding wagon useful at the beach? Timber Ridge Folding Wagon tops amongst beach wagons around the market. Its impeccable convenience allows it not to be limited to the beach, but also to be useful for camping, shopping, gardening and much more.


Telescopic handle: making it easy to pull and navigate over several terrains even on the very bumpy ones.

Durable material: it’s fabric is reinforced with high-quality 600D polyester making it durable.

  • Even if you stuck it with a lot of heavy loads and pulled it over the beach sand, it will roll smoothly due to its four large wheels.
  • Its spacious interior accommodates everything like gardening tools, kids’ toys, boxes and other stuff.
  • It can handle up to 150lbs, meaning you can even transport your cooler.
  • The handles low height makes it uncomfortable for taller people to pull it.
  • When fully packed, it might heavy to pull/push, same with MacSports wagon

Mac Sports All Terrain Utility Wagon (Blue/Black) - Best for Beach

Though it is a perfect cart for the beach, it fits well in all terrains. This folding wagon can be collapsed and transported with ease in a car.  As an all-terrain wagon, it can utilize in picnics, various sporting events and at the beach. Its beauty remains intact even when folded.


Durable frame: It’s sturdy metal frame enhances its durability making it easy to handle heavy duty chores.

All-terrain design: It’s multipurpose design enables it to be useful for various tasks.

Extra-large wheels: The wheels are large, steady and perfect.

  • It has a roomy interior that allows for large luggage to be transported.
  • Assembling and cleaning the wagon is easy.
  • It’s more portable making it easy to pull even in a folded position.
  • The wheels do not support a compact hold.

Seina Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon Garden Cart Shopping Beach Outdoors

Seina Collapsible folding wagon is extensively the best folding wagon around due to its solid structure. Its polyester fabric and sturdy steel development prove it right. It means it can carry heavy stuff without a wink. It is convenient to fold and store, so carry it anywhere in the garden, at camping or the beach.


All-terrain rubber wheels: It 7-inch rubber wheel allows it to move on any terrain.

Durable polyester fabric: Its fabric is made of 600D polyester that is very strong.

  • Light in weight meaning it can be maneuvered easily.
  • Its durable quality fabric enables it to be useful for long.
  • When situated in a verticle position, it becomes easy to lock it.
  • Its attractive design makes it fashionable.
  • It fits to any car space since it is easy to collapse.
  • It’s smaller in size and can handle a much lower weight compared with the rest folding wagons.
  • Unless to place it on a wall, it can’t stand on its own when folded.

Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ - Great for Kids

Regarding design, this takes the folding wagon trophy in the market. It is a beautiful canopy added to the wagon. It has a nice handle that aids its navigation.

It is the best folding wagon for kids as they can seat easily when transported. It also allows pullers to carry other stuff along.


Two Seat backs: it has two stroller seats with seat belts and backs.

Four cupholders:  there are two cupholders for parents on the outside and two cup holders for kids in the inside.

Telescopic handle: its handles telescopes easily to allow for comfortable navigation when pulling.

Canopy: The removable canopy above the wagon offers UV protection.

  • It can accommodate and transport two kids comfortably.
  • Mounted seat belts enhance kids’ safety while seatbacks guarantee them comfort.
  • This wagon’s fabric is durable, easy to clean and maintain at all times.
  • Its compact fold feature allows it to take less space when storing and transport it easily.
  • Its telescopic handle allows it to be transported easily unlike other folding wagons.
  • Its canopy feature is distinct for folding wagons and offers UV protection when moving around in the hot summer sun.
  • Additional storage space cannot be created since their seats cannot fold up.
  • Its canopy cannot be kept in a folded position as there is no strap to reinforce it.

YSC Wagon Garden Folding Utility Shopping Cart - Ligthweight

In comparison to other available wagons out there, YSC Folding wagon is lighter in weight. It’s 12 pounds in weight but can handle up to 150pounds weight.

You just need to unfold it and use since it requires no assembly. Its color and design make it ideal for female shoppers. It’s utilizable for various purposes, like shopping, gardening, and beach activities


Super light frame: its fantastic light weight enhances its portability.

Durable polyester fabric: Its fabric high performance and durability is enhanced using 600D polyester.

Excellent weight capacity: its light in weight yet it can handle heavy load stress of up to 150 pounds.

  • It's super lightweight makes it ideal for female users.
  • It has an attractive design that looks fashionable wherever you go.
  • It unfolds easily for use with no assembly required.
  • It can last longer due to its strong polyester fabric.
  • It can’t be buckled.

Tekrite Utility Wagon - Great for Heavy-Duty Tasks

Tekrite Utility Wagon is in the league of heavy duty portable wagons. It is useful to carry heavy materials as it can handle up to 400 pounds load capacity. It is applicable in handling heavy-duty tasks in different places. Though it is most suitable for gardens to carry tools and flowers, it can also be utilized to carry groceries.


Durable wheels: Its wheels can navigate through all terrains as it absorbs all shocks.

D-Shaped handles: its handle grip is D-shaped to allow for easy pulling of heavy objects.

Heavy duty steel mesh deck: its sides has steel mesh that is easy to handle and remove especially in cases of heavy loads.

Foldable frames: The wagon frame can be easily manipulated according to the load it carries and convenient to store.

  • Its foldable frames enhance the convenience of storage and transportation.
  • Its durable wheels enable it to navigate on various terrains even the rocky ones.
  • Removable sides to fit all loads.
  • It is limited regarding fashion since it comes with only one design and color.
  • It takes a lot of effort to lift since it is heavy.

Creative Outdoor 900186 Folding Carts - Great Garden Wagon

This type of wagon has an ideal execution covering allowing it to be useful in various ways. It’s easily adaptable in various environments, especially along the shoreline. Its collapsible property makes it fit in a car trunk easily.


Versatile rubber wheels: these rubber wheels enable smooth movement.

Heavy duty structure: it can accommodate more loads.

  • Wheels make it swivel and maneuver easily.
  • Foldable making it easy to store.
  • In comparison with other folding wagons, it can accommodate extra storage.
  • It’s made of tough, durable material.
  • Easily useable in various terrains and all kinds of purposes.
  • Its basket cannot be removed.
  • It does not resist rust hence it will easily wear-out when often utilized on outdoor activities.
  • Though it can navigate through various terrains, rolling through sandy surfaces takes a lot of effort.

Mac Sports Folding Wagon (Green)

Regarding portability, Mac Sports Folding Wagon is amongst the best as it can be folded to a thickness of 8 inches. It is not very high enabling easy loading of bulky stuff that need to be transported. It can be used to transport landscaping and gardening material around the compound. Since it is a multipurpose wagon, it can be useful to carry sports equipment, beach gear, camping material, and groceries.


Strong frame: Its frames are made of strong steel that enhances its durability.

Strong fabric: Its fabric is made of 600 Denier polyester allowing it to be useful for several tasks.

  • It does not require any assembly to utilize.
  • It is easy to fold so that it can be stored and transported.
  • It can handle heavy stuff of up to 150 pounds.
  • The wagon has a strong fabric that withstands a lot of load stress
  • Its handle cannot turn since it is stagnant.
  • It cannot stand on its own when in a folded position.


Now that you have vital information about the best wagons in the market, go and grab one. As you have noticed, each of the folding wagons has distinct features for different purposes. There are those with a canopy and seats that would best fit kids while there are those without such features.

Luckily, the listed collapsible folding wagons are the best available in the market.  Though Mac Sports All Terrain Utility Wagon takes the trophy, all the rest also from the best according to their functionality. It’s up to you to select the kind of wagons that suit your requirements.