Best Fly Swatter

We all know how frustrating it can be when flies enter our homes. Some of them only come in during the summer season, and some of us live in warm climates, where they break in year-round. There are a lot of methods you can try, such as the hanging gluey strips to catch flies. However, they are huge eye sores and aren’t as effective as other methods. Fly swatters are a tried-and-true method, and rather than waiting for the flies, you can go to them (or at least scare them into going outside). Don’t get a fly swatter that’s just going to break after a few months. We’ve created a list of the best fly swatters, so you don’t have to play cat-and-mouse with a broken tool!

Best Fly Swatters 2018

We’ve compiled a list and put it into a table so that you can take a glance and compare and contrast each product against the other by their defining characteristics and help narrow down your search for the best fly swatters!

River’s Edge Fishing Rod SwatterBlueTrigger grip, EVA foam handle, graphite shaft, easy to use
River’s Edge ExtendableBlue, Red, BlackExtends from 10” to 29”, comes in various colors, great for higher spots, heavy duty design, cushion grip handle
Jumbo Fly SwatterBlue31” long; great for high spots, very durable, easy to store
Wonky Hill 3 PackGreen, Red, and BluePack of 3, easy to clean, flexible, lightweight, bright colors, easy to store, accurate design

While there aren’t many great fly swatters out there; these ones are ultimately the best. If you’re going to buy one, let it be one of these as to avoid disappointment!


Rivers Edge - Product with Best Technology

If you enjoy fly fishing, then this may just be the fly swatter for you. The swatter is actually designed to look like you’re going fly fishing; which in a way, you kind of are! The trigger grip makes sure you have a solid handle on the swatter, so you are more precise when hunting your target. The EVA foam handle also makes sure you’re comfortable while doing it. No one likes using an item that’s uncomfortable, and it helps with making sure your hand stays where it should to increase accuracy.

The graphite shaft is not only durable, but lightweight. This makes it so it almost “snaps” when you are aiming towards your target, making it quicker than your average luxury fly swatter. For many users, this swatter has lasted them through a lot of damage, and many years, so you can hope that yours lasts just as long without having to go ahead and spend more money on buying others. The colors do vary, however, so if you have your heart set on one, it may be difficult to obtain. The only real downfall we could find with this product, was that it wasn’t easy to hang up; in fact, there isn’t a logical way to hang it.

  • Soft EVA foam handle
  • Graphite shaft is lightweight and durable
  • About 30% larger "swatter" than competitor products
  • No way to hang it up

Rivers Edge Extendable - Best Product for High Places

Here we are, back with another Rivers Edge swatter! However, this one varies from the last quite a bit. Are you struggling with catching flies from high up? Flies are a bit difficult for us to catch because they well, fly. This means that they can go a lot higher than our reach will allow us to do. Fret not, because the extended fly swatter has just solved your problem!

The swatter extends to an impressive 29 inches when fully extended. This opens up many more possibilities for you regarding getting rid of your pesky house flies. It’s even helpful if you’re looking for a closer, more controlled reach, as it can go down to a mere 10 inches, as well. This heavy duty fly swatter is made to last for longer than competitor options, due to it’s durable design and construction. The cushion grip handle makes sure you’re comfortable while using it, and that your hand stays put! It comes in red, black, or blue, and you are able to select the color. The only real “con” we found with this one, was that it wasn’t as flexible as some other options, most likely due to the construction where it extends.

  • Soft foam handle
  • Extends from 10" to 29" to reach high places
  • Durable design and construction
  • Not as flexible as some other options

Jumbo Fly Swatter - Best Product for Larger Areas

Perhaps you’re looking for a fly swatter for larger areas, or maybe you’re just not that great at aiming. That’s okay! With the Jumbo Swatter from Forum Novelties, your job just got a lot easier. This fly swatter is 31 inches long, which makes it much easier to reach high places, or just get rid of flies while you’re watching your favorite TV show. Another thing it’s good for, is to encourage those who are scared of bugs, as they will now be further away from the bug.

They may be a novelty item, but they’re quite durable and should last you for a while. No more standing on the sofa trying to reach the ceiling to get to the bugs! It is a bit more difficult to store, because of its “jumbo” size.

  • Great for hard-to-reach areas
  • Perfect for those scared of bugs
  • Durable
  • Not easy to store

Wonky Hill - Best Budget Product

If you’re looking to buy a best fly swatter ever but are looking on a budget, then we have your solution. The fact of the matter is, many people wielding fly swatters get a little too excited. This means that the fly swatters don’t last as long. It can be quite the trek to go to the store or wait online for a new one. Luckily, Wonky Hill Products has come out with a three pack so you never have to be unarmed when a fly or mosquito comes buzzing through your home!

The three multicolor fly swatters are easy to clean and disinfect, which is important, as we never know where bugs have been! Not only are they lightweight, but they’re flexible, too! This means that they’re lighting-fast, hitting the fly even before it can see it coming! The bright colors of each one makes them easy to find when you’re in a rush. The 10-inch handle is designed to give you more control over the swatter, helping your precision, however, the headstock is 5 inches, which helps with the reach of the product. The only downside we found, was that they weren’t quite as durable as some other products.

  • 10-inch handle gives you control, while the 5 inch headstock still makes it a good length
  • Great for those on a budget
  • Bright colors help you spot them at a moment's notice
  • Not as durable as others

Best Fly Swatter - Buyer's Guide

Selecting a fly swatter is pretty easy to do, but just in case it’s not, we’ve created a handy buying guide to lead you along the path of success!


If you’re looking for something to help you reach the bugs on the ceiling, then make sure you go with a larger-than-normal fly swatter. We personally like the extendable ones, as they give you quite a bit of variety to go with, and help you reach not only the high areas, but shrink to a smaller size to give you more control and accuracy.


Flexibility is pretty important when selecting a swatter. The most flexible products snap, almost like casting a fishing line. The more flexible products are going to give you more accuracy, as they’ll be much quicker, so the bug has less time to react.


This kind of goes hand-in-hand with our previous point. Flexibility, along with being lightweight is an excellent combo when it comes to swatters. The more heavy they are, typically, the less flexible they are. They more seem more heavy-duty, but if they’re inaccurate, it won’t matter anyway.


The brighter the color is, the easier it’s going to be to spot at a moment’s notice, which is typically how it goes when an insect shows up. There’s a lot of shouting and frantic running-around.


Overall, we enjoyed all of these products. However, we really liked the Extendable Fly Swatter, if we had to choose. Not only is it perfect for those hard-to-reach places, but it shrinks down to a short 10 inches, which provides you with more control, and a more precise aim. It’s also quite durable and great for those who are scared of bugs, as it keeps them at a greater distance. We enjoyed you tuning in, and hope you go out and grab the best fly swatter soon!