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For a lot of people, the fax machine is technology that they have long ago left behind, supplanted, as it were, by the computer, the cell phone, and the fact that we have networking applications like Dropbox and the Google Suite.  And sure, those things are both simple and commonplace, and much more useful for the average person in their day to day lives. But the truth is that while most of the world has passed the fax machine by, a lot of businesses and a lot of governments still utilize the fax machine, often using it in favor of email!

This means that if you’re running something from your house like a home office, you are going to need to have a fax machine.  But picking out a fax machine is something that will be made all the harder by the fact that when you ask most people about the best fax machine for their home use, the answer is likely to be ‘just get a scanner’, which doesn’t help when you need a fax machine.  Luckily, we’ve put together this list, showcasing just a few of the great fax machines that are out there for your personal use.

Best Fax Machine – Comparison Table

Before we get too far into the list and the specifics about what sets each fax machine apart, though, let us first take a broader look, comparing the various machines and seeing which fax machine you may be interested in to begin with.


Tray Capacity (In Sheets Of Paper)

Seconds/Page Transmission Speed (In Seconds Per Page)


Amazon URL

Brother FAX-2840 Fax Machine






Brother FAX-575 Fax Machine






Sharp UXP115 Fax Machine






Canon FAXPHONE L190 Fax Machine






Canon imageCLASS D1550 Fax Machine







Now that we’ve got that nice table and we’ve informed ourselves a little about the fax machines on the market, let’s delve a bit deeper in our search for the best fax machine for business that 2017 has to offer you.



Brother FAX-2840 Fax Machine – The Contender

Brother is a company that came to the fax machine market late, but their Brother FAX-2840 high-speed mono laser fax machine is a real contender, even though it doesn’t have quite the pedigree of a Canon or an Epson.

This Brother FAX-2840 machine is more designed for people who are running a home office.  It is appropriate for someone who is running their own business with maybe a handful of employees; few enough people that you don’t need a high-end and high-capacity fax machine, but enough people that you need some decent tray capacity so that you don’t end up having to refill the tray constantly. 

A great thing about this fax machine is that it has a decent amount of sheet capacity (included 250 sheet tray), as well as that it has decent transmission speeds, allowing you to send a full page in 2.5 seconds.  It also has 16MB of onboard memory, which may not sound much to people who are carrying around a thousand times that in their pocket, but is quite a bit when you’re talking about faxed pages.  Indeed, that 16MB of memory allows the Brother FAX-2840 to remember up to 400 pages of information, in the event that you forget to feed the tray, or you accidentally run out of ink or something similar.

Definitely a good fax machine choice for the home office workers among us.

  • Good sheet capacity
  • Decent memory size
  • Great transmission speed
  • Somewhat bulky and not appropriate for someone who very rarely sends faxes

Brother FAX-575 Fax Machine – The Owner/Operator Option

In many nations, a business that is run by the owner and has few to no employees is called an ‘owner/operator’ business.  It basically means a very small business where the owner is an integral part of day to day operations.

And if you’re running a business like that, or if you’re a contractor for a business that requires a fax machine so that you can communicate, you will find that having a small and simple fax machine is probably the best way for you to go.  You don’t need a high-end fax machine if you’re sending one fax a week at most, or if you’re only faxing an invoice or a rate sheet once a week or something like that, but with the Brother FAX-575 personal fax, phone, and copier, you will find that you meet your needs quite well.

Remember, this is a more stripped-down and simple fax machine.  It has a 50 sheet capacity and transmits at 15 seconds per page.  It has 512KB (no, that’s not a typo) of onboard memory, which means that it can remember up to 25 pages, but if you’re very rarely using your fax machine, that’s more than you need. 

This is definitely a good fax machine for someone who needs a fax machine, but doesn’t need it very often.

  • Small and compact
  • Decent memory size
  • Easy operation
  • Not good for someone who receives more than a handful of faxes in a given week

SHARP UXP115 Fax Machine – The Big Name Small Business Model

If you’re looking for a fax machine for a small business, there are a lot of people out there vying for your money, especially since that market is so very small to begin with.  But SHARP is a company that has been in electronics for quite some time, and they’re not likely to turn out a bad product at all.

That being said, they aren’t quite as good as the Brother machine in a few ways, but in other ways, they’re better.  They both have a fifty-page capacity, which is pretty much standard for the small fax machines.  They both have about the same amount of internal memory, allowing for 24 to 25 pages to be saved.

So where does SHARP’s offering prove its quality? Transmission speed!  While the modem on the Brother FAX-575 gets pages there in about 15 seconds per page, the SHARP offering does it in a third of the time.  Definitely an improvement, especially if you are not the patient type.

  • You will be able to transmit quickly
  • Decent memory capacity
  • Doesn’t take up much space on your desk
  • As with the Brother FAX-575, it is not meant for heavy use

Canon FAXPHONE L190 Fax Machine – The Office Space

This is the first offering that is really made for a decently large business.  If you’re sending 10 to 20 faxes a day, if you’re continuously using the fax machine, then this is definitely a good choice for you to look into.

If you are looking to make sure that you are going to be able to keep up with that kind of a need for faxes, you are going to find that having a professional-grade fax machine will be a necessity, and that means something like the L190.

Now, to be sure, this is not the simple piece of technology that the last two were.  This is a fax machine that can’t really take calls, either, but what it can do is send a lot of faxes and receive the same. 

It feeds from a fax machine with a capacity of 250 sheets of paper, and it sends out those faxes at a rate of 2.5 seconds per page.  It has 24MB of memory which allows it to remember up to 512 pages. 

Like I said, if you’re looking for a high capacity fax machine, one that stands out among other business fax machines, this is definitely a machine that you should take a look into.

  • Decent tray capacity
  • Great memory capacity
  • Well designed and with a great transmission speed
  • A very large machine that will take up an entire desk on its own
  • Not so easy to use as the smaller machines in this review

Canon ImageCLASS D1550 Fax Machine – The Big Business Model

If you’re running a large business and sending and receiving a lot of faxes, you are going to definitely find that you will need to have a fax machine that will be able to keep up.  Now, to be sure, there are probably very few of you out there who are running a business that needs this many faxes to be sent (unless you’re working mostly with the government or with very old organizations, anyway), but if this is what you need, you’ll be happy with the Canon offering.

The standard tray on this thing has a capacity of 500 pages, and they sell an additional tray that will hold up to 250 pages.  It transmits at 2.5 seconds a page, which is about as good as you’re going to get out of a copier these days. 

When it comes to onboard memory, though, this thing blows away all the competition.  A full gigabyte of memory, which will allow you to remember up to a quarter million pages, also known as pretty much everything that you have ever faxed or copied.

If you’re the big business type and need a fax machine that can keep up, this is definitely the one for you.  It’s also one of the best consumer reports fax machines reviewed.

  • Immense paper capacity, up to 750 sheets via two trays
  • Quick transmission speed
  • Large memory bank
  • Huge. Definitely a space eater
  • Expensive and complex, definitely not recommended for those who don’t need to do a lot of faxing

Best Fax Machine - Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve decided that you need to have a fax machine, for whatever reason, I’m sure you have questions about what you need in a fax machine.  Below are answers to some common inquiries.

What Paper Capacity Do I Need?

This all depends on how often the fax machine will be used.  If you’re sending a few faxes a month, you don’t need much capacity, and fifty pages will do you just fine.  If you’re sending dozens of faxes every single day, you may need that five hundred page capacity, though.

How Much Memory Do I Need?

The memory on a fax machine (or a fax/copy machine) basically remembers the things that are either copied, scanned, or faxed.  If you’re running a big business, you’ll be glad you had that extra memory, especially if you are sending invoices and then not keeping solid copies of them. 

Realistically, though, if you are running a business and keeping good records (which you should do), then you won’t have much need for memory at all. 


Now that we’ve had a look at the reviewed fax machines, at long last it is time to figure out which of them is the best for the average need.

This decision was not made lightly, nor made without consideration.  After careful thought, we’re forced to hand Brother a win for their FAX-2840 fax machine.  It has a decent capacity (250 pages), enough memory to save the last 400 pages or so, and it transmits as fast the much higher-level and higher-priced options, all at a price and a size that is not going to be too much a hassle for the average small business owner.

Whichever of the reviewed fax machines you go with, though, you are bound to be happy with the results and get years of service out of it.  Just make sure you keep it fed with the right toner!