Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Maybe you’re working in an office and you’re spending a great deal of time sitting. Maybe you’re a gamer and you spend hours hunched in front of your computer. Maybe you’re a work-from-home freelancer and you’re always on your office chair earning your living. In any case, sitting, especially for a prolonged period of time, can be incredibly uncomfortable. It can lead to back pain, bad posture and a slew of other problems that are not good for your health. We couldn’t reiterate more the need to invest in the best ergonomic office chair. With the right type of office chair offering back support, cushioning and excellent ergonomics, you can save your spine and your body from a world of troubles.

But how do you choose which type of ergonomic chair to buy? That’s we’re we come in. No matter if you budget is under then $100 or over $1000, we’ve got you covered.

Best Ergonomic Office Chair – Comparison Table

With a variety of office chair models, styles and brands to consider including the Quantum 9000, Sayl Chair by Herman Miller, Kare no frills ergonomic chair and more, picking one can get a tad confusing. But don’t fret, we’re here to help. In fact, we have here a shortlist of ten of the best computer chair for long hours of use for work or gaming to get you started.

So without further ado, here are the best ergonomic office chairs as of February 2018.

Product NameWeightWeight LimitWarranty
DXRacer Formula Series49 lbs.200 lbs.Lifetime warranty on frame; 2 year warranty on parts
SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Managers Chair40 lbs.250 lbs.5 years on all non-moving metal parts
BestOffice Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair40 lbs.250 lbs.N/A
Flash Furniture11.2 lbs.250 lbs.2 year warranty for parts
Alera Elusion46.7 lbs.250 lbs.Limited 5-year warranty
Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair33 lbs.280 lbs.N/A
Eurotech Ergohuman64 lbs.250 lbs.Lifetime Warranty
Herman Miller Aeron (Editor's Pick)56.5 lbs.300 lbs.12-year factory warranty
Steelcase Leap45.8 lbs.300 lbs.Limited lifetime warranty
Herman Miller Embody (Editor's Pick)51 lbs.300 lbs.12-year factory warranty

Now that you’ve had a quick look of our top 10 list of the best ergonomic office chair, it’s time for a more in depth comparison. Below are detailed reviews of the aforementioned office chairs including pros and cons.


DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/N Office Chair – Best Gaming Ergonomic Chair

Looking for the best computer chair for gaming? You’ve found your match with this DX racing chair. The DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/N Office Chair is a favorite among gamers for a number of reasons.

Let’s start with the patent race car seat that’s not only stylish and sporty but also extra comfy. It features a different type of foam filling that’s been cold cured offering comfort for long hours of use. If you’re stuck on your chair playing games for 8 hours or longer, this gaming chair is exactly what you need. It will also look great in any home office. Another plus is the high back style which makes it easier for you to rest your neck in between games. And if you think you really need a power nap before the next big game, just simply lower the gaming chair to a position that’s comfortable enough. You can rest right where you are and maybe even steam a few minutes for a power nap.

As bonus, you also get a headrest cushion & lumbar cushion when you opt for this DX racing chair.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent adjustability
  • Stylish car style seat
  • Includes free headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Too shallow seat for some users
  • Some minor design issues

SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Managers Chair – Best Value Office Chair

At first glance, this Office Star Space Professional AirGrid Managers Chair looks very simple. It has a mid-back with padded bonded leather seat and armrest with no headrest. And that’s about it.

But there’s more to this Space Seating managers chair than its simple design. Though simple, this office chair makes it all up when it comes to function offering a number of ergonomic adjustments to guarantee a more personalized comfort. Among the chair’s best features include the 2-in-1 synchro tilt promising comfort for different postures, the pneumatic seat height adjustment so your feet stays flat on the ground and the angled arms so it’s not just your back that stays comfortable but also your arms and wrists.

Let’s not forget about the built-in lumbar support. If you’ve been suffering from any back discomfort, this chair is designed to conform to your body for the ergonomic support that you need even for long sessions of working.

  • Incredibly affordable
  • Simple but functional design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to adjust
  • Not the most durable
  • Not ideal for shorter people

BestOffice Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Office Chair Under 100

Not all of us can afford the Aeron chair by Herman Miller. Even the best ergonomic office chair under $500 is still pretty expensive. If you’re looking something really cheap that still offers comfort for long hours of use, you’ll want the best office chair under 100. And this right is your winner – the BestOffice Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair. Whether for studying, working or gaming, the office chair won’t offer you premium comfort like other high-end ergonomic chairs but it does its job considering the cheap price tag.

With mesh back, the ergonomic chair is both comfortable and breathable. It also features a 360 degree swivel function and wheels so you can move freely in the office. Just don’t expect it to last you a lifetime. While it does the job of offering comfort for long hours, this chair is not the most durable. Be a little mindful when you use this chair if you want it to last for a while. Since you can’t afford to invest in a high-end office chair for now, this budget office chair should do in the meantime.

  • Inexpensive
  • Comfy enough for its price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not the most durable
  • Weak back
  • Not ideal for heavy people

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Task Chair – Most Lightweight Office Chair

Another chair that made it to the best office chair under 100 category is this Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Task Chair. There are a few key features that makes this computer chair special. First on the list is the built-in lumbar support. If you’re especially experiencing lower back pain, this chair has a curved mesh back that offers additional for your back. Another advantage is the padded swivel seat with waterfall front edge, which improves blood circulation for your legs. There’s also the flip-up arms, which easily flips up when you don’t need the arm support.

If you don’t want to break the bank for an ergonomic office chair, this task chair from Flash Furniture is one we highly recommend. It’s inexpensive yet sturdy enough to last you a while. With its ventilated mesh back, it’s perfect for users who are not comfortable with leather-like material. You wouldn’t worry about sweating while sitting when you got this one at home.

  • Breathable mesh back
  • Inexpensive
  • Flip-up armrest
  • Good support for the back
  • Cannot adjust arm height
  • Not the most durable

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair – Best Breathable Swivel Chair

Is your current office chair causing you back problems? Maybe it’s time to ditch the old chair and get a new one. This Alera Elusion Swivel Chair, in particular, is a pretty good option. It’s affordable and functional perfect for your home office.

Aside from its budget-friendly price tag, there are a couple of great features that we like about this office chair. There’s the breathable mesh back that will keep your back cool and dry even in the summer. There’s also the contoured seat cushion especially designed with waterfall edge to relieve pressure on your lower legs. But the best part, the ergonomic design is designed to adjust according to different types of users. All these excellent functions you get to enjoy without spending a lot of money.

So if you’re looking to switch to a new office chair, we recommend the Alera Elusion Swivel Chair for its combination of affordability and function.

  • Affordable 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Mesh back is not very durable
  • Makes loud squeaky noise

Homall Ergonomic Racing Chair High-Back Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair Under 200

Looking for the best gaming chair under 200? The Homall Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair is incredibly affordable and extremely comfortable too. It’s exactly designed for long hours of working or intense periods of online gaming. While there are other great gaming chairs out there like the Merax gaming chair, for one, the Homall ergonomic chair holds its own against the competition.

A first look at the Homall chair will show you a stylish and modern vibe designed to impress from the get go. But an even closer look will tell you more about why it’s included in our best ergonomic office chair list. Whether you’re working or playing for long periods of time, you needed to rest in between too. With this chair, you don’t have to go anywhere to take a power nap. You just need to take advantage of the chair’s adjustability. The seat and back are made of PU leather material giving the office chair a touch of class and executive appeal. The material is also comfortable to the skin. All in all, this gaming chair is a great guy.

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good support for back
  • Easy to roll and slide around
  • Stylish executive design
  • A bit stiff
  • Minor quality issues

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest – Best for All-Day Comfort

If you’re willing to spend a little more for your office chair in exchange for maximum comfort even after 8 hours of sitting, the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest is worth looking at. It costs over $600 so it’s going to hurt your pocket but it’s also going to be worth it. We especially recommend this chair if you have lower back problems that’s gone from mild to frustratingly painful.

In terms of adjustability, the Ergohuman office chair features eight ergonomics adjustments including tilt tension, tilt lock, synchro tilt, seat height and depth, arm height, back angle and back height. What you’ll get is a fully adjustable chair for a more personalized comfort. Unlike other cheaper chairs that you can really expect to last long, this one is made with durability in mind. Materials used for this office chair include polished aluminum with solid plastic parts and topped off with mesh for breathability. It also comes with a headrest to cap it all off.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Includes headrest
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Designed for long lasting use
  • Offers maximum comfort all day
  • Not ideal for shorter people
  • Expensive

Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair – Best Ergonomic Office Chair

If there’s one brand that’s been leading the ergonomic office chair industry, it’s Herman Miller. The brand is specifically renowned for their high-end office chairs from the Embody to Sayl and the classic Aeron chair. Dubbed as simply the best ergonomic chair you can buy, the Aeron chair by Herman Miller isn’t like your ordinary office chair. It is made from premium quality materials featuring a fully and highly adjustable ergonomic design with high tech mesh fabric. It also incorporates patented material giving you a chair that works harder than any other ergonomic chairs out there. If you have serious back and neck pains, the Aeron chair is your best bet.

There’s just one downside. While the best of the best in the ergonomic office chair department, the Aeron chair has a steep price tag. Considering the Herman Miller Embody vs Aeron, the latter is less expensive at around $900. Still, it’s a lot of money for an office chair that not everyone is willing to shell out. But if you have the budget, we say, go for it. The office chair is backed with a 12-year factory warranty so the quality is pretty much guaranteed.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Sturdy construction for long lasting use
  • Effectively relieves back and neck pain
  • Expensive
  • Hard to assemble

Steelcase Leap Chair – Best Back Support Office Chair

Steelcase is another trusted and leading brand when it comes to high-end office chairs. And the Steelcase Leap Chair is currently their number 1 selling product. Like the Aeron chair by Herman Miller, this one may pretty expensive but it’s also loaded with features and technology that may just magically eliminate any back or neck pain.

What sets the Steelcase Leap Chair apart from the competition is the Live Back Technology. Other office are advertised to support the back adequately. This Steelcase chair, on one hand, does not only support the back but it mimics the movements of your spine thanks to the brand’s signature back technology. As you back moves or change in shape, the chair flexes to match your back’s changes thereby giving you the most stable back support there is. In addition to the Live Back, you also get to take advantage of recline support, adjustable lumbar functions and more.  Though expensive, it’s the kind of office chair you invest in if you want something that really works and will last a long time too.

  • Live Back technology for stable back support
  • High maximum weight capacity
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Expensive

Herman Miller Embody Chair – Most Ergonomically Advanced Office Chair

Sitting for a long period of time is not only uncomfortable but it has long term effects on your health. To resolve the problems associated with prolonged sitting, Herman Miller with the help of over 30 physicians came up with an intelligent and ergonomically advanced chair that offers not only the best support for your back but also improves your health, posture, focus and efficiency.

In this Herman Miller Embody review, we’ll look at a number of factors that make the Embody one of the most ergonomically advanced and one of the most expensive office chairs there is. First, we have the Embody seat designed to improve circulation by distributing the pressure. Second, we have the frameless backrest that keeps your spine in excellent alignment while allowing comfortable back movement. Third, we have tilt function that allows you to recline without trouble. There’s no Herman Miller embody headrest but it’s not really necessary considering the optimal comfort the chair offers as it is.

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Effortlessly supportive for the entire body
  • Durable and intelligent construction
  • Excellent adjustability
  • Not ideal for very tall users
  • Expensive

Best Ergonomic Office Chair - Buyer's Guide

When it comes to the best office chair 2017 or the best gaming chair 2017, the choices are vast and diverse. They come in different types, models, styles and colors. Some of the most popular options in the high-end category include the Embody chair by Herman Miller, which can cost over $1000, and the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. But there are also budget-friendly options that fall under the best office chair under 300 or even the best office chair under 100 categories.

While there is necessarily no one type of ergonomic computer chair that’s the best among the rest, there are very important factors to consider when shopping for one. Whether you’re looking to buy the best office chair for lower back pain, a cheap gaming chair or the best high-end office chair, we crafted this buyer’s guide to help you compare your options and pick the chair that’s best suited for your needs and of course, budget.

What is an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomics is defined as the practice of designing products, processes or systems that aims to improve the interaction between the object and the people who uses said object. Based on this this definition, if we say an ergonomic chair, it means an office chair that’s been ergonomically corrected to offer comfort and support for a variety of postures thereby increasing efficiency. It should meet any intended purpose you have in mind. If you need an office chair that allows you to move freely or a gaming chair that lets you recline to a more comfortable position, a good ergonomic chair should effortlessly meet those needs.

Why do you need an ergonomic chair?

Did you know that lower back pain, according to research, is one of the most common work-related injuries that has been reported? Considering that most desk jobs require you to sit on your chair for most part of the day, back pain at work is not a surprise. And it doesn’t stop with back pain. Prolonged sitting especially on an unsupportive chair can also lead to neck pain, sore wrists and poor posture.

This is where the best computer chair for gaming and the best office chairs for back support come into play. If you want to ensure excellent support for your back and spine, you’ll need to invest in an ergonomic chair. If you have existing back pains and aches, this type of office chair can work wonders. You just need to make sure you’ll be picking the right chair to meet your specific needs.

What key features to consider?

Like with other purchases, there are key features to considering when shopping for the best ergonomic office chairs 2017.


Because different users have different needs, a good ergonomic chair should offer adjustability for a number of key features including seat height, seat depth, recline function and armrests.

Seat height is one of the first things you need to look at in an office chair. To reduce any risks of back pain and other aches, your feet should lay flat on the floor when sitting. A good chair, therefore, should allow you to easily adjust the seat height accordingly.

The seat width and depth are just as important. You should be able to adjust seat depth to suit your leg and prevent stress. A recline function also offers added comfort as it allows you to recline in your seat without causing strain on your shoulders and arms. An adjustable recline feature also reduces the pressure on your spine.


When choosing an ergonomic chair whether you’re going for the best budget office chair or the high-end Embody chair by Herman Miller, support is very important. If you have existing back problems, in particular, you’ll need an office chair with excellent lumbar support. This means a chair that features lumbar adjustment to ensure proper fit spine support the user.


There are two types of ergonomic office chair according to mobility. There are best office chair under 200 2017 with wheels and there are those that are designed to be stationery. If you know that you’re going to be moving a lot when working, you’ll need a wheeled chair for better efficiency. To ensure unhampered mobility, make sure to look for a chair that’s easy to slide around in the office. A swivel seat is also recommended if you want free movement in your work space.


When it comes to seat material, remember that your comfort is key. There are office chairs that offer a lot of padding but you end up feeling hot and uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting. There are also chairs that has a hard surface. To find a good balance, look for a good combo of padding and fabric. The padding should be enough to keep you comfortable for hours and the fabric should be breathable to keep your back and butt cool.


Let’s not forget about the cost. Price range for ergonomic office chairs starts from $50 to as much as $1500 or even more. The ultra-popular Herman Miller Embody price tag, for instance, is at around $1200 to $1300. Obviously, the pricey chairs are longer lasting complete with all the bells and whistles. But that doesn’t mean that best office chair under 200 is not an excellent choice. It really depends on what you need balanced with what you can afford.

Bonus shopping tips

Remember that buying the best ergonomic office chair will take more than just picking the most stylish or the most expensive. To really nail your office chair choice, we have bonus shopping tips below:

Try before you buy

We highly recommend to try your chair before you buy. There are retailers that may let you test the chair for a couple of weeks. Be sure to check the return policy to avoid any confusion.

Consider buying a used chair

If you want a high-end office chair but you also want to save money, buying used may be the trick. Just search “Herman Miller Embody used” online, for example, and who knows, you might find yourself a good deal that will save you a couple hundreds of dollars.


Buying the best ergonomic office chair can be a pain. With a plethora of choices in the market including the Serta mid-back office chair, the gaming chair DXracer and the Herman Miller models, it’s tough settling with one best option. That’s why we’ve created a shortlist and a buyer’s guide to help you along. We hope you’ll find the office chair that suits both your budget and needs perfectly.