Best Drone for Kids

Let us talk drones for kids because dolls and hula-hoops are so yesterday. It is a great world we live in today with so many options for play beyond the usual boring toys that we had growing up. Drones have made a huge leap especially in the last five years, coming from being used solely for military operations to a variety of activities. With this crop of young ones who are tech-savvy, developers are burning the midnight oil trying to give us the best drone for kids to meet the demand.

Comparison of the Best Drones for Kids

If your child is interested in drones, encourage them. You never know what talent you are nurturing. The market has a wide variety of drones particularly designed for kids as they begin their explorations. This table summarizes the best drones for kids 2016.

BrandCameraFlight Time
Syma X5C2 Mp7 minutes
Syma S107GNone8 Minutes
UDI U845 Voyager 6 UFO HexaCopter 

2 Mp
7 Minutes
GPTOYS G610None8 Minutes
Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocketNone6 Minutes

With this table of the best kids drones out there in 2018 giving you visibility above, we can now go ahead and discuss the particulars of each model.


1. Syma X5C - Best Selling Quadcopter for Kids

This quadcopter is aesthetically appealing. It is a shiny white and looks as though the material could easily scratch. That is not the case. It is made of sturdy plastic material so tough that it holds its own even when this quad takes a fall. It charges for 50 minutes and gives you 7 minutes of flight time. The drone does not warn you when it is low on battery, so you had better time yourself, or it will make an impromptu landing.

It measures 16.5 x 12.2 x 3.8 inches and weighs 1.2 pounds, a size that makes it possible to fly the drone outside. It is specifically for beginners and children above the age of eight can give it a go.

Unlike most drones meant for beginners. This particular one has a 2MP camera for taking photos in-flight. It can maneuver objects, flip at impressive angles and do tricks mid-air for photography and videography. The tiny camera stores the images in the 2-GB Micro SD card that comes with the drone.

The drone has LED lights that illuminate at night. You can fly and land it safely in the dark, thanks to the orange and green LED lights.

This drone is lightweight, and so it can perform flips as you direct it. At the click of the button, you can have it doing 360-degree flips and taking photos at creative angles, especially in the absence of strong wind. The remote has more options than your average one at this price range. You can fly the Syma X5C to heights of up to 50 meters (and even above that, but only when there is no wind). It is quite stable and fast, even maybe a little too fast for kids at the beginner level.

The durability of this model will amaze you. The propellers have guards that protect them in the case of a crash against concrete, a landing on top of a tree, and even accidental landing in a lake (happened during testing). We had all these accidents (crashed it six times) and it retained its shine and abilities. This makes it special for a drone in its price range.

  • It has LED lights which make it possible to fly in the dark
  • The camera takes decent photos
  • It is ready-to-fly. No assembly needed
  • The video is decent but not high quality
  • It is quite light, which makes it unstable in the wind

Syma S107G - Best RC Helicopter for Kids

The body is metal and the nose is plastic. The material on this helicopter is sturdy enough to withstand the occasional fall. It is colorful, and so you can see it from quite far. Some people (children especially) fly their first drone for the first time and lose it. Syma S107G has a Bluetooth feature (which is not unique to it) that could help you trace it from up the tree where it got stuck. If it fell into a water body, well, to bad for you.

More on Features

The remote control is operated with both hands, just like in a video game. Each hand has its functions, with the right button responsible for forward, back, left, and right movements. The 22 inches of this copter together with the long propellers keep it stable in the air, but especially indoors. It is too light for outdoor flying, but if you must, do it at a time when there is no wind. Children will learn maneuvering easier in closed areas after bumping into the furniture enough times.

The six AA batteries that power the handset will give you 8 minutes of flight time before they require charging, which takes only 40 minutes. The package includes a USB cable with which you can charge. It flies up to 50 meters high, and its speed is reasonable for its target audience.

It is easy to fly and only needs some level of hand-eye coordination and sensitivity. It moves at a comfortable pace, but at expert level, (you can be an expert in s day depending on practice) you can get it to fly higher and faster. The remote control is small enough for an eight year old to hold without incidences, and the buttons are large enough.

The landing takes some skill so that you d not crash it against every concrete surface in the house, though the drone will not break easily. You will need enough space too if you are going to make any meaningful progress learning to fly this drone.

  • It is easy to fly
  • It comes fully assembled and ready to fly
  • It is made of sturdy material to keep it from breaking easily
  • It has no camera
  • The flight time could be better
  • You cannot fly it outdoors

UDI U845 Voyager 6 UFO HexaCopter - Best Hexacopter Drone for Kids 2018

This hexacopter has a design that sets it apart from the rest. The blades are protected and so they are safe for kids. Its remote control has fewer buttons, since the shape of the drone does not need you to determine the back from the front. It is quite easy to fly. You can go as high as 80 meters, but that will require some experience. The manufacturer calls it the best toy drone for kids over 14 years.

This drone is ideal for a beginner in more ways than one. In more incidences than one, people have reported lost drones. This one has an auto-return feature that helps it retrace its flight if you lost control during navigation. All you will have to do is press the auto-reverse button and it will alert the drone to make a reverse turn.

It gives you an alarm when the batteries are low. Instead of crashing due to lack of power, the LED light on your remote’s screen will let you know that its seven minutes are up and you will have to land it for a 50-minute charging.

It is lightweight and able to perform fancy 360-degree flips midair. Its 2 MP camera takes decent photos and equally decent videos, but that depends on your level of experience. Stability is key in getting good quality videos. It does well on the outdoors, but not when the wind is too strong. It comes with a 4 GB micro-SD card to store the images and videos. The card will fit up to 30 videos.

The propellers have protectors that keep them in shape. Should an accident happen, as is bound to, the manufacturer throws in six extras to take care of it. The remote has a unique feature. It has a phone holder so that you can affix your phone on it and watch your drone fly. 

  • It is easy to fly and safe for children
  • The auto-reverse feature ensures you do not lose it
  • The camera takes decent photos
  • It alerts you when the battery is low
  • The flight time could be improved
  • It is light and not very stable against wind

GPTOYS G610 - Excellent RC Helicopter for Children

GP Toys prides itself in its toys, which are up there with the best of them. They recommend this particular drone for children aged 14 and above, but quick learners can handle this drone at a younger age (with adult supervision). It is built like a helicopter and has large propellers with protectors to keep the user safe and to prevent them from being ruined in case of a crash. It has a protruding nose that makes flying it easy. The package contains a USB charger, an adapter, a spare set off propellers, and a remote control.

It is ready to fly, hence no need to assemble it. It runs for up to eight minutes before requiring recharge for about an hour. It is quite easier to fly than it looks with all the features in the remote control. With its 10.03 x 1.97 x 4.53 inches and 2.7 ounces, it is quite stable during flight. You can fly it indoors just to get the hang of it then take it outside for a spin in the open field. It is easy to fly especially since the easy-to-handle remote control has features that you can follow easily. It only takes a few dedicated days of practice to get the hang of it.

You can fly and land this copter in the dark, thanks to its bright red and green lights. It is made of sturdy material to prevent it from breaking when it falls. It flies well indoors. Mostly due to its lightweight nature, and the fact that the weather in the house is controlled. Outdoors, it does not do so badly, but the wind affects its performance.

It is easy to fly. The remote control requires that you keep it 15 meters before you start flying. It takes off the ground easily and hovers just above the ground if you want it to. It achieves highs of up to 50 meters in open space.

It is priced well especially for beginners and children. You do not want to invest a lot of money in a drone that is likely to be ruined during the trial period. 

  • It is priced reasonably being a drone for kids
  • It is easy to fly with its easy-to-manage remote
  • It has LED lights that allow you to fly and land it in the dark
  • The propellers protrude and feel unsafe
  • It does not have a camera

Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket - Top-Tier Flying Helicopter for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Hero RC, the company behind this brand, was started in 2011 with the commitment to bring in the market some of the most advanced drone toys. Five years later, they are veterans in the industry to take a second look at their products. 

In what could be reminiscent of their age in the industry, they have made a drone that is ideal for children aged 14 and above. The drone is not only a top seller, but it also has futuristic features the competition could emulate.

The design of this drone is somewhat funny. Along the long nose, the drone has the features of an angry shark. It sort of makes it scary but in a playful way. The rest of the body is also built to look like a fish, which is pretty cool. This is by far the most fun design on any helicopter. It is ready to fly and it comes with all components including batteries, which most drones do not include.

This drone is light, which makes for easy take-off. The hard plastic is long-lasting and will withstand the constant bumps that you are bound to get as your child’s learning curve improves. It may be too advanced for children below 10 years.

The AA batteries run for up to six minutes before they give up and you will have to recharge them for 50 minutes to use it again. However, you can buy stronger batteries that will give you a much longer flight time. If you want the best experience, fly this helicopter indoors as the outdoors would not allow it to fly against the wind unless it was 0mps.

  • It has an impressive design
  • It is light and durable
  • It is easy to fly and already assembled.
  • It does not have a camera
  • You cannot fly it outdoors

Best Drones for Kids 2018 - Buyer's Guide

Your child has incessantly been nagging you to get them a drone. They have been on their best behavior and you feel it is only fair that they finally get the much-anticipated drone. Before you buy it, you may want to consider these:

How Old Is Old Enough For A Drone?

Children are quite smart and becoming inquisitive at a very early age. They are growing in a world that is led by technology and so they are likely to know about drones at a tender age. The drones that we have reviewed here are best suited for children above 14 years, though some 8-10 year olds could manage them. It all depends on the patience level of the child and their ability to learn.

How Safe Are The Drones?

Most developers go through the stages to ensure that the drones are in the best of shape. The authorities have set standards that developers adhere to strictly. Those drones with protruding propellers are required to have protectors that not only protect them from damage, but also protect the users.

How Much Will The Drone Cost Me?

Most toy drones cost between $20 and $100. We would advise that you get a drone that costs as little as possible as your child learns. Once they have mastered it, you can go ahead and get a more expensive one with the knowledge that they will not ruin it.

DronersGuides also has a list of the best drones under 100 USD if that’s your budget.

Can It Be Flown Outside?

Most toy drones are too light for the outdoors (though developers say otherwise). What you ca settle for is one that flies well indoors. They can fly outdoors too, but the conditions would have to be near perfect (0mps wind).


The best drone for kids 2016 is among the ones listed here. If they have been good all year long and you feel the need to reward them with a toy that they are going to enjoy during the festive season and beyond, you could choose any of them. We do not have a personal favorite, but we think that the Syma X5C is an excellent choice. This drone has capabilities of a drone twice its cost. You can fly it outdoors with some level of success, which is almost unlikely with the rest of them. It is also built carefully to keep the young users safe from the propellers. UDI U845 Voyager 6 UFO HexaCopter is also quite impressive with its performance and appearance.