Best Countertop Dishwasher

What makes a countertop dishwasher worth buying? For one, these variants are much easier to handle than the usual and larger dishwashers available in the market. More and more people are learning the value of less is more – and the same goes for getting dishwashers. After all, not everyone has a humongous number of plates and bowls to clean after every meal. If you want to have the features of a full-sized dishwasher without giving up so much space in your kitchen, getting the best countertop dishwasher is the right choice.

Not only are they lighter and quite portable but they are also energy efficient. In fact, countertop variants use less water and detergent while still being as effective as bigger dishwashers. Additionally, having this product is a significant investment if you own a small house or you are just renting a place without a dishwasher.

Best Countertop Dishwasher – Comparison Table

Picking the best countertop dishwasher wasn’t easy. All of them promise to deliver an optimum cleaning performance, and their appearances aren’t exactly too different from each other. Still, we knew that continued use and testing would let us determine which dishwashers were truly worthy of being purchased. Without further ado, here are our top five picks.

Magic Chef MCSCD6W3White49.5 lbs
EdgeStar DWP61ESSilver48.5 lbs
Sunpentown SPT SD-2202SSilver48.5 lbs
KoldFront PDW60EBBlack48.5 lbs
Danby DDW611WLEDWhite50 lbs

As you can see, the top dishwashers we reviewed pretty much have the same weight and colors. Still, the best countertop dishwasher will always have a trick up its sleeve. Check out our detailed reviews below to further gain a better understanding of each chosen product.


Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 - Minimalist Design and Smooth Performance

We wouldn’t be surprised if you also had ovens and stoves that were also from Magic Chef. The brand was so popular that the American Stove Company decided to change its name to Magic Chef, Inc. Since then, the company has expanded to other products, including microwaves, kitchen appliances, and refrigerators. Now, Magic Chef released the MCSCD6W3 6 Place Setting Countertop Dishwasher. With a mission to provide products that are easy to use and dependable, we were eager to test their appliance.

Design and Features

Right from the get-go, we immediately noticed the simplicity the MCSCD6W3 countertop dishwasher imbued. With the white color, this dishwasher looks clean. If there is any dirt, it would be easy to identify and remove it. Furthermore, the white color allows you to view the settings and options easily. This is clearly a countertop dishwasher designed to do its purpose without looking cluttered. Moreover, getting his prepared was as just as simple. The MCSCD6W3 contains a quick setup kit, which allowed us to use the countertop dishwasher as fast as possible without any professional assistance.

Yet even with such a minimalist design, this Magic Chef countertop dishwasher does, in fact, pack several features that we loved. For one, the MCSCD5WR has a six place setting capacity and works at 680 watts. The six place setting is pretty standard nowadays for countertop dishwashers, but Magic Chef makes things better by utilizing digital displays and electronic controls. Of course, there are still settings that are better off handled the old fashioned way. For example, there’s a program knob for choosing among the five wash cycle options. Using it several times proved that the knob was durable enough for constant, everyday use.

Another thing we admired is the inclusion of a cup rack and a cutlery basket. Some countertop dishwashers do not have these with the package, which leads to more expenses. The inside of the Magic Chef MCSCD6W4 looks really good, especially because of the organized arrangement. You wouldn’t find any trouble finding the right location for each plate, bowl, and cup size. For those who will have issues with some parts of this Magic Chef dishwasher, you’ll be glad to know that they offer a one year warranty.


As for the actual performance, we’re glad to note that the Magic Chef MCSCD5WR works wonders. One of the many things we appreciated from this countertop dishwasher has a hygienic residual drying system. Basically, this stops the MCSCD5WR from unnecessarily using air from outside the countertop dishwasher. Likewise, we never had a problem with water leaking and eventually ruining our kitchens. If ever the water level reaches high levels, the anti-flood device of the dishwasher serves as protection.

One of the things you do have to remember is that hot water works best when using this appliance. All the dirt and stains are quickly removed due to the temperature. For those of you who are tired of suddenly getting hit in the face by a huge amount of water, you’ll be happy to know that the MCSCD5WR has purge valve for properly disconnecting the house from the faucet. The only minor gripe we have this dishwasher is that the LCD display isn’t as bright as we wanted it to be. Other than that, this Magic Chef dishwasher is quite outstanding.

Handling both detergents and rinse aid also didn’t prove to be a hassle. The inclusion of an automatic dispenser for these products allowed us to save time. All we really had to do was pick a detergent and a rinse aid to get the job done. Thus, getting our dishes cleaned and dried was really efficient. Just remember that the amount of detergent is absolutely important in getting the best results. Using even just a little bit more than what is suggested can lead to streaks.

On the other hand, the Magic Chef MCSCD5WR countertop dishwasher isn’t loud like we expected it to be. The whole process is relatively quiet even when the inside was full of dirty plates and bowls. This appliance left such a good impression, especially for those of us who only have a small household or are renting an apartment.

All in all, the Magic Chef MCSCD5WR is rightfully in this list as it might just well be the best countertop dishwasher out there. It has a simple and pleasing design while also offering a smooth and efficient cleaning process. Setting this up is easy, and the pressure valve is a great inclusion.

  • Simple, minimalist design
  • ​Pressure valve to prevent splashes upon disconnection
  • ​Quiet and effective cleaning process
  • Hygienic residual drying system is great
  • LCD screen display not as bright as expected

EdgeStar DWP61ES - Incredibly Efficient and Durable

The next appliance in our review of the best counter dishwasher of 2018 is the EdgeStar DWP61ES. Along with another product we’ll be reviewing later on, the DWP61ES is an appliance made by brands for Living Direct, Inc. As one of the brands, EdgeStar has been at the forefront of manufacturing the best compact appliances in the world. Thus, one may view the DWP61ES as the industry leader’s way of showing that they are capable of making a portable and compact dishwasher. How exactly innovative is this countertop dishwasher? Read on.

Design and Features

Just like Magic Chef appliance, the EdgeStar DWP61ES allows you to deal with as many as six standard place settings. Instead of choosing a white color, this countertop dishwasher uses a modernistic, cool silver tone. Its height is just a little more than 17 inches, which means that this is quite portable and as compact as advertised. Getting this started does not require any permanent installation. In addition, we didn’t have problems finding space for this appliance.

The EdgeStar DWP61ES has digital controls and a LED display. We looked at the screen, and we can say that the LCD screen of this countertop dishwasher is better and easier to read than that of the Chef Magic appliance. It’s good as it indicates the remaining time of cleaning. Furthermore, the EdgeStar product has a child lock function to prevent your kids from messing with the relatively costly dishwasher. Aside from this, the brand included a delayed start feature. This means that you have full control of when the dishes actually get washed and cleaned.

As for the weight, the DWP61ES countertop dishwasher is at 48.5 pounds, making it exactly a pound lighter than the Magic Chef appliance. This product includes a lot of essential things, including a five-foot hose, a dish rack, a cup shelf, a quick connect adapter, and a cutlery basket. We checked their quality, and all of them seemed durable enough for regular use. The adapter also worked well with nearly all of the kitchen faucets we used. Of course, it would have been much better if they provided more than one adapter as finding the right adapter for non-standard faucet sizes can be a hassle.

Like other countertop dishwashers, the DWP61ES contains a rinse agent dispenser. In relation to this, a rinse-aid warning is also included to prevent any problems with using this chemical product. On the other hand, this dishwasher has a gorgeous, shiny stainless steel interior. It’s hard to imagine the interior becoming damaged if you follow instructions properly. Lastly, the EdgeStar DWP61ES offers two warranties: a 90-day labor warranty and a one-year warranty for the parts.


EdgeStar is right to be proud of the DWP61ES. The company indicated that their countertop dishwasher uses just 200 kilowatt hours annually. In other words, it’s incredibly energy efficient as it uses about 60 percent less energy than other dishwashers. Combine that with the fact that a countertop dishwasher already saves more water than the conventional, bigger variant, and you’ll be saving on both water and electricity. We used this for several weeks, and we have to admit that it does use less energy than others.

With this product, we got six wash cycles to choose from: soak, rinse, glass, light, normal, and heavy. The last cycle is the option you should use if the stains are hard to remove and the dishwasher is filled to the brim. The heavy wash cycle immediately heats the water – reaching as high as 149 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, we would be surprised if the germs and bacteria managed to survive at all. During the normal wash cycle, only 3.5 gallons of water are consumed. Whether we were looking to clean cups or heavy, large glass plates, there was always an appropriate wash cycle to pick. Of course, we were careful enough to put only plates that didn’t exceed 10.5 inches in diameter. To help with the operation, the EdgeStar DWP61ES has a fantastic spray arm to deep clean all the dishes. Regardless of the wash cycle we picked, the cleaning process was quiet.

Overall, we really liked the EdgeStar DWP61ES. This countertop dishwasher is beautiful with its silver color, and the stainless steel interior is just as impressive. We would have preferred if an adapter was provided for those with non-standard-sized faucets, but the inclusion of a hose, dish rack, cup shelf, and a cutlery basket more than make up for it. The DWP61ES is energy efficient, has a powerful heavy wash cycle for optimum cleaning, and does its job without much noise.

  • ​Beautiful silver design and stainless steel interior
  • ​Efficient with both energy and water usage
  • ​Heavy wash cycle works great for cleaning the dirtiest dishes
  • Arm spray improves cleaning operations
  • Only has one adapter for faucets

Sunpentown SPT SD-2202S - Modern Design with Ease of Use

Our next pick is the SD-2202S from Sunpentown. This brand isn’t particularly known unlike the first two entries, but their countertop dishwasher has done a swell job to change this. We were always looking for a product that excels in what it’s supposed to do while offering something more – and the SD-2202S fit the bill.

Design and Feature

Just like the EdgeStar DWP61ES, the SPT countertop dishwasher opts for a modern, silver look. It looks clean and professional while maintaining a height of just above 17 inches. We think that the appearance of it is perfect for office kitchens aside from the usual apartment and small home kitchens. Setting this up is far from difficult as there’s a quick connect feature to immediately connect the Sunpentown SD-2202S to a faucet. Since it doesn’t have to be permanent, the SPT countertop dishwasher installation is fast. Aside from the standard adapter, this countertop dishwasher includes a dish rack and a nifty silverware basket.

Another thing they share is the weight size being 48.5 pounds. Other than that, the power cord is 4.5 feet long while the drain tube is 5 feet long. Both of these measurements are pretty decent for a countertop dishwasher. Inside, we saw a stainless steel interior that not only looked beautiful but was also durable. There was no way the interior could be bent with regular use unless one didn’t follow the instructions properly and put items that weren’t meant for a countertop dishwasher. The SPT countertop dishwasher parts are all good. Aside from this, there’s a dispenser for both detergents and rinse agents, both of which are good to the touch. Combine that with the simple controls, and we’ve got a winner in the design department.


The EdgeStar DWP61ES noted that it’s one of the most energy-efficient countertop dishwashers out there since it only consumes 200 kilowatt hours per year. On the other hand, the SPT SD-2202S is almost just as efficient as it uses only 220 kilowatt hours annually. Similarly, this SPT portable dishwasher bows down to the DWP61ES when it comes to the maximum water temperature and the water consumption during a normal cycle. While the DWP61ES can reach 149 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum cleansing, the SD-2202S comes behind with just a maximum temperature of 148 degrees. As for water consumption, the EdgeStar countertop dishwasher only consumes 3.5 gallons while the SPT appliance needs 3.8 gallons.

We really liked the delay start option of this Sunpentown countertop dishwasher. We could basically pick the right moment within eight hours when the utility rates aren’t that high. This also allows us to use hot water only when other people in the household don’t need it. Like the other products we deemed worthy of being the best countertop dishwasher, this SPT appliance has six wash cycles: heavy, normal, light, glass, speed, and soak.

Some of the dishes we placed on the SD-2202S counter dishwasher were absolutely sticky and full of grease. Thankfully, the appliance seems to be taking the load well. The heavy wash cycle really helps beat these stains without any assistance. If there is one thing we didn’t much appreciate throughout the regular operations, it’s that the beeper wasn’t pleasing to everyone’s ears. The good thing is that the beep sound is fairly short. In addition, this small countertop dishwasher is impressively quiet most of the time. The Sunpentown portable dishwasher only reaches 55 decibels, which means that conversations in the kitchen won’t be interrupted by the cleaning of dirty dishes. Lastly, we didn’t experience any leaks whenever we disconnected the SD-2202S from the faucet.

All in all, we applaud the SPT SD-2202S for being a beautifully designed countertop dishwasher. The beeping sound isn’t exactly lovely, but this appliance handles dishes excellently and efficiently while staying fairly silent.

  • ​Modernistic silver design
  • ​Takes care of dishes with ease
  • ​Durable stainless steel interior
  • Fairly efficient with water and energy use
  • Beeping sound might irritate some users

Koldfront PDW60EB - Tough and Excellent Performance

The fourth entry is from KoldFront, another marquee brand from Living Direct, Inc. Since KoldFront and EdgeStar are part of the same group, you will see some similarities between the EdgeStar DWP61ES and the KoldFront PDW60EB. Still, this countertop dishwasher wouldn’t be here if it didn’t have a trick up its sleeve.

Design and Feature

One thing you’ll immediately notice is its distinct black color, which makes it a little more distinct than the other dishwashers we reviewed. The KoldFront PDW60EB is a bit above 17 inches in height, and it doesn’t have to be permanently installed. Included with this small portable dishwasher are a handy cutlery basket, a faucet adapter, a five-foot hose, and a decent-looking cup shelf. The appliance weighs just the same as the EdgeStar dishwasher at 48.5 pounds. Furthermore, both of them can hold plates that are as big as 10.5 inches in diameter in their stainless steel interior.

Inside the PDW60EB countertop dishwasher, you’ll find a stainless steel interior. Of course, the KoldFront appliance has a rinse agent dispenser. Getting the product ready was quick. You just have to utilize the faucet adapter and attach the hose. Moreover, we commend the instruction manual for doing such a wonderful job. Whenever we felt puzzled, all we had to do was to look at the manual that listed any possible concerns. This manual even had instructions regarding dish placement, soap usage, and water. If you need assistance with any broken parts or require other services, KoldFront offers a one-year parts warranty and a 90-day labor warranty.


One of the noticeable differences between the EdgeStar and the KoldFront countertop dishwashers is that the water consumption is more efficient in the former. While The EdgeStar DWP61ES only requires 3.5 gallons of water under normal wash, the KoldFront appliance needs 3.8 gallons. On the bright side, the PDW60EB is just as energy efficient as the DWP61ES because it also only consumes 200 kilowatt hours annually. 

The great thing about the KoldFront PDW60EB is its high-heat dishwashing, which basically heats the water to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. In this temperature, even the dirtiest pans would lose their dirt under a heavy cash cycle. At the least, you’ll only see bits of stain left. Whether we were dealing with china or crystal plates, there was always an appropriate wash cycle.

This countertop dishwasher has a noise of level of just 55 decibels on average, assuring that even the background music would be louder than this appliance. As long we followed what was indicated in the manual regarding the loading diagram, the cleaning process was smooth. All we really had to do was heat some water, prepare a detergent pack, and use the correct buttons. We tried using less detergent than what was suggested, and the cleaning went smoothly. In fact, using the recommended amount of detergent powder might not be a good idea as they didn’t completely dissolve at times. Just in case, always check if the water is hot enough to dissolve the detergent.

In general, the KoldFront PDW60EB has a lot going for it. The black design will surely appeal many people. All of the parts look durable, and the instruction manual is one of the best out there since it’s genuinely helpful in both setting things up and fixing issues. The heavy wash cycle works greatly, and it will save you money due to it being energy efficient.

  • ​Gorgeous black design
  • ​Durable build
  • ​Energy efficient
  • Great high-heat dishwashing
  • Detergent powder not always fully dissolved

Danby DDW611WLED - Stainless Steel Interior and Optimal Cleaning

The final product included in our countertop dishwasher reviews is the Danby DDW611WLED. Danby is a brand that prides itself it with the tenacity to constantly innovate and inspire. While sticking to certain design principles, Danby has strived to surprise users by introducing practical features whenever possible. As one of the frontrunners in the specialty appliance industry, will their countertop dishwasher deliver?

Design and Feature

Similar to the Magic Chef MCSCD6W3, the Danby DDW611WLED utilizes a white design that exudes a classic feel. In fact, we like the overall look of the Danby dishwasher than the Magic Chef appliance. The placement of the buttons just looks more organized. Moving on, the DDW611WLED has a decently-sized LED display. It has six wash cycles to choose from: soak, glass, speed, heavy, light, and normal.

This dishwasher is meant to be quickly installed, and it features a stainless steel interior. However, we did notice that the plastic sections of the dishwasher weren’t really durable. Just like the KoldFront PDW60EB, this countertop dishwasher has an incredibly informative product manual. As for the warranty, Danby is generous enough to provide owners of the DDW611WLED with a one-year labor and parts warranty.


The Danby DDW611WLED is the king when it comes to efficient water use. While other countertop dishwashers need an average of 3.5 or 3.8 gallons of water for a normal cycle, this Danby appliance only requires 3.17 gallons. We were utterly surprised by this characteristic, and we know that many households will appreciate the long-term savings they will have with this. Another strong point of the DDW611WLED is its quiet and effective cleaning performance. From sticky stock pots to plates and skillets, there was nothing that this countertop dishwasher couldn’t clean.

Overall, the Danby DDW611WLED is a reliable countertop dishwasher with a lovely white design and stainless steel interior. The plastic sections need some improvement in terms of quality and arrangement, but the cleaning performance of this appliance cannot be denied. Most of all, this dishwasher needs only 3.17 gallons for a normal cycle.

  • ​Highly efficient in terms of water usage
  • ​Decent design and mostly durable build
  • ​Cleans well without noise
  • Informative product manual
  • Plastic racks need improvement


We’ve finally arrived at the end, and we have to identify countertop dishwasher that’s truly worth the investment. Each of the appliances we reviewed had strong points, but it was clear to us which one deserved the recognition. Overall, the EdgeStar DWP61ES is the most impressive dishwasher you can get. Its silver design and stainless steel interior evoke both durability and modernity.

Whether you have dirty plates or greasy pans, the DWP61ES will handle the job with ease – especially with the arm spray and the heavy wash cycle. Furthermore, it’s the most energy efficient dishwasher with only 200 kilowatt hours spent annually. Combine that with its mere 3.5 gallon water requirement for a normal wash cycle, and you’ve definitely got the best countertop dishwasher.