Best Copier for Small Business

When starting up a business, there’s an endless amount of things that you have to think about and plan for. While you focus on making sure that big parts of the business are running smoothly, you don’t want to have to worry about little things going wrong. One of those little things that can cause a giant headache when they do go wrong, is a copier.

Copiers and printers are notorious for being slow, jamming, being difficult to setup, and just plain annoying to deal with. Not to mention they’re often bulky and have expensive upkeep. We don’t want you dealing with this while you try to run your business!

To help you out, we spent hours researching to come up with a list of best copiers for small businesses. We took into account a variety of factors including speed, capacity, cost to upkeep, wireless capabilities and more. Take a look!

Best Copier for Small Business – Comparison Table

This table will give a quick look at the best copiers for small business – their speed, print volume, and whether or not they print in color. So here are the best copiers for small businesses in 2018.

CopierPPMPrint VolumeColors
Canon Image Class D55026250 pagesNo
Brother DCPL5500DN42300 pagesNo
Canon Image Class MF247dw28250 pagesNo
HP OfficeJet Pro 871022 black;  18 color250 pagesYes
Canon Office and Business MX9222.4250 pagesyes
Brother HL-L2340DW Compact27250 pagesno
HP OfficeJet Pro 862021 black; 16.5 color250 pagesyes

Alright, now let’s get into the details of each of the copiers. At the end of the article, we will let you know that the best copier for small business is!


Canon Image Class D550 - Sturdy and Reliable

If you’re looking for a solid copier/printer that won’t give you much fuss and you don’t really care about looks, then this printer is for you. Although this printer doesn’t look fancy or have a ton of crazy extra features, this is still an extremely solid printer with reliable performance. And for under $200, you won’t be disappointed.

To start, the Canon Image Class D550 prints at 26 pages per minute (or ppm) and from the second you press ‘Copy’, it will take six seconds to receive your first copy. It also has automatic duplex versatility, meaning that its default is to copy back to back. This is great because you won’t have to spend any additional time figuring out how to change the settings to ‘double sided’ every time you want to print, or even the first time you make a copy.

This Canon also has an advanced print mode which allows you to place watermarks onto your copies and it also has a ‘toner saver mode’, reducing your usage and ultimately saving you money. Speaking of the toner, this printer also features a single cartridge system which effectively combines the toner and the drum into one system. Again, this will save you money as you’ll only have one cartridge to replace as opposed to two when the toner runs low.

It has a 250 paper capacity, which is about average for this type of printer. It also features color scanning with a resolution up to 600 x 600 dpi and you can export the file to PDF, JPEG, or even a searchable PDF, which is a hugely useful feature!

Another great paper-saving feature on this copier is that you can print/copy multiple pages onto one page, specifically 2 pages on 1 page or 4 pages on 1 page. It also has a pretty decent volume capacity and Canon recommends 500-2000 pages per month. Canon also offers comprehensive customer service, for which they are widely known for. Again, while this printer may not look fancy, you will be purchasing a reliable printer that will get the job done.

  • High volume capable
  • Offers great customer service
  • Clunky looking and heavy

Brother DCPL5500DN - Best of the Best

At a little bit of a higher price point, the Brother DCPL5500DN is upgraded and has some great extra feature that make it well worth the extra money. If your business relies on copying and printing more heavily and you need faster speeds and features that will optimize your performance, consider this copier.

At speeds of 42 pages per minute, it is much faster than the previous copier. It has a 300 page capacity with the ability to expand to a 1340 page capacity with optional tray expanders. A typical ream of paper is around 500 sheets so even for those who do a lot of printing, a 1340 sheet capacity tray will serve you well. You’re able to print and scan at the same time without experiencing any reduced speeds, allowing you to be even more efficient.

When making copies, the Brother DCPL5500DN has a 50 page document feeder so you can leave it and forget it without having to feed each individual sheet in. It also has automatic duplex (or double-sided) printing. If the nature of your business requires you to make copies of IDs a lot, this printer specifically has an ID copying  setting allowing you to automatically place both sides of the ID on one side of the paper without having to manually re-insert the paper.

The toner that comes with the box yields about 2000 pages but you can purchase an even higher-yield toner cartridge that will allow you to print 8000 pages without replacing it! Another very useful feature is you’re able to print wirelessly from just about any wireless device you have including Android devices, iPhones, iPads, or your Kindle. Once set up, any document or photo you have on those devices can be seamlessly and easily sent to your printer in no time.

One of our favorite features of this copier is that it has Amazon Dash capabilities! What this means is, after you get this copier you can set it up with Amazon Dash and it will monitor your toner levels and automatically re-order toner for you when the levels get too low! You won’t have to constantly be checking the toner levels and before you even run out, brand new toner will arrive at your door! One less thing that you have to worry about.

  • Sleeker looking
  • Great speed at 42 ppm
  • Amazon Dash capabilities
  • On the expensive side

Canon Image Class MF247dw - Uprgraded Image Class

Another Canon Image Class makes our list! This is essentially a slightly upgraded version of the previous Image Class. There are a few main differences that we feel might be worth the upgrade.

First of all, it can print 28 sheets ppm which is slightly faster than its predecessor and has a 250 sheet capacity. It has automatic duplex printing and also a 35 sheet feeder tray, which is an added bonus. Just like the previous model, the toner and drum are in one cartridge making it easy to replace. Also why the recommended print volume on the last model was 500-2000 per month pages, it is 750-3000 pages for this model giving you that extra added capacity if your business does a little more printing.

More and more we find ourselves in scenarios where we might want to print from our phones or tablets. It can be annoying to have to send that document to ourselves via email, open it up on our computer and then have to print from there. Luckily with the Canon Image Class MF247dw, you’re actually able to print directly from your mobile device! This copier also comes in a slightly sleeker black. So if you’re looking for something that doesn’t look as old school and that will hopefully blend into the background a little bit more, consider this printer.

Overall, there are only a few slight upgrades from the previous model of this printer. But if the way it looks matters to you, and you’re looking for that bump in speed/capacity, as well as the ability to print wirelessly from your devices – you might consider spending the few extra dollars and upgrading to this copier.

  • Sleeker looking than previous version
  • Good ppm
  • Difficult to set up

HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 - Small But Powerful

While this may be small in size, it is still an extremely mighty printer and for under $150, you really cannot go wrong. Alright, let’s start with the basics. It has a 250 sheet capacity and is able to print 22 pages per minute in black and white and 18 pages per minute in color – that’s right! Color! This is the first printer on our list with color copying capabilities. And despite its size, it actually has a 50 sheet document feeder tray for the copier which is actually higher than a lot of other copiers.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 has a beautiful color touch screen on it making it easy to navigate and change settings and also features wireless printing! Also when you scan documents onto this printer, you can send it directly to your email making it easy to find.

A few other helpful features that this has is that it has borderless printing for 4×6 photos and 8.5×11 documents, which can sometimes prove to be challenging for other printers. It also has a USB port so you can print documents directly from your flash drive. It also supports a variety of paper sizes such as letter, legal, government legal, executive, statement, envelope, card, and a few more obscure ones.

A couple of down sides is that the ink for this printer is on the more expensive side and putting that ink into the printer can be a bit difficult. The recommended monthly page volume is also on the low side at around 250 to 1500 pages per month.

Overall however, this is a solid reliable printer that supports a variety of paper sizes, is able to print in color, and comes in at a very solid price. So if you’re looking for a slightly lower-volume of higher-quality copies that sometimes need to be in color, we definitely recommend the HP OfficeJet Pro 8710.

  • Small in size
  • Prints in color
  • Expensive ink

Canon Office and Business MX922 - Great for Photos

This printer is definitely on the smaller side and won’t suit any high-volume copying or printing needs, but depending on your needs at your specific business, it could definitely work for you. Plus at under $100, it’s worth seeing if it can work for you.

It has auto duplex printing so again, you don’t have to worry about dealing with any annoying back to back printing settings. It also has all wireless device printing capabilities including Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and a variety of other wireless printing options so you can print from whatever device you own. It also prints in color, and in very high-quality photos. In fact, if you need consistently high-quality color photos, this printer will not disappoint. It also features a 35 page feeder for copier, which is impressive considering its size.

The one major downside to this printer is its pages per minute – it only prints 2.4 pages per minute. So like we mentioned, if you print often and need speed, you should consider one of the other high-volume printers on this list but this is a great small office copier. Where this printer really shines is printing high-quality photos and color sheets. So if your business copies and prints mainly photos or graphics and you don’t need to worry about volume or speed, consider the Canon Office and Business MX922.

  • Small size
  • High-quality color
  • Very slow printing speeds

Brother HL-L2340DW Compact - Small and Mighty

Another Brother copier/printer makes it onto our list, and for good reason. They’re reliable and sturdy printers. This brother is a laser printer that features automatic duplex printing and prints at a decent speed of 27 pages per minute. It has a 250 page capacity and supports a toner cartridge that lasts for 2600 pages.

It’s also really easy to set up right out of the box, which can often times be the most difficult part of owning a printer! It also has the ability to print on envelopes as well as legal size paper. It’s also the second printer on our list to feature Amazon Dash. Which, again, will automatically reorder your toner when it senses that it’s getting low.

The one major downside to this Brother copier is that it only has a single sheet manual feed copy slot. Again, this might not affect your business if you primarily make single-sheet copies but if you copy a lot of manuals, books, etc. then it might prove to be annoying over time. However, it comes in at a great price, has a good ppm, features Amazon Dash, has easy set-up, and wireless printing – so this one will rely on the specific needs of your business.

  • Good toner cartridge
  • Very easy to set up
  • Only single sheet manual feed for copier

HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 - High Quality Color

One of the best HP copiers, we have a very reliable, high-quality color copier to round off our list. Again, it’s from HP which is an extremely reliable name in office copying and printing. This one has a 50 sheet automatic document feeder making it easy to copy high-volume sets.

Setup is also very easy for this printer, which can save you a giant headache and a lot of frustrating when you first get it. It has a 250 page capacity and a 150 page capacity output tray, which is pretty high compared to other printers. The price per page of printing on this HP OfficeJet is also considerably lower. It’s also very easy to print from all of your wireless devices.

One downside to this is that it’s a large printer that is heavy and takes up a lot of space. So while it is packed full of great features and reliable printing, if you plan on keeping it on your desk or somewhere in the open, just keep in mind that it is larger. Overall however, it provides extremely high-quality output of color copies and is very reliable. So if you can get past the size and have the room in your business, give this printer a go.

  • Easy setup
  • 150 page output tray
  • Very high-quality printing
  • Very heavy
  • Takes up a lot of space

Best Copier for Small Business - Buyer's Guide

Keeping track of every single feature of office copiers for small business to look out for and which ones are gonna suit your business needs can be confusing, we know. Some things really don’t matter while some things matter a lot. We put together a list of key features to look out for and consider based on the needs of your business to hopefully make this process a little less overwhelming.

Print Speed

This is the main feature that a lot of people look out for, they want to just run out and purchase the printer with the fastest print speed. However, this may not even be relevant to you if you stop and think about it! If your business actually does have a high monthly print volume, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you get something that will make you more efficient. This is measured in pages per minute (ppm) and it can range anywhere from 22 ppm to 50 ppm.

Print Volume

Again, this will depend on the needs of your business how important this factor is. You might also see this listed as “paper capacity”. It’s essentially just the max volume of paper the printer can hold without having to refill it. Some of the larger printers will have multiple trays but the ones on our list only have one. The lowest you’ll usually see is 250 pages and that will suit most needs. It’s not uncommon to have a capacity of 500 pages, however and some printers will even come with extenders that can extend the capacity to over 1000.

Black & White v. Color

Are you solely copying and printing documents for clients to sign? Or are you printing high-quality graphics and photos? This will definitely impact whether or not you actually need a color printer. Just make sure to specifically check that what you’re looking at does print in color, because there are plenty of popular high-volume copiers out there that only print in black and white.

Paper Size

Do you need to print on envelopes or cards or legal size paper? Make sure your printer has the capabilities! Some of the bigger “more professional” looking printers that you may think print on all these different papers, actually don’t! And the smaller printers that look like they print only on 8.5 x 11, will actually print on envelopes and legal and suit your needs! So be sure to look out.


Ultimately whichever printer you choose will depend on your business needs, and this list has a lot of top rated copiers for small business – but the one that we think will work for most people and provides the most amount of features for the price, is the Brother DCPL5500DN. We have a few different reasons for choosing this.

First of all, the speed is almost unmatched by any other printer at this price at 42 ppm. It also has a 300 paper capacity with the ability to expand to 1340 with optional trays. The copier has a 50 page document feeder, it has an ID copying setting, you can reduce the page you’re copying to 25% and expand up to 400%, and it supports a toner that yields 8000 pages!

One of our other favorite features is the Amazon Dash feature. We think this is endlessly helpful as you’ll never have to think about toner again! Before you even run out, you’ll have toner delivered to your door – you truly cannot beat that! The only thing we want to caution is that this doesn’t print in color. So if you specifically need your copier to print in color, beware. But if you’re looking for a moderately priced, high-volume, high-capacity, high-speed printer – we recommend going with the Brother DCPL5500DN. We can confidently say this is the best copier for small business and you won’t be disappointed.