Best Chandelier Floor Lamp

If you’re into making your home look more elegant (and who isn’t?) by just adding one piece of furniture, then you have to take a look at chandelier floor lamps. Having the right lighting in a room really sets the mood, and having the source the lighting look beautiful just adds to that, no? It’s one of those items that everyone should have in their home, but hardly anyone does. That works perfectly for you, as it will really give your house guests a talking piece or something to fawn over. However, not every lamp is made equally. It must be your lucky day, as we’ve taken it upon ourselves to create a helpful buying guide including all of the best chandelier floor lamps available on the market today.

Best Chandelier Floor Lamps – Compare Yourself

Sometimes lists aren’t the easiest way to navigate between products; because of this, we’ve decided to create a table listing all of the products, along with their most notable features. This also allows you to compare and contrast each item against the others, to choose and eliminate more rapidly and get your house furnished with a beautiful standing standing chandelier floor lamp!

ChandelierAt a GlanceHeight
Elegant Designs LF1002Crystal drop, modern yet classic, sheer shade, chrome finish, pleated shade,61.5”
ORE International 6866GPolished brass finish, accented chandelier-style lights, made of steel and acrylic, classic style63”
Regency Hill Ciara DrapedCrystal accents, antique white finish, metal, and glass construction, can be used with or without shade, sheer organza drum shade64”
Square Furniture Crystal3-way switch, black pole and base, decorative bulbs included, great value62”
EDVIVI ChromeChrome finish metal frame, chrome and crystal-latticed lampshade, internal layer of crystals, 3 bulbs, great mood lighting65”

Now that you know which products are the best chandelier floor maps currently on the market, let’s scroll down and read further in-depth about each one to help you find the perfect one for your home!


Elegant Designs LF1002 - Most Classy Product

To start off our list, we have the LF1002 model from Elegant Designs, and elegant, it is! Add this beauty to any room to instantly increase the beauty and set the mood. The crystal drop floor lamp is tall, which only enhances it’s beautiful design. The lamp features a sheer shade, which keeps the light at a soft glow, never harsh. The perfectly-finished chrome keeps the look modern, while the gorgeous draping crystals add that classic touch. If you are looking to add a romantic touch to your bedroom, this will do just the trick. However, adding it to any office or living room with give it a classy finish.

The lamp comes along with three 40w max chandelier bulbs, which are great for some headlight, but are never overwhelmingly bright or sharp. While it’s no-doubt a great price, there are some sacrifices that some consumers should take into account. The “crystal” droplets are actually made of acrylic, and as the shade is sheer, it may not last as long as some thicker shades.

  • Beautiful, elegant design with a modern twist
  • Sheer lamp shade gives a soft glow to any room
  • Crystal droplet accents
  • Not real crystal droplets

ORE International 6866G - Best Budget Product

The 6866G Floor Lamp from ORE International is a great bargain buy. It’s easy on the wallet and on the eyes! It’s something your grandmother would find tasteful, but your friends would also try to steal it. The polished brass finish really makes it stand out among any other furniture. Made of steel and acrylic, it’s sure to last you through many family holidays. This opulent lamp is nothing short of spectacular, even despite the price.

There are three bulbs, and they all each have their own setting! You can choose to light up the top and bottom bulbs, the middle bulb, or all of them at the same time! This is great if you’re looking for some variation in your lighting, whether it be some overhead lighting for reading, or some romantic mood lighting. If you want to add some sophistication with an expensive-looking crystal floor standing lamp, take a look the the 6866G. We have to add, that while it does look quite pricey, the crystals are acrylic.

  • Expensive-looking crystal drop lamp with bronze finish
  • Made of steel and acrylic
  • Three lightbulb settings change the mood of lighting 
  • Crystals are actually made of acrylic

Regency Hill Ciara - Most Versatile Product

Doing a whole chandelier floor lamp DIY is becoming more and more popular these days, but with something as beautiful as the Ciara Draped Antique White Crystal Chandelier Floor Lamp from Regency Hill, you don’t have to bother with making one yourself! Made of metal and glass, the lamp will last you quite a while, however the antique white finish is really what adds to the whole product.

A charming accent to any room, this crystal chandelier floor lamp is comprised of beautiful faceted glass crystals which are placed atop the column base, in a way that makes them appear as if they’re dripping from the shade. The shade is made of sheer organza, giving off a soft, elegant lighting to any space. If you choose to remove the shade, no worries, as it will reveal a gorgeous, candelabra-like view.

  • Made of metal and glass 
  • Can be used with or without lamp shade
  • Antique white finish and sheer organza make for an elegant addition to any room 
  • Only one function: ON/OFF

Square Furniture Crystal - Most Unique Design

The Crystal Floor Lamp by Square Furniture is our next order of business, and it definitely stands out. The black pole and base is elegant and sleek, and we all know that black goes with everything! The gold trim adds a new level of sophistication, and the crystals are the showstopper. It’s like a new take on a classic piece, and will add a whole new level of beauty and intrigue to any part of your home!

The lamp comes with three bulbs, which is great, because you’ll want to set this one up the moment it comes in the mail! With three various settings, you can go from soft mood lighting, to brighter “functional” lighting! Although the materials are more on the less-expensive side, the lamp does not look it. The crystal floor lamp may not be made of real crystals (rather, plastic), but no one ever has to know that! One notable downside, however, is that it is somewhat difficult to put together, especially if you aren’t particularly skilled at furniture assembly. Make sure to have someone help you, if you can!

  • Black pole and base looks sleek, and goes with any other colors
  • Three different settings
  • Comes with bulbs
  • Elegant-looking crystals and shade
  • Is not simple to assemble 

EDVIVI Chrome - Most Simple Product

The last crystal chandelier floor lamp we have, is the Chrome Round Crystal Shade Chandelier Floor Lamp from EDVIVI. This one is absolutely beautiful, and adds sophistication wherever it’s placed! The sleek chrome finish metal frame is not only durable, but looks beautiful against the crystal-latticed lamp shade. There is also an inner layer of crystals that surround the internal light bulbs. As the layers filter the light, it softens and really changes the mood of the room.

While assembly is definitely required, the assembly is not as difficult as some other products on the market. However, one factor that should be mentioned, is that the bulbs are not standard, which could significantly impact the selection of bulbs you can use.

  • Light softens through latticed crystal 
  • Non-standard bulbs limit choices

Best Chandelier Floor Lamp - Buyer's Guide

Choosing the right crystal floor lamp is all about personal preference. Take a look at our guide to help you determine the right one for you!


Are you looking for something long-lasting to use inside the house? Maybe you’re looking for a lamp to use for a one-time outside event? Material very much matters. The more high-quality it is, typically, the heavier it is going to be. The less expensive options will typically be made of your standard metal, that can easily be dented. The more expensive products will take a lot to dent, and will last for years to come. The crystals on the more expensive options will typically be made of glass, rather than acrylic/plastic.


Height doesn’t vary too much with these crystal drop floor lamps, but if you have a questionably low ceiling, make sure to measure it first, and pay special attention to how tall the product you’re interested in buying is.


Again, this really comes down to personal style. Are you looking for something more classic? The Regency Hill Ciara is a great choice, with its antique white finish and beautiful candelabra detail. How about something classic, with a more modern twist? Check the EDVIVI Chrome, with the latticed crystal shade and chrome detail. There’s something for everyone.


This is after all, why you’re getting a lamp, right? Each lamp varies, with their lighting. Some, only have an ON/OFF switch, and nothing more. Some, feature various lighting settings, as well as the ability to remove the lamp shade, for brighter light, rather than soft light.


All of the options on our list are great ones, and we know you would be happy with the beauty they bring to any room. However, our personal favorite was the Square Furniture Crystal design.

It features three separate lighting modes, which makes it great for all kinds of moods. The elegant-looking crystals and shade are unique, and sure to stand out. The black pole and base is sleek, and goes with practically everything.

To top it off, bulbs are also included, so you can have it up and running right away! What are you waiting for? Go buy one of the best chandelier floor lamps and change up your home’s style!