Best Bluetooth Transmitter

One of the biggest problems with Bluetooth speakers is that a lot of the time, you can’t connect your audio devices to them. Phone, sure, but your stereo system or PC? That all depends on whether or not they have Bluetooth support.

Luckily, even if it doesn’t, you’re not out of luck. We’ve taken the time to scour the market for some of the very best Bluetooth transmitters around so you can spend less time researching and more time listening to your music in its highest possible quality.

Overview of The Top 5 Best Bluetooth Transmitters

The table below shows the name of each product we’ll be reviewing, as well as the distance it can transmit signals. There’s more to each transmitter than just range, though, so don’t go rushing to a decision just yet.

Product NameTransmission Range
Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Transmitter16 feet
Mpow Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter25 feet
TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver30 feet
Etekcity 2-in-1 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter 33 feet
Miccus Home RTX Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter160 feet

Now that you’ve gotten a feel for the types of products we’ll be discussing, let’s take a look at each individually. We’ll be looking for strengths, weaknesses – basically, any aspect of the product that stands out to us, whether good or bad, will be mentioned. Let’s begin with the least expensive product, the Nulaxy Wireless In-car Bluetooth Transmitter.


Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Transmitter – Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Cars

The Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth Transmitter is a very inexpensive model (costing less than $20) which plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and connects your stereo to your Bluetooth devices. The process is simple – just select a frequency on the transmitter, set your radio to that frequency and you’re done.

For such a small device, the screen is actually quite large. It’s a 1.44” LCD which displays call ID, song titles, your current frequency, and your car battery’s voltage level, much in the same way your stereo LCD does. The unit itself measures 6.4×4.9×2.1” and comes in five different metallic colors so you can choose one which matches your car’s interior. The range is pretty low, at just 16 feet, but as this product is intended for use in a car, you don’t really need a massive transmission range. As it stands, you could even use this on a bus and have no problems.

There’s a decent range of connectivity with this product too. As well as Bluetooth, you can connect your devices via auxiliary cable and you can even insert a MicroSD card with music on it. The maximum size of card you can insert is 32GB, however, but that works out to be around 7000 songs, so you don’t really need anything larger. Also, you can only pair one device at a time, but given how inexpensive this transmitter is, that’s not unusual and we really can’t fault it on that front.

This product has a range of features to make it more useful – it comes with a built-in microphone so you can make phone calls whilst driving, and it even has a 5V Micro USB charging port so you can still keep your phone’s battery topped up even though the cigarette lighter is occupied.

Despite the low cost of this product, it comes with a full year’s warranty. This is actually pretty rare for inexpensive electronics, so we’re pleased to see it included. If you’re ever unsure of whether some cheap piece of tech is going to break in a month or so, check for a warranty – the junk will almost never have one.

This transmitter isn’t perfect. There are a couple of slight nuisances that don’t affect how well the product works, but that we’d rather were rectified. The first of these is simple. There’s no on/off button. To turn the transmitter off, you have to either unplug it or turn your car off, which is less than ideal. Secondly, from time to time, the unit sets its language to Chinese. This is a quick fix – hold the middle button down for ten seconds and re-select English – but it’s a nuisance nonetheless.

 Overall, for what this product costs, it’s great. It connects flawlessly to a wide range of devices and has a number of features which make it useful when driving. Whilst there are some areas which could be improved, there’s really no better way to add Bluetooth to your car on a budget.

  • Very inexpensive
  • Charging port, built-in microphone
  • One year's warranty
  • Can't be turned on and off
  • Sometimes sets itself to Chinese 

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter – Most Portable Bluetooth Transmitter

The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter is a very special product. It’s designed for people who often find themselves on the move – maybe you have Bluetooth headphones that you want to connect to an older audio source? The great thing about this product is that it can also be a receiver so you can even connect it to non-Bluetooth speakers and play music from your phone.

There’s a switch on the side of the unit which allows you to choose between transmitter and receiver modes. Unfortunately, this can’t be changed once it’s been powered on – to go from one mode to the other, you have to turn the unit off, change mode and turn it back on.

There’s a Micro-USB port on the side, but that’s not for charging devices, it’s for charging the transmitter’s internal battery. It takes around two hours to fully charge and provides up to eight hours of use in transmitter mode, six hours in receiver mode. We were a little disappointed that you can’t use this product whilst charging since that would have made using it at home very simple.

The real benefit of this model is its ability to connect anything with a 3.5mm jack to anything with a Bluetooth connection. Speakers, headphones, CD players, TVs, you name it, it won’t be a problem. With a range of 25 feet, this product can send signals across the largest of rooms without any issues, although as the distance increases, a small amount of noise creeps into the audio. This can be fixed by moving your devices closer together and so isn’t a huge problem. It also automatically connects to the last device it paired with when powered on, so if you only use this with a dedicated setup, you just have to configure it once.

There’s a whole lot functionality here, packed into a very small casing. It’s just 3.1” tall, 2.4” wide and half an inch thick, and we were honestly surprised to see that it costs as little as it does. It retails for around $25 and has a range of versatility that’s not seen very often at this price point. The outer casing is very sleek and simple – it’s black with a single silver power button and a side-mounted switch for changing from transmitter to receiver mode. This means that it’s easy to use, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, and given that half of the appeal of these transmitters is that you can connect them to old hardware, it’d be a perfect gift for your parents.

All things considered, this is a pretty great product. It combines the functionality of a transmitter with the versatility of a receiver and even comes with a built-in battery to boot. The battery isn’t just for show either – it has a life of up to eight hours and ensures that you can use this model on the move. If you find yourself traveling a lot, there’s really no better product out there at this price range, so give it a try, you won’t regret it.

  • Contains both a transmitter and a receiver
  • Internal battery
  • Good range
  • Can't be used whilst charging
  • Changing modes requires a restart

TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver – Best Bluetooth Transmitter for Home Use

This Bluetooth transmitter and receiver from TaoTronics is a great little product with a sleek, matte gray casing, simple controls and a wealth of different input and output options. It makes a number of improvements upon the last model we saw and it’s these improvements that make it the best Bluetooth transmitter for everyday use in the home.

First and foremost, this product allows you to pair up to two devices at one time. You and a friend could connect this to non-Bluetooth speakers, pair your phones and take turns choosing songs. You can connect your inputs or outputs via the auxiliary jack, RCA connector or TOSLINK, so there’s really no end to the things you can connect. Old TV? Sure. Your MP3 player from 2006? No problem.

This unit has a battery built in. This can provide up to 15 hours of constant use, and as an added bonus, you can even use it whilst charging. This means that unlike the Mpow product above, you can just plug it in and forget about it, making it the perfect addition to your permanent audio setup. If you turn it off, there’s no problem – it will automatically pair itself with the last connected devices as soon as it’s turned back on. On top of all of this, it has a range of up to 30 feet, so unless you have a huge room, the signal will be strong enough.

TaoTronics make use of aptX low latency technology to synchronize audio. Some of the less expensive models have a slight delay which makes them useless if you want to watch a film or TV show. This is not the case here, we found that all audio was perfectly synced with the video and never encountered any problems in this regard.

 It’s surprising to see such a small and attractive product in this price range. This one retails for around $50 and offers a lot more than the less expensive ones. For example, there’s no need to restart when switching between the two modes, and the wide range of inputs is fantastic. To sweeten the deal, Taotronics have even included a full year’s warranty so that if anything should go wrong, you’ll get a free replacement.

If we had to find a downside to this product, it’d be the instructions. They could be far clearer and pairing devices (at least until you get used to it) is a slow and frustrating process. Given the price of this unit, we’d really have expected some clearer directions, but the product itself works like a charm.

This transmitter also works as a receiver. It has a long range, a good selection of inputs/outputs and looks great. It’s a little more expensive than its competition, but it more than makes up for its higher price by including a battery which can be charged whilst the unit is in use. If you have a slightly larger budget and want the biggest bang for your buck, you could certainly do worse than this.

  • Contains both a transmitter and a receiver
  • Can be used whilst battery is charging
  • One year's warranty
  • Setup instructions are terrible

Etekcity 2-in-1 Bluetooth Receiver and Transmitter – Most Versatile Bluetooth Transmitter

The Etekcity two in one Bluetooth receiver and transmitter is an amazingly versatile piece of tech. It has a simple rounded square exterior with easy to use control switches mounted on the side and is nice and compact, measuring just 2.4” wide and deep and 0.8” tall. This makes it the perfect accessory for taking on the road when you aren’t sure what kind of hardware is at your destination.

This unit allows you to pair two devices at any one time (although it can sometimes take a minute or two to connect) and even remembers them once turned off. When the power goes back on, it’ll automatically reconnect to the last two devices, so no matter whether it’s a power cut or you just get tired of it, once your device is connected, it’ll stay that way until you pair with something else. It has a huge range – up to 33 feet, so it’s perfect for parties.

The battery which is built into this model takes two hours to fully charge and offers up to 15 hours of continuous playback (or 12 hours if used in receiver mode). It can even be used whilst charging, which is something that a lot of the lower cost models can’t truthfully say.

As far as inputs go, you’re spoilt for choice. Auxilliary, RCA and TOSLINK jacks are all present and can be used as either input or output. Better still, this unit comes with a standard auxiliary cable, an aux to RCA cable, a male to male audio adapter and a TOSLINK cable, so you’ll never be caught without the cables you need.

Like the last model we saw, this one uses aptX technology to reduce the latency of the signals which are sent. This means that the absolute maximum lag you’ll experience is 30 milliseconds, so even if you’re watching a movie and it lags, you won’t even notice it.

This unit is reasonably inexpensive, at around $40. Despite this, nobody wants to find themselves with a product that breaks a week after purchase. That’s why Etekcity have thrown in a full year’s warranty with this product, as well as lifetime tech support. This way, whether the product breaks or you just can’t work out how to get it working, you’re never going to be left high and dry.

In a lot of ways, this model is similar to the last one we reviewed. Where it differs, however, is in its range (which is slightly higher) and its customer support. The addition of free lifetime tech support is a game changer – not everyone wants to wait weeks for a replacement to arrive, and the availability of a phone number you can call can really help you resolve problems quickly. The inclusion of all the necessary cables is just a bonus on top of an already great product, so this one comes highly recommended.

  • 33 foot range
  • Low latency playback
  • One year's warranty and lifetime tech support
  • Occasionally takes a few minutes to connect

Miccus Home RTX Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter – Best Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter

When you want a Bluetooth transmitter with long range, there’s nothing better than this product by Miccus. It can be coupled with another of the same units to provide an even greater range (an extra 40 feet), but we’ll be reviewing a single unit in the interest of fairness. It’s not overly expensive – it costs a little over $50, and it justifies this price with its incomparable range.

So first things first. This is a combination Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. It measures 4.2” wide, 2.4” deep and one inch tall. It has an exceptional broadcasting distance – up to 160 feet, which is almost five times the distance of the model with the second longest range in this list. Obviously, the farther you place this from the receiving unit, the less clear the sound will be, but even at its maximum range, your music is still discernible.

It can be connected to either one of two Bluetooth devices at any one time and will remember which is was last connected to. This is great for when you’re hanging out with friends and can’t decide on music – just pair your phones and you can each play music as it comes to mind.

Unlike the last few transmitters we’ve seen, this one doesn’t have an internal battery. It is powered by a 5V USB connection. Whilst you might think that limits this product’s applications, the low power draw means that it can be used outdoors as long as you connect a power bank to it. These are inexpensive and widely available, plus they offer a far longer usage time than a small internal battery could.

You can connect your devices using either RCA or auxiliary cable. These can be used for either input or output, meaning this unit is pretty versatile. Unfortunately, it lacks the TOSLINK connector that some of the other models has, so you may require an adaptor if you want to connect this to a DVD player or games console.

Miccus are a company based in America, and they pride themselves on their customer service. This product comes with a two-year warranty and lifetime tech support. The support team provide a number of ways to contact them, either through email or on their 24-hour, America based help center. This ensures that help is never more than a phone call away, plus the warranty is twice that of the other models we’ve seen so far, which is great.

We really like this transmitter. For this price, we’d have liked to see a TOSLINK connection, but it’s not strictly necessary for most day to day applications. The range is the main selling point here, and it doesn’t disappoint by any means. We like that you can use a power bank with this model, but they can be bulky and an internal battery, even if it had a short life, would have been very welcome indeed.

  • 160 foot range
  • Can be combined with another unit to increase range 
  • Two year's warranty and America based tech support
  • No internal battery
  • No TOSLINK connector

Best Bluetooth Transmitter - Buyer's Guide

Buying tech doesn’t have to be difficult. Bluetooth transmitters sound a lot more complicated than they actually are: essentially they’re just boxes which allow non-Bluetooth devices to Bluetooth devices. We’ve put together a short guide to highlight some of the most important considerations you should make before you spend any money. We’re hoping that it’ll help you decide which is the best Bluetooth transmitter for you and ensure that you’re happy with your product not just in the weeks after purchase, but in the long term too.


How do you plan to use the transmitter? If you only need it to communicate with other devices in a fairly permanent setup, you won’t need a product with a huge range. Measure the distance between the two things you want to connect and buy a transmitter with a similar range.

Also, consider how many devices you’d like to pair. Low-cost models generally only support one device at a time, but if you’re willing to pay a little more, it’s easy to find products that accept two at once. Will it remember previously connected devices or will you have to pair your phone every time you turn the transmitter on?

Does the product use a battery? If so, how long will it last? Can it be used whilst charging? If it relies solely on power from an outlet, its use is fairly limited – you’ll need a power bank to take it outside, for example, whereas a model which is battery powered can be used wherever, whenever.


What kind of devices can you connect to the transmitter? Every product available will have an auxiliary input, but some have an RCA connection (the red and white audio cables often seen on the backs of TVs) and maybe even a TOSLINK jack. If you’re getting confused, don’t worry – we’ve found a helpful little guide here that briefly explains what all these different connectors are for and you can read it here.

The important thing to remember is that you might not need all of these options. If there’s a less expensive model that fits your needs, go for it! There is, after all, no point spending more money than you have to. That said, if you do decide on a cheaper product, try to get one with a decent warranty so that if it breaks, you won’t have to pay any more money.

Transmitters VS Receivers

Some of the models we’ve seen already are both transmitters and receivers, but what is a Bluetooth transmitter? What is a Bluetooth receiver? Well, let’s say we have a pair of Bluetooth speakers and we wanted to connect an old phone to them. We’d have to plug something (a transmitter) into the phone, right?  Now let’s assume the phone has Bluetooth but the speakers don’t – in this case, you’d plug the unit (in receiver mode) into the speakers. Simple.

Generally speaking, if you’re spending more than $20 or so, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a receiver built in as well. There’s really no reason to spend more than this if all you need is a basic transmitter.


It’s clear that every product we’ve seen up until this point has its own selling point. They’re all great transmitters, but the one that stands out the most to us was the TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver.

It has a decent range, strong warranty and can be used whilst the battery is charging. All of the most common input and output connections are included and the fact that it’s pretty inexpensive makes it an attractive prospect for anyone on a modest budget.

We hope that this article has been helpful to you. If you’ve learned anything from this, or if it helped you come to a decision, feel free to leave a rating or comment. We’re looking forward to seeing you the next time you find yourself needing product advice, so thanks for reading, and have a great day.