Best Bike Chain Lube

The sheer joy of riding a bicycle is an experience that almost everybody has had at least once in their lives. If you ride a bike routinely, you know how crucial it is to keep your cycle in perfect running condition. The bicycle chain plays a key role in keeping the wheels in motion. Therefore lubricating the chain of your bike and the surrounding cogs is one maintenance task that you should conduct habitually. Applying a lubricant periodically helps check corrosion and dryness that can lead to friction thereby obstructing the smooth movement of the bike.

Since prevention is always better than cure, it makes sense to spare a few dollars on buying a best bike chain lube rather than sacrificing hundreds of dollars on replacing or buying new components. The different kinds and varieties of bike chain lubes available can be classified under two broad categories-wet lubes and dry lubes.            


Finish Line Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube

The Finish Line Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube easily qualifies as a best bike chain lube owing to its effectiveness in a range of climatic conditions including dry and dusty as well as in mildly wet conditions. The texture is light yet hardwearing and reinforced with sub-micron Teflon fluoropolymer molecules that easily penetrate every nook and cranny in the chain.

The lube following application turns into a waxy film staying for a long period, keeping off dust or grime, and not getting washed away by water. Finish Line Dry Teflon lube checks corrosion but doesn’t attract unwarranted contaminants and is also good for applying on shifter pivots, brakes, and derailleur.

  • Wax-like film minimizes and checks corrosion
  • Prevents deposition of abrasive contaminants
  • Deep penetration of Teflon sub-micron particles
  • Works in dry, dusty, and moderately wet conditions
  • Friction minimized between the moving parts
  • Promotes drivetrain efficiency
  • Stays for long periods
  • Doesn’t get washed away by water
  • Attracts dirt and grime when lube starts wearing off
  • Not able to keep off abrasive contaminants completely as claimed
  • Squeezing out drops in hot weather becomes difficult due to reduced viscosity

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant

Give a fresh leash of life to your mountain bike or road bike’s chain and sprockets with the DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant. This lubricant is wet when applied but takes on a waxy texture, thanks to the Teflon fluoropolymer agent. The lube goes deep inside conveyor and drive chains, door hinges, winches, sliding tracks, pulleys, pivots, go-kart chains, bicycle chains, and rusted bolts.

The Teflon fluoropolymer film resists dirt and contaminants as well as checks rusting and minimizes friction. Special formulation thwarts buildup of snow or ice on snowmobiles, ploughs, and shovels. DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver lube that keeps chains well-lubricated prolonging their lifecycles, doesn’t affect rubbers, O-rings, and plastics.

  • Ideal for using on almost any type of moving part
  • Teflon fluoropolymer promotes formation of waxy film that functions as stable thermal barrier
  • Doesn’t lose its texture even in temperatures up to 300˚F
  • Doesn’t attract coarse contaminants like dirt, lint, grit, and mill powders
  • Safeguards from corrosion or rust
  • Completely free from silicones
  • Viscosity is somewhat low that may cause wastage 
  • Fumes emanating from the lube after application may be allergic 
  • Rrequires application more frequently than claimed

Gorilla Bike Lube Ultra Premium Chain Lube

The Gorilla Bike Lube Ultra Premium Chain Lube is surely one of the best bike chain lube that you can lay your hands on. It is a versatile lube that performs superbly in both dry and wet weather conditions and has been specially formulated to remove petroleum contaminants that can be damaging. It is reinforced with antioxidant additives that thwart deposition of corrosive contaminants like lint, dirt, grit, and mill powders.

This bike lube from Gorilla is reinforced with other stabilizers including friction modifiers, and corrosion inhibitors that minimize chafing between moving parts and inhibit rusting. Gorilla Ultra Premium Chain Lube is completely biodegradable and keeps the drivetrain of bike well oiled.

  • High-grade bicycle lubricant
  • Can be used on drivetrain of different types of bikes
  • Being biodegradable makes it safe for using
  • Hydro-treated for resisting petroleum deposits
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors that thwart rust
  • Friction modifiers for diminishing abrasion between moving parts
  • Suitable for using in wet as well as dry conditions
  • Quite costly compared to other similar products
  • May not hold for long in extremely hot and humid weather
  • You may have to apply a great amount and more frequently

Bike Medicine Purple Extreme Performance Synthetic Chain Lubricant, High Mileage Bicycle Lube

Purple Extreme Performance Synthetic Chain Lubricant by Bike Medicine once used extensively for keeping drive chains well lubricated in offshore rigs and mines has pedigree standing for it. Applying droplets of the Purple Extreme keeps the chain from scraping against the sprockets or the derailleur against the pulley wheel, thanks to the lube’s high film strength.

There is hardly any bike chain lube that can match Purple Extreme’s Timken OL load capacity that exceeds 90. For you it means reduced wear-and-tear of your bike owing to less friction between parts that brush against each other. Ultimately, you’re able to extract more mileage from the bike throughout PLC.

  • Once applied, the next application is due after riding 300-400 miles
  • Extremely effective in checking drivetrain friction
  • Will hold up in any type of weatherLube with the highest film strength
  • Minimizes drivetrain noise
  • Keeps off dirt or contaminants
  • Works in temperatures ranging from 400˚F to -100˚F
  • Doesn’t drain away in rain or flings off
  • The odor can be repulsive and overwhelming for many
  • May not perform as desired if other lubes are applied
  • May not be as effective in humid or hot weather

Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

The Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant works equally well on a road bike, MTB, BMX or any other type of bike. As you smear the drivetrain of your bike with droplets of the Gold Chain Lubricant, it leaves behind a wet filmy membrane that keep the sprockets, chain, pulley wheels, and the derailleur moving smoothly.

The lube which has a somewhat runny texture might give you the impression that it’s not viscous enough but you’ll be surprised at the results when you apply it on the drivetrain. Components in the solvent keep the lube watery which is effective in cleaning and thereafter evaporates leaving behind a membrane that resists grime and water.

  • Versatile lube that can be used on any type of bike
  • Keeps drivetrain lubricated making pedaling smooth
  • Impregnable filmy coat keeps off grime and water
  • Lubrication and priming happens simultaneously
  • Checks friction between moving parts
  • A very tiny amount is required per application
  • May not keep off dirt or contaminants completely
  • Runny viscosity means some of it might not hold
  • Applying the lube directly without wiping clean may not offer direct results

Finish Line No Drip Chain Luber

A bottle of No Drip Chain Luber from Finish Line contains 2 ounce or 60ml of high-grade lube will enable you to keep your bike’s chain in perfect working order for a long period of time. A very small amount of this lube perfectly greases every link in the drivetrain thereby letting you save the rest for innumerable future applications. An applicator head is supplied with the bottle that you install on the chain while pedaling backwards and the wicker in it makes sure each and every cog gets coated. The No Drip Chain Luber can also be applied on bicycle frame, brake surfaces, and wheels.

  • Applicator head with wicker padEvery link gets lubricated
  • Reinforced with superior grade of ingredients
  • Checks friction effectively
  • Reduces and minimizes corrosion
  • Wastage is reduced as less lube is required each time
  • Very fast action
  • Applicator head prevents drips
  • Application on several components
  • Only the bottle is supplied minus the lube
  • Too much just for an empty bottle
  • The applicator head might release more lube than necessary
  • Lubing without the applicator head can make things messy

Maxima Chain Wax from Continental

The Maxima Chain Wax by Continental comes in an aerosol can enabling you to directly spray the lube on the drivetrain of your bicycle. However, for best results, spray the lube on a clean cloth rag and then wipe the chain. Special ParaFilm formulation helps in the formation of a waxy membrane that acts as a shielding layer keeping away dust, grime, dirt, and abrasive contaminants. The waxy layer also prevents water or moisture from getting deposited in the components including sprockets, chain, and derailleur that may cause corrosion. Reinforced with hardwearing additives and stabilizers and their combined potential promotes thorough lubrication of every link in the chain.

  • Performs best in hot and humid climes
  • Spraying ensures no area is missed
  • Keeps the moving parts lubricated
  • Delays and minimizes corrosion
  • Starts as wet and dries to form a waxy membrane
  • Penetrates every component or cog
  • Reinforced with hardwearing additives
  • May attract grime and dirt if applied lightly
  • A copious amount will be needed for effective degreasing
  • The wide-patterned tip in the new upgraded can may not be as useful as claimed
  • Is not safe for other parts of the bike that doesn’t need lubrication

Progold Xtreme Chain Lube

ProLink Xtreme Chain Lube from Progold makes the most of the proprietary MFR (metal friction reduction) technology to thwart metal scraping against metal-the main cause of friction. This lubricant from Progold is appropriate for using in both dry and wet conditions. Apply the lubricant throughout the drivetrain of your tandem to check drag and keep the cogs clean.

Progold gets the job done without relying on any additives like Teflon, molybdenum or graphite. A single application of the lube lets you pedal for hundreds of miles before the next round of lubing is due. This lube can be wiped on bikes that are mostly used off-roads.

  • Apt for using in any weather condition
  • Keeps drivetrain and chain spotless
  • Reduces drag
  • MFR technology keeps friction between parts to a minimum
  • Free of any additive or stabilizer
  • Good for using on ATBs, MTBs, and road bikes
  • A single application lasts long
  • Copious amount required for getting results
  • Quite expensive compared to similar type of products
  • The straw supplied with the bottle may not function

Slick Lube Original 100 from SMF Science, LLC

Slick Lube Original 100 by SMF Science is an extremely viscous lubricant that can help keep your bike’s chain perfectly clean and in excellent running condition. With a viscosity of 100 cp, it is one of the few quality lubes that’ll keep the bike chain as well as the other drivetrain components including the jockey wheels, sprockets, and O-rings perfectly oiled. Made from environmentally-friendly ingredients, the Slick Lube Original 100 is a fully biodegradable product which makes it safe to use. It’s an incredibly versatile product which can be used for lubing different types of bikes rode on a variety of terrains.

  • Viscosity of 100 cp makes it extremely gluey
  • Ideal for using in dry and wet weather conditions
  • Can be used on MTBs, ATBs, and road bikes
  • A single application holds for at least 100 miles
  • Being fully biodegradable it’s safe to use
  • The lube emits no odors
  • The gelatinous nature could attract some dust particles and contaminants
  • May need to lube a good amount for every application

Trakpower KryTech Lubricant from Finish Line Technologies Inc

The Trakpower KryTech Lubricant from Finish Line Technologies comes in a hardy plastic bottle with a durable cap that’s both watertight and airtight. Following application, the lube after a while, leaves behind a waxy film that acts as an effective barrier preventing grit or grime from getting sucked into the bike’s drivetrain. Unlike greasy lubes, the KryTech waxy finish doesn’t attract grime or dust particles regardless of whether you ride on road or off-road. This lube is perfect for reducing and checking abrasion between plastic-to-plastic, metal-to-plastic or metal-to-metal moving parts. Trakpower KryTech is suitable for using on bushings, bearings, winches, pulley systems, gear drives on airplanes, motorcycle and bike chains, latches, and hinges of doors.

  • Fluid lube turns into smooth waxy membrane
  • Keeps off dust and grime
  • Prevents water from seeping into drivetrain components
  • No oily residues
  • Keeps chain, sprockets, and O-rings lubricated
  • A single application holds for hundreds of miles
  • Can be used on driveshaft, driveshaft joint, bearings, gears, hinges, and bike chains
  • Some ingredients in the lube are highly toxic
  • Too many precautions need to be taken before application
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Best Bike Chain Lube - Buyer's Guide

Both categories of bike chain lube, dry and wet, have their advantages and disadvantages. Now, whether the best chain lube that you’ll opt for should be dry or wet will depend upon your biking conditions or to be more specific, the long-term weather conditions in the regions where you use the two-wheeler. As a rule- of-thumb, a wet lubricant is meant for using in hot and humid weather.

Wet Lubes

Wet lube has a gelatinous and thick texture which when applied on the chain acts as an impregnable layer preventing water or moisture from getting deposited in the fetters that causes corrosion. The most noticeable downside of a wet lube is that the grease may attract dust and grime if used in dry weather conditions.

Dry Lubes

On the other hand, dry lubes work best in areas where the climate is of a continental or dry type and the RH levels don’t cause discomfiture or make you sweaty. Dry lubes have a consistency that is less thick and sloppy compared to wet lubes. Dry lubes, following application, stays wet initially but tend to harden and the final texture is somewhat waxy in nature that keeps off dirt or grime off the chain.

However, the waxy film doesn’t last long and it happens to wear off faster in wet or humid weather. Also, a dry lube leaves moisture behind while wearing off that expedites the process of rusting.

Multipurpose lubes

There’s, however, a third category that comprises of ceramic and wax lubes. Waxy lubricants, as the terminology suggests, takes on a wax-like consistency after application creating a film barrier that prevents dirt or grime from sticking onto the chain. Ceramic lubes happen to be more versatile than other types in that they stay long even when the conditions are humid.          


In this review on the best bike chain lube a total of 10 lubes were assessed on the basis of their performance i.e. ability to reduce friction between moving parts, and effectiveness to keep off dirt or grime. Lubricants from Finish Line including the ‘Dry Teflon Bicycle Chain Lube’, ‘No Drip Chain Luber’, and the ‘Trakpower KryTech’ stand out. The Slick Lube Original 100 is also worth giving a try, especially on account of its high viscosity and biodegradability. Some other brands like the DuPont Teflon-Cleaning Lubricant, Rock-N-Roll Chain Lubricant, and the Gorilla-Bike-Ultra-Premium Biodegradable Lube offer good value for money as well.