Best Beach Carts

Sick of trudging across a beach with mountains of stuff balanced precariously in your arms? How often have you tripped over the uneven sand and sent towels, sand buckets and water bottles flying all around you? If you’re plagued by two left feet or simply want a simple way to transport everything you need for a day at the beach, then take a peek at our list of the best beach carts that will make your beach day as breezy as the summer waves.

Comparison of the Best Beach Carts

Our nifty table below shows the best beach carts out there right now. We sifted through extensive research to compile this chart of the best beach carts as of February 2018, with a variety of styles and features so you’ll be sure to find one to suit your needs.

Beach CartFolding
Weight Capacity
Chair Load Capacity
Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart (Editor's Choice)Yes100lbs4Wheeler
Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart - Easy Roll Ultra Wide Wheels - Silver Mist FrameYes77lbs
Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, BlueYes150lbs
TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart - Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden/Beach Wagon/CartYes150lbs
BeachMall Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink HoldersYes75lbs
The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart by JGR CopaYes100lbs4Wheeler

Before we dive right into looking at these best beach carts in more detail, let’s take a quick look at some things you should know before you buy the best beach cart for you.


Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart - Best Beach Cart

Stroller-Like Design

The extended push or pull handle of the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler is designed with the same technology of a baby stroller with a neoprene grip for optimal hand comfort. This makes pushing the cart a breeze and your hands wont get sore or uncomfortable like they would on a rougher material.

Umbrella Holder

The Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler features a nifty side compartment for holding your umbrella. The length of an umbrella can make it difficult to pack comfortably but with this side compartment that is apart from the rest of the storage area, you won't have to worry and you can guarantee great sun protection for your day on the beach.

Removable Tote Bag

The Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler also features a useful removable tote bag situated between the handle and the storage area. This is great for carrying your more essential items such as your phone, wallet and sunblock so you can have them easily within reach when pushing your cart and won't have to rummage through the rest of your things when you reach your destination. Simply, remove the tote and you've everything at hand.

  • The foldable design makes the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler easy to pack in your car and store when not in use
  • The large storage area leaves plenty of room for packing a cooler, while there is a separate compartment for an umbrella and another handle to hold 4 beach chairs. There's also the removable tote bag and a rear pouch so you'll have lots of rooms for carrying everything you need
  • Thanks to the stroller design, the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler is very easy to push.
  • The smaller front wheels tend to get bogged down a little in loose sand when the cart is at maximum capacity
  • While it has plenty of storage space, the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler has a 100lb weight capacity so you may not be able to make the most of the space without bogging the cart down
  • The compartment is made of mesh, which can rip if it gets caught in something sharp.

Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart - Easy Roll Ultra Wide Wheels - Silver Mist Frame (Top Beach Carts)

Folds Flat

The Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart is incredibly easy to store as it can be folded completely flat. Everything folds down to take up minimal space so this is great for packing in the car or storing under a bed when it's not in use.

Umbrella Holder

Like the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler, the Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart has a separate side compartment for holding one large umbrella or two smaller ones. The area is longer than the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler so it's great if you have a particularly large umbrella that is difficult to carry.

Back Pocket

You'll have easy access to your phone or water bottle with this useful little pouch located under the handle, great for when you need to take a drink or answer the phone with pushing the Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart.

  • Separate areas for your umbrella and phone or wallet leave the general storage area with plenty of space to pack a cooler, as well as all the rest of your gear. The adjacent handle also can carry 4 beach chairs
  • The easy assembly and ability to fold down neatly really are this beach cart's greatest asset. It's very easy to pack and unpack this cart at the beginning and end of the day
  • The stroller design make this very easy to push.
  • With a weight capacity of 77lbs, you can't fully take advantage of the storage space without bogging down the cart. While you can easily fit all of your lighter beach gear inside, should you decide to take advantage of the chair handle or take a cooler, then you risk getting stuck in the sand
  • Despite the stroller-like design, this cart must be pulled not pushed when going through very soft sand or it tends to get stuck
  • The mesh fabric of the compartment can be a little flimsy.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon, Blue (One of the Best Beach Carts)

Roomy Interior

The wagon design of the Mac Sports Wagon means you have lots of space for bringing everything you need to the beach. Since there are no compartments, everything goes in the one big open area and you can see everything clearly so it's easy to find what you're looking for.

Heavy Capacity

The Mac Sports Wagon also has a great high capacity of 150lbs so you can take advantage of the ample space and pack a cooler, body board and more.


It's called a "collapsible folding" wagon for a reason. The Mac Sports Wagon easily folds to only 8" thick so it's great for packing in the car or storing at home. This simple design also makes it quick and easy to set up, as you simply unfold the wagon and start packing.

  • The 150lb weight capacity means you can store all your gear without worrying about bogging the wagon down
  • The long, roomy interior allows for transporting items such as body boards which may be difficult to fit on wheeler type carts
  • The useful front pouch is great for storing a bottle or water for if you get tired transporting your stuff over a long distance.
  • There is no separate handle for carrying chairs. Although you could potentially fit them in that roomy interior it would take up much of your space and may not stay securely in place
  • The extendable handle extends about 16" past the wagon, so if you're particularly tall, this may not be very comfortable to pull
  • When fully loaded, the wagon can be heavy to push or pull.

TimberRidge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart - Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden/Beach Wagon/Cart

No Assembly Required

Like the Mac Sports Wagon, the TimberRigde wagon is very easy to pack and unpack. There is no assembly required. Simply unfold the wagon and load up your things. When you're done, it can be easily folded back up for easy storage.

Durable Fabric

The roomy interior space is made from high quality strong 600D polyester applied on fabric that is very durable. Unlike the mesh compartments of wheeler type carts, there is no chance of accidentally ripping the tough fabric of the TimberRidge wagon. You can pack in even awkward items such as umbrellas or sand toys without worrying about snagging the material.

Telescoping Handle

The telescoping handle of the TimberRidge wagon makes it easy to pull this along on even very bumpy terrain so rough sand will be no trouble. Comfortable to hold, its easy to pull everything along without getting tired.

  • The 150lbs capacity is great for packing heavy items so you can take your cooler, body board and all your gear along without bogging the cart down
  • The four large wheels roll smoothly over sand so you're unlikely to get stuck even with a heavy load
  • The roomy interior means you can pack everything from towels to kid's toys to a cooler.
  • Like the MacSports wagon, the wagon design of TimberRidge means that it can be a little heavy to push or pull than a wheeler cart when packed at maximum capacity
  • The wagon design also means that transporting chairs is difficult as there is no separate handle for holding them
  • The handle may also be a little uncomfortable for taller people due to its low height.

BeachMall Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink Holders

A Table On The Go

This beach cart has the fantastic ability to convert to a table. Once you reach your desired plot on the beach and unload all your gear, you can easily convert the beach cart into a a table, with the two adjacent handles doubling as table legs. This is great for eating lunch in the sand without getting sand over all your food.

Holds Four Chairs

You can also easily transport 4 chairs with you on the adjacent handle. The chairs slide easily in place so you can all sit around your table on the beach for a proper lunch.

Removable Wheels

The Beach Cart also has useful removable wheels to make storage a breeze. When you're done using it or need to pack it in your car, the beach cart folds almost completely flat with easily removable wheels to make storage a piece of cake.

  • The nifty ability to double as a table and to carry chairs make this a fantastic option for those who like to have a picnic on the beach
  • Due to the lack of front wheels, you will be relying entirely on the wide back wheels so you are unlikely to get stuck in loose sand
  • Even without front wheels, the Beach Cart stands up well on its own thanks to the steel stand.
  • The weight capacity of 75lbs make this the beach cart with the lowest capacity on our list
  • When you pack the maximum four chairs onto the Beach Cart, they take up the majority of space so you'll have less room to pack everything else you need
  • If you don't care about the table function, then this beach cart provides the least amount of storage space.

The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart by JGR Copa - Cheap Beach Cart For Sale

Ample Storage Space

You'll have plenty of room to fit all your beach things with the Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart. The storage area allows room for a small cooler, as well as towels, beach toys and more, while there are separate pockets for keeping your phone, keys and wallet secure and an umbrella holder to boot.

Carries Four Chairs

You can also bring along four beach chairs with you for some nice lounging under the sun. Thanks to the great design of the Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart, bringing those chairs wont get in the way of the rest of your storage space either.

Folds Flat

The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart also makes storage and packing as easy as it should be with it's folding design that allows it to fold flat. The extra wide rear wheels are also removable so you have the best of both worlds – wide wheels to maneuver easily through a variety of terrains and the ability to remove them for compact storage.

  • The Ultimate Premium Cargo Beach Cart is cleverly built to optimize storage space. As well as the additional pockets for smaller items and an umbrella, the large storage area isn't impeded at all when the four chairs are added
  • The 100lb capacity means you can take advantage of the large storage are to transport a large amount of your gear
  • The removable wheels combined with the folding ability really make storage as simple as could be.
  • The mesh fabric on the storage area is a little flimsy so it could rip if sharp items get caught in it
  • The front wheels can get a little stuck when moving through deep sand and may need to be manually adjusted
  • The handle bar is a little low down and may be uncomfortable for taller people to use.

Best Beach Carts - Buyer's Guide

We will now describe what beach carts are and how you can find the best beach cart for you. Finding the best beach carts out there can be a difficult task, but with the help of our list at the top and this buyer’s guide, we hope to eliminate this fear.

Types of Beach Carts

Did you know there are two types of beach carts? When we think of beach carts, many of us think of the standard “wheeler” variety, which has large traction rear wheels with smaller ones in the front. They are pushed by a handlebar like you would find on a shopping cart and tend to have another smaller bar for holding those beach chairs of yours that you love to lounge under the sun in. Between these two bars will be the general storage area where you can put your towels, sand toys, sunblock and more. Often these wheeler carts will have a separate “special” section for your cooler or parasol.

The other type of beach carts are wagon carts. These carts are more general in design as they can be used for transporting a variety of items such as sport and garden equipment, as well as all your beach gear. Unlike the wheeler carts, the wagon cart’s four wheels are all the same size and equally support the load. The wagon is pulled or pushed by one handle that can be adjusted in length to suit the height of the person using it. The storage area is one open space and generally doesn’t have separate storage  compartments so you load all your gear in the one place. This can make carrying chairs a little bit more difficult so you should take that into consideration before you buy.

Build Quality

How important is the build quality of your beach cart? Well, put it this way, you use a beach cart to help you carry all the beach gear you need for a fun day at the beach. How helpful or fun would it be if your cart collapsed under it’s own weight mid-transport or if your kid’s toy spade ripped a hole through the cheap fabric of a badly made storage area? The answer of course, is that if you want to get years of use out of your beach cart then you should consider the quality of the cart in your decision. Think about what you intend to bring with you to the beach and compare this to the weight capacity. If you only intend to bring a few towels, beach toys, sun protection and maybe a cooler, a beach cart with a lower weight capacity should be fine for you. But if you intend to bring several beach chairs or other heavy equipment with you, then it’s important to look for a cart with a higher weight capacity.

The wheels are also very important to consider. The last thing you want is your cart to get stuck or sink in the sand. A good quality beach cart should have wide wheels capable of traveling over a variety of terrains, especially sand, without getting stuck. Luckily, we’ve made the job easier for you as all the carts on our list were designed with ultra wide wheels so as to avoid this exact problem.

Benefits of Beach Carts

We’ve come across many people who’ve told us that they never knew how much they needed a beach cart until they actually got one! This common statement is one that is very true. Once you start using a beach cart, you’ll never want to go to the beach without it. Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of using a beach cart.

  • It allows you to comfortably carry all the necessary gear with you without balancing things precariously in your arms or risk something falling from the pile without you noticing.
  • It makes bringing kids to the beach much easier as you don’t have to worry about running after the little ones while your hands are so full, you can barely see over them.
  • You can also carry more stuff with you when you have a beach cart. That beach ball you could never justify bringing because you were already struggling with the towels and sunblock? Now, you can easily throw it all in your cart and come fully equipped for some beach fun.
  • You can find the best spot on the beach. No longer will you be so tired from hoarding all your things that you just set them down anywhere. You’ll have the energy to find the ideal spot.
  • It takes the pain out of busier beach days. Crowds force you to park further away than you’d like? No problem, you have your beach cart to make walking those extra steps a breeze.

These are just some of the great benefits we’ve had from using our own beach carts and you’ll be bound to experience many more. Like many others, you’ll soon find your beach cart a necessity for a fun and relaxing day at the beach.

What Kind of Warranty Can You Expect With A Beach Cart

You can generally expect to find a standard one year manufacturers warranty on your beach cart. This covers any defective parts of the cart or if it breaks down within that time. Should you have any problems, it is best to first contact the seller and if that doesn’t wield successful results, then contact the manufacturer directly. Some manufacturers offer replacement parts if just one part of an otherwise functioning beach cart breaks down.


Finding a beach cart can be difficult, especially trying to finding the best beach carts for you and your needs, due to the huge amount of options out there but using our helpful guide, you should be able to find what you're looking for. We personally recommend the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler thanks to how easy it is to push and the numerous compartments, particularly the useful removable tote bag. If you need something sturdy and able to handle heavy weights but don't care about carrying chairs, then the TimberRidge wagon might be for you due to its high capacity and durable design. If however, you only want to bring the essentials and would like to spend all day on the beach, then we love the Beach Cart with Folding Table due to its clever design.