Best Bath Pillow

What’s the worst thing about taking a bath? It’s not the cosy temperature, that’s awesome. It’s not the soap suds, they’re soft and bubbly. It’s not even the fact that, eventually, the water is going to get cold, because it was still nice while it lasted.

No. The worst part of taking a bath is that your head is laid against the hard plastic side (or even edge) of the bath. Why does one of the most comfortable places on the planet not have a pillow for your head?

Solve this issue by buying the best bath pillow possible using our handy bath pillow buying guide.

Top 10 Bath Pillows 2018 – Comparison Table 

Below you’ll find our top choices for the best bath pillow for your money. Chosen by our experts for their quality and how they function, picked from a huge range of best selling products.

Bath PillowCushion MaterialCover Material
Super Soft Bath PillowFoamAnti bacterial mesh
Togyoo Ergonomic Bath PillowMemory foam (soft)Waterproof fabric
MyGift Foam Padded Spa Bath PillowFoamVinyl cover
Viventive Non Slip Spa Bath PillowFoamAnti-bacterial mesh
Kleeger Hot Tub Bath PillowFoamAnti bacterial mesh
Stock Your Home Luxury Bath PillowFoamVinyl
Simply Essentials Spa PillowFoamWaterproof cover
Aquasentials Inflatable Bath PillowInflatable plasticTerry cloth
Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Bath PillowFoamWaterproof fabric
Epica 2X-Thick Luxury Spa Bath PillowFoamWaterproof fabric

We’ve tried to collect a huge assortment of different bath pillows in order to cater for every need. It’s unlikely that any one bathtub pillow will suit every person, but we’ve chosen our best of the best bathroom cushions and pillows in order to provide you with a single, easy choice. You’ll find it after these great best bathroom pillows.


SoftTouch Super Soft – Best Bath Pillow for Large Suction Cups

A big concern for many when trying to choose the best bath pillow possible is the expectation that the suction cups will be the small and ineffective types of old. But, that’s just not the case, as proven by this Super Soft Bath Pillow from SoftTouch. Huge suction cups keep your pillow in place and your head in a comfortable position.

The benefit of the memory foam material is the fact that it will mould around the shape of your spine so there’s no discomfort at all. There’s the slight issue of it being somewhat of a large sponge, so it will soak up water and become wet. That’s fine if you enjoy having a big warm sponge against you, but not so much if you want to keep your hair dry – which, for many, will be the main purpose of buying a pillow for the bath anyway.

Additionally, you’ll receive it in a ‘travel bag’ which looks a bit like a standard pillow bag, but which isn’t something to raise your nose to. It does genuinely help you transport it and makes it an essential for those who like to travel in comfort.

  • Super thick 4 inch support
  • Large suction cups
  • Travel case and cover
  • Cover can be difficult to remove
  • Soaks up water so hair will get wet

Togyoo Ergonomic Cushion – Best Home Spa Bath Pillow

Spa’s are basically bathrooms designed purely for relaxation. If you’ve ever had the spa experience then you know what we’re talking about when we say that, by removing any single item in a spa, it would cease to be a place of such cleansing joy.

One of those items is a non-slip spa pillow that will let you take the spa home with you thanks to a cleverly simple twist on the bath pillow design. The ergonomic non-slip bath pillow from Togyoo. The design immediately jumps out to you as being a folding vinyl-covered pillow that wraps around both the curvature of the bath itself, and the curvature of your spine.

The beauty of this pillow is that it is perfect for any bath and any person, since it will adjust to any combination of angle. Even narrow edged baths can be comfortable for the head, as the upper part of the pillow simply wraps around the whole bath rim. It’s this level of ergonomics that makes it an ideal choice as the best bath pillow for a home spa, as does its easy-to-clean material and reliable suction cups. There will be no slippage interrupting your spa experience, that’s for sure.

  • Ergonomic folding shape
  • Strong non-slip suction
  • Lattice material means quick drying
  • Must avoid exposure to high temperatures
  • Not ideal for very rounded baths (e.g clawfoot baths)

MyGift Foam Padded Spa – Best Bath Pillow for Hot Tubs

Many of the cushions available for your bath are very small. That’s obviously an issue for those who want, or even need for medical reasons, complete back support. Whatever your reason for wanting an even more comfortable bath, you’ll find a solution in the form of this hot tub cushion from MyGift. Not just for hot tubs, but it’s ideal for many baths too.

You will need to ensure that the dimensions fit into your bath, but if it does then you’re in luck. This is one seriously comfortable cushion. ‘Premium’ suction cups hold your pillow in place with suction cups on multiple areas of the back. The head pillow section is held up by the back pad, rather than holding the back pad up. This means that any movement will be entirely prevented and your whole spine can relax without movement.

As far as ergonomics go, this is one of the best options on the list. The downside is the large amount of space it takes up, which may be a problem for some. But, if you have the space, then this is certainly worth the small investment.

  • Large pillow with back cushion
  • Great price
  • Heavy-duty suction cups
  • Too large for some
  • Uninteresting design

Viventive Spa - Best Anti-Bacterial Bath Pillow

Mildew and mold are a pain. A smelly pain. But this is an antibacterial bath pillow that puts those problems in the past while it sticks to any bath. Including curved edge baths. So you can relax free from neck discomfort and spinal pressure.

It’s the middle ground choice between the two previous entries in this list of best bath pillows, with ample neck and upper-spine support, but not quite as much back support as larger ones. Viventive goes to great pains to point out its ‘extra thick’. It is. But not too firm either. It’s just right. And the overall wedge shape lets it transition better into the shape of the bath, rather than being so thick that it prevents you from lying properly against the bath.

No, this is comfortable and slots between your spine and the hard rim of the bathtub as if it were always meant to be there. Plus, you have the anti-bacterial properties. All bath pillows will be easy-to-clean, but not all of them are actively anti-bacterial. It’s hard to fault this wonderfully supportive bath pillow, other than the fact that it’s slightly pricier than other options.

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Medium-size
  • Thick cushioning
  • Price is slightly higher than others on this list
  • Suction cups could be better
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Kleeger Hot Tub Bath Pillow – Best Cheap Bath Pillow

If you like the Viventive but are hesitant about the price then here’s what you can get for far less of a price, for better or for worse, depending on your needs.

The first difference you’ll notice is the lack of a wedge shape. It’s thicker and will likely mean you can’t push your lower back against the back, so there will be more pressure on your neck. That’s fine if you have a healthy spine, it will feel comfortable and somewhat massaging, but for those who are looking for the best bath pillow for medical use, then consider our other great options.

Kleeger’s bathtime cushion has 4 huge non-slip suction cups that hold it in place, and it also has an attractive blue textured cover. The downside is that it’s going to get wet and will need to be dried for longer than other vinyl-type bath pillows. But, if you’re willing to keep an eye on it to prevent mildew, then this cheap bath pillow is an excellent deal.

  • Very affordable
  • Great for lovers of firm cushions
  • Huge suction cups
  • Suction could be better
  • Not really mildew resistant
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Stock Your Home Luxury Pillow - Best Three Panel Bath Pillow

This Stock Your Home option is another bargain chose for those who want a bit of back support or have a family of different heights. The triple-pillow design lets each section be used independently as a pillow. But they can also be used at one bath pillow unit. There’s also the 7 suction cups for a much safer level of support for young necks and elderly spines. If you’re in the market for a versatile large bath pillow then this is a fine choice to have. And, thanks to its extremely low price, there’s no reason not to have it. Though, those of you who disprefer buying a foam bath pillow may disagree.

  • 7 suction cups
  • More comfortable than most
  • Long lasting if cared for
  • Small suction cups
  • Does need some care to ensure a long life

Simply Essentials Spa Pillow - Best Foam Bath Pillow 

The Simply Essentials bath pillow boasts a modern design with a sleek single-cushion look. While clinically white bath pillows can look like some sort of medical assistance device sat at the end of your bath, this offering is a gorgeous piece of kit that simply packs away neat and tidy without a second thought.

It has suction cups, of course, but that’s about the only similarity between this cushion and other bath pillows. It’s ergonomically designed, shaped to cradle your neck with a very minimal amount of contact. No awkward flaps or moving parts. Just stick the back down, sit down, and enjoy your bath. It’s the sort of pillow that you only realise the full usefulness of it in the small moments that happen sometimes; a realization that strikes you the second your toe touches the surface of your pool – you could use the pillow in the pool to keep your head up near a wall, or in a Jacuzzi to mark and make comfortable seating areas, or even just a garden furniture pillow that can weather a few rainy days.

The point is, it’s versatile and durable and all the words that describe a really useful bath pillow.

  • Inflatable
  • Modern, organic look
  • Thick and comfortable
  • Not much adjustment
  • May look odd to some tastes

Aquasentials – Best Terry Cloth Bath Pillow

The clamshell design of this pillow will divide readers into two groups, with one group being repulsed and the other group realising how well this could act as a centrepiece in their bathroom. Which group are you? Hopefully you can see the usefulness of this wonderful pillow from a design standpoint, which is where it shines.

Wait! Don’t go. I know you want comfort and relaxation but the truth is that most people will be happy with any cushion that is better than the hard rim of the bath edge. What many people, you possibly included, may be searching for is a cushion that looks good and integrates with your overall design vision. A decorative piece that also stops your head from bashing into the bath when you try to relax.

That’s not to say this pillow isn’t an absolute delight to rest against – it’s Terry cloth! Real super soft Terry cloth,  a favorite material among spa enthusiasts.

  • Great looking
  • Terry cloth cover
  • Assorted colors available
  • Not as comfy as other choices
  • You may have different tastes

Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow – The Best Cushion for Straight Back Tubs

Gorilla Grip’s passion for bath pillows is evident immediately. They are a beloved choice online, and their non-slip bath pillow is a great choice for any design of bath or bathroom. Firstly, you can choose between either two panel or three panel for optional back support vs overall size. In both cases the price is very affordable and both pillow types feature designs that use 7 heavy duty suction cups to hold it in place. Even the two panel version is considerably larger than many options on this list. It’s certainly wider/longer than most.

Gorilla Grip also goes further than merely claiming great ergonomics. They promise that this orthopedic pillow will be the most comfortable non-slip bath pillow you’ve ever put your head on. 2 inches of waterproof thick foam keeps you relaxed while also being extremely easy to clean. In many cases customers report that, even after leaving it without cleaning, mildew still doesn’t appear after several days. And it never smells. The foam, despite not being memory foam, feels like a firm memory foam and has a lot of flexibility. You can use it in a straight-topped bath or even an oval bath.

  • Wider than standard bath pillows
  • Flexible shape fits all bath types
  • Firm, comfortable, antibacterial
  • Not a small cushion at all
  • Not actually memory foam
  • Standard white design

Epica Luxury Spa Bath Pillow – The Best Large Bath Pillow

The best large bath pillow is easily the Epica Luxury Spa bath pillow. While the Gorilla Grip and others can be large in particular ways, the Epica bath pillow is the best bath pillow for larger people. Whether big in height or width, or both, you can rest easy with a bath pillow that is designed for those who need – or just want – extra support. The double thick foam is shaped into a large, round cushion, topped with a comfortable head rest, and it boasts 7 evenly-spaced suction cups to keep it in place.

There’s nothing worse than trying to fish awkwardly behind yourself trying to adjust a cushion that has slipped behind your lower back and is half submerged in water. That is uncomfortable. So avoid that situation entirely with the Epic spa bath pillow. A great choice for people with bigger needs.

  • Large size
  • For both square back and oval baths
  • Double thick foam
  • Could be too much for those who don't need as much back support
  • Cold to the touch at first, doesn't absorb water 


So, let’s let you in on our opinion of the world’s best bath pillow. You’ll notice that we don’t have a buying guide for this one, and that’s because there just isn’t that much to them. The majority of the decision is choosing a pillow that fills the space between your body and bath in a way that is comfortable and convenient. And we can’t tell you what is going to fit that space in the best way possible. Plus, the prices of these aren’t too high so you’re not risking a huge loss by trying a couple out. If you don’t like the bath pillow you’ve bought, then they make absolutely fantastic gifts.

But enough about that. What is our top choice? Well despite the fact that no pillow is perfect for everyone, we’ve chosen the Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow as our top choice for best bath pillow ever. It’s hard to find a box it doesn’t tick, and we’re sure it’ll give you the most comfortable and reliable time possible.