Best Bath Mat

In a room where water collects on the already slippery tiles beneath your feet, a choosing the best bath mat is a must. Whether you need a bathroom mat to protect the soft bones of your children or to save your own skull from a hard knock, or even just to keep your floor dry outside the bath, then use our best bath mats reviews, found below, to choose the best bathroom rugs and mats possible. Each mat has been picked for it’s stickiness, use, material, and size by our best bathroom experts.

Best Bath Mat – Comparison Table

This table shows our experts top pick in each category and detailing the size and material so that you can see if you can use it inside a bath or shower as well as outside it.

Bath MatSizeMaterial
Rubbermaid Commercial Rubber Safti-Grip Bath Mat36” x 18”Rubber
Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat16” x 28”Rubber
Magnificent Large (20-Inch-by-32-Inch) Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat20” x 32”Memory foam
TowelSelections Blossom Collection Soft Towels 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Mat20” x 34”Cotton
A-Homeware Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Stone Bath Mats16” x 35”PVC
GORILLA GRIP Rectangle Non-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat, Clear35” x 16”PVC
Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor and Bath Mat25” x 6”Bamboo
Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent AND BEST Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet20” x 32”Memory foam
LANGRIA Breathable Fast Dry Memory Foam Bath Mat, Non-Slip Backing17’’x24’’Memory foam
Grund Certified 100% Organic Cotton Bath Rug, Non Slip, Asheville Series17” x 24”Cotton

Now you’ve got an idea of the different sizes and materials that are available, let’s review each product in order. At the end of the article, we’ll tell you the most important things to look for when choosing a bath mat. And then, we’ll tell you our pick for the best bath mat overall.


Rubbermaid Commercial Rubber Safti-Grip Bath Mat

If you’re a fan of just using what works, and if you just want a no-thrills bath mat that stops you from cracking your skull against hard ceramic tiles, then the Rubbermaid Commercial rubber safti-grip bath mat is all you need. It’s a commercial grade bath mat so you know it’s as safe as the regulations require and more. There’s little in the way of color choices but a combination of a textured surface and good suction cups mean it’s very unlikely to move a millimetre even when drenched with water. That’s why it’s our best anti-slip bath mat.

  • Textured surface
  • Very large
  • Good suction backing
  • Limited color choices
  • Very large
  • No drainage holes

Epica Anti-Slip Machine Washable Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat

There’s no worse houseguest than mold. It’s a plague that attacks the very foundations of your home. The only way to prevent it is to clean everything in your bathroom regularly, lest moisture and damp linger to become a perfect place for mold to grow. However, there are bath mats out there that require less cleaning than normal and are way less likely to accumulate fungus. The Epica is the best mould resistant bath mat in our opinion and its padded and minimalist is ideal for inside the shower and outside of it. For inside the bath, it’s perfectly fine also, but it’s not the comfiest on this list in terms of a relaxing sit-down in the bath. Regardless, it’s a very convenient choice that means less cleaning for you because it’s the best bath mat for no mildew.

  • Anti-mildew coating
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Padded
  • Limited color choices
  • Not ideal for sitting on
  • No drainage holes

Magnificent Large Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

Getting out of the bath often involves splashing a relatively large amount of bathwater on to your floor while carefully trying not to slip while shimmying over the edge of the slippery bath with one tip-toed foot your only contact with the ground. Magnificent’s Large Soft Non-slip Memory foam mat is a mat designed to be your red carpet out of the bathtub. Though it is only available in grey, brown, and green. It’s great value, too, providing a very comfortable landing pad for your soggy wet feet. Plus, it’s a very popular choice with hundreds of great best bath rug reviews across Amazon.

  • Soft rug topping
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Good suction backing
  • no suction cups
  • smells of chemicals on first use
  • No drainage holes

TowelSelections Blossom Collection Soft Towels 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Mat

100% Turkish Cotton and 100% the best absorbent bath mat on this list of best bath mats. The cotton is super absorbent, wicking water away from your feet instantly. A fast drying weave also means that water doesn’t stick around to invite mold to grow. It’s easy to see why it’s the best bath mat to soak up water, but the fast drying nature of it might be a bit harder to believe. But, believe it, because TowelSections have managed to make a super absorbent bath mat that is also fantastic at drying.

  • Soft rug topper
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Good suction backing
  • No suction cups
  • Smells of chemicals on first use
  • No drainage holes

A-Homeware Anti-Slip Anti-Bacterial Stone Bath Mats,Slip-Resistant Shower Mats

With an unusual design, this best looking bath mat is our top style choice. Its probably already caught your eye and I bet a few of you have already left this page to make a purchase. Well, those eager beavers aren’t making a bad choice at all. One of the most important aspects of a bathroom is how it looks. You can’t feel refreshed in a bathroom that looks boring and makes you feel suffocated. A-Homewares offering to the bath mat market fills the hearts need to feel outside in nature, and it does it with an anti-bacterial coating, fast-draining design, and gorgeous look.

  • Fresh and unique design
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Plenty of drainage
  • No real stone used
  • Slippery when used in shower

GORILLA GRIP Rectangle Non-Slip Machine Washable Bath Mat

Gorilla Grip could have easily been our best choice for a non-slip bath mat, but what it does even better is serve as a comfortable non-slip base for the bath. Ideal for the elderly, disabled, and just anyone who doesn’t enjoy sliding around in the bathtub, Gorilla Grip also boasts a square size option to suit your shower enclosure too. Outfitting your entire home with Gorilla Grip would be a fine idea thanks to their size choices and versatile design.

  • Multi-purpose inside or outside
  • Very durable
  • Extreme sticking power suction cups
  • Clear
  • Not the fastest at drying
  • No textured top

Bamboo Deluxe Shower Floor and Bath Mat

Love the Earth? Then love this bathmat. Made of sustainable bamboo this is our top choice for best wooden bath mat because it’s a cut above the normal offerings. Sure, it’s thick and is a much harder surface than every other mat on this list (by far) but those things aren’t necessarily downsides and may well be positives depending on your tastes. Stuck down suction cup feet, it’s also very safe and stable.

  • Unique material and look
  • Sustainable bamboo
  • Extreme sticking power suction cups
  • Harder surface than others
  • not as anti-bacterial as others
  • Quite thick

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat Non Slip Absorbent AND BEST Super Cozy Velvet Bathroom Rug Carpet

If you’re not a fan of rubbery bath mats with a jelly design, or hard wooden bath mats, then Genteele has you covered with what looks like a proper floor rug, except it’s water absorbent in all the right ways and has memory foam comfort. It’s our pick for the softest bath mat to make bathtime that much more comfortable – and your floor that much less slippery.

  • Memory foam comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Absorbent
  • Can't use inside bath or shower
  • Needs a large washing machine
  • Much thicker than a rubber mat

LANGRIA Breathable Fast Dry Memory Foam Bath Mat, Non-Slip Backing

Langria lets you pay a bit more than usual in order to get a comfortable bathmat with all the quick drying qualities that you’d expect from a great bath rug. The reason behind its quick drying abilities despite a fabric design is the breathability of the fleece top. Moisture that is on your feet and which runs from your legs is absorbed instantly by the soft fleece, but it isn’t trapped. Instead it’d held there until it evaporates from heat, drips out, or is carried away by air currents. For that reason it’s our best quick drying bath mat. It’s a great choice for both outside baths as well as shower enclosures.

  • Breathable
  • Absorbent yet quick drying
  • Comfortable
  • No suction cups
  • Dark blue or brown colors only
  • Much thicker than a rubber mat

Grund Certified 100% Organic Cotton Bath Rug, Non Slip, Asheville Series

With plenty of size and color options you can ensure that this bath mat will suit any style and shape of bathroom with an understated yet attractive design. It’s extremely thick with no suction cups, but a rubber mat provides ample non-slip qualities without adding even more to the thickness. It’s out pick for best cotton bath mat because those looking for a cotton bath mat are likely very interested in the aesthetics of their bathroom too. If you think your non-slip bathmat should look as good as it works, then the Grund is the organic cotton bath mat for you.

  • Plenty of size choices
  • Plenty of color choices
  • Comfortable cotton feel
  • No suction cups
  • Extremely thick compared to others
  • Rubber base

Best Bath Mat - Buyer's Guide

Not every bathmat is going to fill the empty space in your bathroom, both physically and functionally. Picking the wrong one may see you wasting money on what should be a really and straight-cut choice. It’s especially important to consider these questions if you’re putting your bath mat inside a bath or shower enclosure. In all, there’s a few things to consider when looking for the best bath. So let’s get to them.

Why you Need the Best Bathtub Mat

Slippery ceramic tiles are slippery when wet, everyone knows that. And everyone knows what happens when you slip in a place like a bathroom where there’s plenty of hard surfaces and sharp corners. Your squishy brain inside that eggshell-like skull doesn’t stand much chance. And neither does your children’s.


Obviously size matters when choosing a bath mat because not every bathroom is the same and you may just want a small mat for outside a shower enclosure, a long mat for inside a bath, or a square mat for inside a shower enclosure.


You usually have a choice of 1 materials: cotton or rubber; and other, less common options include memory foam and bamboo. It’s unlikely you’re going to want a metal one unless you’re really into the stainless-steel look or are fitting a more industrial style shower, such as in an office or gym. Features too look for beyond style include drainage vs absorbent. Cotton will absorb water and dry your feet instantly but a rubber mat will let water drain straight through it. Memory foam will do a little of both but neither as good as just having either… if that makes sense (it does, trust us).

Suction Type

Suction cups are best, but not very useful on textured floors and the gaps between tiles make choosing where to put the cups difficult. Rubber-bottom mats aren’t perfect but they’re the thinnest version and sufficient the majority of the time. Cotton without a rubber base will slip around if too much force is applied sideways.


Cotton is just as vulnerable to mold as other fabrics are, but some of the best bath mats have anti-bacterial coatings or a mildew resistant design. This is ideal for those of you who want to add a few weeks extra between cleaning them.


A difficult choice but also an easy answer when you consider that any of these mats are a perfect addition to anyone with wet feet and a bathroom. For our money, though, Gorilla Grip nails all the things a bath mat should be, with a look that everyone expects, and a transparent look that mean it’ll blend with pretty much any décor. It’s:

• Ideal for inside a shower enclosure
• Idea for inside a bath
• Antibacterial coated
• Incredibly safe and stable
• Comfortable to stand or sit on
• Is transparent with color options available
• Sized in both rectangular and square shapes
• Topped with a 10 year guarantee
• Everything you could want from a bath mat

So, it’s because of those qualities, along with a ton of great reviews from hundreds of happy bathroom mat reviews, that we name Gorilla Grip as our best bathroom mat.