Best Bath Brush

Do you have rough skin or stubborn acne and cellulite you want to get rid of? Bath brushes are great tools to treat and prevent them. These brushes are all the craze for beauty hackers. Everyone is dying to include this regimen into their beauty routines because bath brushes are effective, affordable and readily available.

But did you know that bath brushing is not just for females? Bath brushing is generally a great way of cleansing the skin to keep it looking healthy and radiant. So yes, men can also use bath brushes. Bath brushes have many proven benefits like remove dead skin cells, make the skin softer and smoother, and treat acne and cellulite.

Convinced to buy one yet? We’ve gathered our top 10 best bath brushes of 2017 to help you decide what bath brush to take with you on your next shower.

Best Bath Brushes of 2017

Before we dive into the detailed reviews, here is a table that gives you a quick overview of all bath brushes we carefully selected.

Bath BrushMaterial Handle LengthType of Bristles
RengoraWood16.5 inchNatural Boar Bristle (Soft)
Bath BlossomWood14.5 inchNatural Boar Bristle (Soft)
PurelationWood19.7 inchNatural Boar Bristle (Soft)
FootMatePlasticNo handlePlastic
EsaroraBamboo Wood16.1 inchNatural Boar Bristle

Bath BlossomWood5 inchNatural Horsehair
Fuller Brush 517Plastic27.8 inchPlastic
C.S.MWoodNo HandleSynthetic Fiber
AcelistPlastic14 inchPlastic
Repsol CareNatural Bamboo16.2 inchNatural Bristle (Soft)

Let’s now move on to a more detailed review of each bath brush. By the end of these reviews, we will crown our best bath brush of 2018.


Rengora: Best Bath Brush for the Back

Have you ever had to struggle in scrubbing your back whenever you take a shower? We’ve all been there.

Unfortunately, not all have flexible shoulders to reach for our own backs and scrub. When our backs are not scrubbed in the shower, the skin can develop acne which is a hassle for most. For a thorough back exfoliating action, you need a bath brush with a long handle and a firm but gentle set of bristles.

Rengora is a great choice for that. With an extra-long wooden handle, this bath brush will give you ease in scrubbing every part of your back. Also, the rubberized wooden handle helps so the bath brush doesn’t slip out of your hand even if it gets soapy wet in the shower.

The bristles are Natural Boar Bristles which can scrub and exfoliate your back. This bath brush removes dead skin, making your skin smoother and softer in the long run. Alternatively, you can detach the brush head for scrubbing other parts of the body.

The winning feature of this bath brush which makes it a perfect for your back is its nice curved handle. This allows an easier scrub motion since it perfectly follows the curvature of your back. Overall, Rengora bath brush is definitely one of the best back brushes out there.

  • Extra-long wooden handle that can reach most of your back
  • Rubberized handle for a firmer grasp when in the shower
  • Firm but gentle brush bristles
  • Improves skin complexion by stimulating a better blood circulation
  • The brush is firmly attached to the wooden handle but can be detached if needed
  • Nice curved handle for an easier back scrubbing motion
  • After prolonged usage, some of the brush bristles may start to fall out

Bath Blossom: Best Bath Brush for Treating Cellulite

Do you have cellulite on your thighs that you want to remove? Getting a good bath brush can be the answer to your problem. Bath brushes are popular for its many skin benefits and among them is the reduction of cellulite. Bath Blossom’s bath brush is particularly good for this because of the wooden nubs on the reverse side. These nubs improve blood circulation and tighten the skin.

Aside from reducing cellulite, Bath Blossom’s bath brush also removes dead skin cells. The bristles on the reverse side are firm enough to remove stubborn dirt but are still gentle on the skin.

This is also good for wet and dry brushing. The length of the handle is long enough for you to scrub all areas of the back and other body parts. Overall, this two-head bath brush makes the skin softer and smoother, and it also reduces cellulite.

  • Two-in-one bath brush: one side for scrubbing and the other for massaging cellulite
  • Firm bristles effectively removes dead skin cells
  • Bristles are gentle on the skin
  • Can be used for both wet and dry brushing
  • Handle is long enough for back scrubbing 
  • The wooden nubs may eventually get moldy if constantly left wet in the shower

Purelation: Best Bath Brush for Treating Acne

Acne is a common skin problem for both men and women. While there a lot of medications and treatment procedures available, using a bath brush is a natural way of treating and preventing acne.

Purelation’s body brush removes skin impurities by gentle exfoliation. Using this for dry or wet brushing reduces the inflammation of the skin, and so treats and prevents acne. To prevent skin irritation, the bristles are not hard and are 100% naturally made.

This brush also helps the skin in absorbing moisturizers, lotions, and other skin care products. So if you have shower gels made to treat acne, you can use it with this bath brush whenever you go to the shower.

Durability-wise, Purelations’ body brush is firm and solid due to its hardwood body. Overall, this body brush helps you meet an acne-free and radiant skin.

  • Good for dry and wet brushing
  • Bristles are not stiff and hard
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Helps the skin absorb more of the skin care products
  • Firm and solid because its brush body is made of hardwood
  • Bristles may be too soft for some
  • If constantly left wet in the shower, the bristles may start to come off and darken

FootMate: Best Bath Brush for Feet

Soothe your tired soles with a bath brush made for your feet. After a long day from work, isn’t it great to have your feet massaged and washed at the same time? FootMate is a good bath brush to use for your feet when you get in the shower.

The good thing about this bath brush is its strong suction cups on the flap sides. This allows the brush to stay in place when used in the shower. The bath brush clings to ceramic surfaces (e.g. bath tubs) and tiles. Don’t worry because the suction cups are not difficult to remove after use.

This is perfect for any bathroom size since it’s not as bulky. Also, this is good for people with limited mobility because you don’t have to lean forward as much. Since the bath brush stays in place, all you have to do is sit back and move your feet back and forth for scrubbing. The bristles are firm plastic, the ones on the side being thicker than those in the center. These plastic bristles help in softening hard and dry heels.

Also, you don’t have to worry about soap residue getting stuck on the bristles. The bristles can be easily and thoroughly washed in a jiffy. To store the FootMate bath brush, it has a cord on the side that you can use to hang in your bathroom to dry.

An extra bonus? The FootMate bath brush comes with a rejuvenating gel that contains tea tree oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. These are all good for reducing foot odor and treating hard soles.

  • Suction cups keeps the bath brush firmly in place on ceramic and tiles surface
  • Not difficult to remove after use
  • Not bulky so it’s good even for small bathrooms
  • Bristles made of firm plastic that softens hard and dry heels
  • Easy to wash after use
  • Has a cord used for hanging to dry
  • Additional gift: wash foot gel
  • May not firmly stick on other bathroom surfaces

Esarora: Best Massaging Bath Brush

Body brushing in the shower doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Aside from scrubbing yourself squeaky clean, it’s also a good time to have a refreshing massage.

Esarora’s bath brush is a good massaging bath brush because of the wooden beads on one side. These wooden beads help in better blood circulation. The handle is durable because it’s made of bamboo. So, the wood will not abosorb the water then darken, unlike other wooden brushes.

Also, the handle is long enough to massage and scrub all areas of your back, including those that are hard to reach. Even persons who are six feet in height can expect a full back exfoliation and massage. The reverse side of the bath brush has a firm set of bristles that soften when soaked in warm water. The bristles are gentle on the skin and so is great for those with sensitive delicate skin.

  • Two-in-one bath brush for scrubbing and massaging
  • Wooden beads help circulate blood better
  • The body is made of solid bamboo and so is durable
  • Handle is long enough to scrub hard to reach areas
  • Reverse side has firm but soft to the touch bristles
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • The handle may be difficult to hold when wet and soapy in the shower
  • Since it's made of solid bamboo, others may find it heavy and difficult to maneuver

Bath Blossom: Best Bath Brush for the Face

Bath brushes give your skin a healthier look and more radiant glow. Wouldn’t it be great to have the same benefits for your face?

Bath Blossom has a bath brush sized right for your face. This bath brush is compact, handy, and the right size for exfoliating the face. With this brush, you get a deeper cleanse, removing all oil and dirt.

The brush bristles are natural animal hair. They are soft and gentle when scrubbing against the face. But at the same time, the brush is strong enough to scrub away dead skin cells and impurities. The bristles are durable and they stay intact for quite a long time.

The special catch? Bath Blossom adds a nose brush along with the 3-pack face brushes. Overall, these Bath Blossom face brushes are great gifts for others (and for yourself). It is a great addition to your nighttime skin care routine.

  • Compact and handy for travel
  • Thoroughly cleanses and exfoliates the face
  • Effectively brightens the skin
  • The bristles are soft and gentle against the skin
  • Bristles are durable and they stay intact
  • Additional gift of a nose brush
  • The bristles may be hard when you first try them. The brush will, however, soften after the next use

Fuller Brush 517: Best Bath Brush for Full Baths

Nothing beats a refreshing bath that makes you feel squeaky clean. The Fuller Brush 517 is reliable bath brush you can use for your whole body. The Long plastic handle is enough to reach all hard-to-reach areas on your back. It can also scrub your feet which especially helps those who have trouble bending over. This is a good brush for a thorough and refreshing bath since you can use it to scrub all parts of your body.

The brush bristles are soft to the touch but these can scrub dead skin cells, leaving your skin clean and smooth. This Fuller Brush 517 is one of the most durable bath brushes out there. Some users even claim that it can last for as long as three to five years.

It may look like a toilet brush because of the hole in the middle, but this hole is for easy hanging in your bathroom.

  • Long plastic handle can scrub hard-to-reach areas
  • Brush bristles soft to the touch
  • Durable brush that can last for years
  • Can be easily hung in the bathroom
  • Soap bars may not be ideal when using this brush. Liquid soaps are suggested to be used
  • Some may find the brush ‘too big’ to use

C.S.M: Best Circular Bath Brush

Typical bath brushes simulate the shape of a hair brush. But what you may not know is they also come in a circular shape.

C.S.M’s bath brush is one of the best circular bath brushes out there. It’s made of solid durable wood which can last you for quite a long time. The reverse side has natural bristles that are tough and firm at first but softens after soaking in water. It’s effective for tough exfoliation of the skin.

The best thing about this circular bath brush is its massaging nodes. These nodes improve circulation and so reduces cellulite. This circular bath brush is good for both dry and wet brushing. C.S.M’s bath brush is specially designed to be ergonomic so it’s easy and comfortable to hold even if soaked in soapy water.

  • Made of solid durable wood
  • Natural bristles are tough and firm but soften afterward
  • Has massage nodes that improve circulation and reduces cellulite
  • Good for dry and wet brushing
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable hold
  • May not be good for scrubbing hard-to-reach areas like your back
  • The bristles may be too hard for some; not good for fragile and sensitive skin

Acelist: Best Budget Bath Brush

Are you new to bath brushing and you want to try out this rising beauty craze? Acelist’s bath brush is a good budget bath brush that does the job without making a deep hole in your wallet.

The brush’s body is plastic and it extends long enough to scrub your back. The handle has a nice curved angle that allows an easier back scrub since it follows the curvature of your back. The reverse side of the brush has nubs used for a good massage while you’re in the shower.

The brush bristles are synthetic and are nice and soft to the touch. Although it may be rough for some skin types so it’s not recommended for sensitive skin. The brush is available in three different colors: Blue, Green, and Pink.

  • Handle is long enough for back scrubs
  • Handle is curved for easier back scrubs
  • Reverse side of brush has nubs for massage
  • Available in three vibrant colors
  • Since the handle is made of plastic, it may become slippery when it becomes soapy in the shower
  • The brush head may be too small for some
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin

Repsol Care: Best Bath Brush Set

If you’re looking for a good bath brushing experience, you can turn to Repsol Care’s bath brush set. This set includes a two-in-one bath brush, a face brush, and a loofah.

The bath brush is made of natural bamboo and is long enough for back brushes. The reverse side also has wooden nubs which are for massaging the skin. The face brush is good for exfoliating the face to reveal a brighter and more radiant glow. The size is also good for everyday use. Overall, the brush bristles are soft natural bristles. For more exfoliation, you can use the loofah included in the set.

  • Complete set that includes a 2-in-1 bath brush, face brush, and loofah
  • Bath brush includes wooden nubs for massaging
  • Bristles made of soft bristles
  • Good for both dry and wet brushing
  • Others may find the brush bristles too soft to their liking

Best Bath Brush - Consumer Buying Guide

All bath brushes in the market may look the same but the truth is they are all made differently. Quality varies from one bath brush to another. This guide will help you choose the perfect bath brush for you. Also, we will answer a few questions that you may have about bath brushes.

What Is the Difference between Dry and Wet Brushing?

While you were googling about bath brushes, you may have encountered the terms ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ brushing. The difference between the two is easy. Dry brushing is scrubbing without water and wet brushing is scrubbing with water. Water acts as a lubricant in brushing.

Dry brushing is ideal for those with oily skin. It is also effective in stimulating circulation in the body, which reduces cellulite. 

Wet brushing, on the other hand, is ideal for scrubbing away dead skin cells. It is a better method for those with sensitive skin because dry brushing may be too rough and harsh. Whatever method you use, you can expect smoother and more radiant skin after.

What Makes A Good Bath Brush?

Once you start shopping for a bath brush, you need to look at three things: the material of the brush, the texture of the bristles, and how easy it is to use.

A durable bath brush is usually made of solid wood. Bath brushes come in a variety of wood types but one of the most durable is natural bamboo.

Brush bristles are usually made of natural boar bristles which are gentle to the skin. It would be best to see and feel the material for yourself because we all have different preferences. Although you have to take note that the skin on our hands is thicker compared to our backs and other parts of the body. So, what may feel soft on our hands may not feel the same when scrubbing on other parts of our body. But, if you’re planning on ordering online, reviews are the way to go.

An ergonomic design or how easy it is to maneuver is an important factor for you to consider. Your moment in the shower should be a relaxing and refreshing one, so find a bath brush that flows well with your movements.

Can Men Use Bath Brushes Too?

Of course! A lot of people look at body brushing only as a female beauty routine. But what they don’t realize is that bath brushing is a great way of showering and scrubbing the body. Both men and women have the same needs for skin exfoliation, don’t they?

How to Maintain Bath Brushes?

Some users complain when their bath brush start to grow molds after only a few uses. This may happen especially since you are scrubbing off dead skin cells with the brush. To avoid molds forming in the bristles of your bath brush, follow these tips:

Clean your bath brush every after use, dry it with a towel, and hang in a place where there is free air flowing. Do not store in closed areas.

On a weekly basis, soak the bath brush in a one-part bleach and four-part water solution.

There are alternative methods to clean your bath brush but these two simple tips will help prevent mold.


There are various bath brushes for different preferences and budget ranges. But when we summed up all the reviews, we find that the best bath brush of 2017 award goes to the Rengora Bath Brush.

Its winning qualities are its solid and extra-long handle which is perfect for back scrubs, the rubberized handle for anti-slip even when used in soapy water, and its curved handle for easier back scrubbing.

Make sure to check out the Rengora Bath Brush on Amazon.