Best Bakeware Sets

Are you an aspiring homebaker looking for the best bakeware sets to jumpstart your hobby with?

Or maybe you’re a professional baker looking for the top rated bakeware sets you want to add to your bakeware collection?

Looking for the bakeware sets that best fit your needs can be quite difficult. There are several factors you need to consider: the bakeware material, sizes, covered warranty, etc.

Well, lucky for you because we prepared a quick and easy guide to help you find the perfect bakeware set. We carefully outlined the best bakeware sets from different brands according to their technical specifications.

From these specs, we give a comprehensive review on four of the best bakeware sets you can choose from for your next sweet culinary adventure.

Best Bakeware Sets 2018 – Comparison Table

To give you a quick overview, here is a comparison table that neatly outlines the specifications of each bakeware set brands that we determined to rank top four among all the brands available in the market.

ProductMaterialGrip HandlesWarranty
Sunbeam Kitchen Bake 5-Piece Bakeware SetCarbon SteelNoneLimited warranty
Anolon Advanced Nonstick Bakeware 5-Piece SetCarbon SteelSilicone SureGrip handlesLimited lifetime warranty
Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Set, 5-PieceHeavy-gauge steel coreNoneFull lifetime warranty
Rachael Ray Oven Lovin' Non-Stick 5-Piece Bakeware SetCarbon SteelExtra wide handles and silicon gripsLimited lifetime warranty

Let us now move on over to the bakeware set reviews. All of them are non-stick and dishwasher safe.


Sunbeam Kitchen - Best Bakeware Set for Beginner Homebakers

The Sunbeam Kitchen Bakeware 5-piece set is the best bakeware set for beginner home bakers because of its quality build, non-stick properties and variety in sizes.

This bakeware set is made of carbon steel and Xylan non-stick interior and exterior. Carbon steel is a common material used for bakeware sets. This type of material can accommodate high and dry heat which makes it perfect for baking. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cookware_and_bakeware)

Because of the material, the bakeware set is lightweight but at the same time very sturdy. When placed in an oven, no warping will happen and it won’t be flimsy. Therefore this bakeware set is guaranteed to be durable and heavy-duty.

The interiors and exteriors are coated with Xylan which is a popular type of coating that improves the material’s resistance to scratches and rust corrosion. Additionally, the Xylan coating makes it easier for you to clean the bakeware set in an instant.

The non-stick coating of this bakeware set is good for beginner home bakers as this guarantees you oven desserts that are not burnt and crumbly on the bottom or the sides. Baking outputs from these bakeware sets are compact and smooth because of the smooth interiors.

However, there have been ongoing conversations about Xylan coating having some health concerns when placed at a very high temperature. So it is best to only have them at below 400F to avoid the breakdown of the Xylan coating. Nevertheless, this bakeware set is safe for oven baking as long as you don’t leave it in the oven for too long.

The 5-piece set is diverse and it includes an 8 ½-inch by 4 ½-inch loaf pan, 15-inch by 10-inch cookie sheet, 6-cup muffin pan, 2-8 1/2-inch round cake pans.

The variety of bakeware sizes in this set makes it a perfect set for beginner home bakers. These sizes are ideal for home bakers who would like to start off with a wide range of recipes. The Sunbeam Kitchen Bakeware set can be likened to be the most basic set that all beginner home bakers must have.

This basic bakeware set is perfect for lighter to moderate home usage which is why it is highly recommended for beginner home bakers. The different sizes in this bakeware set more or less cover the basic bases for baking a variety of desserts.

Additionally, compared to other bakeware sets with the same basic sizes, this is definitely where you can get the most value out of your hard-earned cash. It is a safe choice for beginners because you won’t be spending as much for a quality bakeware set to get you started on that sweet confectionary dessert. The Sunbeam Kitchen Bakeware set is definitely a good value for your money.

Lastly, this bakeware set is safe to place in your dishwasher, however, hand washing is still suggested to keep the set in tip top shape. It is best to wash them with a soft sponge or towel and a non-abrasive dish liquid soap. This will help the bakeware set last longer.

Finally, the Sunbeam Kitchen Bakeware comes with a limited warranty. This means that the company has an obligation to repair or replace your purchased item given it passes certain conditions within a certain time frame. There are specific wear and tears that the company places under their warranty policy, however, there are some that are not, especially those that are caused by the negligence of the customer.

  • Made of lightweight and sturdy carbon steel
  • Not flimsy and no warping occurs after baking
  • Xylan coating makes it an effective non-stick bakeware
  • A variety of sizes available in the 5-piece set which can cover the basics of baking
  • Less expensive compared to other bakeware sets with the same basic sizes
  • The bakeware set is dishwasher-safe and so that makes it convenient. However, it is still recommended to have the bakeware set hand washed to prolong its life.
  • Limited warranty
  • Because of the Xylan coating which is similar to Teflon, the bakeware set cannot be placed in the oven of more than 500F or else the coating will eventually break down.

Anolon Advanced- Best Bakeware Set for Professional Bakers

For professional bakers who have been in this line of work for a long time already, the Anolon Advanced bakeware set is one of the best you can get in the market.

This bakeware set is manufactured out of heavy-gauge carbon steel which is a great material that does not warp with continuous use. Warping is a common problem in cheap bakeware sets where the material folds up after prolonged exposure to extreme heat because the material is too thin. Professional bakers run away from these cheap bakeware sets because they ruin most of their culinary masterpieces.

The feel of this bakeware set is heavy, crisp and sturdy however not so heavy that it gives you difficulty in transporting.

Additionally, because of this material, an even browning is ensured every time you pop the bakeware set out of the oven. The pans are not extremely hot to the touch. The heat does not get through the hot pads.

It is important to note that this bakeware set is oven-safe for up to 500F. The interiors are also non-stick so it guarantees professional bakers a lovely baking experience. Cakes of all kinds, cookies, and brownies come off smoothly and beautifully without any hassle.

A helpful feature of this bakeware set is its silicone SureGrip handles. These are very convenient handles that offer bakers a comfortable and slip-free hold whenever they put in or take out the bakeware from the hot oven. This is a great feature most professional bakers may look for in a bakeware set because they are always after speed and accuracy in baking. Overall, the silicone grip handles give the bakeware extra support which is great.

The Anolon Advanced bakeware set includes the following: 2 9-inch round cake pans, 9 by 9-inch square cake pan, 14 by 16-inch cookie sheet, and 11 by 14-inch cooling rack.

Looking at Anolon Advanced’s bakeware set components, it can be deduced that this set is best for professional bakers whose specialty lies in baking bigger scaled desserts.

The Anolon Advanced bakeware set is easy to clean and is safe to be placed in the dishwasher. So this is good for professional bakers who are always on a fast mode in the kitchen. They require a fast way of cleaning their equipment so that they can bake more, and so the Anolon Advanced bakeware set is a good match.

The set offers a limited lifetime warranty which guarantees you of a safe transaction. If the company determines a manufacturer malfunction, you can easily get a new set. This warranty though is limited to certain specific conditions.

The Anolon brand has been around for quite a while now and has earned a positive reputation in terms of cookware equipment. Therefore their bakeware sets are definitely of fine gourmet quality which is the standard of all professional bakers. The price of the Anolon Advanced bakeware set is quite pricey however keep in mind that you are paying for the high quality found in their sets.

  • Made of sturdy heavy-gauge carbon steel
  • No warping whenever baking in high temperatures
  • Guaranteed even browning on all smooth edges
  • Oven-safe for until about 500F
  • Strong and reliable silicone SureGrip handles for extra support
  • Non-stick surface
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Fine gourmet quality bakeware set for professional bakers
  • The set’s sizes is limited. However, for specialized baking, this can be a good choice
  • A bit pricey compared to other bakeware sets howver it is a good investment for professional bakers.

Calphalon Non-Stick - Best Non-Stick Bakeware Set

Non-stick bakeware sets are all the rage for a lot of bakers nowadays. A lot of benefits come along with non-stick bakeware sets. These benefits include: using less oil when baking, the surface is more scratch resistant, even distribution of heat, easy to clean and dry, and lastly they look more stylish and modern compared to steel and aluminum bakeware.

The Calphalon bakeware set is the best non-stick set available in the market. The interior of each set has interlocking non-stick layers that are meticulously designed to deliver effective and long-lasting releases. The non-stick layers are reliable surfaces that make sure your baked goods won’t stick at all on the surface. Compared to the Calphalon Classic bakeware, the Calphalon Non-stick bakeware releases up to two times better, making the stickiest of baked goods come off cleanly every single time.

This bakeware set is made of heavy-gauge steel core which prevents them from easily warping in the oven. Additionally, the material allows the heat to evenly spread out without hot spots. So your baked goods come out of the oven evenly browned.

The bakeware is as solid and sturdy as it looks in the photo visuals. They are not flimsy and so they look pretty durable for a bakeware set. This set can last you for a long time.

This set includes the following: 2 9-inch round cake pans, a medium loaf pan, 9 by 13-inch muffin pan, and a 12 by 17-inch baking sheet. The variety of sizes available in this set makes it a good basic set for all types of bakers, whether a beginner or a more experienced one.

In terms of cleaning them, the Calphalon Non-Stick bakeware set is dishwasher-safe making clean-up simple and easy. It is advised to avoid abrasive cleaning pads and cleansers that can damage the surface of your bakeware. However, after some time the surface tends to flake off a bit. Nevertheless, it is a great set for baking.

Lastly, the Calphalon Non-Stick bakeware set is covered by a full lifetime warranty. This means that Calphalon will replace items that are proven to be defective in material or workmanship. So you are guaranteed to have a good and reliable set to use for your baking needs.

Calphalon is a reliable brand known for its quality cookware. This non-stick bakeware is definitely a quality brand you can trust. The price is reasonable for the quality you are going to get.

  • Best non-stick bakeware set available in the market. The reliable smooth surface guarantees that your baked goods easily come off every time.
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel core making it a sturdy and durable bakeware
  • Does not easily warp in the oven
  • Even spread of heat when baking
  • Variety of sizes allows a variety of baking techniques for both beginners and professional bakers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Covered by Calphalon’s full lifetime warranty.
  • Great value for your money
  • After some time, the surface may flake a bit.

Rachel Ray Oven Lovin’- Best Rated Bakeware Set

The Rachel Ray bakeware set is the best rated set in the online Amazon shop. The set includes the following bakeware: 2 9-inch rounds, a 9 by 13-inch rectangle, a 10 by 15-inch crispy sheet, and a 9 by 5-inch deep rectangle. This set is good for a variety of baking recipes.

The bakeware set does not easily warp after continued use. The Rachel Ray bakeware set is oven safe to 500F. So you don’t have to worry about the set warping because this is pretty sturdy and durable.

This bakeware is made of strong and sturdy carbon steel, perfect for baking. The interior and exterior parts of the bakeware are coated with a long lasting non-stick coating. With this, all your baked goods will easily come off once out of the oven. Additionally, you won’t need to grease the bakeware as much.

However, after some time the surface coating flakes a bit even after taking the necessary precautions in cleaning the bakeware. So it may be necessary to use parchment paper on top of the bakeware and to use rubber or plastic spatula when baking with the Rachel Ray bakeware set.

The bakeware’s extra wide handles with silicone grips are also convenient and helpful for bakers. Due to the handles, it is easier for bakers to transport the bakeware to and from the oven. Also, the splash of color on the Rachel Ray bakeware’s handles adds a fun vibe to your baking experience.

Overall, this bakeware set is an average catch for its price. It’s one of the highest rating bakeware sets in Amazon and so this can definitely give you a good baking experience.

  • Good variety in the bakeware sizes
  • Does not easily warp
  • Oven safe for up to 500F
  • Made of sturdy and durable carbon steel
  • Extra wide handles with silicone grips for convenient and easy handling
  • The surface non-stick coating may start to flake after some time

Best Bakeware Sets - Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve read the comprehensive reviews for the best bakeware sets available in the market, we want to help you further by giving you this concise buying guide.

This buying guide will help you in finding the perfect bakeware set for your baking needs. We answer some of the most common questions all bakers may have. 

What bakeware pieces would I need the most? Do I need to buy a lot of pieces for baking?

There are a variety of bakeware sets available in the market. There are sets of 3s, 5s, 10s, all the way up to 16 pieces or even more. All of these sets differ in shapes and sizes.

The most important thing you have to remember when choosing your bakeware sets is that baking is all about precision. Therefore, you need the right type of bakeware set to do the kind of baking you intend to do. For example, cookies are meant to bake on cookie sheets only because this bakeware has thin and low sides to keep the bottom from baking faster than the top. On the other hand, brownies should be baked on a bakeware with a thicker and steeper side to keep baking slowly and even inside and out.

The main point is there is a specific bakeware you should use for a specific confectionary dessert you plan to bake. So it all boils down to your baking habits to figure out what bakeware sets to add to your collection.

However, if you’re a beginner, we advise you to get the standard 3-piece or 5-piece sets because these are good basic sets to get you started with baking. As you start to explore, you can eventually start adding other bakewares to your collection.

What is the best type of material for bakeware sets?

In terms of material, bakeware sets have a variety including aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and carbon steel. The most common is carbon steel which is a good choice for most bakers.

For bakeware sets, it is best to get those that are sturdy and solid to the touch. If it feels solid enough, it is durable. However, make sure the bakeware can be easily transported to and from the oven. You wouldn’t want to struggle with handling a heavy bakeware, would you?

Additionally, a non-stick bakeware is the best to go with. Imagine if you’d have to scrape your baked goods out of the bakeware. That would be a disaster. As much as possible, choose bakeware sets with a smooth non-stick coating.

How to maintain the bakeware set? How do I keep them in the best condition?

Although most bakeware sets are safe to put in your dishwasher machine, it is still advisable to hand wash them using non-abrasive sponges and liquids to keep them in top condition for a long time. For non-stick bakeware sets, it’s much easier to clean them because of the smooth surface.

Who is the winner of this best bakeware set stand off?

From all the reviews and the buying guide, what brand of bakeware set do you think wins the title for best bakeware?

Though each bakeware has their own strengths and weaknesses, we announce the winner to be the Calphalon Non-Stick bakeware set.

The Calphalon non-stick bakeware set has the best qualities in terms of material, non-stick coating, and its variety of sizes. It is definitely a good value for your hard earned cash as this guarantees you baking for a long time.

Depending on your skill level and preference, your choice of bakeware set will be different. However, for this round, we give the winning crown to the Calphalon non-stick bakeware set.