Best Baby Floats

It’s summertime, it’s hot out, and you want to go to the pool. Okay, great! What’s the problem? Oh, you have a baby. Typically, that would be an issue, if you didn’t have a proper baby float. Luckily for you and your sanity, we’ve done hours of research and testing to make sure you and your baby have a grand time when it’s hot out at the pool. No more worrying about taking your baby in the water, or if they’re going to cry when you try to wrestle water wings onto their tiny arms. These toys are the real deal; they’re safe, they’re reliable, and they’re entertaining for your baby, so you can both enjoy your time. Without further ado, we bring you the best baby floats!

Top 5 Of The Best Baby Floats – (Comparison Table)

Before you jump off the deep end, be sure to take a quick lookover at the table, below. We’ve created it in a way so you can easily compare and contrast each product against the others and help narrow your search down.

ProductRecommend AgeFeatures
SwimWays Baby Spring9-24 monthsFeatures child safety valves, dual air chambers, soft mesh seat with leg holes, fabric-covered,removable sun canopy
SwimWays Spring Activity Center 9-24 monthsInteractive play station, octopus arms hold various types of toys, folds easily, adjustable and removable canopy
Intex My BabyUnder 2 yearsSmaller inner ring for stability, leg holes, saddle style seat, 2 air chambers for added safety and comfort, great for budget shoppers
Punada CanopyBaby, toddler up to 44 lb.Made of PVC, detachable canopy, sturdy double handles, steering wheel, beeping horn, very durable, eco-friendly
Swim School Baby and Me6-18 monthsColorful play rings and balls, comfort back rest, 3-ply vinyl seat and reinforced web core, great for parent and baby

So now that you’ve had a general overview of the best baby floats out there available to you, let’s take an even more in-depth look at each individual product you have your eye on to narrow your search.


SwimWays Baby Spring - Best Introduction Product

Are you searching for an easy way to introduce your baby to the water without them freaking out? Check out the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy! It has everything both you and your baby could want for their first time in the pool.

The bright-colored baby float features fabric-covered inflation which will ensure it holds up for months, if not years to come, as well as provide an added layer of comfort. The removable sun canopy provides protection for your little one’s delicate skin against the burning sun’s rays. With a lower center of gravity, safety valves, and dual air chambers, you can rest assured that your baby is safe and won’t easily tip over or go flat. The sewn-in, patented inner spring along the outer edge provides even further stability and helps it to float flat rather than bobbing all over the place. The soft mesh seat is comfortable enough for your baby, and also features a little play space to bring toys or splash around.

If you’re worried about having to tote around a huge float, you don’t have to with this one. It’s nice and compact for easy portability and storage, and also comes with a convenient carry tote.

  • Perfect for introducing baby to water
  • Comfortable seat and fabric
  • Removable canopy protects from sun
  • Portable and compact
  • Not ideal for babies 2 and over

SwimWays Activity Center - Most Entertaining Product

So, it’s time to introduce your baby to the water, but you forgot their toys. We know that most of us, but especially babies, like to be entertained at all times. Lucky for you, this won’t be a worry with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center!

The attractive, inflatable baby float is comfortable, safe, and entertaining! The soft mesh seat provides durability and comfort the entire time you’re at the pool. With the lower center of gravity, safety valves, and separate air chambers, you don’t have to worry about the safety or stability of the SwimWays infant float.

The rotating octopus entertains your baby, with each tentacle holding an interactive and unique toy for your baby to experience. The removable canopy offers UPF 50+ sun protection, and can be adjusted between two different positions. The mesh sides ensure your baby is visible to you at all times, as well!

The baby float with canopy is surprisingly portable, as the canopy folds flat into the included tote bag and makes it easy to store and travel with. This would be a great baby float to bring to grandma’s house, or on any vacation! We did notice that sometimes the canopy had to be adjusted just right to provide shade, as the mesh sides sometimes counteracted it.

  • Safe and sturdy
  • Provides lots of entertainment and interaction for baby
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with mesh sides
  • Canopy can sometimes be tough to shield baby from sun

Intex My Baby - Best Budget Product

With the Intex My Baby Float, you no longer have to break the bank buying a safe and entertaining float for your baby or toddler. This straightforward product is something that can be used all through the summer, and we know your baby will love it!

First off, this best baby float is guaranteed to be the brightest, most noticeable toy in the pool, so you’ll always have an eye on where your baby is. The generous-sized leg holes make it so you can easily place and remove your baby without discomfort, as well as additional legroom for them to kick and splash around. The smooth backrest adds to the comfort level, so your baby will want to stay at the pool as long as you do.

With two air chambers and a smaller inner ring, the baby or toddler pool floats are stable and safe, so you don’t have to worry about it accidentally tipping over. This floaty is ideal for babies and toddlers ages one to two years. We would recommend perhaps choosing one of the versions with a canopy added on.

  • Straightforward, inexpensive product
  • Stable and durable
  • Comfortable leg holes and backrest for baby
  • You may want to select the model that includes the canopy

Punada Canopy - Best Product for Sun Protection

We all know how serious to take sun protection, especially when it comes to our children. Babies don’t know when they’ve had too much sun, and their skin is particularly sensitive to UV rays. This means that we not only need to use sunscreen, but think about keeping them in shade. With the punada Canopy Inflatable Swimming Float, they can splash around in the middle of the pool all day and still be protected!

Made from durable, eco-friendly PVC, this best baby float not only ensures years of durability, but also safety, which is every parent’s primary concern. As the PVC is so sturdy, it can hold a max weight of around 44 pounds. The material is safe and non-toxic, and you won’t need to be concerned about leaks.

The toddler pool floats also feature an easily-detachable sun canopy so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting too much sun. It also features two sturdy handles so they have a solid grip. It also has a fun little steering wheel that spins, as well as a horn that honks, too! It’s a great little pretend boat that will make them think they’re really driving it around! The little airbag is comfortable enough so they can lounge and relax on it and have a fun time at the pool with friends and family.

  • Durable, non-toxic material
  • Comfortable air bags
  • Spinning steering wheel and horn
  • Easily detachable canopy
  • Not ideal for children over 44 lbs.

Swim School Baby and Me - Best Product for Parent and Baby

The Swim School Baby and Me Combo Boat is a great baby float for 6 month olds to 18 months! Sometimes, it’s nice to play with our baby, and this float allows that to happen easier than ever! As you can see from the photo, there is not only a seat for the baby, but also a ring for you!

The patented 3-ply vinyl seat is not only comfortable, but features a reinforced web core to securely hold your baby in place without them feeling restricted. The backrest is also comfort-tested so your little one will feel like playing all day without getting uncomfortable or uneasy.

If they get bored, they have colorful play rings and balls right in front of them to keep entertained, and since you have the ring to easily move in and out of, you can play with them! This best baby float is particularly special as you can easily pull your baby around the pool and be as close as possible with the split ring access. The 3D colorful images are also eye-catching for both parents and babies.

The only real downside we could find with this one, was that it doesn’t feature a canopy like so many of the others do. Other than that, we really love it!

  • Great for parents and babies
  • Interactive play station
  • Bright 3D imaging
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Doesn't include canopy

Best Baby Float - Buyer's Guide

The purpose of the best baby floats is to keep your child safe, primarily. This means that when a baby cannot yet swim by themselves but parents or other caregivers want them to experience time in the pool, they can without added risk. Not only that, but they should be able to protect from the sun, and ideally entertain while being comfortable. We’ve created a little buying guide below to help lead you to purchasing the best baby float for you and your little one.


As previously stated, comfort is extremely important, especially when it’s concerning children. Babies often aren’t able to communicate that they’re in pain or in discomfort; all we hear is crying. So many baby floats are made with rough materials that can cause chafing on babies’ sensitive skin. Backrests are also important, as babies don’t often have the stamina to sit upright by themselves for a full day at the pool. Inflatable backrests are desired, but there are also some others on our list that are equally as comfortable.


This should always be the number one priority of any baby float. Make sure that it is sturdy and stable, and not top-heavy in any way. Many also feature multiple air chambers so that if one accidentally gets punctured or develops a hole for whatever reason, that it will still stay afloat. However, even the most stable and well-centered float with multiple air bladders aren’t impervious to all dangers.


Most baby floats have sunshades or some type of canopy that helps to cover your child, which is pretty important, even on cloudier days. UV rays can penetrate easily, and a canopy is what is going to easily keep them safe. Ideally, they are to be easily removable and attachable. Some even feature the adjustability to move them in different positions. As previously stated, there isn’t a float that will 100% be safe, so it’s a good idea to consider canopies with mesh panels so that you can keep an eye on your children at all times!


Depending on your preferences and your baby’s, you could want more or less interaction with the aquatic environment for them. Some babies just downright cannot stand touching water, and do not want anything to do with it. In that case, you should select a baby float that has some kind of barrier between them and the pool water. If you want to introduce them more, then you can select a smaller float, where they can get their hands in the water and splash. Some also have leg holes so that they can kick around!


It’s important to consider the materials in which your baby’s float will consist of, for a couple reasons. The first, is durability. While many are just looking to buy an infant float for a summer, some are looking to reuse them for various children or multiple summers. In that case, make sure that the material is more durable, like PVC, for example. PVC is also a healthier, non-toxic option. We all know that babies love to chew on just about anything they can get their hands on.


Think about where you’re going to take the baby float with canopy. Are you just going to take it to the neighborhood pool, then it won’t really matter that much. However, if you’re planning on hauling it to the beach, or taking it on vacation, then portability is probably going to play a significant factor in which baby float you choose. Some are inflatable, and require you to deflate and re-inflate them each time you transport them. Others are easily foldable and come with a tote that make them really easy to take along.


Some infant pool floats also come with a playstation with included toys, or just a section for them to take their toys from home or splash around. Some come with thoughtful additions, like a little steering wheel with a horn. These are all great additions, but it’s all up to personal preference.


While we genuinely love all of the best baby floats we’ve selected to be here on our guide, we had one that really stood out more than the others. That product is the SwimWays Activity Center. This baby float, we found, really has just about everything a parent could want.

First off, it’s comfortable, so your baby will be happy to be at the pool, rather than uncomfortable. The soft mesh seat is not only durable, but provides them with a nice, pleasant place to hang out. The level of safety is high, with the lower center of gravity, safety valves, and separate air chambers. As far as entertainment goes, your little one will love hopping into this floaty and playing around in the pool for hours. The rotating octopus has a tentacle holding each interactive toy.

The removable canopy provides over 50 UPF sun protection, and can be adjusted accordingly. The mesh sides of the canopy make sure that you can always keep an eye on your baby, even if the sunshade is up. Despite having a canopy, it’s quite portable. It folds flat into the included tote bag, so there isn’t a lot of work to get it ready.

Now that you thoroughly have read through the best baby floats on the market today, you’re ready to get one for your child! Thanks for joining us!